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Recommend two recipes to ease the cold of the palace, so that you can easily do the mother

Recommend two recipes to ease the cold of the palace, so that you can easily do the mother

[Nursing cold syndrome from three aspects]1, eating the best to change their habits.

Avoid eating cold foods, eating less cabbage, white radish, green tea and other debilitating foods.

Even in the hot summer, cold drinks, iced tea, melons and other cold things can not be greedy, spring and autumn, winter should not take cold drinks.

These cold and cold foods will consume yang into the body, causing endangered cold and invading the uterus.

Eat more qi and warm food, such as walnuts, dates, peanuts and so on.

Abalone nourish and heat, can nourish yin and nourish the skin, clear the liver and improve eyesight, is the best tonic for women.

If you have the conditions, you can make some abalone food for yourself.

2, wear first to pay attention to keep warm, in the winter many women pursue the “beautiful frozen people” must be unacceptable.

Even in the summer, there is a problem of cold and warmth.

In the air-conditioned room, beautiful girls can always show beautiful legs, jade arms, shoulders, and even backs.

The air-conditioning air-conditioning refuses to be sun-thousands away from the human body, but it is close to the human body.

When you feel the ambiguity caused by the air-conditioning cold wind, you don’t know that the uterus is twisting the cold torment. When the cold gas invades the body, it is not far from the “gong Han”.

Therefore, in the office spare parts clothes, protect the top, part and other parts.

Stockings are also necessary for women who are afraid of cold, which can prevent cold from being born from the feet.

In addition, remind you not to sit on the “cold”, do not sit on the cold surface in the summer, such as the ground, stone surface or iron chair, because these places are cold and cold, the cold evil will quickly repel the body’s yang directly attack the uterus.
3, exercise often walks quickly, in general, the people of Gong Han are quiet and calm, and they tend to feel tired when exercising too much.

In fact, “moving is yang”, people with cold constitutions need to improve their physical fitness through exercise.

Walking fast is the most thorough way.

Walking, especially on the pebble road, can stimulate the meridians and acupoints of the soles of the feet, can clear the meridians, regulate blood and blood, improve blood circulation, and warm the whole body.

[Two therapeutic treatments take away]1. Amaranth ginger milk 羹 Ingredients: 500 grams of leeks, 30 grams of ginger, 250 ml of milk.

Method: Wash the leek, cut it, wash it with ginger, then add the leek and ginger together to the juice in the juicer.

Put the amaranth ginger juice into the pot and add the milk. Cook it on low heat and serve.

Efficacy: warm and cold, spleen and stomach, water belly belly, abdomen back pain.

2, leek fried walnut shrimp main ingredients: 500 grams of leek, 100 grams of walnut meat, 20 grams of shrimp, sesame oil, salt, MSG, the right amount.

Method: Wash the leek and cut into 3 cm long sections for use.

Shrimp are soaked in warm water for 30 minutes before being washed.

Walnuts are shelled and the meat is washed and ready for use.

First, the pot is heated with high heat, plant oil, burned to 80% heat, then into the walnut meat, shrimp, then use the medium fire to fry until cooked, then into the leek to stir fry for a while, add salt, MSG seasoning and eat.

Efficacy: treatment of kidney yang deficiency, waist and knees, women’s irregular menstruation, palace cold infertility, vaginal discharge.

The symptoms of palace cold in female friends are not formed overnight. The coldness of the diet, the coldness of wearing a single coat, and the habit of showing the navel are all factors that cause the symptoms of the palace to be cold. On the basis of diet, pay attention to the daily body.Maintenance, improvement will be better!

Anti-reduction work

Anti-reduction work


Men’s kimono kidney capsule: one hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand puts the kidney capsule up, can do sixty to ninety times, then change hands, also do sixty to ninety times.

  Grab the retina pill: one hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand grabs the retina pill, and once you grab it, you can do it 60 to 90 times in a row, then change hands and do it 60 to 90 times.

  Squeeze the mouse pill: squeeze the mouse pill with one hand or two hands at the same time.

  Pulling the rhinoceros pill: Pull the nasal pill at the same time with one hand or two hands, and pull it one by one to make 30 consecutive times.

  Pinch the penis: use both hands at the same time, the number of times is not limited.

  Pull the penis: one hand to support the lower abdomen, the other hand to pull the penis, one pull and put, can do 30 times in a row, then change hands, also do 30 times.

  搓 搓 :: one hand to support the lower abdomen, the other hand gently licking the perineum, can be smashed 30 times in a row, then change hands, also do 30 times.

  Shanwei 闾: One hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand licks the tail, can do 30 times in a row, then change hands and do 30 times.

  Shake the penis: one hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand shakes the penis, shaking the left and right and the front and back for fifteen times.

  Point the god: one hand holds the lower abdomen, and the other fingertip clicks on the god’s acupoint, silently counts sixty, then changes hands, and presses the middle finger of the other hand on the god’s acupoint.The number is sixty.

  揉 揉 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

  Breathing and breathing: After finishing the lower abdomen, when inhaling, the two hands are pressed down, the lower abdomen is raised, and when exhaling, the lower abdomen is rubbed, the hands are relaxed, and one breath is once, and can be done three times in succession.

Then accept the work, when you receive the work, you want to keep Dantian, the time can be long or short.


Women’s gongs and breasts: The two hands simultaneously licked the breasts in the direction of each other for 30 laps, and then pressed the left and right and the next squats thirty times.

  Grab the breast: two small arms crossed, the right hand to support the short chest, the left hand to support the right chest, and then grab the breast with your fingers, one grab and one for one, can be done 30 times in a row.

  Pinch the breast: pinch the nipple at the same time with both fingers, so as not to hurt the degree, one pinch and one for one time, can be done 30 times in a row.

  揉 揉 :: Use one hand or two hands to overlap the genitals, press your finger on the perineal point, press the direction 30 times in any direction.

  Shanwei 闾: One hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand squats 30 times, then changes hands and then squats 30 times.

  Point the god: one hand to support the lower abdomen, the other finger point on the god’s acupoint, silently count sixty, then change hands, and then count sixty.

  揉 lower abdomen: the two hands overlap, the internal and external labor palaces are opposite, the woman’s right hand is at the bottom, and the direction is pressed nine times in anyway.

  Pressing and breathing: Connected to the upper type. When inhaling, the lower abdomen is raised, and the two hands are pressed down slightly. When exhaling, the lower abdomen is rubbed, the hands are relaxed, and one breath is once, and can be done three times in succession.

Then accept the work, when you receive the work, you can follow the dantian, the time can be long or short.

  This type can replenish kidneys, regulate body functions, prevent disease and cure diseases, strengthen the body, enhance disease resistance, improve immune function, long-term exercise can delay aging, prolong life, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Seven weapons for beauty in the workplace!

Seven weapons for beauty in the workplace!

Weapon 1: There is an elder sister in the office of the Wuzi staff. The person is very enthusiastic, but his mouth is too broken, and he loves to talk among colleagues. His parents are often short of the West family, and the Li family speaks in a simple way.

Every time she said to her, she reported a warm smile, but she never talked, and after a long time, she felt that she found resonance and naturally stopped looking for him.

  In summary: such a person, every unit is redundant. For what they say, they should only cope with their ears and cope with it, not adhering to it, let alone pass it on, just when their ears are polluted once, and then washed.

  Weapon 2: When the silent sword was first transferred to this group, because there was a set of reports for the leaders, it was very reused. The leaders often traveled with the leaders. Lao Huang looked in his eyes, and his heart was probably terrible.

As a result, he relied on being the deputy director of the office, often deducting bonuses for excuses for being late or traveling without saying hello.

Therefore, every time I accompanied the leader, he emailed him and asked the leader to sign the time sheet.

At the end of the month, he was ready to deduct the bonus again. He put the printed mail and time sheet on his desk and walked away silently. Since then, he never dared to deduct the bonus.

  In summary: a sound protest based on sound evidence is far more provocative than a loud noise.

  Weapon 3: No Wind Hammer The two female secretaries in our group are young girls who have just graduated and love to chat online.

The candidate for the small meeting once went unheeded.

As soon as I went to see them, they quickly closed the window with the boss key, and made me tiger-eating.

I secretly checked the IP addresses of the two of them, and found the QQ number of them, and then added them as friends.

After chatting for a few days, I told them that I had a video, and they were anxious to watch. I turned the camera towards their seat and turned it on.

They were dumbfounded at first glance. Since then, they have never dared to chat on the Internet anymore.

  Summary: Correct work style does not necessarily mean face-to-face criticism, save face, maybe the sky is wide.

  Weapon four: Wuyingge Company evaluated advanced individuals at the end of the year, using the method of voting by all employees. Ten elected candidates each won one million yuan, and the bonus was attractive.

Before the award was awarded at the end of the year, Lao Lin found Mi, God’s mysterious secret, and asked Mi to vote for him, saying that others had agreed.

Seeing through his mind just now, he said vaguely: “Lao Huang just came to me and said so.

Lao Lin understood what was said, and walked away with interest.

  Summary: The vagueness or the insinuation at this time is better than a counterattack.

  Weapon five: Helpless Shield submitted a statement at the end of the year, but I made a mistake.

The other people in Corey who knew the report were all the masters who simply did not work. It was all done by one person, and they worked five nights without overtime.

So, facing the query of the leader, he made a brief and gradual report to the leader before and after the report was formed, and then said, “I admit that I was wrong.

The leader nodded, not only did not criticize, but also boasted that he was capable, saying that he would never be able to do so.

  Summary: To reflect the situation realistically, not to shirk responsibility, is the best protection for yourself, and leaders can accept it.

  Weapon No. 6: Wuxie Sword went to a certain office of the group to stamp, and the man uttered the official tone in a shameless manner: “Oh, I’m afraid it’s more difficult and not easy to handle.

“I know that I can actually do it, so I pretend to be a substitute:” Is it?

Just now I saw Zhao Moumou (his boss) in the corridor. He looked at the documents and said that it was absolutely fine.

“His eyes widened again, and dense beads of sweat were leaking from his forehead, and he said again and again:” I look carefully again, and the leader said that it was fine, it should be fine.

“After that, stamp it immediately.

In fact, I never met Zhao Moumou at all.

  In summary: False and true temptations can sometimes do more with less, letting leaders see your ability to do things well.

  Weapon No. 7: The young man in the office of Infinite Shovel organized a payment for the people, the amount was 40,000 yuan, but he mistakenly wrote it as 400,000 yuan, and his leader Lao Huang did not find it during the review.

Fortunately, the payee was a familiar friend and called and told me.

I found the copy of the payment slip, drew a big question mark at 400,000 yuan with a red pen, wrote the other person’s financial contact phone number, and patted the young man’s puppy, and put the slip to hisOn the table.

The boy ran out with a red face, and within two hours, he chased back the overpaid donations. Since then, he has never made a similar mistake.

  Summary: Treating others with kindness and letting others go (especially not under their own subordinates) is far more effective than the criticism of covering your face.

Hypotension dialysis medication

Hypotension dialysis medication

Hypotension patients have low blood pressure, resulting in slow blood circulation and capillary scales, which affect the supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissue cells, and excretion of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste.

Because blood pressure drops affects the blood supply to the brain and heart, so the body’s function is greatly reduced, and the quality of work and life is reduced accordingly.

  Lotus seeds steamed red ginseng lotus seeds 15 pieces, red ginseng slices 6 g, rock sugar 30 g.

Wash the lotus seeds, soak them with water, put them in a bowl, add red ginseng slices and rock sugar, add an appropriate amount of water, and steam them in the basket for 1 hour.

Eat once a day or every other day.

The effect of this section is to nourish qi and yang, disperse cold in the middle, and nourish the lungs and the heart.

Suitable for low blood pressure, chronic illness, qi deficiency, old age, physical weakness, dizziness, asthma, palpitations and insomnia.

  Lotus Seed Stewed Pork Belly 50 capsules, 1 pork belly.

Remove the lotus seeds, wash the pork belly, put the lotus seeds in the pork belly, replace them in the pot, add water and simmer, and let them cool when cooked.

Cut into shreds when eating, add the lotus seeds to the dish, add sesame oil, refined salt, garlic, ginger, MSG and other spices.

Serve for 1 month.

The effect of this section is to nourish the yin and tonify the kidney, strengthen the spleen and stomach.

It is suitable for low blood pressure, dizziness, and physical weakness after illness.

  Wine soaked longan meat red wine 750ml, longan meat 120g.

Add longan meat to wine and soak for half a month before replacing.

Serving meals every night, drink 25 ml, after the drink, dried longan edible.

The effect of this section is to nourish yin and strengthen the spleen, strengthen the stomach and strengthen the body, increase appetite, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, and nourish qi and soothe the nerves.

  Chinese yam, barley and jujube porridge with fresh yam 200 grams, ginseng 20 grams, 50 grams of barley, 15 jujubes.

Wash the yam, scrape the skin, cut into pieces for use, wash the barley for use, and rinse the water with ginseng, swell with an appropriate amount of water, and wash the jujube.

Then enter the casserole together, add 1 000 milliliters of water, and cook over low heat until the rice is cooked.

Served meal, morning and evening.

The effect of this section is to nourish qi and nourish blood, nourish the spleen and promote fluid, nourish the liver and nourish the kidney.

Applicable to hypotension, weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, lung deficiency, cough, anemia, fatigue, mental fatigue and other symptoms.

  Ejiao glutinous rice porridge Ejiao 30 g, purple glutinous rice 100 g, brown sugar 30 g.

Wash the glutinous rice, add 800 ml of water to the pot. After boiling, pour the glutinous rice into it, and then boil for a few rolls. Change to low heat and cook the porridge until the rice rots.Evenly.

Served once a day for 1 month.

The effect of this section is to nourish blood and nourish qi, nourish yin and liver, stop bleeding, and regulate menstruation.

Applicable to women and the elderly with hypotension, weak anemia, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, loss of appetite, dry throat and so on.

Reason for forgiveness


Reason for forgiveness

When he was young, he was imprisoned for more than 10,000 days for his leadership against the apartheid system.

In 1962, he was charged for leading the workers’ movement and suspected of illegal departure; in 1963 he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

銆€銆€During his time in prison, he worked hard in the lime quarry.

There he is the lowest prisoner: the least ration of rations and a strict visitation system (one visitor and one letter every six months).

銆€銆€In 1981, his home country intelligence agency helped him plan a jailbreak to escape the assassination.

銆€銆€After coming out of jail, President Clinton once asked him, “When your freedom is taken away by others, do you not hate those oppressors?”

He replied, “I once hated it. They held me for 27 years. I didn’t see the children grow up.”

I hate and feel scared at the same time, I have not lost my freedom for such a long time.

He paused and smiled and said, “But if I hate them outside the prison, then I am still in prison.”

I want freedom, so the rest will go with it.

“He is Mandela, a person who tells us why we forgive.”

He won the first democratic election in the history of South Africa and served as president from 1994 to 1999.

He has received more than 100 samples, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize.

銆€銆€Why forgiveness makes heart free Many people do not understand forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a graceful and benevolent act, not a substitute for a person who is offended.

Perhaps forgiveness will help criminals change, but its primary purpose is to let us fall into hatred and pain.

銆€銆€Your life will have great energy for forgiveness.

Your forgiveness to another person will make you more than dignity and more compassionate to others.

銆€銆€Forgiveness will make people healthier and will not lead to chronic anger and hostility.

This can cause stomach upsets, ulcers, headaches, backaches, high blood pressure, and even serious conditions that can lead to panic attacks or panic disorder.

Forgiveness can alleviate the discomfort caused by anger and hostility and make physical health.

銆€銆€How to forgive the process of forgiveness and expectation to release dissatisfaction and anger, and ask yourself what caused your anger.

Note that sometimes growing up in your resentment or dislike of someone’s emotions will exist for a long time, and even affect their recognition and acceptance.

銆€銆€These are not obstacles.

Even if you have no effect at all in the attack, you must learn to forgive.

Be yourself, let the pain and hatred dissipate.

銆€銆€When you forgive others, it does not mean that they are not responsible for their actions.

For example, if a wife forgives her husband for her ill-treatment, it does not mean that she will stay with him, or that man does not have to face his wrong behavior.

It means that through forgiveness, she does not have to succumb to the violence of her husband and endure the suffering of torture and hatred.

The three major benefits of practicing yoga in winter refuse to be ice beauty


The three major benefits of practicing yoga in winter refuse to be “ice beauty”

The benefits of practicing yoga in winter one: prevent “winter fat beauty”.

The weather turned cold, and many people 鈥渁ppreciated their appetites鈥?and unconsciously absorbed too much conversion.

Studies have shown that the energy required in winter is not much different from other seasons. Yoga is squeezed by various forward bends, left and right twisting postures, stimulates our glands, adjusts endocrine, and increases human heat production capacity, helping us to improveControl your appetite well and prevent your body from getting fat.

Yoga Practice Benefits in Winter 2: Make your body healthier and taller.

Winter is a season with many diseases, and regular yoga exercises are carried out to enhance the body’s ability to adapt to the cold, improve resistance and reduce disease occurrence. Extraordinary flexibility and good balance make the body stronger and taller.

In the cold winter, it is still a healthy “temperament beauty.”

Yoga Practice Benefits in Winter 3: Make your mood more enjoyable.

In winter, due to the cold weather, all things are depressed, the lighting time is shortened, it is easy to cause negative pessimistic emotions. In addition, the winter is at the end of the year, the work is heavy, the pressure is increased, and people feel uncomfortable. At this time, yoga is more needed.

Quickly rejuvenate, reduce bad emotions, mobilize your body’s potential, improve your thinking ability, and easily respond to various challenges. Your mind is calm, your mind is agile, your work is handy, and you can be a smiling, optimistic and cheerful “vigorous beauty.”

Lose weight cares


Lose weight cares

Psychological weight loss is an “alternative” among weight loss members, but no one can deny its role in weight loss.

The ancients had poems to prove that the belts were gradually widened and they did not regret it.

This can polish the role of mental weight loss.

銆€銆€Let us first take a preliminary look at the main episode of obesity, “eat”: “eat” is indeed the cause of obesity, so why not “eat”?

銆€銆€This is because the maintenance of physical function of food is undeniable.

However, if you eat too much food and absorb too much energy, it will inevitably form too much.

Therefore, some people have proposed dieting to lose weight.

However, the problem is not solved in such a simple way.

According to the experience of dieters, dieting is reduced. Once weight loss occurs, the problem of eating more is immediately repeated. This is the reason why dieting is extremely difficult to lose weight.

Thoroughly, after dieting and losing weight, it will eat more than before.

American psychologist Jack pointed out that most women who rely on obesity to lose weight can’t persevere, and the physical and mental damage caused by this obesity will exceed the physical and mental damage that refuses to lose weight.

Suddenly taking a lot of dieters and completely dieting dieters will lead to abnormal supply and demand in the body, internal secretion disorders, travel acidosis, etc., so re-feeders, weight will rise linearly, often exceed the weight standard before weight loss.

銆€銆€Appetite and emotion-related views can be understood by most people.

According to psychologists’ research, the average person is worried about decreased appetite and reduced food intake. Obese people eat a lot when they are worried, and in any emotional state, they will increase their appetite.

銆€銆€”Adjusting recipes, eating in limited quantities, and exercising properly” is the general principle of modern weight loss.

But in fact, dieters end up failing.

Reasonable weight loss is based on your physical condition, age, skeleton size, health status and other conditions, taking behavioral therapy and psychological guidance, and with the corresponding drugs and diet control.

Such as: using behavioral correction, psychological treatment, guiding them to choose the daily diet, changing the diet of flying, avoiding food external incentives; effective for dieting, weight loss to encourage; arrange appropriate exercise to eliminate excessWait, the effect is ideal.

銆€銆€And psychoanalytic treatment is available.

The treatment of psychoanalysis is not only to control and reduce the weight of obese people, but the key is to change their body image (subjective evaluation of the beauty, ugliness, strength and weakness that people give to their bodies).

The personality of obese people is incomplete and the feeling of dissatisfaction with the body is strong.

Through this method of treatment, self-evaluation can be improved, self-worth is enhanced, and a good body image is obtained.