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Chongqing Iron & Steel (601005) 2019 Interim Report Review: Reduced Costs and Increased Benefits Significantly Help the Company’s Profitable Industry

Chongqing Iron & Steel (601005) 2019 Interim Report Review: Reduced Costs and Increased Benefits Significantly Help the Company’s Profitable Industry
Chongqing Iron & Steel released its 2019 Interim Report, and 2019H1 net profit fell by 19 each year.2%.The company’s operating income in 2019H1 was 11.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.5%; net profit attributable to mother 6.1.6 billion, down 19 a year.2%.The gross profit 武汉夜网论坛 of 2019 H1 ton of steel is 369 yuan, and the net profit of ton of steel is 199 yuan.In 2019H1’s profitability industry, the annual decline in net profit was significantly lower than the industry average. The 7 listed steel companies that have disclosed the interim report or performance forecast have a total net profit decline of more than 47%.  Production continues to increase, cost reduction and efficiency improvement are significant, helping the company’s profitability industry.(1) After the judicial reorganization, the company’s production will gradually resume, and the steel output of the company will increase and increase in 2019H1.4%; (2) product structure upgrade, 2019H1 company’s ton steel business income was 3705 yuan, continuously flat; (3) strengthen corporate governance, reduce costs and increase efficiency 深圳桑拿网 significantly, 2019H1 company’s ton steel period cost is 146 yuan / tonThe second complex is down 53%.After the company’s restructuring, the crude steel production capacity is 840, and there is still room for growth in the future.  The net profit in the single quarter of Q2 2019 increased significantly by 209%.The company’s single-quarter revenue in 2019Q2 was 61.76 ppm, a 10-year increase3.96%, an increase of 16 from the previous month.3%; net profit attributable to mother 4.6.5 billion, an annual increase of 13.1%, an increase of 209% MoM; net cash flow from operations 2.2.7 billion, the company’s performance in the second quarter improved significantly.  Looking forward to deep cooperation with Baowu Group.After the reorganization of the company, the former Zhonggang Group has gradually withdrawn from the reorganization. The senior executives such as the chairman and the general manager of the company were former executives of Baowu Group, which is conducive to the company to achieve more efficient production and operation, which is good for the company’s profit recovery.Recently, the chairman of Baowu Group inspected the old steel plant of Zhonggang. In the future, the company and Baowu Group may have deeper cooperation.  The first coverage was given an “overweight” rating.We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.14 yuan, 0.11 yuan, 0.10 yuan.With reference to a comparable company, the company is given a target price of 2.10 yuan, H share target price of 1.10 builds.The company’s output growth bonus, and the strengthening of cooperation with Baowu are beneficial to the transformation of industries with stable profitability. For the first time, we cover and give the company an “overweight” rating.  Risk reminders: corporate governance risks, steel price fluctuation risks, etc.

Hongdou Shares (600400) Annual Report Comments: Faster Growth in Clothing Revenue Deepens Omni-Channel Distribution

Hongdou Shares (600400) Annual Report Comments: Faster Growth in Clothing Revenue Deepens Omni-Channel Distribution
I. Event Overview The company achieved operating income in 201824.8.3 billion, down 8 a year.89%, of which men’s clothing business income 23.400,000 yuan, an increase of 28 in ten years.23%; net profit attributable to mother 2.07 billion, down 66 every year.06%, mainly due to the gains from the recognition of the equity of the holding subsidiary 杭州夜网 Hongdou Real Estate sold in May 2017. If the above factors are excluded, the net profit attributable to mothers increased by 15.12%; budget benefit 0.08 yuan.Second, analyze and judge the rapid growth of clothing revenue, increase in inventory turnover, the company’s total operating income in 2018 fell slightly, mainly due to the real estate sales in 20177.7.8 billion, excluding the impact of real estate sales, total operating income increased by 27 compared to 2017.48%.The main clothing business realized operating income23.400,000 yuan, an increase of 28 in ten years.23%, mainly benefited from the growth of offline stores and online sales revenue, the gross profit margin decreased by 1.68pct to 28.27%; Yarn printing and dyeing business contributed revenue1.420,000 yuan, an increase of 16.21%, gross margin increased by 3.11 points 杭州桑拿网 to 21.90%.Selling expenses increase by 6 per year.46%, mainly due to the increase in chain franchise stores, the expansion of operating personnel expenditures and prop-type asset amortization increase, as well as online and group purchase business growth service fees increased; management expenses rose 26.77%, mainly due to the increase in salaries and benefits of managers; R & D expenses increased by 27.49%, we believe that the increase in expenditure and material costs of employees who are mainly employed or the impact of the increase; financial costs decreased by 65.03%, mainly due to the decrease in final income and expenditure caused by the sale of the holding subsidiary’s Hongdou Real Estate equity in May 2017.In addition, the company’s clothing inventory turnover investment in 20187.05%, 6 before 2017.81% has improved, as of the end of last year, the company was 65.29% of the inventory age of clothing inventory products is within 6 months. Generally speaking, the inventory age of inventory products is the cause. Stores continue to optimize and upgrade, and promote online and offline omni-channel layout. The company continues to optimize the chain franchise model, focuses on developing brand image stores in provincial capital cities, accelerates its presence in mature shopping malls, and promotes multi-store layout in key cities to strengthen channel scale effects.As of the end of 2018, there were a total of 1,338 men’s clothing stores in Hodo, a net increase of 245 so far.At the same time, the company actively expands online channels, cooperates in depth with third-party e-commerce platforms such as Tmall,, Vipshop, Suning, etc., and conducts strategic cooperation with to open ‘s first clothing-free retail store “Hongdou Home””Fashion life experience store” is expected to rely on JD Logistics platform to improve logistics efficiency.The company’s online sales revenue in 20183.260,000 yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.77%; 13% of total income.94%, a year to raise 0.77pct.We believe that advancing the online and offline omnichannel layout will help the company accurately target customer needs, upgrade the shopping experience, and further enhance the brand image.Third, investment advice The company’s clothing main business income grows rapidly, and the channel continues to optimize and upgrade.EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.11/0.13/0.14 yuan, corresponding to PE is 40/34/30 times, the first coverage, given a “cautious recommendation” rating.Fourth, risks indicate that terminal demand exceeds expectations; channel expansion is less than expected.

Denghai Seed Industry (002041): The industry’s competition is fierce and the company’s competitiveness needs to be improved

Denghai Seed Industry (002041): The industry’s competition is fierce and the company’s competitiveness needs to be improved

1H19 returns to mother’s net profit for ten years -8.

00%, the performance is in line with the expected 1H19 results announced by Denghai Seeds: 1H19 revenue3.

08 thousand yuan, ten years +3.

80%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

310,000 yuan, at least -8.

00%, of which 1 in 2Q19 income.

72 trillion, ten years +9.

20%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

26 trillion, +84 for ten years due to low cardinality.

12%, the performance is in line with our expectations.

The company’s main performance comes from the corn seed business, and the income from this business in 1H19 was half a year -0.

31%, gross margin ten years -2.

1ppt, no improvement in performance.

Under fierce competition in the industry, the overall demand for corn seed production and prices have declined, which indirectly affects the company’s corn seed production business performance.

1H19 gross profit margin -2 per second.

4ppt to 30.

0%, the net interest rate is ten years -1.

3ppt to 10.

1%, profitability decline; on average, R & D expenditure +64.

72% to 0.

USD 3.8 billion due to the company’s strengthening research and reserve for new breeding technologies.

In 1H19, 20 new corn varieties (including 11 nationally-approved varieties) have been approved by the company, and the reserve varieties have increased.

Development Trend Maize prices are on the upward path, and the external operating environment is improving: The state has implemented supply-side structural reforms, and the overall planting area of corn has decreased, and this year’s Spodoptera litura epidemic has affected corn planting.

At the same time, the demand of the corn industry continues to increase, and the growth of corn consumption has increased.

On the whole, the long-term supply and demand pattern of corn has continued to be optimized, and the temporary storage of inventories has been continuously digested. The price of corn has increased and the external operating environment for corn seed production has therefore improved.

The industry competition is fierce, and the company’s variety competitiveness needs to be improved: the internal state-approved varieties of the internal corn seed industry continue to increase, and the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

At the same time, the company’s main breed variety Pioneer 335, Denghai 605 extended too long, and Denghai 618’s promotion area is still small, which makes the company’s current variety competitiveness insufficient.

Looking forward, the company still needs to further explore the strong varieties of the bait, and considering the extension of the variety promotion period, we judge that the company will face certain challenges to reshape its advantages in the short term, and its performance lacks new sources of growth.

However, the company’s investment in research and development has increased and more national reserves have been added to the reserve. In the future, more advantageous varieties will be commercialized, and performance will be further improved.

Correspondence between profit 杭州桑拿网 forecast and estimated estimate 2019/2020 2.


7 times P / B ratio.

We maintain our Neutral rating and maintain our net profit forecast for 2019/2020 at 0.


70 trillion unchanged, considering the overall assessment and repair of the industry, raise the target price by 24% to 8.

2 yuan, corresponding to 2019/2020 2.


5 times price-to-book ratio, -8% space. The promotion of risk varieties was lower than expected; the supply-demand relationship in the industry deteriorated; the risk of natural disasters.

How to care for your hair in four easy steps

How to care for your hair in four easy steps

The hair is not supple, easy to frizz, split ends, and it is very troublesome when combing your hair. How to care for the hair?

Especially with regard to perming and dyeing, what misunderstandings should be avoided in terms of care?

  There are four steps to care for your hair. After washing your hair with cold water, you must pay attention to choosing shampoo after perming. You must choose a shampoo with repairing and nourishing effects.

In addition, the temperature of the water used for washing the hair is intolerable. It is not that the water temperature exceeds the better. Washing the hair with low temperature water is more conducive to the closure of the hair scales.

When you start washing your hair, the water temperature can be slightly higher than the body temperature, but the temperature of the water at the last pass is slightly lower than the body temperature.

Therefore, the traditional method of shampooing is not suitable after perming.

  2. Strengthen nourishing hair. Female friends must pay attention to the fact that the permed hair is damaged, even dry and dull, and the moisture is nourished, so it is necessary to strengthen the nourishment.

Always use conditioner every time you wash your hair.

And once a week deep nourishing hair is also a good way to enhance hair shine.

After washing the hair, apply the essence from the root to the end of the hair. It is recommended to repeat the application three times until the essence is completely absorbed.

Consistent use for a month can make damaged hair much better, which can reduce the dryness of hair and improve gloss.

  3, eat more seaweed hair gloss depends largely on the role of thyroid hormone in the body.

However, after a woman is 30 years old, her ability to produce thyroxine decreases.

And seaweed food is extremely rich in iodine, this element is the main raw material for thyroid hormone synthesis in the body.

Therefore, often eating seaweed foods has special effects on hair growth, moisturization and Wuliang.

  4, to ensure the absorption of green vegetables and yellow fruits lack of vitamins also easily lead to dull hair.

For example, vitamin b has the effect of promoting hair growth and making the hair appear natural luster, while vitamin c can activate the microvascular wall, so that the hair can smoothly absorb the nutrients in the blood.

Therefore, usually eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, leeks, celery, mango, bananas, etc., not only can beautify the skin, but it also has less effect on restoring healthy and shiny hair.

  Pay attention to hair care misunderstandings. Myth 1: Hair dyeing and dyeing are performed simultaneously rather than after dyeing. Many hair salons are not far from the hairdresser. In order to improve their performance, they will erroneously guide customers to perform dyeing and dyeing at the same time.

Because even the best hot dyeing products contain more or less chemical ingredients, which will hurt the hair. If you dye it again, it will hurt the hair. It is serious and serious and will affect the elastic color of the hair. The gloss of the hair should be treated after perming.Do it again in about a week and do deep repair after dyeing.

  Misunderstanding 2: The temperature of the hair dryer is too high, and the heat resistance of the hair is not absorbed by the heat-resistant oil. The temperature of the hair is about 80’C. If the temperature is too high, the internal nutrients in the hair will be blown away.Will be dry and hairy.

  Misunderstanding 3: Combing your hair vigorously Some people think that scratching your head to remove dandruff is wrong.

Because if you apply too much force, the bacteria on your nails will hurt the keratin on your scalp, and the cells will shift, which will cause scalp injuries.

  Misunderstanding 4: After washing the hair, take a towel and rub it vigorously, because the hair has hair scales like fish scales.

If you rub hard, the nutritional content of the hair scales will also be lost, resulting in dry hair.

The correct way is to let the hair absorb and rehydrate.

  Misunderstanding 5: For the purpose of not choosing targeted cleaning products, a family uses a cleaning product that has dandruff but uses an anti-dropping cleaning product.

This approach is certainly not scientific.

Should be targeted to choose hair loss prevention and care products, dandruff and anti-dandruff wash products, dry and split naturally use moisturizing repair products.

  Myth # 6: Applying too many styling products is now popular for natural beauty. A good hairstyle is of course natural and elegant, and elegant.

Applying too much styling products to make the hairstyle too stiff, too rigid and boring, and the styling products contain alcohol.

Naturally it also causes certain damage to hair.

9 porridge products to prevent dryness and dry mouth

9 porridge products to prevent dryness and dry mouth

Black Sesame Porridge: Wash and dry the black sesame seeds, stir-fry and grind, take 25 grams each time, spend 100 grams of rice to cook the cooked porridge, add 1 spoon of honey, boil until the porridge is thick.

Black sesame has the functions of intestinal laxative, beneficial to the five internal organs, and strengthens bones and bones.

This porridge can nourish the five internal organs, moisturize and laxative, and is suitable for liver and kidney deficiency, deficiency of wind, dizziness, wind paralysis, paralysis, coaly stools, false victory after illness, early whitening, and low postpartum milk.

  Fresh congee porridge: 250 grams of rice, 100 grams of fresh congee, add water to the boil.

Chinese medicine believes that cooked loquat tastes sweet and has the functions of nourishing blood, promoting spleen, appetizing, and removing dryness and lungs.

Fresh congee porridge is suitable for lung and stomach fever, thirst, bad breath, sputum hemoptysis, bruises, and stasis.

  White fungus porridge: 250 grams of rice, 15 grams of white fungus, add water to the boil.

White fungus is a tonic for nourishing yin, moisturizing the lungs, and regenerating Jin in autumn.

White fungus porridge has the effect of nourishing lungs and relieving cough, nourishing qi and nourishing kidney.

Suitable for heat deficiency and cough in yin deficiency, qi and yin deficiency.

  Apple porridge: 500 grams of apples, 100 grams of sago and 100 grams of sugar, add water to the boil.

Apple porridge has the functions of regenerating lungs, moisturizing the lungs, removing annoyance, relieving heat, and strengthening the stomach. It is suitable for lack of energy, nausea, indigestion, enteritis and dysentery, dry stool, high blood pressure, etc.

  Chrysanthemum porridge: 30 grams of chrysanthemum, previously 100 grams of rice, first decoction of chrysanthemum, add juice and cook rice to make porridge.

Chrysanthemum porridge has the functions of dispersing wind-heat, clearing liver fire, and eyesight, etc. It is suitable for complications such as autumn-heat-type cold, upset, dry eyes, swelling and pain, and also has a good effect on cardiovascular disease.

  Chinese wolfberry porridge: 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 100 grams of previous rice, add water.

With the porridge.

Chinese wolfberry porridge has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidneys, replenishing eyesight and deficiency, and is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with liver and kidney yin deficiency, blurred vision, soft waist and sour legs.

  Carrot porridge: 150 grams of carrots, peeled, washed, chopped, and cooked with 100 grams of rice to make porridge.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that carrots are sweet and flat, and have the effect of lowering qi and improving chest pain and supplementing the five internal organs. This porridge is suitable for constipation, gastrointestinal upset, fullness, flatulence, and indigestion.

  Potato porridge: 100 grams of potatoes, peeled, washed, cut into small pieces, and cooked with 100 grams of rice to make porridge.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that potatoes are sweet, flat, and have the effects of strengthening the spleen, replenishing qi, and regulating qi. This porridge is suitable for dry stomach, stomach pain, and constipation.

  Pear porridge: previously 50 grams of rice, boiled with water and boiled: 2-3 raw pears, peeled and pitted, cut into small pieces, put into the porridge pot, add the right amount of rock sugar.

Cook gruel.

This porridge can be refreshed and moistened, clearing heat and relieving cough, reducing phlegm and reducing fire, and is suitable for fever and thirst, cough with lung heat, less dry sputum, weak body after illness, less dry mouth and so on.

  Some of the above porridge foods focus on dispersing the wind to heat, relieving the fire, relieving the anxiety and dryness; some focus on nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, nourishing the lungs, replenishing the heart, nourishing the yin and moistening;Yijingshengxue, strong kidney and strong tendons are all good for autumn health care.

Taking it regularly can soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, resist aging, and prolong life. It is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Blood-enhancing beauty medicated diet

Blood-enhancing beauty medicated diet

Cosmetology-Red wine stewed apples: peel the apples (400g) and cut them into crescents with a knife.

Put the apples in the milk pan, pour the red wine over the apples, and simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat. The apples can be eaten after soaking in red wine for two hours.

Friends who like to eat sweets can add sugar or honey.

  Efficacy: Activating blood circulation and removing stasis, it also has a curative effect on women’s physiological stomach pain.

In addition, red wine is also a beauty product.

  Blood tonic-Red Bean Black Sesame Dew Method: Red beans (200 g), black sesame (50 g), washed, soaked in water for 1 hour and drained; red beans are boiled and boiled over low heat for about 40 minutes, then add black sesame to cookAfter rolling, change to low heat and cook for 10 minutes, turn off the heat for 30 minutes, season with sugar.

  Efficacy: blood tonic, hair care, hair care for middle-aged people.

10-minute spine exercises

10-minute spine exercises

Preliminary: The side-to-side rotation method lies horizontally, with the left leg straight, the right leg flexed, the right hand on the hips, and the upper body for front-to-back rotation activities.

After turning over, you can turn around 3-6 times on each side.

  Step 2: Sit on the back with the shoulders, lie on the bed, bend your elbows, put your hands on your chest, and push your right shoulder forward (with your right elbow not off the bed) when your head turns to the right.

Push your left shoulder in the same way, 3-6 times each.

(If you have morning stiffness or numbness in your hands, you can do more; those with periarthritis, shrug shoulders, shake your shoulders, and insert a few times into the pain points on the collarbone.

) Step 3: Squeeze or lie on your back with the back of your neck, hold your head with one hand, put the back of your neck with the palm of your other hand, and squeeze the back of your neck with the fingers of 2, 3, 4 and the palm.For vertebral joints, stop there and take one or two more.

Repeat the right and left ends from top to bottom, and repeat 2-3 times from bottom to top.

  Step 4: Lie on your back with your head upright. Take the right side as an example. Hold the back of the left and right heads, turn your head 30 degrees to the right, support the mandible with your right palm, point your right hand to your right ear, and push your right hand upward with a short force.For the lower jaw, make your head lift your head and correct it to the upper right, 2-3 times at a time.

Place your hands in the same way.

(If you have unilateral analgesia of the head and neck, do health complications first, then disease complications.

) Step 5: Sit down with the pull-in method to lie on your back, hold your hands on the lower part of the back of the neck pillow, and align your head with your hands. Your lower limbs are flexed, and your heels are slightly open and flat, so that you can approach them forward.

The hips are slightly lifted off the bed, and both lower limbs simultaneously forcefully step down on both knees and the feet, so that the body moves downwards due to traction.

(In case of severe illness and pain, one-leg traction can be done first, followed by 2-3 pulls on both the left and right sides, followed by 2-3 pulls on both lower limbs.

Step 6: Lie on your back with your chest on your back, align your hands with your hands folded, and your lower limbs naturally straighten. With your head and hips as the fulcrum, you will lift up and get up (while inhaling) and put your back on the bed (whileExhale), brisk movement, naturally better, 30-100 times.

(Beginners stop once every 10 times, and continue to practice after 30 breaths.

) Note: The above 6 methods should be practiced every morning before getting up, only 8-10 minutes to complete after proficiency.

In the initial period, once a day, if you feel effective after 3 months, you can replace it 2-3 times a week. Perseverance can maintain spine health.

20 sleep habits that make you sleep older

20 sleep habits that make you sleep older

1. Drink tea before bedtime: Tea contains substances such as caffeine, which will stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited.

Drinking tea before bed, especially strong tea, makes it harder for people to fall asleep.

  2. First-level exercise before bedtime: venous activity, brain nerve cells show excitement, this excitement will not calm down in a short time, and people will not fall asleep quickly.

Therefore, you should try to keep your body calm before going to bed.

  3, the pillow is too high: from a physiological point of view, the pillow is 8?
12 cm is appropriate.

If the pillow is too low, it may easily cause “falling pillow”, or due to too much blood injected into the brain, causing the brain to swell the next day, and the eyelids swell; if the pillow is too high, it will affect the unobstructed airway, snoring easily, and long-term high pillows may cause complicationsDiscomfort or hump.

  4. Sleep with your hands on your pillows: When you sleep with your hands under your head, in addition to affecting blood circulation and causing numbness in your upper limbs, it will also increase intra-abdominal pressure. Over time, “reflux esophagitis” will occur.

  5. Fall asleep with accessories: Some women do not have the habit of removing and removing accessories while sleeping, which is very dangerous.

First, some ornaments are metallic, and they will cause chronic absorption and accumulation of poisoning (such as aluminum poisoning) unconsciously due to long-term wear and tear on the skin. Second, some ornaments that have noctilucent effects will produce radium radiation.However, long-term accumulation can lead to adverse consequences. Third, sleeping with accessories can hinder the circulation of the machine body, which is unfavorable to metabolism. This is also the reason that the local skin with accessories is easy to age.

  6, slightly drunk to fall asleep: through lifestyle changes, young women now have a rich nightlife, especially some professional women’s entertainment instead, often accompanied by slightly drunk to fall asleep.

According to medical research, suffocation is likely to occur after drinking and falling asleep before bedtime, usually about twice a night, about 10 minutes each time.

For a long time, people are susceptible to diseases such as hypertension and hypertension.

  7, sleep with makeup: some women, especially young women do not remove makeup before going to bed.

Cosmetic residues on the skin are injected into the pores, causing sweat gland secretion disorders, which not only easily cause acne, but also damage the skin for a long time, leading to faster aging.

  8. Go to bed with a bra: Bras are protective of breast cancer, but wearing a bra to fall asleep causes illness.

Especially stimulate breast tumors.

According to research by relevant experts, girls who wear bras for more than 17 hours a day are 20 times more likely to develop breast tumors than those who wear bras or do not wear bras for a short period of time.

This is because breast cancer is under pressure for a long time, lymphatic return is blocked, and harmful substances are retained in the breast.

  9, before going to bed full meals: eat too full before going to bed, transplant to accelerate digestion, the stomach full of food will continue to stimulate the brain.

There is an excitement in the brain, and people cannot sleep peacefully, implying that Chinese medicine says that “when the stomach is out of harmony, you are restless.”

  10, angry before bedtime: angry before bedtime, usually people’s heartbeat speeds up, shortness of breath, thoughts, so that it is difficult to fall asleep.

  11, sleeping with a covered head: Because of the cold, many people are afraid of getting cold on their heads. They like to use a quilt to cover their heads to sleep. They do n’t know how to cover their heads and sleep. Sleeping on a covered face can cause breathing difficulties and increase the carbon dioxide concentration in the quilt.The concentration of oxygen continues to drop, and continuous inhalation of outside air is extremely harmful to the brain.

Over time, it will lead to hypoxia, cause poor sleep, and make it easy to have nightmares.

After waking up, you may feel dizzy, fatigued, and depressed.

  12, open mouth breathing: closed mouth night lying is the best way to maintain vitality, and open mouth breathing will not only suck in dust, but also easily cause the trachea, lungs and ribs to be stimulated by cold air.

  13. Sleeping against the wind: The human body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes decreases during sleep. Sleeping against the wind is susceptible to cold and sick.

Therefore, the place to sleep should avoid opening the air vents, keeping the bed away from the window and the door a certain distance.

  14. Sitting and sleeping: Many women are nervous at work, feel very tired after returning home, sit on the sofa after eating enough, and doze off.

And sitting and sleeping will slow down the heart rate, make the blood vessels dilate, aggravate brain hypoxia, resulting in dizziness and tinnitus.

  15. Sleeping relative: Some family members, such as couples, mothers and children, often sleep relative to each other.

This will cause the gas inhaled by one party to be mainly the exhaust gas exhaled by the other party, the brain produces fresh oxygen or insufficient oxygen supply, and it is also easy to cause insomnia, dreaming, dizziness and fatigue after waking up, and apathy.

Because everyone’s sleeping habits are different, pulling the quilt, kicking, snoring, etc., can easily cause the quilt to slip off, catch a cold, and affect sleep.

  16. Sleeping off the shoulders: Some people have the habit of sleeping with their shoulders exposed outside the quilt. They do n’t know that the weather is cold in winter, and the cold can easily invade the shoulder joints of the human body, causing local meridian bones, blood, blood stasis, and difficulty in circulation, causing rheumatism and arthritis.Sore joints and pain.

It is also prone to colds and runny noses caused by wind and cold, causing poor breathing and dizziness and headache.

  17, do not turn off the electric blanket to sleep: Opening the electric blanket all night, not only makes people feel dry and dry after waking up, but also prone to colds.

When a person falls asleep, the ideal temperature in the quilt is 33-35 ° C, and the relative humidity is 55% -60%. In this “small environment”, a large number of blood vessels in the skin are in a contracted state, and blood flow is slowed, so that the body is fullyRest and adjustment.

If the electric blanket is heated for too long, and the temperature in the bed continues to be too high, the skin blood vessels will expand, blood circulation will accelerate, breathing will become deeper and faster, and the ability to resist germs will decline, which may lead to a cold.
Therefore, the correct way to use the electric blanket is to turn on the power 10 minutes before bedtime, and turn off the power when it is plugged into the preheater, as long as you do not feel the sudden cold when entering the bed.
  18. Stored sleep: The human body cannot store sleep. Sleeping for a few more hours in order to stay up late is not very helpful to the human body.

In fact, the human body only needs a certain quality of sleep. Not only can you sleep more if you sleep more, it is also not good for your health.

  19. Insufficient Sleep: The main way the brain eliminates fatigue is sleep.

Lack of long-term sleep or poor quality will only accelerate the decline of brain cells, and smart people will become confused.

  20, overdraft sleep: Some women like to stay up all night and even play all night long.

Although they regained their consciousness the next day, the adverse effects caused by the circadian clock disturbance are unavoidable. They may be sleepy during the day, may have difficulty concentrating, may have insomnia at night and cannot fall asleep.

How to get rid of post-symptom syndrome after a long vacation

How to get rid of “post-symptom syndrome” after a long vacation

Eating, drinking, and having fun for seven days in a row makes many people feel uncomfortable on the first day of work.

Compared with the expectation when returning home from vacation, there is anxiety after returning to work. The culprit is “post-holiday syndrome”.
So, how do we easily get rid of “post-symptom syndrome”?
  After the Spring Festival holiday, everyone will generally have the following situations, see how Xiaobian saw it!

  1. Neck, shoulder and back pain. Visiting relatives and friends during the long vacation, everyone gathered together, chatting, playing mahjong, all night, playing very hige.
But you can see that people who have been sitting for a long time have an unbalanced tension in the spinal ligaments and nearby muscles, which is particularly prone to cervical spondylosis and lumbar muscle strain.
  Solution: Lift the neck and shoulders 10 to 15 times, and press and massage the Fengchi, Shoulder, Hegu and Houxi points for 3 minutes each.
When lifting the neck and shoulders, use your thumb and the other four fingers to pinch the neck or shoulder muscles firmly, first pinch and lift it, then release it, and repeat it, with local soreness but tolerance.
This method has antispasmodic and analgesic effects, which can relax local muscles and relieve pain.
According to the four acupoints of kneading Fengchi, Shoulder Well, Hegu and Houxi, the effect of dredging meridians, qi and blood, and passing through analgesia can be achieved through the method of matching points.
  In addition, the prevention of neck, shoulder, and back pain is a long-term battle!
You also need to pay attention to maintaining a correct sitting posture, using pillows reasonably, standing more and exercising more, avoiding bad habits and postures in life!
  2.Dry eyes, you must not grab a lot of red envelopes during the Spring Festival?
You must be happy to stay up all night, right?
Do you feel dry and uncomfortable now?
  Solution: Rubbing your eyes is one of the most effective ways to prevent dry eyes.
Use your palm to iron your eyes 5-10 times, and rub the Yintang Point, Jingming Point, Sibai Point and Temple each for 3 minutes.
First rub the palms against each other to make the palms warm, and then place the palms of the palms on the eyes to make the eyes feel warm and comfortable.
This method has the effect of calming mind and raising eyes.
Yintang, Jingming, Sibai and Temple are all located around the eyes. Rubbing these points can dredge the qi and blood in the eyes, so that the eyes can be fully nourished and the eyes are dry.
  3, gastrointestinal discomfort before and after the festival, the body is very different, are you in this fast-changing army?
We have been out for a long time to eat fast food, and for the time being, we cannot adapt to the diet in our hometown.
Coupled with the large fish and meat during the festival, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, anorexia, etc. are prone to occur, and severe gastroenteritis or gastrointestinal disorders may be caused.
  Solution: The diet after the holiday must be light, with coarse grains appropriately, increase the proportion of green vegetables, drink more porridge and soup, and quit snacking.
You can also drink more soup, water, and fire, especially drink more water, which can speed up the metabolism of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the harm of a lot of meat food and wine to the liver.
Laver, sesame, apple, papaya, etc. also help excrete waste and toxins in the body and promote metabolism.
  In addition, it is recommended that you make a digestive abdominal breathing method, which is very simple!
Do it half an hour after meals every day, three times a day, 15 minutes each time-try to inhale as much as you can, and make the abdomen and lungs full of air, but you ca n’t stop. Inhale as much as you can.Hold the air for about 3-5 seconds, and then slowly exhale the air in the abdomen and lungs. The exhalation process cannot be less than 8 seconds.
This method can actively exclude human waste, promote stomach and abdominal movement, and change digestive function.
  4. Absent-mindedness In addition to the following physical discomforts, the most common symptoms you will experience these days are boredom, inability to lift your mind, and low work efficiency at work.
Some people even have unexplained nausea, dizziness, intestinal reactions, anorexia nervosa, anxiety, and nervous breakdown.
This is the typical symptom of “post-holiday syndrome”.
!  Solution: Sitting in the office and making a cup of chrysanthemum tea can also help calm emotions and relieve fatigue.
Psychotherapy, please “get away”!
Receiving your heart as soon as possible is an effective way to relieve hyperactive nerves. Go to bed early and get up early to ensure sleep; stop all kinds of entertainment and adjust your mindset.
As long as the mind is adjusted to work, thinking can quickly return to the usual tension mode of operation.
Of course, reading newspapers, listening to music, and making good self-regulation can also play a positive role.  The new year has begun. We should adjust our state and continue to strive for our goals. Only by playing the drums will we get a good start.

Therefore, my little friends, work hard and work hard, for money, for dreams, for big houses, for.

Everything, we should quickly adjust ourselves to the best state, I wish you all a smooth work and good luck in the new year!

3 simple small methods, nourishing the kidney and kidney to refuse lazy!


3 simple small methods, nourishing the kidney and kidney to refuse “lazy”!

The kidney is the innate nature of the human body and plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the body environment.

Therefore, protecting the kidney and nourishing the kidney is the basis for maintaining vitality.

Here are 3 tips for nourishing the kidney and tonifying the kidneys. Let’s learn together!


The umbilical and umbilical cord is the essence of the body, and it is closely related to the visceral meridians and the limbs.

Lying on the bed every morning and evening, press the navel for 5 minutes with your index finger, or massage the Guanyuan point at 3 inches below the navel, which has the effect of strengthening the kidney and yang.


The kidney waist is the palace of the kidney, which stimulates the life of the waist, and the Shenshu point helps to increase the kidney.

The life gate is located under the second lumbar spine, at the same level as the navel; the Shenshu point is located at the side of the Mingmen.

5 inches.

First use the finger pressure method to click on the hit door hole, and then put the palms of the hands to the heart and heat, then place them at the Shenshu point, and massage the waist up and down until there is a sense of heat.


The Yongquan point of the sole of the foot is located in the first 1/3 of the foot, and the sulcus is depressed. It is the opposite of the turbidity. It can be massaged to supplement the kidney, strengthen the body, prevent premature aging, and relieve the liver and eyesight.Sleep, increase appetite, have a certain effect on dizziness caused by kidney deficiency, insomnia, tinnitus, etc.