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Acupuncture Easily Treats Melasma

Acupuncture Easily Treats Melasma

One reason many women don’t want to have children is that women develop chloasma after childbirth.

Melasma appears on women’s bodies, around the nose and mouth, and can affect women’s beauty and confidence.

Acupuncture in Chinese medicine has a very good effect on the treatment of chloasma, and we will introduce it in detail as follows: In Chinese medicine, this phenomenon is called “face dust”., Complexion like dirt, long black coal, withered shape, or dark spots from the size and level with the skin.

Caused by worries and depression, blood is weak. ”

The pathogenesis is insufficient kidney yin, kidney water can not be carried on, or liver qi depression, liver loss, stagnation and heat, burns yin and blood, resulting in facial qi and blood loss and the disease.

  Acupuncture treats melasma easily: 1. Liver stasis and qi stagnation: Renmai meridian must be taken.

  Between the lines, Taichong, Qihai, Sanyinjiao, acupuncture dredge qi and blood glory and freckle.

Chest bulge full Zhangjiamen, waist and knees plus Shenshu.

  2. Spleen Deficiency and Wet Resistance: Pishu, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli.

  Abdominal distension in accordance with the conditions: diarrhea, qi and sea; stool: Tianshu.

  3. Deficiency of kidney and fire (wang liver and yin deficiency take Ganshu, Shenshu, Zusanli, Guan Yuan, Mingmen.

(Yijingxue, liver and kidney) The above points nourish liver and kidney to regulate qi and blood, nourish yin and spot.

  Daily care for melasma: 1, pay attention to diet conditioning, eat more foods containing vitamin C; 2, keep the mood in daily Chinese medicine comfortable and avoid worry, irritability; 3, regular work and rest, work and rest, to ensure extra sleep;  4. Avoid sunlight.

  5, avoid abuse of cosmetics.

  6. Avoid excessive mental stress.

  7, adhere to exercise and improve physical fitness.

Hunk tips quick muscle training

Hunk tips quick muscle training

In bodybuilding theory, RM is used to indicate the maximum number of repetitions that a certain load can be made continuously.

For example, a practitioner can only lift a weight 5 times in succession, and the weight is 5RM.

Studies show that: 1-5RM load training can make muscles thicker and develop strength and speed; 6-10RM load training can make muscles thicker and increase strength speed, but the endurance does not increase significantly; 10-15RM load training muscle fibers increaseThickness is not obvious, but strength, speed, and endurance all grow; 30RM load training increases the number of capillaries in the muscle and improves endurance, but the increase in strength and speed is not obvious.

It can be seen that a load weight of 5-10RM is suitable for bodybuilding training to increase muscle volume.


Heavy weight, low times: In the bodybuilding theory, RM is used to indicate the maximum number of repetitions that a certain load can be done continuously.

For example, a practitioner can only lift a weight 5 times in succession, and the weight is 5RM.

Studies show that: 1-5RM load training can make muscles thicker and develop strength and speed; 6-10RM load training can make muscles thicker and increase strength speed, but the endurance does not increase significantly; 10-15RM load training muscle fibers increaseThickness is not obvious, but strength, speed, and endurance all grow; 30RM load training increases the number of capillaries in the muscle and improves endurance, but the increase in strength and speed is not obvious.

It can be seen that a load weight of 5-10RM is suitable for bodybuilding training to increase muscle volume.


Multiple groups: Whenever you think about exercising, you can do 2-3 groups. This is actually a waste of time and you can’t grow muscle at all.

60-90 minutes of time must be devoted to exercise a certain part of the body, and each exercise should be done in 8-10 groups in order to fully stimulate the muscles, and the longer the muscles need to recover.

Until the saturation of the muscles is achieved, the “saturation” should be felt by itself. Its moderate standards are: acid, swelling, tingling, causing, fullness, expansion, and obvious muscle stiffness.


Long displacement: Regardless of rowing, bench press, push, curl, you must first lower the dumbbell as low as possible to fully stretch the muscles, and then try to lift it high.

This is sometimes contradictory to “continuous tension”, and the solution is to quickly pass the “locked” state.

However, I do not deny the role of heavy half-motion.


Slow speed: Slowly lift, and slowly lower, the muscle stimulation is deeper.

In particular, when you lower the dumbbell, you should control the speed and do concessionary exercises, which can fully stimulate the muscles.

Many people have seen the practice of concession, lifting the dumbbells to complete the task, and quickly put it down, wasting a good time to increase muscles.


High density: “Density” refers to the rest time between alternations, and only a minute of rest or time is called high density.

To make muscle mass grow quickly, you need to rest less and stimulate the muscles alternately.

The “multi-group number” is also based on the “high density”.

When you exercise, you have to pay attention to supplement your training like fighting a war and not think about anything else.


Consistent thoughts and movements: Muscle work is innervated. Attention density can mobilize more muscle fibers to work.

When practicing some movements, you should consciously make your mind and movement consistent, that is, you can work with whatever muscles you want.

For example: to practice vertical curls, you must look down at your tibia with your eyes and watch the abdominal biceps slowly contract.


Peak contraction: This is a major rule that makes muscle lines very obvious.

It requires that when someone moves to the most tense position of muscle contraction, maintain this state of most contraction, do static exercises, and then slowly return to the starting position of the action.

My method is to count 1 when you feel the muscles are most tense.
6. Put it down again.


Persistent Tension: Keep the muscles constantly tense throughout the entire body. Do not let it relax (not in a “locked” state) at the beginning or end of the movement, and always reach full exhaustion.


Relax between groups: Relax after each movement.This can increase blood flow to the muscles, and also help to eliminate waste deposits in the muscles, speed up muscle recovery, and quickly replenish nutrition.


Exercise more muscle groups: Exercise more muscles in the chest, back, waist, hips, and legs, which can not only strengthen the body, but also promote the growth of muscles in other parts.

Some people only practice too much to make the mines too thick, but not other parts. Instead, they aim at the biceps and grow very slowly.

It is recommended that you arrange some large compound exercise exercises using heavy weights, such as heavy squat exercises, which can promote muscle growth in all other parts.

This is extremely important. Sadly, at least 90% of people do not pay enough attention to achieve the desired results.

Therefore, in the training plan, we must arrange five classic compound movements: deadlift, squat, bench press, press, pull-up.


Eating protein after training: During the 30-90 minutes after training, the demand for protein peaks, and protein supplementation works best at this time.

But do not eat immediately after training, at least every 20 minutes.


Rest for 48 hours: After the local muscle training, you need to rest for 48-72 hours before performing the second training.

If you do high-intensity strength training, the 72-hour interval between local muscle training is not enough, especially for large muscle masses.

The exception is the abdominal muscles. Except for the other muscle groups, the abdominal muscles must be stimulated frequently. Practice at least 4 times a week for about 15 minutes each time. Choose the three exercises that are most effective for you.-25 times, all exhausted; the interval between each group should be short, not more than 1 minute.


Rather light: This is a secret that is not a secret.

Many beginners of bodybuilding are particularly good at practicing weight and number of movements, and don’t pay much attention to whether the movements are deformed.

The effect of bodybuilding training is not only the weight of the weight and the number of movements, but also whether the muscles are directly stressed and stimulated.

If the action is deformed or not in place, and the muscles to be trained are not or only partially stressed, the training effect will be small or even biased.

In fact, of all the rules, the correctness of the action is always the most important.

It’s better to lift lighter weights with correct movements than heavier weights with non-standard moves.

Don’t compare yourself with others, and don’t keep the mockery of the gym in your mind.

Medicinal diet for the elderly with spleen deficiency and diarrhea

Medicinal diet for the elderly with spleen deficiency and diarrhea

There are many causes of diarrhea. It is easier to treat diarrhea with a clear cause, and only symptomatic treatment is available without a clear cause.

Among various therapies, diet regulation is definitely the most important one. With good diet control, diarrhea can be alleviated or relieved; even if the cause of diarrhea is changed, diet regulation plays a pivotal role.

Here are some medicated diets for diarrhea in the elderly.

  Anchovy soup will be anchovy 250?
500 grams of scales, internal organs, after washing, put in the pot, add 500?
800 ml. After boiling on high heat, boil it for 10?
15 minutes, then pour out a small bowl of soup, add salt and rice vinegar to the right amount, drink on an empty stomach in the morning, once a day.

Add the right amount of water to the soup, and repeat the soup once a day.

Cook 5 times repeatedly
7 times.

If diarrhea is severe, take an extra dose every night before going to bed, 3?
After 5 days, diarrhea can be significantly improved. Keep taking it until it is cured. During this period, do not avoid diet.

  White Lentil Porridge Take 120 grams of fried white lentils (or 120 grams of fresh white lentils) each time, and have 60 grams of rice, boiled together for porridge.

Use 10?
15 days.

White lentils are both nourishing and healing. If you add some yam (40?
60g), the same effect will be better when cooked into lentils and yam porridge.

  Codonopsis ginseng and jujube porridge, 10 grams of dried lotus seeds, 10 jujubes, 30 grams of rice.

Codonopsis, lotus seeds are finely ground and set aside, and the jujube is slightly boiled with water, peeled and pitted, and the jujube meat is chopped.

Boil porridge with rice, jujube meat, codonopsis, and lotus seeds with boiled jujube water.

Take warm morning and evening.

  60g of solid powder porridge, 100g of previous rice.

First, make the previous rice porridge, add rice flour and water to make a paste. Stir into the previous rice porridge, stir and boil, it can be taken regularly, or you can add an appropriate amount of sugar to taste.

  Litchi porridge 50 grams of dried lychee, 20 grams of yam, mashed until soft and rotten, 100 grams of previous rice, cook porridge, eat morning and evening.

  250 grams of cooked spleen porridge, 10 grams of chicken internal gold, 60 grams of dried ginger powder, 120 grams of raw atractylodes root, first roast the atractylodes, chicken inscriptions, and grind them into fine powder.Crush into mud to make about 20 grams of small cakes, put them in the oven to dry, and once, they can be eaten as snacks on an empty stomach (should be swallowed slowly).

  60 grams of dried yam paste, rolled and sieved, add water to the paste and place on the stove, use chopsticks to stir and cook, add an appropriate amount of sugar, take 2?
3 times.

  Chestnut noodle porridge 30 grams, chestnuts 10 grams, glutinous rice 20 grams, millet 20 grams.

And chestnuts are crushed into a fine flour, and porridge is cooked with glutinous rice and millet, 2 times a day?
3 times.

  Lotus seed pot coke tea will 500g lotus seeds, then stir-fry 500g of wok with yellow rice to make pot coke. Grind lotus seeds and pot coke together into coarse powder and set aside.

Take 10 grams of coarse powder at a time, add an appropriate amount of sugar, add it to the tea cup together, and brew with warm boiling water.

  Kernel porridge Coix kernel 40 grams, previous rice 50 grams, the amount of honey, add water to cook porridge, take 2 times a day.

Coix seed is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, which can strengthen the spleen and dampness, and is suitable for chronic diarrhea.

  Chestnut porridge 50 grams of chestnut meat, previously 100 grams of rice, 20 grams of sugar, add water to cook porridge, take 2 times a day.

  Dangshen Poria and Ginger Porridge Dangshen, 6 grams of Poria, 5 slices of ginger, add decoction, add juice to the first 50 grams of porridge, and apply to middle-aged and elderly people due to spleen and stomach deficiency caused by diarrhea.

  Ganmai jujube porridge 50g red dates, 6g licorice, 20g white sugar, proper amount of wheat, boiled porridge with water, can nourish qi and nourish blood, suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with diarrhea and bloating.

  Hawthorn porridge 20 grams of hawthorn, 6 grams of woody incense, 15 grams of sugar, 50 grams of rice, porridge with water, suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency, causing diarrhea caused by dysfunction.
  Yam mutton porridge 250 grams of lamb, 500 grams of fresh yam, first boil the two flavors together, add an appropriate amount of water and add 250 grams of glutinous rice to cook porridge.

Take 1 warm morning and evening daily.

Mutton warms the spleen and kidney; yam supplements the spleen and relieves diarrhea, and Yishen Gujing; glutinous rice supplements qi and warms the stomach.

Consuming this porridge for a long time is beneficial to the elderly with chronic diarrhea, less kidney deficiency, and those with insufficient blood and qi.

Knee Love in Different Age Groups

“Knee Love” in Different Age Groups

The knee joint is the most complex large joint of the human body. It consists of three groups of bones, four groups of ligaments, and two washers. Only joint cooperation can maintain the stability of the knee joint. Any error in any “part” will affect people’s normal actions.
  Because of the complex structure and heavy burden, knee joint injuries occur from time to time at all ages.
Professor Zhao Jinzhong, Department of Orthopaedics, the Sixth People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, suggests that loving knee joints should be based on the characteristics of different age groups.
  Adolescents: Warm up before exercise. Adolescent knee cartilage, ligaments, and meniscus are in a golden state. Improper exercise is the main cause of knee injury.
  Professor Zhao Jinzhong of the Department of Orthopaedics of the Sixth People’s Hospital told reporters that compared with professional athletes, ordinary sports-loving adolescents are more prone to knee injury, and the former cruciate ligament injury was the most common.
  In order to protect the knee joint, adolescents must not ignore the warm-up exercise before exercise.
The stability of the knee joint depends on the integrity of the ligaments and the coordination of the muscles.
Once the warm-up is not enough, when the muscles and ligaments are needed to protect the knee joint, the muscle response will not be in place, and the protection will not be provided in time. The anterior cruciate ligament will be vulnerable to excessive force and cause damage.
  In addition to insufficient warm-up awareness, lack of protection awareness and skills to protect knee joints are also the main causes of joint injuries.
Anterior cruciate ligament injury is most likely to occur when taking off and landing and turning sharply. The correct method is to keep the forefoot on the ground while flexing the knees and hips.
  Sport-loving is a teenager’s nature, but if you have congenital developmental abnormalities, it may not be suitable for a certain sport.
For example, patients with unstable kneecaps are not suitable for exercises that require squat squat force; patients with meniscus deformities are not suitable for long-term weight-bearing labor; patients with congenital ligament relaxation are not suitable for sports that require emergency stop and rapid turn movements.
Therefore, for adolescents who like sports, it is necessary to first understand their physical conditions and consult a doctor.
  Middle-aged stage: Exercise should not be tempted by whim to reach middle age, and often pay more attention to fitness.
Professor Zhao Jinzhong said that in the clinic, patients who often feel a pain in the knee due to a movement, most of them are caused by knee injuries caused by long-term exercise squats, crouches or one-time excessive exercise.
  The articular cartilage and meniscus of middle-aged people have degenerated to some extent.
Not only does the cruciate ligament degenerate, but it is also rubbed by osteophytes in the vicinity.
Inappropriate exercise, even leisure sports, may go against the wish and cause injury.
Therefore, middle-aged people should pay attention to the following points in sports: First, do not advocate bodybuilding training.
Bodybuilding training is for the training of certain muscle masses. It does not help the overall training of the limbs, but will cause damage to the ends of tendons and cartilage.
  Secondly, it is best not to do squat and climbing training.
Because the knee joint is half-squat, especially one-knee weight-bearing half-squat, the sacrum joint must bear three times the weight of the weight. The more you do the squat, the faster the sacrum joint will degenerate.
In addition, the sacral cartilage can also be subjected to excessive stress when going up and down stairs, up and down stairs, and climbing mountains.
Those who use mountain climbing or stairs as a sport often lose more than gain. In the long run, they will have difficulties climbing mountains and climbing stairs.
  Furthermore, the movement of middle-aged people must pay attention to step by step.
If you don’t exercise all year round, you suddenly have a whim and exercise for a few hours. As a result, people with joint pain for months or even years are present.
Middle-aged people are more suitable for low-load training of joints, such as sitting knee flexion, cycling, swimming, etc.
  Ageing stage: Bone spurs do not need to be “grinded” deliberately. Some older people have such a misunderstanding that they think that exercise will accelerate the aging of the knee joint.
In fact, with age, the knee joint will naturally degenerate, but moderate and reasonable exercise can effectively delay the rate of joint degeneration, especially the articular cartilage can only obtain nutrition from the joint fluid during exercise.
  Corresponding to “non-movementists” is “excessive movementists”.
Knee joint pain is a common disease of the elderly. Bone spurs are habitually considered to be the “culprit” causing pain. In order to “wear away” the bone spurs, some elderly people deliberately strengthen exercise.
Professor Zhao Jinzhong emphasized that bone spurs are not the main cause of aging and pain in knee joints, so there is no need to “grind.”
The pain caused by joint aging is mainly caused by the wear of articular cartilage. A large amount of exercise will not only “abrade” the bone spurs, but will also exacerbate the wear of residual cartilage.
  The state of articular cartilage in each elderly person is different, and the appropriate exercise method and intensity are also different.
Therefore, corresponding medical examinations and consultations are necessary.
In order to delay joint aging and alleviate the symptoms caused by joint aging, the elderly are suitable for some knee flexion, sitting, cycling, and swimming, but they are not suitable for long-term walking and running.
Elderly people are forbidden to do knee flexion (hip) flexion before and after shaking the knee joint. This exercise will exacerbate the wear of joint cartilage and cause sudden pain.
  ”Knee Love” Must Read 1.Avoid overwork, reduce weight bearing, avoid repeated flexing of knee joints such as going up and down, running, climbing, etc., and avoid sprains.


Do not wear high heels when walking long distances. Wear thick but flexible soft-soled shoes to reduce the impact of the knee joint.


Before physical exercise, you should prepare for the activity, slowly stretch your knee joint, and allow the knee joint to move fully before participating in the counter-attack.


When riding a bicycle, adjust the height of the seat. It is advisable to sit on the seat with your two feet on the pedals. Your legs can be straight or slightly bent.When you pedal hard, you have a bad effect on your knee joint.


The knee joints must be extra warm to avoid cold and slight irritation. Especially young women are best to avoid wearing short skirts in autumn and winter.


Those who are too obese should lose weight, otherwise it will increase the burden on the knee joint.

Reminder: not washing your teeth will damage tartar

Reminder: not washing your teeth will damage tartar

Some people think that if you brush your teeth carefully every day, you don’t need to wash your teeth. This is not right.

Because the teeth will form new plaques within half an hour after thorough brushing, which can reach the maximum amount in 30 hours, and become calculus over time, which can cause gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding, bad breath, and eventually cause teethLoose or even cancel.

Therefore, if adults have not washed their teeth, they should go to the hospital as soon as possible for cleaning, and it is best to do it once every six months.

  It is commonly known as “tooth washing”, and medical term is called “Jiezhi”.

The so-called “clean” is to remove bacteria, tartar, pigment and other tartar from the tooth surface; and “treatment” means that it is one of the basic methods of treating periodontal disease.

The deterioration of gingivitis and periodontitis can be alleviated by washing teeth, but periodontal disease cannot be cured by simply washing teeth.

To cure periodontal disease, further diagnosis and professional oral treatment should be performed after tooth washing.

The main purpose of washing teeth is to prevent oral diseases, not just for aesthetics.

  Teeth washing is a highly specialized technical task.

Practice has proved that washing your teeth at a distance is very harmful.

  First, only visible tartar is removed, leaving the deepest tartar with the strongest pathogenic effect, which does not achieve the purpose of syringe periodontal disease.

Second, damage to the gums, especially when the roots of the teeth are exposed after the tartar has been removed, can not be further treated in a timely manner, which leads to unbearable pain and aggravates the periodontal disease.

Third, cross-infection can easily occur if disinfection is incomplete.

Therefore, you should carefully choose the place to wash your teeth. You should go to the hospital to find medical staff with strict training to wash your teeth.

  Why do my teeth feel strange or allergic after washing?

After washing the teeth, the teeth are wide, will the teeth become loose?

  In fact, tartar is like a large cotton paddle. Once you take off your teeth and expose them to a “long absence” environment, you will have all kinds of strange feelings.

If it is a healthy tooth, the strange feeling will disappear in the future.

If the gap between the teeth is large, it means that there is periodontal disease itself and the gums have shrunk. After removing the tartar, the illusion of widening the gap between the teeth is the cause of periodontal disease itself.

If tartar is not removed in time, the gums will shrink further, which will cause the teeth to loosen.

  Some people say that washing your teeth will increase the gap between your teeth, cause tooth allergies, and damage your teeth. Washing your teeth is costly and time consuming, and it ‘s uncomfortable and unnecessary.

  Those who hold such a view, first of all, do not have a clear understanding of the principle and purpose of dental washing.

At present, the tooth washing performed by hospitals and distance dental clinics does not use abrasive particles to remove the attachments on the tooth surface, but uses ultrasonic induction conversion to remove the stones and calcified dirt on the tooth surface to avoid further irritation of the gums.Bleeding, acidity, sweetness, heat, cold and other symptoms are caused. Boots cause inflammation of the gums and periodontal inflammation.

  Basically, after washing your teeth, you are allergic, the gap between your teeth is enlarged, and you feel uncomfortable because you have not been used to washing your teeth. The calculus has been attached to the tooth for a long time.

Coupled with not washing the teeth for a long time, the gums atrophy, the roots of the teeth are exposed, and there is usually stone protection. Certain allergic symptoms will occur after washing.

Although stones can protect the gums and roots, this protection is unhealthy. There are a lot of bacteria in them, which will greatly increase the incidence of oral diseases. The interdental problem is inherent, but it is only a long time.There was no cleaning, and the stones were injected.

  Under normal circumstances, washing the teeth every six months or one year is enough. For smokers, it is best to wash the teeth about three months.

Regular teeth cleaning not only cleans the teeth, but also the doctor checks the teeth for the teether at the same time as the teeth are cleaned, and can also find the problem and treat it in time.

Several principles for buying a home exercise machine

Several principles for buying a home exercise machine

There are several principles for families to choose when exercising: 1.

According to the needs of their own conditions.


The financial situation of the family.


Housing environment and other external environment.

  First of all, you should choose fitness equipment according to your physical fitness, exercise purpose and favorite sports style.

Patients and infirm patients who have limited mobility, are weak or are recovering, should choose equipment that can withstand their own physical strength, such as exercise bikes and rowing machines, steppers, tensile training devices, etc.

If you want to lose weight, you can choose a multifunctional treadmill to strengthen your body.

For fitness purposes, you can purchase mini weightlifters, weightlifters, or thirteen treadmills.

The family’s economic situation and housing conditions are better, replacing the 31 functions and 13 functions.
These fitness equipment are not only low in price and suitable for working class, but also occupy a small area and have high practicality.

At present, the most popular family-friendly treadmill is a multi-functional treadmill. This kind of equipment is full-featured and integrates entertainment and strengthening.

If the housing conditions are not too spacious, you can choose a twelve-function treadmill.

Ten strokes to prevent dementia


Ten strokes to prevent dementia

Core Tip: The so-called Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive development of fatal neurodegenerative diseases. The clinical manifestations are the deterioration of cognitive and memory functions, the progressive decline of daily abilities, and various neuropsychiatric and behavioral disorders.

How to prevent it?

銆€銆€Alzheimer’s disease refers to a persistent high-level neurological activity disorder, that is, in the absence of disturbance of consciousness, memory, thinking, analysis and judgment, visual spatial recognition, emotional and other obstacles. The following describes the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.a secret.

銆€銆€First, the diet is balanced, avoiding excessive salt and animal babies.

One day salt intake should be controlled below 10 grams, eat less animal waste and sugar, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. should be balanced.

Eat more brain foods such as: walnuts, sesame seeds, lotus seeds, pine nuts, day lily, peanuts, jujube, hawthorn, fish, eggs, soybeans, fungus, yam and so on.

銆€銆€Second, moderate exercise, maintain the strength of the waist and feet, such as tai chi, walking, jogging.

Taking deep breaths allows the brain to fully absorb oxygen and activate brain nerve cells.

The movement of the hand is also very important. It is often done to do some complex and exquisite handwork to promote the vitality of the brain. Cooking, writing diaries, playing musical instruments, painting, etc. all have the effect of preventing dementia.

銆€銆€Third, avoid excessive drinking, smoking, and regular life.

Excessive drinking can cause liver dysfunction and cause abnormal brain function.

Drink more than 0 a day.

People with more than 3 liters are more likely to have cerebrovascular dementia than the average person.

Smoking does not only cause cerebral vascular dementia, but also an important cause of dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular infarction.

銆€銆€Fourth, prevent lifestyle-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension and obesity.

Early detection, early treatment.

銆€銆€Fifth, be careful not to fall, and the right fall will cause dementia.

Older people should use crutches if necessary.

銆€銆€Sixth, the constant interest and curiosity of objects can increase people’s attention and prevent memory loss.

Older people should do more youth activities and participate in public welfare activities, social activities, etc. to strengthen the brain nerves.

銆€銆€Seventh, we must actively use the brain to prevent mental decline.

Even when watching a TV series, you can achieve your brainpower by telling your feelings at any time.

Reading and publishing, playing chess, writing diaries, writing letters, etc. are simple and helpful ways of brain power.

銆€銆€Eighth, pay attention to people at any time, maintain good interpersonal relationships, and find their own survival value.

銆€銆€Ninth, keep a young heart and dress yourself properly.

銆€銆€Tenth, avoid being too deep, negative, sighing, and living in a cheerful mood.

Older people often have to face the lost experience of retirement, friend death, etc. Many people get depression, reduce immune function, have no appetite and physical strength, and even stay in bed for a long time.

Remember – the workplace is not too direct


Remember: the workplace is not too direct

If you ask, people who like to go straight or go around, you must like the former.

Yes, we all like straightforward friends in life, we look forward to going straight to each other, even the courage, but often we close the deep heart between each other – like each other without talking, and hate the other side without cover, so, straightforwardWhen it really broke out, look at the occasion.

銆€銆€From a psychological point of view, straightforwardness is the most essential part of human nature.

It is widely believed that children are simple, they have not been polluted by the world, and they show natural truth everywhere. This is probably the so-called “naive.”

Their straightforwardness is the true embodiment of nature. The direct feelings of external things can be expressed through language without processing, and this direct expression is acceptable. This is the so-called “children’s words.”

銆€銆€Unlike the child’s straightforward preference, the adult’s straightforwardness is often rarely accepted because adults are sophisticated, and adults’ expressions are considered to be processed or even disguised, and their minds are different.Often something.

We do not rule out the people who swear by the sword, but the good intentions are regarded as the liver and lungs. Good wishes often fail to receive good results, and it is also a lot of pain in the hearts of adults.

銆€銆€Straightforward and straightforward, you said it directly, you feel cool, but don’t forget, if you are too straightforward, others will be unhappy.

In the workplace, people often need to pay attention to the way of speaking. They must be good at not being annoying. If you are good at doing good things, you must have a good result. When you give suggestions and opinions, you should pay attention to the timing, methods and methods.

銆€銆€Most people are good-faced, especially those who have identity, who are aware of the atmosphere at the scene, whether the emotions of the other party are suitable for straightforward chests, some opinions point to the end, or temporarily put aside, even waiting for the other party to wake up and realize that they have not tastedNo, you don’t have to separate the high and low.

銆€銆€The ancients said that “sixty and smooth ears” contain not only the vain and the ruthlessness, but also the reluctance of the mind, but also the realm of containing the dew and moistening things.

It is clear that these are clear, and good results will be improved for good intentions.