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Beijing Dance Academy’s original dance poem Those Stories premiered

Beijing Dance Academy’s original dance poem “Those Stories” premiered
On the evening of November 29th, as the characteristic achievement of the theme education of “not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission”, the original dance poem “Those Stories” carefully crafted by Beijing Dance Academy premiered in the school dance theater.The work is presented in the form of Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, drama, modern and contemporary dance, national standard dance, musical, etc., highlighting the different professional characteristics of Beijing Dance Academy.Stills of “Half Bed Quilt”.”Those Stories” interprets 10 red stories that occurred in different historical periods of the Chinese revolution and construction, namely 10 character stories of Chen Wangdao, Xia Minghan, Xu Jiexiu, Wang Huanyu, Deng Yufen, Hu Jibang, Zhu Min, Mao Anying, Jiao Yulu, Gong Quanzhen.As the general director of “Those Stories”, the director of the Academic Committee of Beijing Dance Academy highly believes, “Whether it is the female Red Army during the Long March, the Yimeng mother king during the Anti-Japanese War, or Mao Anying during the Korean War, they are in different positions.历史时期,但拥有一个共同点,那就是他们的身上都深刻体现出‘为中国人民谋幸福,为中华民族谋复兴’的革命初心。”A still photo of” Xia Minghan-Home Book “.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen proofreading Wei Zhuo

[How to make original cookies]_Home made cookies _How to make original cookies _How to make original cookies

[How to make original cookies]_Home made cookies _How to make original cookies _How to make original cookies

I repeat my life from 9 to 5 in the morning and morning. After work, I have cooked without heat and cook. The original cookies are gradually replaced. I need to use the wok cooking utensil. Simply prepare the ingredients and put them in the pot for cooking.In less than ten minutes, the fun of food is instantly shared.

1. Prepare the ingredients and weigh the required amount. 2. Put the paste in the room and soften it in advance.

If the room temperature is not enough, heat-insulate the water to soften it (add salt with powdered sugar).

Remember that the softened butter cannot become a liquid, which is inconvenient to pass!

3. Start to use the eggbeater to send almonds (medium to high speed, then low speed). The shells that have been sent are as shown below (the nuts become light yellow, and the texture can be seen) 4. Add the egg yolks and continue to send 5.Clear lines, as shown in Figure 6 below. Put the low powder and almond kernel powder into a flour sieve into the passed paste, and stir with a spatula.It is not easy to get gluten), stir until you can’t see the low powder. 7. Put the stirred paste into the flower bag 8 with a spatula, and start to exhaust the air in the flower bag.The twist is the same as the twist), as shown in Figure 9 below. The air in the flower bag needs to be completely exhausted, and it looks full when placed under the flower bag.

10. Start preheating the oven first: the upper and lower tubes are at 180 ℃ for 10min.

11. When the oven is preheated, it will start to squeeze.

12. Put the lower end of the decorating bag into the inlaying mouth (I used the 8-hole decorating mouth). The decorating bag is squeezed vertically. Hold the lower end with your left hand and tighten the upper part with your right hand.The light ball comes out about 3 cm to start squeezing (as shown in the figure above).

14. Don’t squeeze in circles, put the flower mouth upright to the left and right, and then put the flower mouth upwards (the shape is medium enough, it is too large to be cooked).

15, the whole plate of squeezed cookies 16, pre-heated oven, you can put the squeezed cookies into the middle of the oven.

The upper tube is 180 ° C and the lower tube is 170 ° C.

Bake for 20min.

17, can the cookies be baked and baked, and the original cookies are easy to learn?

When making it, pay attention to the seasoning, and add soy sauce in an appropriate amount to avoid the taste being too strong.

Estun (002747) Tracking Report: Downstream Demand Welcomes Outward M & A to Accelerate Internationalization

Estun (002747) Tracking Report: Downstream Demand Welcomes Outward M & A to Accelerate Internationalization

Acquired Cloos, a century-old welding robot shop, and the next international company and the controlling shareholder jointly acquired Cloos, a global leader in integrated welding solutions, and planned to increase the controlling shareholder by issuing additional shares to the controlling shareholder.

Cloos is one of the first companies in the world to have completely autonomous welding robot technology and products.

The acquisition will enable the company to occupy the high point of the robot industry segmentation and consolidate the company’s domestic market segmentation of robotic brands on the basis; it will also help the company to increase customer resources, expand sales channels, and enhance international visibility, which is the company’s internationalization strategyAn important step in layout.

Cloos’s fiscal 2018 operating income and net profit were 1.

4.4 billion euros, 12.4 million euros, after the completion of the acquisition will significantly increase the company’s revenue and profit scale.

The third phase of the equity incentive plan was launched to constrain middle managers and core technical backbones. This incentive plan includes stock expenditures and option stocks. It is 西安桑拿网 planned to grant incentives to the target of no more than 8 million shares / 10,000 shares, accounting for about 0 of the total share capital.


The performance evaluation indicators are based on 2018 operating income, and the revenues in 2020, 2021, and 2022 should not be less than 20%, 50%, and 100%, respectively.

The company has launched three consecutive equity incentive plans since its listing, which is conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of middle management personnel and core technical backbones, and is conducive to the company’s long-term development.

Automotive industry investment bottomed out, 3C investment continued to grow, driving demand for industrial robots to stabilize and pick up. Automobiles and electronics are the biggest downstream applications for industrial robots.

We believe that the growth rate of investment in the automotive industry is expected to bottom out next year, and new technologies such as 5G will drive 3C investment to continue to grow. It is expected that the industrial robot industry will return to the growth track next year.

Industrial robot production in October this year has reached a positive growth rate, which also shows the arrival of the industry turning point.

The localization trend of industrial robots is gradually emerging, and the core parts market has huge potential. Global industrial robot sales in 201842.

20,000 units, entering a stable stage; the Chinese market accounts for about 36.

5%, the world’s largest market.

In the domestic market, the sales volume of independent brands accounted for 27 in 2018.

9%, the proportion is still allowed, but in recent years there has been an upward trend.

Favorable policies in the field of intelligent equipment frequently appear, increasing aging and rising labor costs have stimulated industry demand; in areas such as numerical control systems, servo systems, domestic production has huge room for improvement.

Earnings forecast and investment advice will not consider the impact of this acquisition for the time being. We expect that the company’s 2019?
2021 will achieve operating income of 15 respectively.

71, 20.

06, 25.

1.7 billion, realizing net profit attributable to mothers1.

13, 1.

52, 1.

9.2 billion yuan.

If the listed company completes the acquisition of Cloos, it is estimated that the operating income of the preparation test in 2020 will reach about 30 billion, the industry growth will further increase, and the market sales rate will reach the lowest level in recent years.

Considering the broad application scenarios of industrial robots and the company’s international layout, we maintain a “Buy” rating.

Risks suggest that market competition is intensifying; downstream demand for industrial robots is less than expected; the synergistic integration effect of company mergers and acquisitions is not obvious.

[Can I eat lettuce to lose weight?]_ Lettuce_Slimming_Effect

[Can I eat lettuce to lose weight?]_ Lettuce_Slimming_Effect

Those who are losing weight will be particularly cautious in eating, fearing that they will gain weight if they are not careful. Today, I recommend a food that can be eaten by people who lose weight, which is lettuce. According to weight loss experts, eating lettuce can help lose weight. The effect is stillvery good.

First, can I eat lettuce to lose weight?

Lettuce contains a large amount of water, the content is as high as 95% or more, and the conversion per 100 grams of lettuce is only 15 kcal. Do n’t worry about getting fat if you eat too much.

Lettuce has a comprehensive variety of nutrients and a strong feeling of fullness. Eating more lettuce to lose weight can avoid the obesity and nutrient deficiency of dieting, so it is very suitable for people who want to lose weight.

The precipitated fiber contained in the lettuce has the effects of lowering blood cholesterol and blood lipids. It is combined with a variety of vitamins and minerals to play a role in weight loss and health care, and is an ideal food for weight loss.

Second, can I eat lettuce to lose weight?

How to eat the best results!

Can lose weight.

Soaking fresh lettuce in salt water can effectively remove pesticides, and then refrigerating it in the refrigerator, just take it out if you want to eat it.

Don’t dip the sauce, the ingredients in the sauce, any sugar, flour, oil, etc. are all transfer and high trace content, which will make people gain weight, otherwise the lettuce will be eaten for nothing.

Third, eating lettuce and lettuce at night can reduce cholesterol, eating lettuce often can eliminate enterotoxin and prevent constipation, and drinking lettuce soup can relieve stress and stress to a certain extent. Lettuce supplements water, minerals, various vitamins, and a lot of carrots.It can supplement human nutritional requirements. Lettuce is rich in lettuce, which can clear heat, reduce inflammation and hypnosis, and has a very low accumulation. Eating at night will not cause gastrointestinal burden, is easily absorbed and absorbed, and can sleep and relieve edema symptoms.

Fourth, eating at night will lose weight. Eating lettuce at night can reduce weight. The principle is that the conversion of lettuce is low, and it has the functions of degreasing, decomposing protein and cholesterol. Usually, lettuce and tofu are best for weight loss because of its low energy.High vitamin carotene and tofu with low protein content. Eating both together is good for health, has a better satiety effect, and has a good weight-loss effect. It is a variety of vegetables that can be eaten raw or cooked.Properly matched can play a role in weight loss.

China Holdings (603903): Two Barrels of Water for Small and Medium Cities

China Holdings (603903): “Two Barrels of Water” for Small and Medium Cities

The leading domestic sewage treatment enterprise in Henan and Henan jointly drive the growth of the company. The holding company is a leading domestic comprehensive environmental service provider, which integrates municipal and industrial sewage treatment.

  The company deeply cultivates small and medium cities, and is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in environmental management of small and medium cities in the future.

China Holding uses the “China Assets + Service-oriented” business model to rapidly expand the market, continuously increase customer stickiness, and continue to create new value from the perspective of customer needs, thereby achieving endogenous growth.

In 18 years, the company acquired 60% equity of Nanzi Environmental Protection, and its wastewater treatment technology was strengthened again. Nanzi Environmental Protection had overfulfilled its performance commitments in 18 years.

The company’s performance is expected to grow steadily in 19-21, with overall revenues of 12 respectively.



400 million, net profit attributable to mothers is 1.



02 ppm, with reference to comparable company’s 19-year P / E 17x, giving the company 19-year 19-21x target P / E, corresponding to a target price of 18.


16 yuan.

  The prospects for sewage treatment in small and medium-sized cities are bright, and the market space of individual cities is expected to exceed one millionth of that of large cities. Small and medium-sized cities have fewer departments and lower communication costs.

The company has more opportunities for overall layout in small and medium-sized cities, and its business can expand from sewage treatment to industrial pollution treatment and other fields.

The company expanded its business around regional centers to achieve endogenous growth.

At the same time, with increased national awareness of environmental protection, the scope of environmental governance continues to expand, and more opportunities will emerge in the sewage treatment market in small and medium-sized cities.

At present, the company regards North China and Central China as key markets, adheres to the concept of “regional operation”, and takes into account the national layout to achieve healthy development.

The company is expected to rely on the close distribution of points to maintain high-quality services, enhance customer stickiness, and reduce the market space of environmental protection related to small and medium-sized cities is expected to exceed 100 million yuan. Taking Langfang as an example, the company won another bid on the basis of 18 years of orders in 19.

300 million big orders.

  Dimension reduction has participated in the market competition, and many advantages have helped the company to become a leading company. Xu Guodong introduced the original construction company Jinyuan team to start a second venture, based on small and medium cities, seized the opportunity of policy, and became a pioneer in small and medium cities sewage treatment.

The company team has rich experience in sewage treatment in first-tier cities, and cuts into small and medium-sized cities when the sewage treatment market in large cities is becoming saturated.

The company expanded its technological advantages through outbound mergers and acquisitions, and in April 18, it took cash2.

5.2 billion acquisition of 60% equity of Jiangsu Nanzi Environmental Protection. In 17 years, Nanzi Environmental Protection achieved a net profit of 30.87 million yuan. At the time of acquisition, the company was static PE 14x.

Nanzi Environmental Protection promises a net profit of 33 million yuan and 38 million yuan in 2018-19, with a total of not less than 71 million yuan.

In 2018, Nanzi Environmental Protection actually realized 41.97 million yuan, exceeding its performance commitment.

The company’s wastewater treatment technology has been strengthened again.

  The first coverage is given an “overweight” rating with a target price of 18.


It is estimated that the company’s performance will grow steadily from 19 to 21 yuan, and the overall revenue will be 12 yuan.



400 million, net profit attributable to mothers is 1.



02 ppm, corresponding to 19-21 years P / E is 18/14 / 12x.

With reference to comparable company’s 19 years P / E 17x, consider the company as a leader in sewage treatment in small and medium-sized cities, and the project area is relatively large and concentrated to improve customer stickiness.

As the company’s endogenous growth potential is expected (29% compounded growth rate of profit in 19-21 is expected to be comparable to the company’s consensus compound growth rate of 24%), we believe that the company should enjoy an appropriate premium.Give the company a 19-19x target P / 武汉夜生活网 E, corresponding to a target price of 18.


16 yuan.

The first coverage was given an “overweight” rating.

  Risk warning: New growth orders are less than expected, repayments are less than expected, shareholders’ major reductions in shares, etc.

Marubeni (603983): Revenue growth improved month-on-month, net profit increased significantly

Marubeni (603983): Revenue growth improved month-on-month, net profit increased significantly

The revenue growth rate improved month-on-month, the sales expense ratio increased, and eventually the net profit increased, which significantly increased the company’s disclosure of the third quarter of the year of 19, and the quarterly revenue of the third quarter of the year19.

97 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

3%, the revenue growth rate improved significantly; the net profit attributable to mothers1.

$ 15 billion.


The growth of the company’s single-quarter profit growth in 3Q19 was mainly caused by the company’s quarterly expenditure expenditure quarterly breakthrough. The 3Q18 sales expense 杭州夜生活网 rate base reached 46%, and the 19Q3 sales expense rate replaced 13.

84pp drove a significant increase in net interest rate14.


In terms of categories, 3Q19 fist products achieved revenue of 1.

43 trillion, with an average budget increase of up to 0.

34%; Skincare achieved revenue 1.

91 ppm, with an average millennial decline of 4.

6%; cleansing category achieved 55.35 million yuan in revenue, an average increase of 24 per thousand times.


In terms of channels, the growth rate of e-commerce in the first three quarters was about 20%, and the improvement in the third quarter was obvious; department stores and beauty salon channels achieved more than 20% growth, benefiting from high-end series;

In terms of brands, the main brand Marumi is still the main driver of growth.

The gross profit margin is relatively stable, the company’s gross profit margin is relatively stable, and the profit margin is relatively stable.

07pp to 66.

98%; the management expense rate increases by 1 every year.

55pp to 6.


The profit quality and operating capacity are good: the net cash flow generated by the company’s operating activities in the third quarter of 2019 was 90.79 million yuan, which basically matched the net profit.

Inventory turnover days increased by 15 sequentially.

16 days to 105.

25 days.

Accounts receivable turnover days decreased by 0 from the previous month.

2 days to 0.

5 days; net operating cycle is -82 days, reflecting the company’s strong upstream and downstream bargaining power.

Earnings forecast and investment advice The company’s main brand medicine beauty is positioned at the mid-to-high end, consolidated in the eye cream field, and has high-quality brand equity.

The company actively responds to changes in industry trends: deepening the research and development of products and anti-aging segments, and increasing the promotion of elite categories; strengthening brand building and new marketing in branding and marketing to achieve brand rejuvenation.

Enhance online and offline integration on channels and strengthen member operations.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the mother in 19-21 will be 5 respectively.

2 billion, 6.

3 billion, 7.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.

0%, 21.

2%, 20.

7%.With reference to the evaluation level of comparable companies, consider the positioning of the main brand drug beauty mid-to-high-end, high brand premium, and stable eye market advantages; and the company’s excellent report quality, net profit margin, cash flow, turnover rate, ROE and other indicators to measure comparable companies, and give the company20 years PE evaluation 46XPE, reasonable value 72.

22 yuan / share, give “overweight” rating.

Risks suggest that the macroeconomic downturn has a significant adverse impact on optional consumption; the breakdown of e-commerce growth rates and the conversion of offline channel growth rates; the incubation of new brands and new categories did not meet expectations.

Shandong Luqiao (000498): 3Q19 results meet expectations and numerous orders in hand

Shandong Luqiao (000498): 3Q19 results meet expectations and numerous orders in hand

The third quarter of 2019 results are in line with expectations. Shandong Luqiao announced the third quarter of 2019 results: the first three quarters achieved operating income of 157.

68ppm, an annual increase of 52.

1%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

76 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

0%; of which 68 in the third quarter.

110 thousand yuan, an increase of 42 in ten years.

8%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

02 million, a decrease of 6 per year.

5%; performance is in line with official newsletters and our expectations.

In the third quarter of 19, the company’s gross profit margin decreased relatively to zero.

4ppt to 9.

3%; the total period rate will increase by 0 every year.

6ppt, in which the R & D / financial expense ratio is increased by 1.


1ppt, the management expense rate is reduced by 0 every year.

6ppt; the total credit and asset impairment losses decreased significantly from 20.35 million digits in the same period last year to 240 thousand yuan; the minority shareholders’ profit and loss increased from 3.33 million in the same period of the previous year to 62.02 million yuan, mainly due to the issuance of perpetual bonds In 3Q19, the company achieved a net interest rate of 3.

0%, decrease by 1 every year.


In the third quarter of a single quarter, the company’s operating cash net replacement was 10.

09 billion, compared with a net inflow of 3 in the same period last year.

US $ 7.3 billion, which we believe is mainly due to receivables and inventory turnover period; net cash swaps for investment6.

2 trillion, a net overlap from the same period last year 6.

6 trillion is basically flat.

Development trend Revenue growth is strong, with many orders in hand.

The company’s revenue in the first three quarters increased by 52 each year.

1%, continued strong, reflecting the smooth implementation of the company’s projects in hand.

As of the end of the third quarter, the company has signed a total of 299 outstanding orders.

84 million, equivalent to 2 of 2018 revenue.

0 times, too many orders in hand, we think that it is expected to provide protection for the fourth quarter revenue recognition.

Investment projects progressed smoothly.

In the third quarter, the company continued to promote the integration of equity / investment and construction projects. In the first three quarters, 西安耍耍网 the company realized investment income of 1,072 million, which increased significantly by 503.

5%, we expect the company to actively develop investment projects, the company’s interest income and investment income is expected to continue to grow, but at the same time it is recommended to pay attention to the company’s cash flow situation.

Earnings Forecasts and Estimates We maintain our 2019/2020 net profit forecasts unchanged.

The current contradiction corresponds to June 2019.

8 times price-earnings ratio.

Maintain Outperform Industry Rating and Target Price 5.

60 yuan, corresponding to 8 times the 2019 price-earnings ratio, has continued to be 18 recently.
6% upside.
Risk-in-progress The implementation progress of the project was less than expected, and the return of the project was less than expected.

Simple beauty gymnastics fast cellulite

Simple beauty gymnastics fast cellulite

It is best to practice yoga in a clean, comfortable room with enough space to cut the body and avoid getting close to any furniture.

The air in the room is fresh, circulated, and free to inhale oxygen.

It’s best to put green plants or flowers, or play soft music to help relax nerves.


Prepare the action Mountain POSE (forest type) 2.

The toes are forest-like feet standing sideways, with the straight arms facing up and the arms tilted up, as if to hit the sky, slowly, the heels are off the ground, and the center of gravity is on the two toes, keeping balance.


Stump-type view some points in front to balance the body, slowly lift the right foot and place it on the left leg, so the better.

As your confidence increases, try to raise your arms too high.


In the half-dog style, look for a table with the same height as the waist. Face the table. Bend the curved armor and spread the palms on the table with the palms facing down.


The dog’s cat’s slanted feet are shoulder-width apart, narrowing and relaxing, and the two hands are placed flat on the alignment. Imagine the feeling that the navel is stretched up to the ceiling and then dropped.

The two actions of bending the adjacent bow (dog oblique) and the rear bending into a circle (cat oblique) alternate.

Inhale when the dog is inclined, and exhale when the cat is inclined.


The warrior-style thoroughly cleans the skin and expands on both feet.

Extend the fracture as far as possible, and turn your legs and head to the right.

Slightly bend the right leg.

Prepare to change direction and practice the other side.


Triangle Warrior Next, straighten your legs so that your feet are facing to the right.

The body is tilted to the right.

Straighten your left arm up.

The right arm extends down the right leg.


Prepare in a deep breathing position, stretch your legs in front of your body, relax your fracture, and bend slightly.

If this is more comfortable.

The upper limb shaft is bent dry, and the extended arm grasps the two feet.

If you can’t touch your feet with both hands, grab the two calves.

This gesture is uncomfortable if you do it.

Change it, just lie down on your back, hold the syringe with your arms and try to lean up and down, and keep a deep breath for a long time.


The chest-extending body stands upright, the hands are held in the back, the shoulders are clamped and drooped, the arms are lifted upwards, and the sides are raised upwards.


Slightly tilt the forest-style upright position, gently tilt the tip to the right, so that the right ear fits comfortably over the right shoulder.

Prepare to change direction and practice the other side.

Simple Yoga helps you prevent occupational diseases


Simple Yoga helps you prevent occupational diseases

Back pain and spinal soft tissue injury are occupational diseases that heavy manual workers and people who often sit and work like.

The most effective way for this group of people to prevent this occupational disease is to maintain the correct physical posture, which should be paid attention from the age of 30.

This is of great significance for the prevention of senile low back pain and spinal bone and soft tissue injury.

  Introduce to you a set of simple preventive exercises, which is a set of exercises selected from yoga exercises to prevent lumbar spondylosis.

If you stick to these six exercises every day, back pain and vertebral soft tissue pain will not entangle you.

  1, ready posture: erect, legs close together, arms hang down naturally.

  Action: Lift both arms forward and inhale at the same time, then both arms sag from the front of the body, the upper body tries to bend down and exhale at the same time.

Repeat 8-10 times.

  2, ready posture: sit on the chair.

  Action: Cross your hands behind your head, shoulder on the back of the chair, inhale at the same time, flex your shoulder blades 3-5 times.

Then restore, back to the back of the chair, inhale at the same time, flex your shoulder blades 3-5 times.

Then revert back to the back of the chair while exhaling.

  These two exercises can alleviate the fatigue of the spine, which can be done during the rest period, and the breathing should be natural.

  3, ready posture: kneeling brace.

  Action: The spine bends down as much as possible, stays for 2-3 seconds when extended, keeps the head straight, and then restores.

  4, ready posture: bend your arms with your arms prone on the ground.

  Action; arms straight, upper body off the ground trying to bend backwards.

Repeat 6-8 times.

  5, ready posture: lying on the back, arms naturally placed on the side of the body.

  Action: The back should be straight forward as far as possible, both arms should be supported, the legs should be pushed forward as far as possible.

Repeat 5-8 times.

  6, the back of the right hand is close to the waist, the left arm is straight, and the left hand touches the back of the right leg.

Keep this posture for a few seconds, but don’t feel pain.

Then change direction.

How should your skin drink water?


How should your skin drink water?

The body weight of the skin has the soft and smooth skin like a baby, which is a dream of too many people.

The baby’s water accounts for more than 80% of the body weight, and the body’s water will diminish with age. Because the baby has enough water, the skin will cause a fine gloss, but also because their sebaceous and sweat glands are less secretive than adults.People are well-developed. Under the lack of complete sebum film protection, the skin will lack resistance. Therefore, skin products generally designed for babies will also contain bactericidal ingredients and have a high oily texture. The purpose is to create a layer of artificial for babies.The sebum film protects and prevents skin moisture loss.

In fact, adults have sufficient sebum secretion, but it is enough to hydrate, so skin care for adults is also the main topic of hydration.

  Can spray mineral water be moisturizing?

  There are too many spray-type beauty mineral waters on the market for beauty, but in fact these water spray methods can only provide a very short-term moisturizing feeling to the skin, and cannot increase the moisture content on the skin surface, because the moisture will soonBeing evaporated, even the skin’s own water will be volatilized by the air, so the skin will only be drier.

This situation is like in the cold weather, without the moisturizing protection of lip balm, we repeatedly lick dry lips with the tongue, the lips will only become more and more dry.

  Nevertheless, the existence value of spray-type beauty mineral water cannot be wiped out.

In summer, I often use it gradually for outdoor cleaning. In dry weather in winter, the skin may have the phenomenon of cosmetics. The makeup will cause dryness and unnatural roughness. My experience is that I can spray mineral water on the surface.Water, and then use a paper towel to print off excess moisture. This change makes the makeup cling to the skin, increases the brightness and naturalness of the makeup, and makes the makeup look angry.

  Cold water, hot water and warm water The irritation of the skin subsides, it can also make the skin’s pores slightly expand and brake to remove excess sebum dirt, but there is no hot and cold water to promote skin blood circulation.

Cold water and hot water have their own pros and cons. For oily skin, heat can relax the skin, promote pores and blood vessels to expand, cause sebum, dirt and voids to be excreted, but it will make the skin with insufficient sebum secretion dry.
Washing the face with cold water penetrates the pores and shrinks the blood vessels, and there will be reflective hyperemia soon after washing the face. This can achieve the effect of blood circulation, but the degree of blood vessel expansion is not as obvious as washing the face with hot water.