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Sleeping Home Care

Sleeping Home Care

Falling pillow, also known as lost pillow.

  There are two reasons for falling pillows. One is that the pillow is too high or too low during sleep, which makes the spasm muscles tense and fatigue; if you sleep too well, when you turn around, your body turns but the neck turns with it, making the neck into aPoor location, causing irritation and causing pain.

  The second is that the patient was cold due to the wind and blows when the doors and windows were opened during sleep at night, and caused pain.

Most pillow pain usually lasts 2-3 days and heals itself without treatment. However, if you want to relieve the pain as soon as possible and recover early, you can do the following.

  First, cold compresses: Generally, falling pillows are acute injuries, and local pain and stiffness are common.

In this way, only cold compresses can be used within 48 hours.

You can use a towel to wrap the affected area with small ice particles, 15-20 minutes each time, twice a day. For severe cases, apply it every hour.

  Second, hot compress: When the pain is reduced, consider hot compress.

You can use a hot towel to compress, or use an infrared heater to irradiate. You can also use a saline bottle to apply heat and dry.

  Third, massage: After the above methods, those who still feel pain in the neck and shoulders, can use the massage method of muscles, and the family to do the work.

The patient takes a seated position, exposing the neck and shoulders. The doctor stands behind the patient, applies safflower oil or soothing oil to the affected shoulder, holds the left hand above the patient’s head, and massages with the right thumb on the affected shoulder.Push gently outside the shoulder to isolate the venous pain point.

Push 3-6 times a day, generally after neck muscle massage, neck and shoulder pain can be alleviated.

Experts say that wearing underwear is prone to hemorrhoids

Experts say that wearing underwear is prone to hemorrhoids

The weather is getting hot and the clothes are getting thinner.

In order to make the figure worse, there are bumps and bumps. Women who are too beautiful often hide their small belly or extra aunts by using shapewear or waist belts.

However, this “tibetan meat” approach sometimes causes trouble.

  Often wearing sculpting clothes to press visceral sculpting clothes, hemorrhoids, it sounds irrelevant.

But in fact, as long as the wearer does not pay attention, each can be linked at any time.

  Experts from the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences pointed out that wearing body-building clothes can only temporarily tighten the body’s excess meat and temporarily maintain the shape. If the body-building underwear tightly wraps the abdomen, the stomach, intestines and other organs are oppressed, it will lead to loss of function.Decreasing, digestive system function weakens, eventually causing constipation.

Clinically, patients with hemorrhoids caused by long-term lumbar girdle are common, and women are more susceptible to hemorrhoids than men.

In addition, the body is wrapped in body sculpting every day, which excessively compresses the skin and internal organs, which will affect the blood circulation and muscle activity of the body, make people feel breathless, block blood in the lower limb veins, cause lower limb edema, varicose veins, etc.disease.

  In addition, continuous wearing of body shaping clothing is also prone to cervical spondylosis.

Because the tight-fitting body shaper will compress the muscles, blood vessels, nerves, involve cervical spine, cause cervical spine strain, osteogenesis, and boots will affect the spinal canal nerves, vertebral arteries, numbness of the upper limbs, appearance and upper limb pain, dizziness, nausea,Chest tightness and other symptoms.

Therefore, experts suggest that women should avoid wearing long-lasting undergarments, and pay attention to moving their upper limbs frequently and moving the sling on the shoulder.

  Easy to lose skin elasticity In addition to cervical spondylosis and hemorrhoids, body shaping clothing has far more impact on women’s health. Body shaping clothing may also make the skin of beauty-loving women lose elasticity.

  Tight-fitting body shaper can make the skin unable to breathe freely, easily cause microcirculation disorders, affect the skin’s normal nutrition metabolism, make the skin rough, lose elasticity, and affect the skin’s proper moisturization.

The sculpting underwear is closely attached to the body, so that the skin cannot breathe normally, especially after sweating, the sweat cannot be volatilized in time, which may cause pores to be blocked and cause folliculitis.

  In addition, body shaping is also the culprit of some gynecological diseases.

Tight panties are expected to accumulate secretions from the genitals, which cannot be distributed in a moist environment, which stimulates the vulva and causes vulvitis.

The sculpting clothes are too tight, and the skin on the thighs gradually wears out, causing dermatitis and bacterial reproduction, and even retrograde infections can cause urethritis, vaginitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Wearing sculpting clothes also affects blood circulation. For women who have not given birth, poor pelvic blood circulation can cause diseases such as pelvic congestion and uterine dysplasia, and severe cases can cause infertility.

  Experts remind that adolescent girls should not wear sculpting clothes.

As the body organs of adolescent girls are not fully developed, wearing body-building underwear for the pursuit of body shape will seriously affect the development of the body, cause poor blood circulation and cause mild dysplasia.

  Do n’t wear it for more than 4 hours at a time. How can I wear a body shaper to make myself look beautiful without affecting my health?

Experts advise that you must avoid misunderstandings when wearing body shapers.

  Many people think that sculpting underwear will be more effective.

In fact, everyone’s body is different. The key to choosing a body shaper is to fit well. Don’t blindly pursue the tighter the better.

It is not that the longer you wear it, the better the weight loss effect. Experts recommend that you do not wear it for too long at a time, generally do not wear it for more than 4 hours at a time, and you cannot wear it every day.

  In addition, when choosing a body shaper, be sure to choose a product with good breathability. If you feel unwell, you must restart as soon as possible.

Experts also reminded that bodybuilding still depends on exercise to build a body that is satisfactory to them. It can not rely on body shaping clothes, just like weight loss cannot rely on dieting.

From a health perspective, exercise is the best way to get a good figure.

Choosing a lotion tonic


Choosing a lotion tonic

When the body skin feels the coolness of autumn, your spirits are refreshed, and finally you don’t have to drowsy in high temperature every day.

In order to allow the skin to store more energy, many people are used to nourishing the skin in the autumn, and then the following winter is not a season that can be easily spent.

To supplement the skin, lotion is a very good choice, you can choose according to their respective skin conditions, to solve the skin problems in autumn!


hzh {display: none; }  化妆水大补贴,降伏夏→秋肌肤4问题  化妆水的好处不仅是为肌肤大量补水,还能加强之后精华液等保养品的吸收,将肤质调理得更健康。Just as vitamin C can be adjusted to a body that is not prone to colds, the lotion to be introduced below also has such a conditioning effect.

  One of the autumn muscle problems: The dry cuticle normally holds 15%?
Water content of 20%, but after the fall, the temperature and humidity are reduced, resulting in difficult skin water retention. Excessive amount of skin cuticle may be less than 10%!

As a result, the skin becomes dry and rough, and even desquamation occurs.

  Muscle supplement: moisturizing supplements add moisturizing and high moisturizing ingredients, lotion with excessive moisture, moisturizing, and vitality!

  Moisturizing Tonic: Jiyan Moisturizing Moisturizing Lotion contains double hyaluronic acid, instantly deep moisturizing, can penetrate deeply and lock moisture, continue to replenish the skin’s required moisture, and bring unprecedented moisturizing experience.

  The skin that has been “dried out” is nourished with a super-moisturizing lotion, which is rich in minerals or hyaluronic acid, so that the water molecules adhere to the skin, leaving the skin elastic and shiny without forming fine skin due to dryness.Pattern.

  Autumn muscle problem 2: The normal growth cycle of dark skin is 28 days, but seasonal changes cause the skin’s growth cycle to be delayed.

In the autumn, when the weather turns cold, the sunburn traces do not fade easily, leaving the skin transparent.

And because the skin is dry at this time, you cannot exfoliate at will, otherwise it will reduce the skin resistance and maintain a slightly inflammatory state, and the skin will be darker.

  Muscle supplement: To replenish your complexion with Qingbu, it is necessary to strengthen the skin’s metabolism and allow melanin precipitation to fade.

The lotion with fruit extract contains a lot of vitamin C, which prevents pigmentation and brightens the complexion.

  Tonic: DHC Cherry Fruit Toner contains rich natural acerola cherry extract, which directly supplements the skin with a large amount of natural vitamin C, restores the existing melanin in the skin, and absorbs skin moisture while tightening pores, leaving the skin fair and wateryRun.

  Vitamin C conditioning, kicking melanin-tanned skin away, restores the sense of transparency with lotion full of fruit essence.

Just like drinking freshly squeezed fresh fruits to the skin, it has the effect of reducing pigments and reducing spots.

  Autumn muscle problem three: start and stop.

hzh {display: none; }  入秋后草木开始凋零,很容易让人产生莫名奇妙的愁绪,温差大的气候也容易让人觉得心烦气燥,会产生不想工作、失眠、头痛等症状。Under this condition, the skin is also susceptible to stress and becomes lifeless, unlike the previous redness, smoothness and softness!

  Muscle supplement: Shunbu supplements the mood with flowers that invigorate the spirit and tea lotion!

The fragrance of flowers or green tea has a depressing effect. In addition to stabilizing mood, it can also add moisture.

  Smooth tonic: Kyle’s Calendula Botanical Essence Lotion contains Calendula and Burdock Essence. There are really calendula petals in the bottle, which feels natural.

Alcohol-free and mild in nature.

The effect of applying cotton pads is amazing, in addition to pore collection, acne marks can also be removed.

  The floral fragrance drives away the depression, and the skin’s temper will make the skin lose its luster and become more and more dull.

In fact, the easiest way to relieve skin pressure at the time was to use a lotion with rich flower ingredients to relieve the pressure of the aroma and maintain the mood while maintaining it.

  The fourth problem of autumn muscles: unclean autumn, dry climate, people easily get angry, skin also loves oil, and due to rapid decline, poor blood circulation, nutrition can not be delivered to the skin, chin and other parts are more prone to acneAcne and leave acne scars like erythema.

  Muscle Supplement: The task of replenishing and purifying the skin is left to the Chinese herbal medicine lotion, which is good at conditioning Qi, blood and water balance, and restores skin balance during basic maintenance.

  Zhi Niu Er Yan Ren Licorice Whitening Lotion In addition to adding kernels and licorice extract, this lotion also contains vitamin C derivatives that have a whitening effect, which can improve dullness and uneven skin tone.

  Chinese herbal medicine supplements the energy of the skin, boosts qi and blood circulation and improves immunity. Chinese herbal medicine added in the makeup water not only enhances cleansing, moisturizing, and balancing, but also adjusts for skin problems.

For example, angelica and peony have the effect of improving immunity.

Office aerobics relax tired body

Office aerobics relax tired body

The abs training head hangs down, holding the two of the chair with both hands and lifting up.

At this time, lower the abdomen with force, arch your body, keep this posture, and stop breathing 3?
After 5 seconds, exhale slowly and raise your head.

Do this 5 times.

  The tibial chair with a broken leg and thigh is fully seated, the back rest is close to the back of the chair, one foot rests on the chair, both hands are hugged and placed, inhale, step on the foot while exhaling, stop for about 5 seconds, put the foot downDo this 5 times each.

  Sit down on the sports chair, with your hands on hips, arching slightly, exerting force on your lower abdomen, dropping your head, and looking at the position of your belly button for about 10?
15 seconds, 5 times in a row, this can reduce the pain or fatigue of the lower limbs, and of course, it can also prevent lower back pain.

  Lumbar homing exercise Put your hands on the lower abdomen, apply force to the lower abdomen, arch your body, and stop breathing for about 3?
After 5 seconds, exhale slowly and raise your body.

Doing this exercise 5 times can correct the distortion of the lumbar spine and the tilt of the pelvis, and also strengthen the abdominal muscles.

  Saluting sitting on a chair, holding your hands on your chest, spreading your feet slightly wider, straightening and bending at 90 degrees, inhaling, slowly exhaling your upper body and leaning forward, stopping for 5 seconds, and then slowly lifting your upper body.

If you raise your head first, it will increase the burden on the endpoint, and then you will finally raise your head.

This action can contract the muscles of the back and hips.

Do you have five symptoms that are incorporated into mental subhealth

Do you have five symptoms that are incorporated into mental subhealth

Nausea, vomiting, nervousness for no reason, and long-term depression in the mood, either manic or listless, went to the hospital for examination, but the result was “a great body!”

At this time, you should think about whether you have fallen into a “psychological sub-health state”!

  Depression “Suddenly mentioned by the boss to a prominent position, psychologically too late to prepare, I was suddenly lost!

“Mr. Zheng was nearly 40 and was transferred to another department of the company as the person in charge.

After leaving the old subordinates, he has always felt uncomfortable, and always feel that the new subordinates are pointing and pointing behind him.

Because he was unfamiliar with the environment, Mr. Zheng could not adapt to his new job in the short term, and his mood became more and more irritable.

In the end, he became a depression patient, and refused to go out at home every day, having no interest in doing anything.

  The drug abuser is already in bed and his heart is still in the office, thinking about the customers to be contacted tomorrow to participate in the alternative outline.

The alarm clock clearly shows 3:00 am. If you don’t go to “Meet Zhougong” again, you must yawn to participate tomorrow afternoon!

In desperation, turned out the sleeping pills, swallowed a little grain tonight.

Once, twice, three times, you will need a sleeping pill every night, otherwise it will become difficult to spin!

  Knowledge anxiety people’s absorption of information has increased exponentially, and the thinking mode of the human brain has not been adjusted to adapt to such an absorption rate.

At this time, the “balance” of the brain is extremely imbalanced, and the brain is forced to absorb and absorb excessive information, and it will show a series of tension and forced responses.

Symptoms of “knowledge anxiety” are very likely to cause anxiety-sudden nausea, vomiting, anxiety, neurasthenia, mental fatigue, the interval between onsets is not necessarily, and the time of multiple episodes is not necessarily.

  Treatment is easy-sleep more, play less, watch only two media reports a day, receive less information, and “knowledge doubts” can be cured without medicine.

  Anorexia nervosa initially wanted to lose only 2 kg, but later changed the target to 5 kg.

Dieting, laxatives, excess exercise, all the methods that are available, try, and strive to practice a short time to become a model-like “ribs and ribs.”

When the weight quickly drops below 80% of the normal index, and then occasionally let go of a meal, there will be an inexplicable guilt. Therefore, when you double your laxatives, be wary of anorexia nervosa!

Don’t underestimate it, was the famous singer Karen back then?

Carpenter died because of it!

  Holiday Syndrome B wants to adjust his status while on vacation and come back to work harder.

As a result, people are getting more lazy as long vacation returns.

Obviously there is a lot of things to be dealt with on the desk. He just sat in the face of the screen saver for 8 hours and had no interest in going to work.

When you get sick, you want to rush into the boss’s office and hand in a resignation, “From now on, you don’t have to worry about it.” Be a full-time vacationer!

  Mr. B’s “Holiday Syndrome” is, according to the doctor, “the wrong way to find something wrong!”

To relieve stress, there are different methods for working people-some people like playing cards, some people like traveling.
Whichever method is used, the goal is “to loosen the tight strings in your head.”

If things go too far, the “string” will be completely loosened at once, and adjustment of two or three weeks will not work, and you will be treated by the hospital.

Such people should try to avoid taking long vacations in the future!

13 years of teacher-student love ended in bitter tears

13 years of teacher-student love ended in bitter tears

Xue Ling fell into my arms in tears: “Thirteen years, I have been looking for a man who can replace the teacher, but I found . I really did my best.

“My tears couldn’t stop anymore, dripping on her hair, little by little, shining with a broken heart.

  Two years of teaching career only for her to look back.

To know Xue Ling, I have to talk about it when I was a teacher 13 years ago.

  That was in the summer of 1994. After studying in the countryside for four years in Beijing, I returned to my hometown in Hubei and started working as a middle school teacher in a small county.

  The first time I noticed Xue Ling was in the Chinese class I taught.

At that time, I had just taught for a few days and was not very familiar with the students in the class.

Just remember, that day, she wore a red jacket, burning like a fire in my eyes.

She was seated backwards, not necessarily listening carefully, always lowering her head, and I could hardly see her face.

So, when asking a question, I intentionally called her up to answer the question.

What makes me a little bit is that she answered like a stream.

  I asked her what her name was.

She said, Xue Ling.

In the past few days, while correcting my composition, I was amazed by the good writing of a classmate named Xue Ling.

At that moment, I looked at her, her black eyes with her frowny bangs, and all the students around her disappeared into the background for a while.

That class, I just felt like I was speaking for her.

Her clear and energetic eyes have been in my heart ever since.

  Xue Ling and I quickly became familiar.

After class, I asked her, why don’t you always listen to my class?

She was embarrassed that I was reading “Prose” magazine below.


I froze for a moment.

She actually has the same reading interests as me.

I said, I ordered, you can take a few books to see.

Talking to her, I completely forgot my identity.

After that, I always wondered, how could I be so tolerant of a student who didn’t attend the class, and in my own class, so tolerate her “bad” hobby?

  At that time, I couldn’t believe I was in love with Xue Ling. How could it be love?

She is just a 16-year-old middle school student.

And I am twenty-five, and my girlfriend is using her relationship at this time to work hard for me to return to work in Beijing.

I’m not a very ambitious person, but I’m not willing to spend my life in that small county to teach.

  It is an emotion that cannot be elaborated.

My relationship with Xue Ling is getting closer.

Later, I thought that the reason I was able to stay in that middle school for almost two years under that uneasy mood was because of Xue Ling.

  Four years later, I resigned for her and went south after the Spring Festival in 1996. I arrived in Beijing. Because of my girlfriend’s family, I joined a publishing house.

That job is satisfactory to me.

But the elementary opened the distance between me and Xue Ling.

At that time, I always remembered her in my heart, but I couldn’t help but get along with my girlfriend with gratitude.

The kindness and virtuousness of my girlfriend, she spared no effort to use all the relationships, did her best to achieve what I wished for, and gave me nothing.I know she loves me too much and I owe her too much.

  All I can give her is marriage.

After marriage, I have been trying to play the role of a good husband.

In the eyes of all my relatives and friends, we are a loving couple who is praised, and only I understand in my heart that my girl named Xue Ling has always been hidden in my heart.

Men often hide their hearts in order to be nice to their wives.

  In the blink of an eye, it was the fall of 2000, when Xue Ling had graduated from a normal university in Wuhan and she came to Hainan.

In the meantime, I have been in intermittent contact with her. The sky is far away, and all my affections can only be condensed into replacement greetings.

  Xue Ling was not very successful in Haikou at first.

A girl, from childhood to age, has never been so far away from her parents, and a college student, without any work experience, she called me in the first month, and said she lived in a guest house on Heping South RoadEvery day, I was looking for a job, and the road was unfamiliar. The heels were worn out, and the job was still not found.

Talking, she couldn’t help crying on the phone.

At that moment, when I heard her crying, my heart was in flames, and I could not fly to her immediately, take care of her, and accompany her.

  Three months later, I decided to resign to Hainan.

My reason is that while I’m still young, I’m going to make a breakthrough.

My wife can’t discourage me.

Watching her turn around and silently pack my luggage for me, my heart felt infinitely guilty.

  I will never forget that night when I arrived in Haikou, I saw Xue Ling among the crowd swarming at the airport exit, and those bright and vivid eyes were like that year.

I walked towards her and she walked through the crowd and ran towards me.

Like a couple that hasn’t been seen for years, she hugged me softly, tears crisscrossing her face, but couldn’t help sighing on my shoulder: “Teacher, you are here, and I will never be alone again!

“Maybe she wouldn’t think that I came to Haikou just for her. I have lost the right to love her. So, two years passed by.

In these two years, in the first strange city, Xue Ling and I were both friends and teachers and students. We were interdependent.

But no matter how close we are, none of us have the courage to step out of the emotional dyke.

Occasionally, Xue Ling would ask me: Is the master okay?

I nodded and said, good.

The gap of tens of seconds made me feel the despair of this relationship.

Even though there are thousands of miles away, my wife still looks like a wall between me and her. Every time, when I am alone with her, even if she doesn’t mention it, I don’t mention it, but I always have a feeling in my heart.Go figure.

  I didn’t ask for anything, as long as I can get along with Xue Ling like this, even if I have been a teacher and student for a lifetime, I know enough.

However, Xue Ling’s love from the sky finally shattered my extravagant hope.

One day after returning from work, Xue Ling pushed the door of my room with a boy’s hand. “Teacher, this is my boyfriend. What do you think?

“The boy was embarrassed and nodded at me frequently with a smile.

I froze and greeted them warmly.

At the bottom of my heart, there was some coolness reaching my head.

  That night, I sat alone on the balcony and thought about it all night.

In front of him was the figure of the boy who knew the glasses, just like me in the lush campus.

Yes, at least he has the right to love Xue Ling, and I lost this possibility a few years ago.

Not cherish, but that emotion has long been covered by utilitarian dust.

It seems that remorse is no longer relevant.

I understand Xue Ling’s decision, and that decision seems to remind me that it is time to end this emotion.

  A week later, I pretended to talk to Xue Ling openly about my plan: “I want to go back to Beijing to study for a graduate student. After coming out, I feel that I have read too little.

Xue Ling froze for a moment, then the smile on her arms disappeared, and for a long while, she said, “That’s good.”

“I said,” Xue Ling, get along well with him.”Her eyes were suddenly red, her back turned, her shoulders shaking constantly.

  That was our last confession, a little hasty and a little stunned, but what if it wasn’t?

  13 years of love turned into bitter tears.

In the summer of 2006, in the past 4 years, after graduating from graduate school, I have been in management in a company for more than a year, and my daughter is 2 years old.responsibility.

Sometimes people are really weird. They obviously dress a woman, but they can marry and have children with another woman.

In July, the company commissioned me to visit a project in Shenzhen.

I secretly use it as a rare opportunity to see Xue Ling.

In these years, I often repeat that sentence in the night of insomnia: Is she OK?

  After getting off the plane and staying at a hotel in Haikou, I dialed the familiar number with my mobile phone.

After the call was connected, there was a noisy background.

However, I heard clearly, Xue Ling’s exclaimed voice: “Teacher, is it you?

“After 4 years, she could recognize my voice so accurately. I was relieved and sad.

I told her where I lived and she said, you wait, I’ll be right there.

  Downstairs at the hotel, I watched her get out of the car and ran towards me. The figure seemed to be light but many years ago, but eager.

Holding her gently in her arms, I could not help but feel sore on the tip of my nose.

Everything, as familiar as it was many years ago, as if she and I have never been away.

  In the room, Xue Ling caressed my cheek lovingly: Teacher, you are really old, I am almost 30!

Tears were beginning to form in her eyes.

I couldn’t say anything, just held her in my arms for a long time.

Recalling how many years ago we were with each other, the main thing was that one person had a cup of tea and the two had a coffee table.

Now, even if it is a hug, it cannot release the long-lost thoughts of several years.

  In the evening, I finished dinner with her, holding hands, walking on the coastal road, like a couple, I looked at her, her bright eyes, a drunk look, and the feeling of heartache surged up again.

I do n’t know what year I met after tonight?

  Early the next morning, knowing that I was leaving, Xue Ling rushed to pack my luggage, and there was a suffocating silence in the air.

I suddenly remembered the long-suppressed remark.

I said, “Are you okay with him?

Xue Ling hesitated, and asked softly, “Teacher, are you talking about him?”

“Then he laughed suddenly again:” Over the years, I have changed countless him!

“My heart tightened sharply.

Xue Ling stopped and said indifferently: “I’m getting ready to get married too. When I get married, I’ll just find someone to marry.

“I froze. I didn’t understand what she was talking about, and seemed to understand it.

I said, “Xue Ling .” She turned around, looked at me with tears, but smiled and said, “The people who get married are very easy to find. They are all over the street. My conditions are not too bad, aren’t they

“My heart suddenly fell into a vortex, and the pain made me almost unstoppable.

Xue Ling fell into my arms in tears: “Thirteen years, I have been looking for a man who can replace the teacher, but I found . I really did my best.

“My tears couldn’t stop anymore, dripping on her hair, little by little, shining with a broken heart.
  I hurriedly boarded the plane to Shenzhen.

I am afraid that even if I stay for another 1 second, I will choose to stay forever.

The moment the plane took off, I looked through the window. All the objects became small and invisible. Only Xue Ling’s face and her sloppy figure enlarged in front of my eyes, and tears gradually blurred my vision.

Infant obesity


Infant obesity

How do infants and young children occur? Scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States have provided evidence that the total number of abnormal cells in the body that is overcoming obesity before the age of one year is increased, and that children who later become obese are not seen.There are abnormally large numbers of sputum cells.

銆€銆€At present, people tend to think that the cause of pediatric hyperactivity is caused by a combination of various factors.

銆€銆€For individuals, mortality is followed by 2 years after birth, which is a critical period for the development of unfortunate cells in the body. At this time, the increase in the number and volume of unfortunate cells is rapid in life, and the accidental cells will not disappear once they are formed.This constitutes an excessive material basis.

Therefore, obesity in infants around one year old may be related to the number of adult cell differentiation and indicates a progressively greater severity.

Therefore, scientific substitution should be promoted during infancy, which can be a good and good foundation for a healthy life.

銆€銆€There are several types of obesity in infants and young children: hypertrophy: the number of fecal cells in the body is normal, about 9-50脳10 9th power, the volume of fecal cells is increased, the average size is l00-150 microns, and the fecal content in the cells is about 0.


0 micrograms.

This type of prognosis is better, after the weight loss, the sputum cells can return to normal.

銆€銆€Proliferative type: The number of micro-cells increases, reaching the 9th power of 50-150脳10, and the cell size and intracellular trace content are still within the normal range.

It is obvious that it can be converted into a combination type as early as in early childhood.

銆€銆€Binding type: the number of micro cells often exceeds the 9th power of l00脳10, the cell diameter exceeds l00 micron, and the intracellular impurity content exceeds 1.

0 micrograms.
As early as in early childhood, the symptoms of obesity are often more serious and the curative effect is poor.

Each of the 5 fingers has a “healing point”, so you can keep it anytime, anywhere.


Each of the 5 fingers has a 鈥渉ealing point鈥? so you can keep it anytime, anywhere.

Our hand is called a concentrated “treasure”.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are 6 meridians in the hand, which are closely related to the organs, tissues and organs of the whole body. Applying these meridians to the acupuncture points with 5 fingers upwards can strengthen the body and prevent diseases.

“Life Times” invites authoritative Chinese medicine experts to teach you a set of “five fingers according to the law” to open an expert in Heilongjiang Province, Chinese medicine director of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Yu Jingxian, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University1, the thumb of the thumb corresponds to the human lung, the lungs of the main gas, the Secretary breathes.

The Shaoshang point on the thumb can excrete the gas in the lungs of the body. It has the effect of clearing the heat, Tongli throat and Susie opening.

Exogenous wind heat causes coughing, which can be stimulated when the throat is swollen.

When there is cough and chest tightness, press the acupuncture points vertically, and the left and right hands take turns. It has a tingling sensation, each time 1?
3 minutes.

It is also possible to puncture blood at this acupoint, which is equivalent to taking the lungs through the hot blood and blood, and also cooling the lungs into a cool world.

When puncturing blood, first disinfect the needle and skin with alcohol, then pinch up a little bit of the skin of the business, use the needle to quickly puncture the skin twice, while squeezing 3?
5 drops of blood, then quickly use a cotton swab to gently fight, stop bleeding.

2, the index finger index finger corresponds to the human large intestine, the corresponding organ is the large intestine, stomach.

The Shangyang point on the index finger can vaporize the water in the large intestine. It can be stimulated by indigestion, diarrhea and constipation. This point is clinically called the 鈥渙pening dew鈥?that comes with the body.Constipation is very effective.

In daily life, often use the tip of the thumb to smash a Shangyang point, which can exuber the blood of the large intestine, regulate the function of the digestive tract, accelerate the metabolism of the human body, and have a strong and beneficial effect on the body.

3, the middle finger of the middle finger corresponds to the pericardium of the human body, and the high-heat gas of the pericardium is flushed out of the body surface by the Zhongchong point on the middle finger, and there is a role of Su Shi opening and clearing the heart.

The first aid for heart disease is often awakened by acupuncture points. Daily arrhythmia, heartbeat and heartbeat can stimulate this point.

When you have a heartbeat, you can use the thumb to insert the middle punch point, the intensity should be moderate, 5 minutes each time, 2 times a day.

In addition, Zhongchong is very sensitive to pain, kneading this point when you are sleepy, and can refresh your mind.

4, the ring finger ring finger corresponds to the human body three Jiao Jiao, refers to the Guanchong point is the first point of the three Jiao Jing, meaning that the three Jiao Jiao through the body’s meridian warm water gas to the external surface of the meridian.

Frequent scraping of the ring finger can treat headaches, red eyes, tinnitus, sore throat and sore throat.

In the hot summer, if there is dizziness, headache, dizziness, thirst, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of heatstroke, it can stimulate Guanchong.

Stimulating the Guan Chong points can use the sputum method, using the strength of the finger tip and the tip of the index finger, as well as the hardness of the nail, and pressing the rushing point.

You can also find a cotton swab or puncture the hole at the end of the pen to achieve the same effect as acupuncture.

5, the little finger little finger corresponds to the human small intestine, “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records that the small intestine through the “main fluid disease”, therefore, Chinese medicine clinical and “liquid” related diseases can be first from the small intestine through the solution.

The Shaoze point in the little finger has the effect of adjusting the local blood and blood to make the water in the meridian flow, and can warm the milk.

Stimulate the Shaoze point, you can use the massage method, press the fingertips or the fingertips down while massage, and do a ring massage.

Pay attention to the moderate force, with a local feeling of soreness and mild warmth, 2 times a day.

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Can spleen appetite Chinese medicine increase fat?


Can spleen appetite Chinese medicine increase fat?

Q: I went to see Chinese medicine a few days ago and said that I am a bad spleen and stomach, opened a Chinese medicine, what is Angelica, Codonopsis, white skin or something.

On the Internet, I found that the spleen appetizing medicine will increase fat. I have a small amount of food. The food is more meaty than the meat. The staple food is eaten very little. I don’t have to sit all day long. The amount of exercise is not small.

Can Chinese medicine that eats spleen and appetite increase fat?

I really want to gain weight.

銆€銆€Netizen Raptors Weihu: If you look at the Chinese medicine profession, it will let you succeed in fattening, because Chinese medicine pays attention to the “holistic concept.”

The prescription will be considered for your whole body.

If you are too thin, the doctor will tell you how to regulate your body in life.

You will also use some Chinese medicine to give you fat at the right time.

銆€銆€Netizen’s dream of flying: If a person’s spleen and stomach is good, it means that the body’s ability to transport is strong, as long as the nutrients to eat will be easy to gain weight.

And you are precisely the ability to transport the spleen and stomach is weak, and the things you eat can’t be absorbed and can only be excessively thin.

Let Chinese medicine practitioners open their spleen and appetizers, and maybe they will gain weight.

銆€銆€Netizen is beautiful: In fact, you have to look at the rules of life after you have finished taking medicine. If you follow the natural law, it will naturally increase your weight. Not only will you gain weight, but your body will be better, your spleen and stomach will be better, and your body will gradually become healthy.