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Regular breast expansion can effectively relieve back pain

Regular breast expansion can effectively relieve back pain

Almost everyone has experienced backache and back pain, and some people’s pain has even evolved into chronic diseases that affect daily work.

According to British media reports recently, regular chest expansion can effectively relieve back pain.

  In many people’s eyes, chest expansion will have some effect on shoulder and back exercise, but Teddy from Cooper Clinic in Dallas?

Dr. Michel pointed out that the effect of chest expansion on the waist is also obvious.

When doing chest expansion, tighten the waist muscles at the same time as tightening back and forth to exert exercise.

He said that people who are sedentary and often have back pain do not prevent them from doing more chest expansion exercises.

  Dr. Michel also suggested that in order to make your lower back healthy, you should always pay attention to the sitting position, keep the pelvis and orientation in a straight line, try to sit on a chair with a back, so that the lumbar spine and head can be supported;In addition, it is also important to choose the right pair of shoes, which can provide favorable support to the body, be beneficial to the health of the spine, and reduce the burden on the waist.

Five star role models show three points born seven points maintenance

Five star role models show three points born seven points maintenance

To have perfect skin, I think that at 20 years old, heredity accounts for 70% and maintenance accounts for 30%; and at 40 years old, heredity accounts for 30% and maintenance accounts for 70%.

Therefore, as you age, please pay more and more attention to your own maintenance measures, fight against the traces of time, fight against the passage of time, and let the amazing beauty extend infinitely.

Now I’m going to take stock of celebrity skins of different ages, put aside makeup techniques, and only discuss the skin condition. 20-year-old skin need not say, after 20, 25, 30, 40 . Who is our real beauty?example?

  Age: 25+ Beauty Representative: Li Yuchun Beauty Editor’s Comment: In my impression, Spring and Spring, who has just turned 25, have spoken of toothpaste and shampoo. So far, there is no advertising contract for skin care brands, but her skin is definitely praised by beauty editorsZero flawless beauty skin: it is white and tender, without acne and spots, and even pores are not visible.

To trace her roots and find out the origin of her clear, delicate skin, and spring and spring that do not understand skin care, it can only be attributed to heredity + no makeup.

  Age: 30+ Beauty Representative: Big S Beauty Editor’s Comment: Big S endorsed a hair brand, Xiaobian had an exclusive interview with her. At that time, she opened her eyes and carefully observed Big S’s skin. To be honest, her skin was notThe stunning beauty I hope for is only 85 points.

Big S said that she was born with a black meat bottom, plus a light mature woman in her early 30s, if her natural skin is only 60 points, her current 85 points can also be regarded as a high score, which is still very remarkable.

  Age: 35+ Beauty representative: Li Zimei Editor’s comment: If you find a picture of Li Zi at the age of 20, you will definitely be amazed that she has not grown old, but she is more than ten times more beautiful.

Li Zi is recognized as the “Goddess of Beauty”. She has almost met stringent standards for skin care and maintenance. Many people are envious of her delicate and fair skin.

  Age: over 40 years old Beauty representative: Zhou Huimin Beauty editor comment: Zhou Huimin does not often appear in public, the editor has only one chance for one second, but that time was shocked: Many stars, although the facial makeup is meticulous,The neck was unbearable at the beginning, but in addition to the delicate and flawless facial skin, Zhou Huimin even perfected the body skin of the neck and arms.

Although she is beautiful at the age of 20, the beauty won by her 40 years of active maintenance is even more amazing.

  Age: 50+ Beauty Representative: Zhao Yazhi Beauty Editor Comment: It is difficult to imagine that the beautiful and elegant white lady in “New White Lady Legend” is now over 50, but Zhao Yazhi just has more elegance and calmness, but has not added years.Leave marks.

If you are over half a year old, you can still maintain such youthful beauty, and it is not too scary to want to “get old”.

  Finally, reiterate a famous saying that has been rotten: there are no ugly women, only lazy women.

Make long-term skin care for yourself without laziness!

Autumn anti-acne tips keep you beautiful _1

Autumn anti-acne tips keep you beautiful

Click to buy how to fight acne in autumn?

Many beauty people will ignore the autumn in the city. In fact, the skin is easy to get acne after changing the season in autumn. Today, I will bring a few anti-acne tips for everyone.

  Anti-acne tips in autumn1. Use as little oil-absorbing paper as possible with the best oil-absorbing paper or paper towels, which will take away more or less skin moisture. If the wiping action is heavy, it may damage the natural barrier and cause rapid sebum storage in the hair follicles.Want to excrete on the skin surface, a large amount of sebum is too late to be evenly distributed, causing the phenomenon of “more rubs and more oil”.

If you like to use oil-absorbing paper, try to control two sheets a day, use light blocking instead of rubbing, but do not use paper towels.

You can also try moisturizing and soothing lotion containing no alcohol to soak the cotton pads, and gently press the part that secretes oil to absorb oil and hydrate.

  2. There are many factors that cause sebum oil secretion in time, such as damaged sebum film, elevated temperature (external or body temperature), endocrine changes, etc. There is no necessary relationship between dehydration and oily skin.

However, greasy skin is often in an imbalanced state of water and oil, and its ability to absorb and store water is often poor. It also needs hydration and other care.

Facial hydration is very important3. The scrub and deep cleansing of sensitive skin on the face should be destroyed by an appropriate amount of natural barriers. Poor skin immunity is a major cause of acne, often caused by excessive cleansing.

Physical scrubs have a certain effect on the removal of old dead skin cells, but they cannot clean the pores and may scratch the skin.

If you have acne, it means that the skin has been damaged. Replace the scrub on it. For people who are prone to acne, avoid the so-called “mild” sugar to rub the skin, because it is likely to cause bacterial growth, and the cleansing product of salicylic acid is necessary.Better choice.

  4, oily skin can use skin care products such as non-sticky essence after lotion. Many people with acne muscles will not apply skin care products after lotion. In fact, although the oily skin is thicker, it does not mean thatInternal skin health, it also needs care such as hydration, antioxidant, repair, sun protection and so on.

The maintenance effect of lotion is not enough, you should choose skin care products such as non-sticky and thick essence.

  5, skin oil, do not have to use skin care products designed for oily muscles. Dry skin will also secrete oil in the environment caused by hot, oily skin may feel dry and cold at the same time may feel dry, mental stress on sebum secretionThe impact varies from person to person.

Every morning when you are nursing, think about the day’s activity environment, whether you are going out (sun exposure or wind) or in the air-conditioned room all day, it is more conducive to choosing the right care products.

  6, daily care is important After going out or exercising, be sure to clean the skin thoroughly to keep the skin on the face clean and dry.

Avoid using foundation and cosmetics to cover up acne on your face.

This can easily lead to clogged pores, with the opposite effect.

Try to exfoliate as carefully as possible to avoid damage to the skin.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the repair of the stratum corneum to help the skin quickly return to its proper state.

  7. Sun protection should also be paid in autumn. The ultraviolet rays in autumn are still strong. It destroys the structure of the skin and makes the skin sensitive. Not only is it easy to aggravate acne, but it is also easy to cause damage to the skin.

Therefore, even if you don’t rub your care products before going out, you must use an umbrella.

  You may see that many people have good skin, but you do n’t see their own efforts. If you want to say goodbye to acne, do this well from this fall and let your beauty begin to bloom.

You can take a seat and then reduce it.


You can take a seat and then reduce it.

For urban women who love beauty, slimming on the gym is a fashion and a necessity.

However, in the face of the gymnasium that blooms everywhere, and the variety of sports inside, fitness people tend to be lost.

So before the exercise, you may wish to first understand, 鐓?鐓?鐓?銆?銆?

銆€銆€Yoga-shaped gymnastics is currently a popular item in the fitness market.

It is based on the yoga breathing method, the contraction method, and incorporates ballet, aerobics, dance and other content, which can relieve the psychological pressure, eliminate the toxins in the body, effectively regulate the physiology, and easily lose weight.

And not subject to time, environmental constraints, at home, in the office or in the business gap, as long as there is a moment, you can practice in the station, sitting, lying, posture.

銆€銆€Suitable for the crowd: women over the age of 30 slimming effect: 鈽?鈽?鈽?slimming parts: body warm tips: the best yoga class is fasting, 40 minutes after class to eat, take a bath.

It is best to wear cotton loose clothing during class, barefoot, and do not wear jewelry.

In order to keep the environment quiet and peace of mind, it is best to turn off the phone.

銆€銆€Street dance evolved from black street impromptu dance.

Nowadays, it is also integrated with aerobic dance, with a clear rhythm, the whole body swings freely and swings, has more fun, can achieve the effect of slimming and slimming, and can also improve coordination, cardiopulmonary function, and even muscle strength.

The current professional aerobic instructors also integrate the various types of dances such as Disco and Jazz one by one, allowing you to continuously absorb the novel and fun dance steps in one lesson, and achieve the purpose of slimming and body shaping.

銆€銆€Suitable for the crowd: love pop music in Europe and America, have a certain aerobics basis.

銆€銆€Slimming effect: 鈽呪槄鈽匰limming part: thigh, calf warm reminder: exercise intensity can be self-adjusted according to the mastery of movement and understanding of music. It can be used as a fat reduction exercise to improve coordination. The most important thing is to adjust mood and relieve stress.Pursue a different feeling.

銆€銆€The aerobic boxing exercise was originally launched by European fighters and professional aerobics athletes.

Its specific form is to mix boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, and even some dance moves, and with the intense music, become a unique style of aerobics.

Hangcheng’s aerobic boxing is based on Sanda and is composed of music and certain movements.

銆€銆€The entire complete combat operation consumes a lot of energy. Because of the varied action of the punching action, and the demand for each action, it is explosive and explosive. Therefore, while exercising every muscle in the body, the body’s elasticity, flexibility and reaction.The speed will also be improved as never before.

In particular, almost all the movements in the boxing exercise require the waist and abdomen to maintain balance and force, so some exercises for the waist and abdomen exceed any other fitness methods.

銆€銆€Suitable for the crowd: young people pile up too many young people slimming effect: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?slimming parts: side waist, abdomen, thighs, arms, shoulders Tips: Fighting exercises exercise intensity, such as hypoglycemia, please firstAfter a short break, decide whether to continue.

If you have any of the following conditions, you can stop practicing: leg fatigue, painful discomfort, dizziness, and too fast heart rate.

銆€銆€Aerobics is usually taught at 1 each session.

About 5 hours, not only can the exerciser achieve the ideal slimming effect, but also combine modern dance, Latin aerobics, and kinematics to make the movement improve the sense of music, coordination, and more importantly, increaseInteresting, eliminating monotony and boring, and being able to reach more forms of exercise in a short period of time.

In addition, the slender bodybuilding method designed according to the current life style and ethnic characteristics of China can appropriately expand joints and stretch muscles to make the body slender.

銆€銆€Suitable for the crowd: the slimming effect of the female body with higher requirements for shaping the body: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄Slimming part: the whole body, the slender training for the legs is one of the highlights. Tips: It is best to wear light sneakers and close-fitting workout clothes during class.Pay attention to the diet, it will achieve a good slimming effect.

銆€銆€Shebin is the transliteration of English SHAPING. Its meaning is shape shaping, shaping or sculpture. Therefore, the Shabin movement is the shaping process of female form.

First of all, the computer evaluation system will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your body shape and get an objective and scientific evaluation.

In this way, compare your data with the SHAPING standard database model and find the gap.

Then, develop a set of programs that are completely tailored to your personal form.

銆€銆€Suitable for the crowd: Women’s slimming effect on the shape of the body: 鈽?鈽?鈽?slimming parts: the whole body, can be targeted and warm tips: for the sake of good weight-loss effect, it is best to combine with the usual diet.

In training, coaches usually open out your own recipes.

銆€銆€Latin aerobics is more than the Latin dance in the national standard, but it does not highlight the basic pace. More precisely, it is a kind of aerobics, showing energy consumption, not requiring high details of movement, causing exercise and limbs, waist, chest, shoulder joint activities.

銆€銆€Latin is free and arrogant, with a strong rhythm.

Its exercise focuses on the waist and hips while allowing the thighs to be fully exercised.

Another feature of Latin aerobics is the feeling of South American style in the intense Latin music, while adding dance elements to the aerobics, and enjoying yourself outside the exercise.

Latin aerobics requires 100% emotional absorption, and the more you can fully exert the Latin feeling, the more you can release emotions in music.

While burning passion, let your cockroaches burn together.

銆€銆€Suitable for the crowd: small amount of exercise and waist circumference, the white collar of the hips is too large to slim down: 鈽?鈽?鈽?slimming parts: hips, waist, buttocks, thighs close to the warm tips: the best choice of soft soles sneakers; full love to follow the musicTwist the hips and waist and breathe normally.

Spring 捂 insists that the proportion of the three groups of people should be more Spring 捂


“Spring 鎹? insists that the proportion of the three groups of people should be more “Spring 鎹?

In the early spring, the weather was hot and cold, and Xiaobian took off her winter clothes early, and she also showed her feet.

In recent days, I always feel painful from arthritis, numbness, numbness, acidity and swelling, and the skin color is blue-purple, so I came to the hospital for treatment.

Upon examination, he was diagnosed with arthritis.

Because the foot is full of weak parts of the human body, the aunt layer under the skin of the foot is thin and does not have heat preservation. If the foot replacement is not kept warm, the toes cannot be continuously contacted and cold, which is easy to cause arthritis.

“Spring, autumn and winter, no miscellaneous disease” is a well-known health and folk song.

Affirmation “Spring child face, day changes three times”, climate change is impermanent, especially the temperature difference between day and night, coupled with wind, the faster the wind speed, the faster the possibility of body loss, the more you feel cold, this timeIf the person’s clothing is out of date, it is easy to suffer from various diseases.

Therefore, ancient and modern health is very good at “Spring.”

Can be “鎹? can not be blind, to talk about ways and means, otherwise it is not only bad for health, but also may cause illness.

鈥淪pring 鎹?鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜孴herefore, at this stage, you can’t rush to take off your clothes at once, but you should take off one by one, and it will vary from person to person depending on your physique.

Studies have shown that for most elderly or frail patients, the critical temperature of 鎹?and 鎹?can be considered at 15 掳C.

That is to say, when the temperature continues to be above 15 掳 C and relatively stable, it can reduce the clothes on the body.

But does the reduction in clothes last for 7?
If there is no change in 14 days, it means that the temperature has risen and it has to be simmered for another 7 days. The infirm or the elderly can get better than 14 days.

If you reduce it too quickly, it is possible to freeze the disease.

“鎹? has a little heat, meaning that clothes should still be worn more appropriately.

But it is not the more clothes you wear, the better. If you wear a lot of clothes and even sweat, the cold wind will blow cold and “cold”.

“Spring Festival” has a focus on the ancients in the long-term life and labor practice to realize that the cold is from the bottom, so the ancient health home proposed the ownership of the spring dress should be “lower and thinner”, “old and old”There are also “the spring is not frozen, the lower body is too warm, the upper body can be slightly reduced”, which not only raises the yang and accepts the yin, and is consistent with the natural climate change, which can be described as “the corresponding person of heaven and man.”

This is also consistent with the view that modern medicine believes that the blood circulation in the lower part of the human body is worse and is vulnerable to cold invasion.

Therefore, it is better to follow the “lower and thinner” in spring.

At the same time, the focus of sputum is on the back, abdomen and sole.

Warmth at the front can prevent diseases and reduce the probability of colds; abdominal warmth is to protect the stomach, spleen, intestines, prevent indigestion and diarrhea.

“Cold from the foot”, the nerve endings under the feet are rich, sensitive, warm to make the body adapt to climate change.

It should be noted that the head should not be embarrassing.

“The Pulse Law” said: “The sage is warm and warm, and the cure for the sick is insufficient.”

The warmth of the cold head is not only the norm for the treatment of ancient Chinese medicine, but also an important method for health care.

The head is 鈥渢he meeting of Zhuyang鈥? which is the most prosperous place for human body yang. Appropriate cold can stimulate the blood vessels and nerves in the head, which helps to keep the brain awake, and can use health care to a certain extent.

Regularly wash your face with cold water or apply a cold towel for a few minutes, which can also improve your body’s immunity and prevent colds.

Of course, due to the difference in individual differences, the “cold” of the head should be maintained, and the child can gradually replace the cotton cap.

Three groups of people should be more “spring” children: if you take off your cotton clothes too early or wear too little, once the temperature drops, the child will be difficult to adapt, going out close to the cold wind, the open pores will immediately shrink and closeThe body temperature regulation failure, the body heat can not be emitted and caused to get angry, resulting in decreased body resistance, easy to suffer from colds, acute tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases.

Especially for infants and young children, it is more important to squat, but for children who like to be active everywhere, properly reduce some clothes, in case they are sweating and sweating, they will catch a cold.

Women: Many female friends have just arrived in the spring, and they feel that spring is coming, and they can’t wait to change into single clothes, single shoes, even in the most cold physiological period.

In the early Spring Festival, many women were sick because of the cold, and their roots were caused by the “cold” of the lower body, and the number of patients who caused gynecology, dysmenorrhea, and functional uterine bleeding increased significantly.

This is the result of “demeanor” and “temperature”.

Older people: The symptoms of heat production in the elderly, and the circulatory system is not as normal as the young people, so it is easy to be stimulated by the “cold spring”.

Therefore, after the beginning of the spring, the elderly still need to reduce the number of outings, wear a hat to reduce the stimulation of cold blood in the head blood vessels, high blood pressure patients should pay attention to continuous medication.

“Spring 鎹? to understand the weather medical experts found that the peak of many diseases is closely related to the cold air south and the duration of cooling.

For example, colds and indigestion are easy to reach before the arrival of cold air.

Glaucoma, myocardial infarction, stroke, etc. will suddenly increase when cold air arrives.
Therefore, it is necessary to follow the weather and add clothing before the arrival of the cold air of the weather station forecaster.
In the spring of “baby face”, you have to add and subtract clothes as the weather changes.

Don’t be too busy to reduce clothing when the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 8 掳C.

The Ministry of Public Security broke the mega-health products fraud case: destroyed 38 illegal sales platforms and deposited more than 30 million


The Ministry of Public Security broke the mega-health products fraud case: destroyed 38 illegal sales platforms and deposited more than 30 million

Set up a 鈥渉ealth base鈥?in tourist attractions in many provinces and cities, and use the banner of false public welfare organizations to trick the elderly into dealing with 鈥渓ove and help the elderly welfare card鈥?and travel to the 鈥渉ealth base鈥? posing as 鈥渕edical experts鈥?for lectures and medical examinations, and trickingThe elderly buy health care products costing only a dozen yuan for 380 yuan per bottle.

After the unified command of the Ministry of Public Security, a corporate-run health product fraud criminal group was destroyed. The police destroyed 38 illegal sales platforms, arrested 638 criminal suspects, and seized more than 30 million yuan in redemption.

Health food In the first half of this year, many elderly people reported to the public security organs in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, saying that they were brought to a so-called 鈥済eneral鈥?in Xiangyang by a company called 鈥淟ove for the Elderly鈥?Health Care Base, participate in health talks, receive free medical examinations for cancer prevention and free clinics for experts.

After analyzing the results of the inspections by those who claimed to be 鈥渂ase medical experts,鈥?they were tricked into buying millions of health supplements.

After the case was reported, the public security organs of Jiangsu Province organized a special case to carry out investigations.

After more than three months of investigation, the case was found to involve a biotechnology company in Nanjing, and the company was suspected of committing such fraudulent fraud in several provinces and cities across the country.

After investigation by the police, the company set up a so-called 鈥渉ealth base鈥?in Jiangsu and tourist attractions in many provinces and cities across the country, and developed several dealers, and adopted the banner of 鈥渇alse love and old health engineering work committee鈥?and other false public welfare organizations.Release flyers, free gifts, etc., to trick the elderly into dealing with the 鈥渓ove and help welfare card鈥? and screen out the elderly people with potential for consumption from the illegally obtained citizen personal information, and then deceive them to the 鈥渉ealth base鈥?with free and other bait.”tourism.

In the meantime, the company’s staff pretending to be “medical experts” to hold health talks, arrange free medical examinations, and false medical examinations as the head, falsely publicizing the company’s health products to prevent cancer and cancer, treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, prevent gene mutations, etc.Efficacy, the health care products as a drug to promote, deceive the elderly to buy a health care product costing only a few yuan per bottle of 380 yuan, thus implementing fraud.

The police initially found out that the company’s headquarters consists of 8 departments including personnel, finance, procurement, and investment. There are more than 500 employees, mainly selling “Guotai Tongkang”, “Shouzhibao 5A Oral Immunoglobulin”, “Laminating365” three brands of so-called health products, of which “film 365” antibiotics exceeded the standard 4 times, is a substandard product.

In just three months, tens of thousands of old people were defrauded in Jiangsu Province alone, and the funds involved amounted to tens of millions of yuan.

After mastering a large number of criminal facts and evidences of the criminal group, the Ministry of Public Security organized and led the public security organs of Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Sichuan provinces to carry out centralized collection and arrest operations, and arrested 523 criminal suspects.

In order to completely destroy the criminal network, the police continued to dig deep into the case and now arrested 115 suspects.

After that, 38 illegal sales platforms established by the fraud criminal group were destroyed, more than 200 illegal dealers were investigated, and the police seized more than 30 million yuan.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security said that the crimes against health care products for the elderly were high, and the criminal gangs operated in a corporatized mode. Through exaggeration, the efficacy of fictional health products, high-tech products, charity welfare projects and other flags were used to deceive the elderly.People, criminal means are deceptive and harmful.

The public security organs will continue to attack with heavy blows, crack down on crimes of health products fraud and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly.

At the same time, the police reminded the general public to increase their awareness of anti-fraud, and do not believe in false health care products such as “free medical examination” or “special effects products” to avoid being deceived.

Beijing Evening News reporter Lin Jing