Simple beauty gymnastics fast cellulite

Simple beauty gymnastics fast cellulite

Simple beauty gymnastics fast cellulite

It is best to practice yoga in a clean, comfortable room with enough space to cut the body and avoid getting close to any furniture.

The air in the room is fresh, circulated, and free to inhale oxygen.

It’s best to put green plants or flowers, or play soft music to help relax nerves.


Prepare the action Mountain POSE (forest type) 2.

The toes are forest-like feet standing sideways, with the straight arms facing up and the arms tilted up, as if to hit the sky, slowly, the heels are off the ground, and the center of gravity is on the two toes, keeping balance.


Stump-type view some points in front to balance the body, slowly lift the right foot and place it on the left leg, so the better.

As your confidence increases, try to raise your arms too high.


In the half-dog style, look for a table with the same height as the waist. Face the table. Bend the curved armor and spread the palms on the table with the palms facing down.


The dog’s cat’s slanted feet are shoulder-width apart, narrowing and relaxing, and the two hands are placed flat on the alignment. Imagine the feeling that the navel is stretched up to the ceiling and then dropped.

The two actions of bending the adjacent bow (dog oblique) and the rear bending into a circle (cat oblique) alternate.

Inhale when the dog is inclined, and exhale when the cat is inclined.


The warrior-style thoroughly cleans the skin and expands on both feet.

Extend the fracture as far as possible, and turn your legs and head to the right.

Slightly bend the right leg.

Prepare to change direction and practice the other side.


Triangle Warrior Next, straighten your legs so that your feet are facing to the right.

The body is tilted to the right.

Straighten your left arm up.

The right arm extends down the right leg.


Prepare in a deep breathing position, stretch your legs in front of your body, relax your fracture, and bend slightly.

If this is more comfortable.

The upper limb shaft is bent dry, and the extended arm grasps the two feet.

If you can’t touch your feet with both hands, grab the two calves.

This gesture is uncomfortable if you do it.

Change it, just lie down on your back, hold the syringe with your arms and try to lean up and down, and keep a deep breath for a long time.


The chest-extending body stands upright, the hands are held in the back, the shoulders are clamped and drooped, the arms are lifted upwards, and the sides are raised upwards.


Slightly tilt the forest-style upright position, gently tilt the tip to the right, so that the right ear fits comfortably over the right shoulder.

Prepare to change direction and practice the other side.