Month: January 2020

Bypassing the nurturing bones misunderstanding

Bypassing the “nurturing bones” misunderstanding

Health must first raise the bones, and the bones are well-recognized.
Many diseases are related to our bones. The strength and weakness of bones are caused by diseases.
Simply put: 31 pairs of nerves along the spine extend through the intervertebral foramen between the vertebrae and the vertebrae; all the spinal nerves transmit information between the brain and various parts of the body, so when the spine is abnormalIt will affect our organs; similarly, when the organs are unhealthy, abnormalities can be found from the vertebrae, and the roots can be removed directly by curing the spine.
  So how should the bones be raised, is it raised at the root and raised into practice?
  Everything must first follow the laws of nature, and “bone bones” are no exception.
Gravity is the natural force that has the greatest impact on bones. How to conform to gravity and maintain bone balance has become the primary task of “cultivating bones”.
“Lie Rusong, sitting like a bell, lying like a bow” is physically resistant to gravity and is the most effective in maintaining bone health.
  The whole body bone is a perfect structure that is related to each other. It takes a “bone” and moves the whole body. Therefore, “bone bones” must have a global concept. From head to toe, it should be carefully maintained on weekdays. When you are sick, you should follow the clues of the whole body.Look for the source of the disease.
You can’t “have a headache, your feet hurt your feet,” which is a health taboo, and it is a misunderstanding of “nurturing the bones.”
  Tips for “Bone Bones” 1.
After waking up, please do not get out of bed immediately, first close your eyes and calm for 3-5 minutes.
Lie to the left, raise your right hand and hold the empty fist. Use your thumb and forefinger to naturally tap the waist from the direction perpendicular to the back. Knock down straight, please assign the distance of each empty punch, knock 7 times, just right.Move to the atlas.
Then tap down from the waist and cycle through the 3 groups.