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How badminton serve makes it difficult for others to catch

How badminton serve makes it difficult for others to catch

Core Tip: Pay attention to consistency in preparing postures and movements for serving various balls, which will cause difficulty for the opponent’s judgment and be in a state of passive waiting.

Immediately after serving, lift the racket to your chest, adjust your position according to the situation, stand with your feet up, center your body’s center of gravity, but be sure not to stand still.

  The serve is not interfered by the opponent, as long as the rule allows, the serve can be sent to the opponent’s receiving area in any way they want.

Adopting a variety of serving tactics can often be a pre-emptive and active role.

Therefore, serving plays an important position in the game.

  (1) High back ball in the backcourt This is a common serve in singles. It is required to serve the ball to the opponent’s end line, causing the opponent to retreat and penetrate, making it difficult for the opponent to attack.

Although the ball is high and the arc is high, the flight time is long, but because the distance from the net is long and the ball is vertical from high, it is difficult for opponents with poor offensive skills to press down.

Send the ball to the left and right corners of the opponent ‘s bottom line. You can move the opponent to the corner of the bottom line. You can slap the opponent in front of the opponent ‘s diagonal net.

Especially the bottom corner outside the left field area is the opponent’s backhand area, which is the main target of the attack.

But when sending out the bottom corner of the right field, beware of the opponent attacking his backcourt with a straight flat ball.

If the ball is sent to the inside corner of the left and right half of the bottom line of the opponent’s receiving area, it can prevent the opponent from attacking both sides with a fast straight line.

  (2) Leveling the ball. Leveling the ball, the flying arc of the ball is reduced, but the opponent must still retreat to the backcourt to fight back.

Because the ball is flying fast, the opponent does not have enough time to consider countermeasures, and the quality of the return ball will be affected to some extent.

For the control of the team’s flying arc, it should depend on the front and back of the opponent’s position, and the height and bouncing ability of the person. It is advisable not to give the opponent a chance to intercept halfway.

The choice of the landing point is basically the same as for a high and long shot.

  (3) Ping Ping Pong Ping Ping Pong (or flat high ball) cooperates with the front ball to create an active offensive opportunity for the third shot.

Serving a fast ball is an offensive serve, and the ball is fast.

Serving a fast ball is an offensive serve and the ball is fast. As a raid, it can often take the initiative if used properly.

However, when the receiver is ready, he can intercept halfway through it, and the receiver will be passive.

When hitting a fast ball, the ball’s landing point should generally be in the opponent’s backhand area, or directly aim at the receiving body, making the opponent caught off guard.

  (4) The ball before the serve The ball before the serve can reduce the chance of the opponent to push the ball down, and immediately enter the orange attacking each other after serving.

Send the ball to the inner corner of the front serve, the ball is flying in the correct direction, and it is easy to seal the angle at which the opponent attacks his own backcourt.

The effect from the serve to the outside corner of the front line can be adjusted in series from the center of the opponent.

In particular, the outside corner of the service line before the serve in the right field can make a large gap in the opponent’s backhand area.

However, the opponent can also straighten the ball to attack the backcourt of the serve.

If you take precautions, you can hit back with a header.

The ball before the net can also send the opponent’s pursuing ball, causing the opponent to be passive.

It is best to cooperate with the bottom line when serving the front ball to have a better effect.

  Editor’s Tip: When using the serve tactics, don’t just look at your own ball and racket. Use the light to watch the opponent’s situation and find weak spots.

Pay attention to consistency in preparing postures and movements for serving various balls, which will cause difficulty for the opponent’s judgment and be in a state of passive waiting.
Immediately after serving, lift the racket to your chest, adjust your position according to the situation, stand with your feet up, center your body’s center of gravity, but be sure not to stand still.
Keep an eye on the opponent, observe any changes in the opponent, and actively prepare to fight back.

Carcinogen released from high temperature at home

Carcinogen released from high temperature at home

In the hot, sultry, and sloping summer months, many people can often smell the windows, floors, new furniture and other odors when they open the door, especially in new homes that have not been decorated for a long time.

Indeed, the constant onset of heat waves has brought home improvement pollution into a “high incidence period” and at the same time opened the “Pandora’s Box” of cancer risk.


hzh{display:none;}  近几年,白血病和癌症已成为装修行业中的常见病、多发病,入住新居后患癌的报道也不断出现。A bulletin issued by the World Health Organization states that formaldehyde can cause not only nasal cancer and sinus cancer, but also evidence that it is related to leukemia.

Beijing Children’s Hospital has investigated that nearly 90% of pediatric leukemia patients have recently been renovated. Formaldehyde in the decoration materials and styrene in the paint are likely to be the culprits.

“It is true that formaldehyde, benzene, etc. are highly carcinogenic, and their effects on the human body will not appear until more than one year.

“Professor Kong Zhiming, an expert in toxicology at the School of Environment, Fuzhou University, said.

  So, how many carcinogens does our new home have?

According to the data of Beijing Indoor Environment Monitoring Center, decoration materials and furniture are the first to cause odors in home decoration in summer. For example, newly-purchased leather sofas have a strong smell, and they are mainly added with colorants, tougheners, and adhesives in their later processingAdditives release toxic gases containing benzene and TVOC; wall paint, wallpaper, floor glue, etc. are also important sources of benzene series; formaldehyde in floors, doors, windows, and cabinets is a well-recognized fact; wall paint, wallpaper, tiles, Sanitary ware, etc. will also release carbon dioxide-induced radon.

  Zhu Jun, director of the Department of Lymphatic Hematology at Beijing Cancer Hospital, introduced that the highest amount of harmful gas was released at 30 o’clock.

In summer, most of the high temperature is above 30 ° C, the humidity is high, and the convection of the air caused by the often open air conditioner will reduce the indoor air pollution.

Regardless of whether you have just moved into your new home or have just replaced your new furniture, you must pay attention to the following points: The new house must be air-conditioned for a long time.

Newly renovated houses are best left vacant for half a year, with a minimum of more than 40 days.

Formaldehyde evaporates quickly in summer, so it is necessary to avoid staying in summer.

  Ventilate daily.

For ventilation in new homes, it is recommended to use the kitchen and bathroom windows to ventilate; put a few pots of cold water containing vinegar in the room to protect the indoor paint surface and absorb residual odors; and put several coarse fiber pineapples in the room.Speeds up the absorption of odors.

  Planting green plants to absorb odor.

Monstera will violently absorb carbon dioxide at night; chrysanthemums and growing vines have the ability to absorb benzene; spider plants, aloes, and tigertail orchids can absorb a large amount of indoor formaldehyde.

Coke and activated carbon can adsorb benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, styrene and other substances.

  Disinfect before moving in.

Decoration pollution gas can enter the human body through breathing. If the wall surface has been decorated, it can be sprayed with 3% Lysine solution or 3% peroxyacetic acid solution.

The spraying on the ground should be uniform, the spraying height in the air should be above 2 meters, and the doors and windows of the new home should be closed for more than 1 hour after spraying.

Alternatively, the room can be fumigated with vinegar.

Bypassing the nurturing bones misunderstanding

Bypassing the “nurturing bones” misunderstanding

Health must first raise the bones, and the bones are well-recognized.
Many diseases are related to our bones. The strength and weakness of bones are caused by diseases.
Simply put: 31 pairs of nerves along the spine extend through the intervertebral foramen between the vertebrae and the vertebrae; all the spinal nerves transmit information between the brain and various parts of the body, so when the spine is abnormalIt will affect our organs; similarly, when the organs are unhealthy, abnormalities can be found from the vertebrae, and the roots can be removed directly by curing the spine.
  So how should the bones be raised, is it raised at the root and raised into practice?
  Everything must first follow the laws of nature, and “bone bones” are no exception.
Gravity is the natural force that has the greatest impact on bones. How to conform to gravity and maintain bone balance has become the primary task of “cultivating bones”.
“Lie Rusong, sitting like a bell, lying like a bow” is physically resistant to gravity and is the most effective in maintaining bone health.
  The whole body bone is a perfect structure that is related to each other. It takes a “bone” and moves the whole body. Therefore, “bone bones” must have a global concept. From head to toe, it should be carefully maintained on weekdays. When you are sick, you should follow the clues of the whole body.Look for the source of the disease.
You can’t “have a headache, your feet hurt your feet,” which is a health taboo, and it is a misunderstanding of “nurturing the bones.”
  Tips for “Bone Bones” 1.
After waking up, please do not get out of bed immediately, first close your eyes and calm for 3-5 minutes.
Lie to the left, raise your right hand and hold the empty fist. Use your thumb and forefinger to naturally tap the waist from the direction perpendicular to the back. Knock down straight, please assign the distance of each empty punch, knock 7 times, just right.Move to the atlas.
Then tap down from the waist and cycle through the 3 groups.

Massage ten techniques to strengthen the brain and strengthen the body

Massage ten techniques to strengthen the brain and strengthen the body

A surgery yuan.

Press the roof door with your right hand, press the occipital bone with your left hand, and do a rotary massage for 36 times.

Then both hands were hot, and the eyes were rubbed 36 times.

  Second surgery to fill the brain.

Place the palms on the forehead (forehead) and make a rotating ring for 55 times.

  Three techniques to control the eyes.

Massage your fingers around the eyes for 36 times around your eyes.

Use your fingers to poke 36 times on the eyeball.

Massage to the slightest tears.

For a long time, the eyes of the ancient years are still not spent, you can read under the lamp.

  Four surgery stationed in the face.

The palms of both hands are ringed 36 times at the cheekbones.

Then push down from the forehead to the chin 36 times.

  Wushu Mingtang.

From the lower part of the sternum xiphoid to the umbilicus, it is Mingtang.

The palms of the two hands are up and down, and the stomach is rotated 36 times.

Then cross the chest with both hands and massage the breasts 36 times, then manually press the back spine twice from top to bottom 36 times.

Finally, return to Mingtang with both hands and press 揉36 times.

  Six techniques for assisting the ankle (spine).

Both palms were first 55 times at the back of the waist.

Then empty fists hit the waist and hips.

Cross your hands on the chest, click on the shoulders of both sides (two hands from the chest, shoulders, the middle finger tip), then click on the vertebrae (near the seventh cervical spine) and top to bottomSupervise the pulse points, such as the body column (below the spine of the third thoracic spine), the life gate (below the spine of the second lumbar spine), etc., and always make the long strong point under the tip of the tailbone (at the midpoint of the line connecting the tip of the tailbone and the anus).

Click on each vertebral body and count it silently.

  Seven techniques Shu arm.

Straighten the arms forward and rotate the arm 36 times.

Then cross the two hands, hold the shoulders together, press the shoulders 36 times, the last two hands hold the elbows, and do the pressing activities 36 times.

  Eight skills.

The palms of the two palms were pressed 36 times.

They will catch each other’s hearts, and their armpits, inside and outside, will be 55 times each.

Finally, scorn the perineum 36 times.

  Jiu Shu Kai.

The palm of the hand gently pressed the external auditory canal 36 times.

Then cover your ears with your hands, tap the occipital part with your fingers, and make the Tiantian drum 36 times. At the same time, the upper and lower teeth are 36 times.

  Ten depression springs.

Both hands gently press the upper and lower gums and massage the roots 36 times.

Then use the tip of the tongue to rotate, and rotate it counterclockwise in the mouth for 36 times.

Finally, the caries were made 36 times, and slowly swallowed when the body fluid was full, and introduced Dantian with the idea.

Winter intestines big clean detox thin waist strokes

Winter intestines “big clean” detox thin waist strokes

If your lower abdomen has recently bulged, then you should make a “great cleansing” of your intestines.
Only then can you make your waist more and more sexy and more and more charming.
The cleansing technique can perform a thorough “big cleansing” from the oral cavity to the intestinal digestive system to the anus. It is a gentle and practical method to achieve visceral cleansing adjustment in a simple way of self-movement.
Intestinal detoxification is mainly carried out by light salt water combined with thin waist movement.
銆€銆€Time: Early morning.
Meditate on meditation for 5-10 minutes.
銆€銆€Preparation: A bottle of warm, light salt water (slightly salty) 3 liters.
(About 12 cups, 20 cups, you can use beverage bottles as a measurement tool).
銆€銆€Process: First, quickly drink 2-3 (about 200 ~ 300 ml) cup of light salt water, and then with the exercise, do the following 4, each type of 6 times.
銆€銆€First, the two-legged legs are shoulder-width apart, the fingers cross up, the arms are raised above the head, the heels are lifted when inhaling, the eyes are fixed on the back of the hand, and then the breath is stopped for a few seconds.
銆€銆€Second, the wind blows the tree. The legs are close together, the fingers cross up, the arms are lifted over the top of the head, the heel is lifted, the upper body is slowly bent to the right, held for a few seconds, and then left for a few seconds.
(A group of left and right, a total of six groups).
Then go back to the intermediate restore.
Natural breathing.
銆€銆€If you have difficulty lifting the heel, the completion of the heel landing will not affect too much effect.
銆€銆€Third, the waist is rotated. The two feet are separated, the fingers are crossed and the palms are lifted. The two arms are lifted and inhaled. When exhaling, the body bends 90 degrees. The eyes look at the hands. When inhaling, the body turns to the right, and when exhaling, turns to the left.
A total of 6 groups, back to the intermediate restore.
銆€銆€鍥涖€佺溂闀滆泧鎵姩寮忋€€銆€淇崸锛屾墜鎺屾斁缃兏涓や晶锛岀紦鎱㈡敮璧蜂笂鍗婅韩锛岃剼灏栬宫鍦帮紝澶寸紦鎱㈡壄鍚戝彸渚э紝鐪肩潧灏介噺鍘荤湅宸﹁剼锛屼繚鎸佹暟绉掞紝杞悜鍙︿竴渚х浉鍚岋紝鍏?缁勶紝Go back to the intermediate restore.
銆€銆€Note: Hold up the upper body, back pain, you can put your hand to the front of the body.
銆€銆€Reminder: This method can be used once a month, up to two times, because the toxins will not hoard as fast, I suggest you try it when the weekend is good and free, but if you are a stomach ulcer, duodenumDo not try this activity for some patients with acute and chronic diseases such as ulcers.

After 90 new living methods | free health, find out


After 90 new living methods | “free health”, find out

“After 90 health”, find out?

The autumn is getting stronger, the health is four, and the medicine is nourishing. The nourishing food flies through the autumn wind after the 90s.

Autumn is no longer the season for them to hurt, but the golden season for tonic.

In the past, the term “health” was almost exclusively used by middle-aged and elderly people. Those who “get up early and get up early” and “three meals are light”. Some people call it a change of color, and the elders of the family will only cause internal contradictions.

But only, the lifestyle of health has long been a “Thomas full-rotation” tilt, 90 has been propped up half the health of the health.

Especially since last year, there have been frequent online “first batches of 90s are about to enter middle age”, “post-90s have begun to bald” and so on, with a strong conflicting title, and there are too many “post-90 health”On the topic of microblogging hot search, “health” has turned gorgeously, with the aura of the net red potential auspicious debut.

For daily work, young people in big cities, the speed of hair loss, and the degree of excess meat are directly proportional to the length of overtime work.

After the 90s and 95s of the past, they are now labeling “middle-aged”, “old-age”, “auntie” and so on.

The ordinary water cup at hand has quietly turned into a thermos cup. Sometimes, occasionally, the health pot can be seen before, and the chrysanthemum is added secretly inside.

The point is that this year’s health talents come forth in large numbers. They are uneasy with the old-fashioned model and create a new health frenzy on the road of tradition.

According to CBNData (CBN), the “Consumer Report” released by Tmall last year showed that after 90 and 95, more and more money was spent on health products and increased year by year. Among them, the replacement from the United States and Australia.Nutritional supplements are ranked in the top five positions.

The direction of snacks is also quite picky. The search keyword data shows that 鈥渘o added鈥? 鈥渓ow radiation鈥?and 鈥渉ealth鈥?are among the best.

In addition, the 2017 Health Consumption Report released by Ali Health shows that people under the age of 30 account for more than 50%.



After the 90s and 95s of the new generation of health care Dafa as the generation of unique personality, this year’s health care method is also unique. They are both afraid of death and death, which leads to colorful ways of keeping health. One of them is”Punk health.”

For them, “women who have not worn knee pads to go to Di Di also dare to say that they understand health.

“Pengyang Dafa beer is crowned, Codonopsis is equipped with cola; a cup of milk tea during the day, run two kilometers at night; buy a mask of expensive price, the most beautiful night; wear a warm baby, do not wear long pants in winter; eat sea drinkWithout fear, Jianweixiaoshi tablets are carried with you; . Recently, there has been a new concept of 鈥淗ealthy Cups, Tea, Flower Tea, Instant Bird’s Nest, Ejiao Ointment, etc.鈥滱 must-have item for people around the circle.

At a time when the health of young people is unusually high, it seems to have become the main theme of the health care community.



After 90, teach you to maintain health. 0 1 As a people’s teacher, in the eyes of outsiders, we are always cast a look of envy. Most people feel that work pressure is not big, things are not heavy, but, around me, there is noA teacher who is not called hard work.

The winter and summer vacations are simply redemption for life. If nothing is done, it will be finished.

Although this semester is not too busy, I have to work more than 10 hours a day before, and I stare at the thunder every day. What I can support is a holiday that I am looking forward to.

I didn’t know what was healthy before, until the teacher got a serious illness in the second year, and I was worried when I replaced my hair. I seemed to be awakened by the body.

Since then, I have bought a mug for myself and embarked on the road of “drinking hot water”.

My insistence is awesome and fearful, and my friends can think of me in the same mug.

After all, I have been drinking a cup of hot water for four years now, even on a hot summer.

Cold drinks in front of me, can only tremble, at most I am a sip, my true love is still my mug, but also can make 鏋告潪, fat sea and other rounds of training.

However, occasionally I will also sigh whether I have lived as an old man, but I saw my friend’s beer and oranges as a dark health operation. I silently held the mug in my hand.

Still with me, I have done this “right man’s favorite universal hot water”!

0 2 As a child born in an old Chinese medicine family, I have been forced to pay attention to the content of “health” in my mother’s womb.

(Speaking of this, my childhood is bleak, what is marinated, fried food has never been tasted, my first time to eat barbecue is junior high school, I entered the rebellious period, I finally dared to secretly enjoy the stalls delicious.

I hate the work of nine to five, so I turned my days into a day of “no day, no night, no night.”

My job is mainly to provide course counseling for American students. I have not expired in the middle of the period. Because of the jet lag, my days are basically 48 hours. One is a daily job, and the long-term and the night is a daily job.It’s dark and dark, and health becomes my lifeline.

The origin of consciousness should be the students who pursued the fit body during the study in Los Angeles. Many people are carrying yoga mats to go to class. The badminton courts are even more eager to break the head. I have never made an appointment.

But after a long time, I found that for the Americans who are addicted to sugar, they can open a strict sugar control mode for their body.

White bread is replaced with sprouted whole grain bread (germinated bread), Caesar salad is replaced with net red boge (poke), the focus is on the juice instead of 鈥渇ruit and vegetable water鈥?(ie vegetables or fruits cut into small cups directly into the cup soaked in water, sugarLow and full of fruit and vegetable aroma).This set of “hands-on health” approach has just become my best secret now being attacked by the “night magic.”

First of all, you have to have a good-looking cup (the Mt. Fuji Cup of the Edo whistle, the starry cup of the Eight Thousand Generations. you can have a simple transparent cup on the outside, you can throw it directly in the mineral water bottle), so as to avoid fatigue;In winter and summer, each set of soaking water gods, summer with fruits and vegetables, autumn and winter with stone sassafras, roses, dandelions and other herbal teas.

For me, “drinking water” is really a health skill that can be easily obtained. The key is still very simple.

Although I often read programs such as “Yangshengtang”, I have tried various kinds of “Lotus Leaf Weight Loss Method”, “Pure Barley Powder Slimming Method”, “Mine Wine Peach Blossom Detox Method” and so on.I just want to say that it is convenient and effective to reject all fancy health care.

“fruit and vegetable water” tips: clear new = cucumber + mint fruit sugar = pineapple + lemon college models = watermelon + strawberry + lemon supermarket hot sale = pomegranate + grapefruit + mint can be heavy mouth = Houttuynia + mint 0 3%20 did not pay attention to health before I always felt that my physical differences, sad, sad and worried, began to pay attention to health after my epiphany, the original healthy people really few.

When I was a sophomore, I often got angry and acne. The original smooth face turned into a meeting area of multiple seismic belts. It was covered with large and small craters, and every spout was intoxicating.

In a rage, I embarked on the road to health.

Crazy Internet search for a large amount of information, access to a variety of information, the public number is also concerned about a bunch, the desire to survive spread to the circle of friends, to help friends of related professions.

At the same time, I also gave up my last stubbornness on the ice lolly.

In the past summer, how can I have less popsicles to accompany me, so that I can live a healthy life.

Now, seeing the ice cube brain automatically turns on the early warning mode, just like being implanted with a “reverse radar”, it will ring when it is 1 meter away.

I have become more dedicated to the heart of three meals. Less oil, less salt, less meat, and lightness are my only dietary objects. Even if I face the heavy taste of love again, I will only say no!

For me, “punk health” does not exist at all, what cola Riga codonopsis, whisky in the blame, etc., are all swearing, never believe, but also ridiculous, after all, I am a serious health.

While I strictly control the diet, I will use the hand point health care method, tongue diagnosis and simple massage.

After all, accepting work on weekdays means that I have to enter the “Sage sit-in” time, usually sitting for one day, except for going to the bathroom, I really won’t leave the seat.

However, I feel that the way to maintain health varies from person to person. My approach may not be suitable for other people. Others may not be suitable for me. Anyway, as long as I can control myself, I will do it.

0 4 If I am still sitting at my work station after 10 pm every night, I know that I don’t have any sleep tonight.

My work is actually quite good. I can sleep until 10 o’clock every day. I believe that many people have been sitting in the company.

It sounds quite good, in fact, it was I exchanged with countless all-nights.

I work for an internet company. I have gradually understood the truth since I worked. The most special skill like me is “filling the pit” (I can post notes in my resume later).

I don’t remember when it started. I included a few more things that always existed: green tea, chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea and ready-to-eat bird’s nest.

This may be the opening of my “health mode”.

I am grateful to the company for exposing the internal friction of the table and teaching my health skills. While working overtime, I worked hard to make tea and drink bird’s nest.

It’s not that I’m afraid of death, but in the midnight, from time to time, these things are like giving me money. I’m inexplicably implanted in my brain, and I’m trying to pull the grass if I don’t listen.

Tea can save me from getting angry when I can’t rest day and night. Instant bird’s nest is counting on it to bring me a new look, and then I can’t do it in the office.

Sometimes when I see online activities, I will buy some of them. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand have all tasted.

I have been drinking for half a year, at least 3 bottles a week, and I will be able to cook at home.

As a beauty-loving person, I still believe in safe food supplements. The bird’s nest is no different. The key is to raise beauty and beauty. This small bottle of ready-to-eat bird’s nest saves me the time to make a mask. When I work overtime, I should drink it today.Mask

How to become a fashionable psychological disease?

How to become a fashionable psychological disease?

You are a front-end person who closely follows the pace of the times. Every day you go to office buildings, commercial buildings, etc. Your family and friends are envious of your livelihood.

But you often feel that you are not the real self in your eyes, irritated, worried that you interfere with you from time to time, and sometimes even want to find a place where no one is crying.

銆€銆€Information Anxiety[Case]Ms. Li, who works in a foreign company, spends a lot of time surfing the Internet every day to read information, read newspapers and magazines, but she is still not practical. She always feels that she missed the information, so she often suffers from insomnia and her appetite is declining.

Miss Li’s phenomenon is not unique. If such a person has a network substitution at home or in a unit, and the electronic reading cannot be opened, it will feel extremely uncomfortable, become worried, uneasy, and always worry about missing important information and news.Fear of the impact of work, and lead to mental, physiological reactions, insomnia, headache, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

銆€銆€[Cause]Due to the fast pace of work and the increased access to information, these people are accustomed to obtaining information from the Internet, television, and electronic books.

If the Internet is over-reliant on electronic reading, the transformation will become a pathological psychology, which may turn into obsessive-compulsive disorder when it is serious.

銆€銆€[Prescription]No matter how comprehensive the individual’s mastery of information, omissions are always inevitable.

Moreover, many times, information is not the only factor that determines success or failure.

Therefore, people who are usually tired should slow down their pace of life and don’t have to think about information all day long.

銆€銆€Post-successful depression[case]career success is an enviable good thing, but more and more successful people have been successfully involved, suffering from depression, suffering from self-extraction, and even want to die free.

Ms. Chen, who works in a foreign company, excels in all aspects and has won the leadership appreciation.

Not long ago, Ms. Chen was promoted to be the general manager of the branch, and her colleagues were envious.

But for Ms. Chen, this turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare.

Ms. Chen, who is sitting on a high position, is under great pressure. What she is most worried about every day is that her work is not finished well, her leadership is not satisfied, and she is afraid that if she makes a mistake in her work, her subordinates will laugh at it.

These mortality rates have caused her work efficiency to drop drastically, the quality of sleep has gradually deteriorated, and attention has not been concentrated. I feel dizzy, tired, and consumes a lot of energy all the time. I can’t relieve the pain by taking drugs. I must go home and rest.

Ms. Chen suspected that she had an incurable disease and wanted to be relieved by suicide. Fortunately, she was discovered by her family in time to avoid the tragedy.

銆€銆€[Cause]The pressure for promotion is too large and there is insufficient confidence in yourself.

White-collar workers are struggling like robots because of the intensified social competition, fast work pace, and high expectations.

If the psychological quality is poor or not good at self-dissolution, it is more likely to suffer from mental illness.

銆€銆€[Prescription]Be busy sneaking, temporarily throwing away all work and damage, completely relax your body and let energy recover.

In addition, to maintain a normal emotional life.

The facts show that mutual care and love between family members and friends is very important for people’s mental health.

In the face of conflicts, setbacks and excessive mental stress, we must be good at self-resolving, such as participation in stylistic, social, and tourism activities, to eliminate emotions and maintain psychological balance.

銆€銆€Crazy shopping disorder[case]A 30-year-old woman told a psychiatrist that she went to the clothing street and wanted to enter the store. When she entered the store and saw the clothes, she felt that the clothes were waving to her.

At that time she did not hesitate, only the excitement and happiness of shopping.

When she comes out of the store, she often spends thousands of dollars.

She knew that she didn’t need so much clothes, and she was determined to control the number of clothes she bought, but she was not tired when she arrived at the clothing store.

She is troubled by the desire to control her own purchases.

This woman is suffering from a craving, commonly known as crazy shopping.

People who are suffering from cravings have a pathological possessive desire for goods. In the face of a dazzling array of goods, they often pay for their pockets without worrying about their purchases. At the same time, they will have the satisfaction and pleasure of possession.

If the control is not to buy, there will be fear of anxiety, discomfort, and control will only make the next shopping more crazy.

But when reason takes the upper hand, regrets and distress will inevitably come.

Such a cycle of recurrence naturally affects mood and work.

銆€銆€[Cause]Some people think that work is to make money, and to make money is to enjoy.

So after having the conditions, it is often difficult to control the desire.

Indulgence of desire, or because of all kinds of pressures to escape into the desire, is the psychological cause of the formation of cravings.

銆€銆€[Prescription]Don’t bring too much money when you go out. Think about what you need before you go to the store. You don’t need anything. If you need to go shopping with your partner, you need to help the reminder.

The most important thing is to find out what psychological problems are behind the desire to shop, whether there is dissatisfaction with reality and dissatisfaction with oneself.When a person dares to face problems and solve problems, the mind will be balanced.

銆€銆€Marriage empty nest syndrome[case]Jun Heli both are well-informed, graceful, and have an enviable career, friends believe that their marriage life must be harmonious and happy.

However, in the eight-year marriage life, they only enjoyed the sexual life described by Li as 鈥渃an be said to be normal鈥? Most of the rest of the time was 鈥渆xempted from exemption鈥?

They really value this family very much, and they are particularly concerned about each other, but they have not been able to ignite sexual desire.

The disease has become the most common of all sexual problems, and such patients rarely have spontaneous sexual requirements.

銆€銆€[Cause]Depression, mental stress, local expansion, fast-paced life, work hardships and even sexual hormone secretion and other physiological diseases can cause libido suppression.

But usually it is rooted in the ability to marry in time, long-term accumulation of sexual desire and less knowledge of sexual science, as well as fear of intimacy and potential inferiority.

銆€銆€[Prescription]can improve the situation through direct marriage counseling.

But if sexual inhibition is already ingrained, patients need a psychological treatment that discusses behavior to improve.

The former can find out where sex problems are, and help them re-recognize sexual desire and understand sexual knowledge.

Many experts encourage patients to cultivate romantic sentiments before making love, and to alleviate anxiety and inferiority and suppress sexual desire.