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Man looking for shoes

Man looking for shoes

Which of the following is the inertia of your other half or favorite object?

  Men who repeatedly buy fixed shoe style Men who wear shoes frugally Men who wear casual shoes Men who wear formal black shoes Men who wear casual shoes Men who buy fixed shoes repeatedly Repeat this type of men are very old men,There is always a deep attachment to the person, things, and things that he is used to. Even if his lover is unreasonable and willful and childish, he will treat her with an inclusive heart and love her until she gradually matures.

And he has a lot of old friends, he is very kind to his friends, makes old friends feel that he is a trustworthy patron, and he will help his friends and replace the helping hand in a timely manner.

Therefore, if you fall in love with him and become the other half of him, do not prevent him from listening to his troubles and being considerate about the details of his life. Each other ‘s emotions must be developed in a stable manner, and do n’t forget to share with him.Old friends can also become one and share common life topics.

  When a man who wears shoes frugally buys a pair of shoes, he cherishes them very much, hoping that the shoes can be worn for a long time, which can save a budget, and the shoes in his shoe cabinet are very old, which will impress you.

Personally, he is a conservative man who is cautious and can’t let go.

Insufficient in dealing with people, often offending people without knowing it; the structure of interpersonal relationships is small; in the professional field, he will have a chance of success due to silent efforts.

Therefore, if you are in love with him, be careful!

He is a man of passion.

When I first dated, I was full of infinite reveries in my heart, hoping to become a lover with you as soon as possible.

His restrained, conservative personality, but also suppresses the turbulent waves in his heart, not too afraid to confess to you, so that you can’t figure out his true thoughts.

Therefore, you do not hinder the initiative, create more opportunities for him to confess, you can accelerate each other’s love temperature, and move to another stage of life.

  Men who wear shoes casually This type of man is a man who doesn’t care what shoes he wears.

Sometimes the shoes don’t match the clothes at all, even if the shoes are worn out and outdated, he doesn’t matter. He doesn’t even wear socks. The socks are damaged and worn incorrectly. He can bear it.

Personally, he is an informal man, often with high eyes and low hands.

Private life is unorganized, and I like daydreaming. I believe that one day I can step up to the sky and easily lead a self-deceiving life.

When he first dated him, he would deliberately arrange the date, pay attention to the atmosphere and atmosphere, but just let it go.

His outstanding thing is the cheap and expensive consumption. Unless he wants to have a big meal himself, he will never take the initiative to invite.

If you fall in love with him, you will find that his emotional world is chaotic and complicated. Often, he cannot forget the old love and cannot refuse the new love.

The love triangle and the love triangle are entangled, and when all the disputes explode, he will choose to escape and avoid the reality to make the person who loves him miserable.

Therefore, be careful not to fall in love with such a man too soon!

  Men who love to wear formal black leather shoes This type of man is a big man who is used to wearing formal black leather shoes and polishing the shoes with a bright light. He can’t stand the big man who wears dirty shoes or old shoes to go out.

If this type of man is used to wearing his formal black leather shoes even on vacation or dating, you need to be mentally prepared.

He is an outrageous masculinity and traditional man. He values his mother’s opinions very much. If you want to win the love of a future mother-in-law, it is possible to change from his girlfriend to his wife.

If you fall in love with him, don’t think about how he thinks. He has his own set of principles for dealing with people and he will never modify it because of you.

Instead, he will ask you to agree with him, and even tolerate everything.

  Men who like to wear casual shoes This type of man is a man who focuses on casual life and lifestyle. He has high requirements for shoes, not only to be comfortable, but also to pay attention to the style of shoes, and must be matched with clothing.

Personally, he likes to take the initiative, has strong subjective consciousness, has strict requirements on himself, and is even more discerning about the opposite sex.

In life, I am a regular planner, but I occasionally revel on Christmas Eve or birthday dance.

When dating him, you can feel that he is a very considerate and good lover, with a gentle and courteous attitude, a funny and humorous conversation, and it is easy to make the dating atmosphere harmonious.

He is also a person who knows what kind of girl he likes.

So when you date him, he will kindly take you home even if you do n’t agree with him, but do n’t think he has a good impression on you, he is just a gentleman.

When dancing with your favorite man on a romantic and joyful Christmas Eve, you can inadvertently ask him about his shoes, and learn more about his inner attitude towards love and life.

Murder hidden dangers of scents

“Murder” hidden dangers of scents

Various artificial fragrances have appeared on the market, such as rose, jasmine, and osmanthus fragrances, but people have not noticed during the use of this artificial fragrance that exacerbates indoor air.Pollution.
From a chemical point of view, chemical products such as fragrances are complex in composition and mostly contain volatile substances. Abuse can easily cause some unexpected chemical reactions.
These are not only related to the individual’s allergic constitution, but also to the contamination of fragrances, especially those with allergic asthma, dermatitis, and respiratory diseases, should be exposed to perfume or fragrance as little as possible.
  The floral fragrance has always been favored by people, and various natural floral fragrances can refresh people.
Various artificial fragrances have appeared on the market, such as rose, jasmine, and osmanthus fragrances, but people have not noticed during the use of this artificial fragrance that exacerbates indoor air.Pollution.
  From a chemical point of view, chemical products such as fragrances are complex in composition and mostly contain volatile substances. Abuse can easily cause some unexpected chemical reactions.
It will have adverse effects on people’s respiratory tract and skin, side effects on the nervous system can not be underestimated, a few will damage the hematopoietic system and stimulate children’s respiratory mucosa.
The artificial fragrance is different from natural floral fragrance, whether it is fragrance or strong.
  In recent years, cases caused by pollution caused by artificial fragrances have occurred from time to time. Some people stay in the perfumed environment for a period of time, and they may experience symptoms such as skin itching, dizziness, and cough, and even severe asthma.
Some people experience itchy dermatitis as soon as they come into contact with a certain fragrance type, even nausea and vomiting.
These are not only related to the individual’s allergic constitution, but also to the contamination of fragrances, especially those with allergic asthma, dermatitis, and respiratory diseases, should be exposed to perfume or fragrance as little as possible.

How to get skin up to night

How to rescue your skin after staying up late

Everyone knows the dangers of getting up the next day after staying up all night. After staying up all night, the skin will become dull and even a lot of skin problems will occur.

Let ‘s take a look together.

  1. Clean and clear pores No matter when you go to bed, you must do the work of clearing pores. This is how your skin can breathe well at night, and the cleaned skin can also let you follow up.Skin better absorbs nutrients, remember not to sleep with makeup, otherwise the skin will become rougher, and shell metabolites will not be discharged.

  2. Gentle cleansing When you wash your face in the morning, try to choose an amino acid facial cleanser with a mild nature. This can properly repair and care for the morning skin, and then your skin is indoors at night.Because it suffers less pollution from the outside, it only needs a simple amino acid facial cleanser.

  3, emergency eye bags swell Many people who stay up late will be accompanied by the imagination of panda eyes big eyes bags, then at this time you must remember to apply tea to the eyes again, so that your puffy bags and dark circles will be effectively relieved,As long as you persist for about a week, the skin of your eyes will also be significantly improved.

  4, after hydration stay up all night must remember to do the skin hydration required, because the skin tortured overnight must be very dehydrated, so we must use some skin care products with powerful hydrating ingredients, so although it can notImmediately relieve your burned skin, but at the very least, as long as you do this step, the skin will be slowly and effectively repaired.

  5, hydration to maintain metabolism at night is actually the most vigorous time of our body’s metabolism, so it takes a lot of water to consume, especially after 10 o’clock in the evening, if you often stay up late, the water in the skin must be a lot of loss, Then at this time if there is no maintenance of water, the skin will not get an effective metabolism.

The metabolites on the skin in the body cannot be excreted in time, and stay in the skin, the skin will be very dull, so after cleaning your face, you must remember to do the work of hydrating your skin.

  6. Anti-oxidant scavenging free radicals is the most harmful to the skin. Once it causes your skin to get worse and worse, it will produce a variety of spots. The melanin deposits will produce a lot of free radicals if you stay up late for a long time.The most effective way to resist excessive free radicals is to eliminate them in an antioxidant manner.

So try to use some essences or creams with high-efficiency anti-oxidant ingredients on the night skin care step block. After the hydration is sufficient, the excess free radicals will be eliminated.

Nine popular yoga factions

Nine popular yoga factions

After five thousand years of development and development of yoga, coupled with the traditional teaching method of yoga is oral teaching, not written teaching, the profoundness of yoga has led to the uncertainty of its teaching.

For this reason, various factions who practice Hada Yoga are full of enthusiasts, so the branches of yoga in the world have different names for yoga poses.

In spite of this, most branches of yoga follow established basic rules, with only slight differences in teaching methods, emphasis and practice.

But the “protagonist” being taught is still yoga.

Because everyone’s preferences, age, physique and temperament are different, you should choose the faction that is best for you to practice yoga.

Now let’s briefly introduce the most popular and familiar yoga sects today to give everyone a general impression: 1. The AnandaYoga sect thinks that physical and spiritual practice are equally important.

You must first cleanse and increase your energy and be fully prepared for meditation.

With repeated reminders and affirmations (affirmation) in the mind, each yoga posture eventually transforms to expand or enhance self-awareness.

Another feature of AnandaYoga is the emphasis on “Energization exercises”, which require that the body be tightened and relaxed repeatedly, and at the same time, the breathing method brings energy to that place.

It must do extreme relaxation when doing excellent yoga poses to prepare for subsequent meditation.

  2, AshtangaYogaAshtangaYoga, also known as PowerYoga, is the most physical-minded in Hatha Yoga.

It has a total of 240 yoga poses and 6 groups of action units combined with breathing series (vinyasa) to enhance the body’s “heat” and thus strengthen the body.

Their outstanding strength (strength), flexibility (flexibility) and vitality (stamina) are equally important, so AshtangaYoga is loved by athletes or people who love sports.

  3. IntegralYoga combines all the steps of practicing yoga-yoga postures, pacification, selfless devotion, prayer, singing, meditation, and introspection. It emphasizes that yoga is the ultimate goal of meditation, rather than the analysis of human body structure. It encourages scholarsPractice “easefulinbody”, “peacefulinmind”, and “usefulinlife”.

Each yoga session is 75 minutes long, of which 45 minutes are used for yoga posture exercises, followed by relaxation, breathing exercises, and finally the meditation part.

Difficult, but gentle and quiet, followed by those who like to learn traditional yoga comprehensively.

  4, IyengarYogaIyengarYoga can be said to be the most familiar Hada yoga school in the West in recent years.

IyengarYoga has adopted the science and medicalization of yoga to improve the physical and psychological problems of individuals. Therefore, it is widely recognized by doctors and physiotherapists.

This instructor is particularly good at cooperating with body parts such as hands, feet, pelvis, spine, etc. when doing yoga poses. The absolutely correct position and the muscles are tightened and relaxed. They pay great attention to details.

Therefore, there is a good opportunity to establish yoga postures, as well as improve some people who have problems with body postures.

This dispatch also pays special attention to and recognizes that when practicing yoga, we must use props to help this book to complete yoga postures according to personal physical limitations. These tools include felt, brick, pillow, chair, rope, etc.

  5, KripaluYogaKripaluYoga is often described as “dynamic meditation”, instead of focusing on the physical details of the yoga posture, more yoga postures bring people emotional and psychological reactions, so the literature is required to maintain tenderness, compassion and introspection.attitude.

This dispatch believes that the body has its wisdom, and it will send messages to remind individuals how to smoothly and naturally practice yoga postures.

Each yoga posture is maintained for a long time in order to discover or release the suppressed emotions.

This introspective Hatha Yoga consists of three phases: continuous exercise (yoga pose), will and drop (mind), and obedience to the wisdom of the body.

In these three stages, yoga poses have different disadvantages depending on the situation: mild, medium, and correct.

  6. KundaliniYogaKundaliniYoga has a long history. It is convinced that the energy of life (Kundalini) is hidden in the tail spine. As long as it passes through various practices (breathing, posture, singing and meditation), this energy will be inspired and guided to the various “air wheels” of the spine.”(Chakras), and when the” crown “is cleared, one can realize it.

This technique of particular emphasis on several breaths: alternate nostrilbreathing, slow, diaphragmatic breathing, and a breathing technique called “breathoffire”.

  7, SivanandaYogaSivanandaYoga is generally called “Snow Mountain Pie” in Hong Kong.

Combining five specific exercise methods: proper exercise, breathing, deep relaxation, vegetarian food, and positive thinking and meditation.

Each lesson has a set course, including breathing exercises, sun worship, 12 traditional yoga poses, and relaxation exercises.

  8. The Yoga of Vinyioga also emphasizes the details of yoga postures, as well as physical strength and endurance.

To study yoga, you must follow the principle of “VinyasaKrama”, that is, organized (organized lessons of yogastudy), combined with yoga postures, meditation, meditation, textbook research, counselling, mind imagery, prayer, singing, and rituals.

It will teach yoga postures according to scholars’ individual psychological conditions, physical limitations or cultural differences; spine health and breathing are more important than how to become yoga postures, and exhale and inhale will consciously take different time andLength to match the exercise of the yoga pose.

  9, BikramYoga nicknamed “hot yoga” BikramYoga, started by BikramChoudhury, is a new darling in the fitness industry in recent years. The feature is that the classroom is performed in a relatively high temperature room (38oC-42oC), which makes the body quickly improve?

, Speed up sweat and detoxification.

Each lesson combines 26 yoga poses.

Five Taboos for Midsummer Exercise

Five Taboos for Midsummer Exercise

Avoid exercise under strong light: around noon, the sun is clear and the temperature is highest.

In addition to swimming, avoid exercise at this time, beware of heat stroke.

  Avoid exercise for too long: it should not be too long for one exercise, 20?
30 minutes is appropriate to avoid excessive sweating and excessive temperature rise that may cause heat stroke.

  Avoid drinking a lot of water after exercise: summer sweating a lot, if you drink a lot of water at this time, it will increase the burden on the blood circulation system, digestive system, especially the heart.

At the same time, drinking too much water and sweating more, and further loss of salt, which caused symptoms such as impact, cramps.

  Avoid taking a cold shower immediately after exercise: Because summer heat production increases rapidly, the skin’s capillaries also expand a lot to help the body dissipate heat.

Sudden undercooling stimulates the pores that have been opened on the body surface to close suddenly, causing internal organs to become disordered, the brain’s body temperature to be abnormal, and even sickness.

  Avoid eating a lot of cold drinks after exercise: Physical exercise will cause a lot of blood to flow to the muscles and body surface, while the digestive system is in a relatively anemia state.

A large number of cold drinks even lowered the temperature of the stomach, but also diluted the gastric juices, which could cause indigestion and mainly cause acute gastritis.

Parents of third grade do not pass on their concerns to their children

Parents of third grade do not pass on their concerns to their children

Mr. Liu’s son is in third grade this year.

In these days, he has never asked the child to study, and he also started to hurry to find cram school for the child.

“Can I not worry?

The child will be facing the entrance examination as soon as he is in the third grade. Now he doesn’t work hard, and he won’t have time to cry.

The reporter saw at the registration site of some cram schools that parents with ideas like Mr. Liu are not a minority.

Ms. Wang’s daughter also went to the third grade this year, and her grades have always been unstable, and her studies are of medium level.

At the final exam last semester, the child’s performance was relatively poor. Ms. Wang was a little worried: “No matter what, applying for a cram school is still helpful for the child’s learning.

“Beijing Shayan Psychological Network teacher Zhang Jing said that the pressure on children and parents is really high when they are facing the entrance examination in the third grade.

At such a critical moment, if the parents panic and become worried and irritable, the child will be even more disinterested.

Parents must first calm down, calm down their minds, and don’t worry too much.

In fact, the level of children is not much different, basically on the same running line, so this year’s effort is important.

  During the child’s study and preparation, parents should not always hold or compare their child with others, and do not over-care to stress the child.

On the premise of ensuring the child’s normal diet, living, and hygiene, parents should try to establish a loose learning solution for the children. Through communication forms such as walking and chatting, the child can relax during the intense study, maintain self-confidence, and cutDon’t pass your concerns on to your children.

What time to drink yogurt can lose weight


What time to drink yogurt can lose weight

A lot of women like to drink yogurt, an important reason is that no matter how much you drink, you will not gain weight.

Yogurt does have a certain weight loss effect, mainly because it contains a large amount of active lactic acid bacteria, which can effectively regulate the balance of the flora in the body, promote invasive peristalsis, and thus relieve constipation.

Long-term constipation and weight gain have a certain relationship.

Then the yogurt has a high satiety, and a cup when it is slightly elevated can effectively alleviate the urgent appetite, thereby reducing the amount of meals in the next meal.

銆€銆€Drinking yoghurt is a taboo. However, yoghurt is not too fat to drink. It also contains a certain amount of conversion. If you eat it on a cumulative basis, it will also cause weight gain.

The best way is to choose yoghurt marked with skim and low-denatured words, although they are not as rich and full-bodied as full-fat yoghurt, but the conversion is low and does not make it quickly accumulate in the body and gain weight.

銆€銆€In addition, yogurt is not suitable for all ages.

Patients after gastrointestinal surgery, diarrhea patients and infants under 1 year of age should not drink yogurt.

Even healthy adults can not overdose, otherwise it will easily lead to excessive gastric acid, affecting the secretion of gastric mucosa and digestive enzymes, reducing appetite and destroying the absorption balance in the human body.

First of all, drink two cups a day, each cup is about 125 grams.

銆€銆€Drinking after a meal is good for absorbing nutrients. Generally speaking, how to absorb yoghurt is best between 30 minutes and 2 hours after a meal.

Under normal conditions, the pH of gastric juice is between 1-3; when fasting, the gastric juice is acidic, and the pH is below 2, which is not suitable for the growth of active lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

Only when the pH value of the stomach is relatively high can the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt be fully grown, which is good for health.

About two hours after the meal, the human stomach fluid is replaced, and the pH value will rise to 3-5. At this time, drinking yogurt is most beneficial to the absorption of the nutrients.

銆€銆€In addition, if you inject yogurt into the fasting state, it is easy to stimulate the emptying of the infusion channel. The nutrients in the yogurt can not be completely digested and absorbed. The drinking after meals can reduce the stimulation and allow the yogurt to be slowly absorbed in the stomach.

銆€銆€The best yogurt in the evening is the good source of calcium in food. From the perspective of calcium supplementation, the benefits of drinking yogurt at night are more.

Because it is the lowest blood calcium level in the human body from 12 o’clock in the evening to the early morning, it is beneficial to the absorption of calcium in food.

At the same time, there are few factors affecting calcium absorption in the human body during this time period.

Although milk also contains high calcium, compared with it, the combination of lactic acid and calcium contained in yogurt can promote the absorption of calcium.

銆€銆€However, when drinking yogurt at night, it must be remembered that certain bacterial species and acidic substances in yogurt have certain damage to the teeth, and should be brushed in time after drinking.

It takes only 4 minutes to easily get a weight loss breakfast.


It takes only 4 minutes to easily get a weight loss breakfast.

This breakfast is simple and the biggest advantage is that most of the materials are ready-made and don’t require a fire.

As long as you have time to go to the supermarket, you can prepare these breakfasts in advance, so that 4 minutes is almost all the “spitting” time spent in this shooting, the real time spent is basically zero.

銆€銆€Ingredients: black tea (pocket), milk (fresh milk or boxed milk), soda crackers, strawberries, orange, chocolate. Principle of weight loss: drink a cup of tea on an empty stomach every morning, first remove the stomach, and then start eating and detoxifying the body.
The staple food in the morning replaces the low-sugar soda crackers of peanut candy, and can also be served with different dipping sauces (salad dressings).

The chocolate contains traces of excitatory ingredients, refreshing and refreshing, making you happy all day.

I believe many MMs have to say that eating chocolate is easy to grow meat. How to lose weight?

In fact, eating dark chocolate will not gain weight, but will help the body burn.

However, if you like to eat white chocolate, it is recommended to stop quickly, the white chocolate spots are amazingly high.

銆€銆€The grain breakfast is almost as much as beans, cereals and dried fruits.

You don’t need to have a fire. Just take a few hours to prepare before going to sleep the night before. The next morning, with the help of Soymilk, you can enjoy it.

銆€銆€Ingredients: black beans, peanut kernels, corn slag, glutinous rice, red dates (nuclear), black sesame weight loss distance: grab a small black bean before going to bed the night before, even after getting up, even a few peanut kernels, and corn slag, 鏋告潪, non-nuclear red dates, a small amount of sesame, pour into the soya-bean milk machine, add water.

You can buy the soymilk machine that is automatically heated and boiled. After adding the raw materials, you can leave nothing to do. Just wash it carefully and clean it up. A cup of hot and fragrant, full of nutritious grain soy milk is ready.

Drinking a cup of such hot soy milk in the morning is full of plenty of time. Also, the bean crop contains phytoestrogens, high energy and low fat, which can satisfy the energy needs of the body one morning without getting fat!

Making the most eye-catching face


Making the most eye-catching face

Let us first interpret the woman’s face in the eyes of others: “I appreciate the individual woman, especially the kind of clear lines, the cool temperament is not exhaustive.” “I trust the woman who has a handsome face, she usually gives me smart.Rigorous feeling.

The fat-faced woman always reminds me that she may lack self-control and is more gluttonous. But imagine that wearing a round face on his body is really a bit richer and less beautiful.
Therefore, face-lifting – making the contours of the face become tangible will become the goal pursued by more than 70% of women.

銆€銆€Exquisite and easy to lose face method 1 After washing your face in the morning and evening, gently tap or tap your face until the cheeks are reddish.

This method not only promotes blood circulation in the face, but also makes the face ruddy, and it can also achieve the effect of tightening the face and highlighting the contour.

This method does not cost money, as long as it is sustained, it is worth a try.

銆€銆€Method 2 1.

The other four fingers except the thumb are close together, and the upper part is placed on the upper and lower mortar teeth. The circle is drawn in the sleeve and extended from the inside. Gently tapping 3-5 turns, and then changing the other type.Repeat 5 times while tapping.

When tapping, the muscles of the mouth are relaxed, so it will appear slightly open.


In the two-toe area, the thumb is also gently pressed from the inside to the outside, and is also a small circle, this action can be done in two seconds, draw about 100-120.


The last action is to close the palm of your hand and slap the cheek skin 40-50 from left to right.

銆€銆€Method 3 1.

Shut up and smile in the mirror until the muscles of both eyes are tired.

This action enhances the elasticity of the ankle muscles and maintains the shape of the face.

It should be done several times during the day.


The eyelids are better, the better, tighten all the muscles on the face, then relax and repeat 4 times.

This action helps maintain the elasticity of the facial muscles.


Wrinkle and twitch the nose, no less than 12 times.

This action keeps the blood flowing through the nose and keeps the nasal muscles proper.


Focusing on the ankles, the lips are slightly protruding, causing the two to collapse.

Repeat twice.

This action prevents deep wrinkles in the corners of the mouth.


Two squats, silent to 6, repeat 1 time.

This action keeps the ankle from deforming.


Open your mouth, lips slightly, then slowly close your mouth (the lips are always bulging), repeat 10 times.

This action improves blood circulation at the tip of the nose and keeps the upper lip beautiful.