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How to make the most of lipstick eyelashes for eyebrow gel

How to make the most of lipstick eyelashes for eyebrow gel

Do female friends know?

A lipstick can not only protect your lips, but also have other wonderful uses. After reading this article, Ma Ma will never say that you are a loser!


1 I heard that eyelashes are full of breasts and apples. Have you heard of eyelashes?

Even now there are various methods of grafting eyelashes on the market, and editors still respect the natural way of eyelashes. You must know that the debts owed to eyelashes will be paid sooner or later. Dropping a few eyelashes is nothing, long-term eyelashes.”Surgery” will cause the essential eyelashes to be damaged from the root, and it will be too late to restore it.

Lipstick is a natural eyelash product. The oiliness contained in it can promote the growth of eyelashes and protect the eyelashes.

Before applying the eyelashes, you can also use a lipstick instead of a primer to form a protective layer on the eyelashes, and then brush the mascara without damaging the eyelashes and easy to shape.


2 Make eyebrow glue In order to make the eyebrows most comfortable, we usually apply eyebrow glue before the thrush, and if you do n’t master a good amount, the effect is very sour.

Our daily lipstick can replace the eyebrow glue to fix the shape of the eyebrows. Use a finger to dip a small amount of lipstick to absorb in the direction of eyebrow growth. Replace the viscosity of the lipstick to make the eyebrows tidy.Easy to follow and more natural.


3 Remove eye makeup For girls, the makeup of the eyes is the most difficult to remove. Sometimes, using a cotton pad to remove the makeup remover may inadvertently enter the eyes. If you use a lot of force, it will easily damage the skin of the eyes.Removes eye makeup very cleanly.

At this time, lipstick is a good helper. Before removing eye makeup, dip the lipstick and apply it on the eyes. Use your fingers to faint, and then use a cotton pad to dip the makeup remover to remove makeup.


4Removing Lip Makeup Lipstick can always be used to protect the lips and can also be used as a tool to clean the lips.

Before removing lip makeup, apply a layer of lipstick on your lips with your finger, and then apply a makeup remover with a cotton swab to clean up the remaining makeup. This removes the makeup and protects the lips from fine lines.


5 Highlights can be replaced with lipstick when you need makeup to go out, it is more convenient, and the gloss is more natural.

Asians’ faces will be relatively flat and have no three-dimensional effect. At this time, highlights are needed to highlight the features. A lipstick in the bag can help a lot. Apply on the cheekbones, nose bridge, under the brow bone, and chin.Put on lipstick and spread it with your fingers to highlight the outline of the entire face, and the gloss is full.


6Protect the skin around the face Girls always love to toss their own hair when taking the time, and when applying a lotion, it is easy to hurt the skin around the face and ears. At this time, you can apply lipstick on the hairline and in front of the ears to avoid contamination.The potion hurts the skin. If heating is needed, the function of the heating plate must also be isolated to prevent the skin from feeling red and swollen.


7 There is no invisible foot protector. A successful woman has no damage to the heel. Usually, people choose the method of sticking a band-aid, and some shoes are really not suitable for wearing a concave-shaped wound. At this time, you can put lipstick on the heel., Can protect the skin of the feet, can also hide the wound.

  Through the above sharing, female friends will know that lipstick can be fully utilized and hope to help everyone.

Sleep well and have delicate skin is not a dream_1

Sleep well and have delicate skin is not a dream

There is a story that has been engraved in my mind, that is, the sleeping princess who has been sleeping for a hundred years and still beautiful-“Sleeping Beauty”.

  The story describes a 15-year-old princess who has been sleeping for 100 years because of a spell, but it is still beautiful. A prince discovered her beauty and couldn’t help but leaned down and kissed the princess. The princess woke up from her sleep and finally fell asleepForged a happy marriage.

  After reading the story, I asked the elders for a hundred-year-old beautiful secret of the princess. My mother told me: it was sleep that helped the princess!

I keep this answer in my heart.

  When I grow up, I understand that there is often a big gap between the same myth in real life, but in terms of sleep beauty, modern science has confirmed fairy tales-it is sleep that has beauty and beauty.

  Sleep is a state in which man adapts to nature and is in line with nature.

When night comes, those who are asleep are calm and happy.

Sleep is also vital to each of us.

In addition to sleeping well, it can eliminate fatigue and rejuvenate, and at the same time has a very critical impact on health and beauty.

  We will find that people who sleep well are always energetic, with firm skin and clear eyes.

That is because during sleep, the skin metabolism is particularly active, the secretion and cleansing processes of the skin surface are continuously strengthened, and the capillary circulation that provides skin nutrition continues to increase; good metabolism enables the skin to absorb sufficient nutrients and remove excess matter from the epidermisTo ensure skin regeneration.

  Sleep is such a simple beauty process.

But not everyone can do well.

In modern cities, women’s lives are hurried and tense, the daytime is complicated, and the pressure is often left to the night and lingering, all kinds of things linger in our brains, making us sleepless and sleepless.

One night’s projection will turn people off. If you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, you will find that you look uncomfortable and your mood is dimmed, which directly affects your work and life all day.

  For those who often suffer from poor sleep, the cause should be found and eliminated.

The causes of poor sleep are very complex, often intertwined and difficult to distinguish.

Recent studies have found that the effects of various factors on sleep are achieved through the body’s sleeping substance-MT.

  Sleeping substance is the sleeping substance which is secreted by the human body. MT is the most important one.

Decreased MT in the body leads to decreased sleep quality: difficulty falling asleep, awakening early, waking up early, not sleeping deep, dreaming, etc.

Of course, because MT also has the effect of removing free radicals from the body, and its antioxidant effect, its lack will inevitably accelerate the aging process.

  With age, the attenuation of MT is irreversible and can only be solved by exogenous supplementation.

Fortunately, the development of modern technology has solved this problem. The purity and chemical structure and function of exogenous MT are consistent with endogenous MT.

In foreign countries, supplementing MT has become a very common health behavior; every year, Beijing, Shanghai and other places also begin to appear.

It is reported that domestic manufacturers have launched MT preparations, such as Taiji Group’s “Sleep.”

The author believes that in the near future, this advanced health concept will be widely popularized.

College students need psychological recharging before employment

College students need psychological recharging before employment

Is about to step out of the “Ivory Tower” and take up a job position. To achieve the transformation from a student to a “unit person” or “business person”, college students must adjust their mentality and establish a positive and correct concept in order to adapt to society as soon as possible.To do.

  The overall evaluation of the subject is that most college graduates think highly of themselves. Before leaving the school, most of them have “the sky is high and the birds fly, the sea is wide and the fish jumps”, creating ambitious ambitions, but their estimates of social life are oftenLost in simplicity or one-sidedness, their ideal goals are not based on objective conditions.

Once setbacks are encountered, it is easy to produce anxiety or dissatisfaction and lose the courage to compete.

In fact, society is a kaleidoscope, which has both a good side and a bad side that is not conducive to human development. As a college student, you can only face the reality, accept the reality, understand and understand yourself correctly,Only by accurately assessing yourself and combining subjective wishes with objective reality can you gain a firm foothold and find a real entry point to transform the world and create performance.

  Actively adjusting the pace of life ended the dormitory-classroom one library three-point-line school life, and came to a new environment with a completely different pace of life. Only by actively adjusting your own pace of life can you adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.

First of all, the changes in work and rest should be adapted.

The lifestyle of the “Nine Three” Academy, which sleeps until nine in the morning and wakes up at three in the afternoon, is a must.

If you are working in a hospital, army, public security and other units, you must also adapt to the rules of three shifts or night duty.

In fact, due to the different living habits, dietary structure, and local customs of the North and South, we must learn to adjust the original living habits, cultivate new living habits, and smoothly live through different places.

Furthermore, we must learn to arrange our spare time.

There are homework in school, self-study in the evening, and rich cultural activities on weekends.

After taking part in work, the study and cultural life in his spare time is mainly dominated and arranged by himself, and he is not good at dominating his spare time.
It is also difficult to adapt to the new environment.

  Understanding the environment to enter the role society is like a big stage, each ministry has its own role position.

After entering the new unit, graduates should first recognize the role they play in the work environment, the nature of this role, the scope of their responsibilities, and clarify the duties and responsibilities assigned by superiors in the working relationship.

Only in this way can we do our best to play our role.

If the role consciousness is indifferent, and he will do what he wants, he will do what he does, he should ask for an excellent job, and he should not dare to take charge of his affairs or give it to his boss. Colleagues are bound to be incompatible with the new environment.

  Improve your own knowledge structure. Any graduation production may have all the knowledge required for a job in the school. This is because the school trains specialized personnel, and the problems encountered in actual work are often comprehensive and involve cross-cutting issues.Discipline, multi-field knowledge.

Leaders ask you to write a news report or survey report. You will feel very strenuous when you start writing. If you study journalism, you will be interviewed in factories and scientific research institutes, and you will be unable to do so because of lack of natural science knowledge and technical terms.

The society needs “generalists” and “complex talents”. To make themselves competent and adapt to the new environment, we must constantly learn new knowledge and improve our knowledge structure according to the needs of the work.

In short, college graduates who want to go to society must understand that society will no longer appreciate your innocence like parents and teachers.

The society will care but will not accommodate you as a young new member. The society requires you to follow the rules. The society expects you to work and contribute.

Society follows the same principle as nature: survival of the fittest.

Do not like to eat vegetables and want to lose weight?


Try these 6 methods

Do not like to eat vegetables and want to lose weight?
Try these 6 methods

Under normal circumstances, if the diet does not contain vegetables, weight loss becomes very difficult.

Rich, vegetables are rich in transients and are blended with vitamins and minerals to make your body healthier.

In addition, diets without vegetables must contain more calories, and in order to lose weight, they must eat less, so they have to endure hunger.

For those who don’t like to eat vegetables and want to lose weight, try the following methods.

銆€銆€Adjusting the cooking method Some people feel uncomfortable when eating vegetables, and vegetables have bitter or odor.

This, this may be the way cooking is not for your taste.

Maybe you don’t really hate broccoli, just cooking makes you hate.

銆€銆€So, when you encounter some kind of vegetables you hate, find out which ones make you sick, and then adjust the cooking method, you may like to eat.

For example, the ratio of raw vegetables to raw vegetables can be used to remove the raw scent and keep the crispy feeling.

In addition, adding some seasonings when cooking vegetables will make the taste more beautiful.

銆€銆€If you really don’t like to eat vegetables when you drink vegetables, you may want to break the vegetables and drink them with your drink.

Vitamin fiber in vegetables, and can promote metabolism.

Fiber digestion takes a long time, which will force the body to work overtime to digest it. In the process, it will consume more calories and accelerate metabolism to achieve weight loss.

銆€銆€If you are not willing to eat vegetables, you must eat some low-sugar fruits, such as seeds, apples, grapefruit and other fruits.

Because the fruit is also rich in minerals and vitamins, and vegetables are only slightly higher in calories and water, it is ideal for eating fruits during drought.

銆€銆€To drink a protein shake to lose weight, you must control the calories and diet.

You can choose a meal with a protein shake instead of calorie, which does not produce energy. After all, it absorbs a lot of protein.

銆€銆€The principle of exercise to lose weight is that the accumulation of consumption is greater than the absorption transient, and exercise is one of the best ways to quickly consume conversion.

Moreover, the best exercise is temporary training, the body is like a car, stopping and walking will consume more energy.

銆€銆€The diet log insists on recording your own diet, including dietary content and ingredients of the food, including metabolism.

Through the record of the diet, you can know that certain foods can promote their own weight loss, how to gradually reduce calories to achieve weight loss and so on.

Daily health benefits of hair dryer


Daily health benefits of hair dryer

The little wisdom of health in life is revealed for you one by one.

Hair dryers have long been an indispensable tool for many sisters to stay at home and travel.

Everyone knows that after washing your hair, you can use a hair dryer to dry your hair.

The hot air of the hair dryer has the effect of local heating and drying, so in daily life, the “hair dryer” can also be used as a practical health care gadget!


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There are two ways to apply heat. One is to apply a wet towel on the sore or injured part, then turn on the hot heat of the hair dryer and blow the hot air against the wet towel. The other method is to directly point the hair dryer to the sore or injured part., control the blowing of hot air, local hot compress.

銆€銆€Fever: In the winter when the humidity is low, when changing the diaper or underwear for the children and the old and weak patients, you can use a hair dryer to warm the diaper or underwear, and wait for the warmth to replace, which can prevent the children and the old and weak patients from being caused by the cold.cold.

銆€銆€Hemostasis: Use a hair dryer to blow hot air against a bleeding wound. The wound can stop bleeding in a short time. This method is only suitable for small wound bleeding.

銆€銆€The daily health care method of “hair dryer” prevents and treats colds: it is mainly for the cold symptoms caused by the cold, usually accompanied by dizziness, heavy head, tightness of the head, slight chills, etc.Use a hair dryer to blow hot air against the “temple”, “Dazhui bone”, “wind pool”, or blow it up and down from the head until the body is slightly warm.

銆€銆€Treatment of headaches: Headaches or neuropathic headaches caused by colds, can be wrapped around your forehead with a hot towel, and then blown against a pair of temples with a hair dryer?
5 minutes, you can ease or ease at any time.

Hair Care: Use a hair dryer to gently blow the hot air to the head every day. At the same time, the other hand uses a comb to comb the scalp from front to back. It can improve the blood circulation under the scalp, promote hair growth and keep the hair black.

銆€銆€Treatment of the stiff neck: use the hair dryer to face the “wind pool hole”, “Dazhui point”, “shoujing point” and other hot air, and with local massage, the massage part is mainly for muscle tight and stiff parts, about 3 parts?
5 minutes.

銆€銆€Relieve stomach pain: mainly for “contractive stomach pain”, use a hair dryer to blow the “stomach sputum” for a while, that is, the effect of hot compress can relieve the pain in the stomach.

This method is only used for short-term pain relief, such as repeated attacks of stomach pain, still need further medical treatment!

銆€銆€Treatment of low back pain: mainly with sprained back pain and kidney deficiency and low back pain.

The patient is lying on the bed and exposing the waist. The assistant uses a hair dryer to target the “seinshu point”, “waist eye hole” to blow hot air, or insert the left and right lumbar muscles to blow hot air, about 3 per part?
5 minutes, 1 in the morning and evening, can reduce the pain of the waist.

銆€銆€Knee joint health: use a hair dryer to face the “knee-closed hole”, “knee-eye hole” blowing hot air, and with local massage, the massage part is mainly aimed at alignment, the outer ligament part, about 3 massages per approx.
5 minutes, 1 time each morning and evening.

銆€銆€Acupuncture point map for treating calf cramps.

Treatment of calf cramps: use a hair dryer to target “Venezuela”, “Chengshan Point”, and hot air with muscle cramps, about 3 per part?
5 minutes.

銆€銆€Prevention of ankles: Before wearing shoes, use a hair dryer to blow the shoes for a while, not only can make the shoes more comfortable to wear, but also kill mold and prevent the ankles.

銆€銆€Additional acupuncture points: Dazhui points: in the 7th cervical spine.

Modern is often used to treat colds, malaria, cervical spondylosis, hemorrhoids, pediatric chorea and so on.

Matching the pool, the column is missing, the wind door is treating the cold; the post-stream is used to treat malaria.

銆€銆€The main symptoms of the temple are: headache, migraine, eye fatigue, toothache and other diseases.

Fengchi acupoint: located in the body part, under the occipital bone, level with the Fengfu acupoint, the shoulder between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the upper end of the trapezius muscle: a hole in the Dazhui and the shoulder linePoint, the highest point of the shoulder.

Shenshu point: open next to the second lumbar spinous process.

5 inches.

Indications for low back pain, kidney disease, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, tinnitus, and decreased hypertension.

Waist hole: under the 4th lumbar spinous process, about 3 next to it.

5 inch hollow.

Modern is often used to treat lumbar muscle fibrosis, lumbar muscle strain, endometritis and so on.

Knee-knee points: located in the lower leg of the human body, when the lower part of the bone is inside the back, 1 inch behind the Yinlingquan point, above the head of the gastrocnemius.
Indications for knee swelling and pain, cold and wet walking, calendar wind pain, lower limb paralysis.

銆€銆€Knee hole: in the middle of the sacral ligament depression; the outline of the inner knee, the outer side of the outer knee.

銆€Indications for knee pain, crane knees, leg pain, athlete’s foot.

In the middle of the hole: the middle point of the transverse stripes, when the biceps tendon and the semitendinosus tendon.

Indications for low back pain, lower limb paralysis and lower limb discomfort.
Abdominal pain, acute vomiting.

Unfavorable urination, enuresis.

銆€銆€Chengshan Point: In the middle of the back of the calf, between the Weizhong and Kunlun points, when the straight leg and the heel are lifted, there is a depression in the belly of the gastrocnemius muscle.

The acupoint should be placed in a prone position. The Chengshan point is located in the middle of the back of the human leg. Between the middle and the Kunlun point, when the straight leg or heel is lifted, the sharp corner depression appearing under the gastrocnemius muscle is銆傘€€銆€Indications 1 waist and leg are in a hurry, pain.

2 dysentery, constipation.

銆€銆€Make good use of small items in your life, use small wisdom, and you can also gain great health!

Potatoes are good for helping to lose weight, salt, potatoes, nutritious and delicious


Potatoes are good for helping to lose weight, salt, potatoes, nutritious and delicious

At present, potatoes are considered vegetables in many places. Although they have been identified as food crops by the Ministry of Agriculture, they are the fourth largest food crops other than rice, wheat and corn, but they have not yet risen to the 鈥渕ain staple鈥?

Today, I teach you a small bowl of salt and pepper, and also a dish, good taste and nutrition.

Salt and Pepper Small Potato Ingredients: Small Potato Ingredients: Chives: 2 Sea Salt: 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper: 1/2 teaspoon White Pepper: 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder: 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil: 2 tablespoons: 1.

Soak the small potatoes, brush them clean, put them in the fresh-keeping bag, fasten the mouth of the bag, use a toothpick to put two small holes in the bag and put them into the oven;

In the middle and high fires, “鍙? 6 to 7 minutes until cooked, take out and use a knife to squash the small potatoes one by one;

Heat the iron pan, inject a small amount of vegetable oil and spread it, and squash the small potatoes into a pan to fry;

Sprinkle the coarse sea salt on the surface of the potato, smash the pepper, simmer the powder, fry until golden, and sprinkle the seasoning, fry until both sides of the coke;

Wash the scallions and cut the granules, sprinkle the scallions into the pot, and saut茅 the scallions until the scallions are served.

Make this salt and pepper potato, pay attention to the potato skin must not be removed, the skinned potatoes are fried to make a special fragrance; at the same time, because the potato is high in starch content, the outer belt skin is fried, the potato is not easy to stick to the pot.wall.

There are three major benefits to potato staple food1.

Potatoes are more widely grown, more adaptable and easier to manage.

From south to north, from high to low, good land can be planted, it is resistant to alkali, drought, salt and alkali.

It can be sown in winter, spring and autumn, it is simple to plant, and the application of water, fertilizer and pesticide is low, so the potato water-saving section can be used as a main substitute for agricultural structure adjustment;

The potato is rich in nutrients, it contains essential carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fiber supplements, mineral elements and so on.

Vitamin C content: 1 potato = 10 apples, vitamin A content: 1 potato = 2 carrots, potassium content: 1 potato = 4 bananas, anthocyanin content: 1 potato = 4 strawberries (Note:Take a pair of potatoes as an example. At the same time, potatoes are low in volume, low in a few, high in protein quality, which helps to correct, prevent digestive diseases, and adapt to the needs of ordinary people to eat and eat well;

Potato-assisted potato starch has two characteristics: low in trace amount, residual caloric value per unit of wheat, about three-quarters of corn; digestive speed after entering the stomach is relatively slow, is a “slow release” process, so resistantHunger, not easy to gain weight, for diabetic patients, eating more potatoes is also obese.