Four ways to help you regain your face

Four ways to help you regain your face


Four ways to help you regain your face

Many women want to do their best to lose weight, fat arms, belly and thick legs are of course the number one “姝? to destroy the object, and the bag face also gives fat people the fat illusion, so the thin face is also a popular weight loss project.

How to make the outline of the face stand out?

The method is immediately offered, and the method of regaining the melon seeds in one week is as follows: Step 1 of the ancient method and thin face Step1: Improve the outline of the chin from the right side, and press the thumb along the concave position of the ear to the clavicle position.10?
20 times, can clear the lymph glands and improve the contour of the chin; the left side is the same.

銆€銆€Step2: Eliminate cheeks and edema from the sides of the nose with the index finger as a small circular stroke. Press the lip below the cheekbone to eliminate the swelling of the cheeks.
20 times, can smooth the smile.

銆€銆€Step3: Prevent facial muscle relaxation from the tip of the chin, inhibit the back of the ear bones, and do 10 cycles?
20 times, can control the secretion of hormones, maintain skin elasticity and prevent muscle relaxation.

銆€銆€Method 2: Simple face-lifting massage exercises while breathing deeply, can stimulate the nervous system and subcutaneous tissue, and at the same time prevent wrinkles between the eyebrows and forehead.

銆€銆€A, starting from the ends of the nose beam, through the nose wing, draw the arc to the corner of the corner, and then from the corner to the center of the forehead.

The practice is a gentle pressure.

銆€銆€B, starting from the inner corner of the eye, slowly moving toward the temple through the forehead, and then gradually correcting the movement through the upper side of the chest bones on both sides of the chest. Method 3: Dietary face-lifting melon corn soup: because melon and corn have to go slightly, go to edemaThe effect, and the cooking method of this soup is also very simple, and it will be effective if you continue to drink for one to two months.

銆€銆€Method 4: Focus on daily small details1.

Keep away from tobacco and alcohol, alcohol and tobacco will destroy vitamin C, posing a threat to skin elasticity;

Chew food slowly while eating to exercise facial muscles;

Wash your face alternately with warm water and cold water to promote blood circulation and metabolism;

Drink more coffee to help remove excess water;

Eat more barley, help the body’s moisture metabolism;

Change the habit of sleeping high; 7.

Too exaggerated or expressionless speech needs to be improved;

Regularly maintain skin to prevent skin from sagging due to loss of elasticity.