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Fitness tips for men of different body types

Fitness tips for men of different body types

People like the banana type tend to be thin and slightly weak, have weak muscle strength, poor physical strength, and unhealthy internal organs.

When exercising, you should slowly exercise basic physical strength, gradually increase muscle strength, endurance and body softness, and then perform weight training, participate in aerobic exercise, rope skipping, swimming and other dynamic sports.

People who are lean should pay special attention to their diet.

Should take more protein-rich foods to improve visceral function, strengthen muscle strength, but also take more vitamin foods.

  The puffiness type looks thin, but there are many aunts, the muscle strength and the functions of internal organs are often not strong, and the physical strength is not good.

Suitable sports for this type of person are walking, climbing stairs, skipping rope, swimming, etc., which can cause slight burning.

The diet should avoid overeating, eat less sweets, eat less high-volume foods, but eat high-protein foods.

  Apple-type body weight is within the standard weight range, but the upper arm, hips and tibia and the rest of the bucket-type body to the thigh are too thick, overweight, almost no muscle, weak bone support ability, often medium,Climbing a few steps will make you “puffing.”

Such people should do more aerobic exercise and swimming, which can consume aunt.

Often do static contraction exercises to strengthen the musculoskeletal.

7 benefits of rose water on the skin to reduce redness and blemishes

7 benefits of rose water on the skin to reduce redness and blemishes

The 7 benefits of rose water on the skin reduce redness and swelling. Most people will think of romance and beauty when referring to roses. In fact, in addition to giving us beautiful feelings, colorful and beautiful roses can also moisturize and whiten the skin.

Let’s take a look at rose water for some shortcomings today.


Purify the skin After using rose water in the morning, your skin will become soft immediately, and the fragrance of rose water will make you feel refreshed.

What’s more, rose water is actually a very good cleanser.

To use, soak a cotton ball in rose water and wipe the entire face.

You will see dust, dirt, and even makeup can be removed.


Natural Toner We all know that the basic skin care procedures are cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Rose water is not just clean, it is a pure natural product that combines cleansing and moisturizing functions.

Dry skin, combination and oily skin can benefit from rose water.

Rose water does make the skin softer and gives it a healthy glow.


Reduce Redness If your skin stays too long in the sun and is a bit red, then the anti-inflammatory properties of rose water will cool down and eliminate redness.


Reduce blemishes Do you have nasty stains, blackheads, and pimples all over your body?

Use rose water regularly and mix with fresh lemon juice.

Rose water can also reduce dark circles.

Because the skin around your eyes is very delicate, you have to be extra careful.

Rose water is one of the few substances that is mild and safe and can be used often.

The exhilarating aroma will also help you get a good night’s sleep.


Hair root nutrient solution now rises due to pollution levels, dull, dry hair is everyone’s problem.

Try rubbing some rose water in your hair for about an hour and then washing it off.

If your hair is particularly dull or dry, mixing rose water type oils will suit your skin and hair.

You can also use rose water instead of conditioner.

After shampooing, just massage with your rose water.

This will make hair softer and shiny, and will also promote hair growth.


Mouthwash This is a little-known secret to using rose water.

It’s unbelievable that rose water is antibacterial and can help eliminate bad breath caused by bacteria.

Mouthwash with rose water brings fresh breath, anti-inflammatory properties and will cause any oral pain.


Relieve stress Rose’s fragrance makes you feel relaxed.

Take a hot bath, soak rose petals in it, and read a good book to make you feel very comfortable.

Put the rose water in a small spray bottle and put it in the refrigerator.

Spray some and you will feel refreshed immediately.

  How to make rose water one liter of distilled water.
6 cups of rose petals.
Heat the two ingredients in a pan until the water is boiling.

Reduce flame to fry until pink of rose is poured into water.

Your rose water is ready.

Let it cool, and filter the rose petals and water in a clean container.

Keep it in the refrigerator and the shelf life will end.

Mom + baby + dad game family

Mom + baby + dad game family

Mother + Baby + Dad — Playing a family is a happy, lively, naturally rich and creative activity, and a direct way for children to learn.

The game is fun, although sometimes it can be a little aimless or even a little simple, but it is one of the key ways to develop your child’s cognitive, emotional and social skills.

    1 + 1: After the baby is born, the mother will feed the baby, change diapers, take a bath, play with the baby, tell stories to the baby, make the baby happy, and teach the baby to understand the surroundings and common sense.

Therefore, it can be said that the mother is most associated with the baby.

However, in the process of interacting with the mother, the baby learns the most, such as sharing, moderation, cooperation, solidarity, friendship, caring for others, courtesy and other behavioral habits, as well as the initial emotional and social skills.

  Expert’s comment: The mother’s personality is relatively gentle and delicate, and can withstand temperament. According to this feature, mothers can use simple mini-games to promote the development of various intelligences of the baby, so as to play house, play ball, and play various sets.Stack of toys and so on.

The game between mother and baby is relatively quiet, focusing on cultivating direct emotional experience and basic intelligence.

  Mother and baby game design game 1: Penguin step (suitable for newborns) extend the step reflex and exercise the lower limb muscles.

Stand your baby on a table or a hard bed, and your baby will take the initiative to move forward, practicing 2-3 times a day, 8-10 steps each time, you can exercise your baby’s lower limb muscles, and can support the body weight earlier.

  Objective: Newborn stride is a congenital anti-activity. If you do not exercise, this instinct will disappear around 56 days after birth. Persistence in exercise can improve muscles and make the baby reverse the pace early.

  Game 2: Clap your hands (suitable for 2 months babies). The mother can clap her hands in the reverse direction of the baby, then slowly move to the other side, and then clap her hands, so as to rotate purposefully.

Let the baby move with the sound and mother’s hand.

  Purpose: To stimulate the baby’s visual and auditory development.

  Game 3: Crawling exercise (suitable for babies over 6 months). Let the child change from lameness to crawling, gradually move the abdomen off the bed surface, and use your arms to circle or back.

Toys or food can be placed in different places, so that children can crawl to get enough.

In the meantime, from the free rotation of the head to the head can maintain balance.

Lift your abdomen with a towel and practice the support of your hands and knees in preparation for the transition to hand-foot crawling.

  Game 4: Kicking a balloon (suitable for babies over 1 year old) Mother supports the baby’s body and helps the baby kick colored balloons.

You can kick against the wall.

  Purpose: To help your baby increase the balance of the body and the strength of the lower limbs.

  Game 5: Picking beads (suitable for babies over 2 years old) Prepare a box of colored beads and two plates. Let the baby pick out the red beads into one plate first, then turn it into black and put it in another plate.

See if the baby can pick out the red and black.

  Purpose: The baby’s ability to pick red beads is better than black, because understanding black is a recent thing.

On the one hand, the baby can recognize the colors more accurately, on the other hand, it can exercise the baby’s ability to select and classify purposefully.

  1 + 1: Baby + Dad has seen a picture like this: A rough and tasteful young father embraces a small child with a naked body, with a graceful style and a natural look.

Everyone likes this kind of father. He gives a contrast while conveying a message: the care of young children by mature men is one of the standards of his public image.

Just like the two wings of a bird taking off, mother’s love and father’s love are both the baby’s psychological needs and are indispensable.

  Experts comment: When dads and babies play, they often encourage their babies to try fresh games, encourage their daring to explore, overcome difficulties independently, and be aggressive.

Daddy’s personality traits and game spirit will make the baby develop a good personality tangible.

The baby can feel a safe backing from an absolute power during the game with his father.

  Daddy and baby game design game 1: Sound-producing game (suitable for babies over 6 months) Let your baby sit opposite your dad, cover your own face with paper, call your baby’s name, and if the baby responds with a voice, immediately kissHe played repeatedly for 2 minutes.

This is the best game where father and baby are in close contact.

  Game 2: Find toys (suitable for babies over 8 months) Daddy cover the baby’s favorite toy with a big blanket, and then let the baby find it by himself.

Then repeat this process, you can also gradually increase the number of hidden toys to increase the difficulty of the game.

This game can train your baby’s cognitive development.

In the process of playing, let the baby realize the concept of material eternity.

  Game 3: Playing stupid bears (suitable for babies over 1 year old) Dad helped the baby wrap the quilt into a “stupid bear” on his body. Dad also wrapped a quilt to fight the baby.

The clumsy movement is like a bear moving, and the baby will love it.  Game 4: Bounce (suitable for babies over one and a half years old) Step on the baby ‘s arm and let the baby learn to bounce on his knees, while jumping and saying “daddy hug, baby jump, hop by hop, haha, laugh”, the parents holdHanging tightly under the baby’s arm, he said, “Swing! Swing!

“Let our baby swing from side to side. The baby will adapt to the direction of the swing, cooperate with the swing of the father, and finally lift the baby up.

  Game 5: High jump shot (suitable for babies over 2 years old) can prepare a small basket at home, let the baby put the small ball into the basket, and practice jumping and throwing.

The baby is required to shoot the basket and practice jumping at the same time.

  1 + 1 + 1: Mom + baby + dad believe that when the babies are happiest every weekend, a family of three usually chooses to go to nearby parks, botanical gardens, zoos; or climb mountains, row boats, and get hungry after being tiredJust outside for lunch.

In fact, the important thing is not what to play, or let the baby realize the warmth of the home, let the baby know that father and mother love themselves.

  Experts comment: Medicine and health tell us: Family games can keep adults and children emotionally excited, it can stimulate the vitality of the cells in their bodies, and they are good for human health.

  Sociologists tell us: Family games can cultivate a child’s affinity with his parents and affect his understanding of the world and relationships.

  Psychologists tell us: Family games can improve a child’s personality and help develop an open personality.

  Education experts tell us: Family games can improve the effectiveness of future family education.

  The writers tell us: Family games are a great opportunity for a human body that is ideal for warming up childhood and nurturing baby love.

  A family of three game design game 1: Play “flying” blanket (suitable for babies over 8 months) find a blanket for the baby and let the baby sit on it.

Mom and Dad pulled a corner of the blanket and dragged around the room to keep the baby balanced.

This game is a good way for parents and babies to interact, it can increase the trust between each other; it also helps the baby’s upper body balance and strength.

  Game 2: “Frozen” dance (suitable for babies over 2 years old) play some music that babies love to listen to with sound, the rhythm can be a little happier.

Mom, dad and baby experience music dancing together, then suddenly pause the music, and let the baby “freeze” the movement at the moment when the music stops, and keep quiet and silent.

Listening to music and dancing play a very beneficial role in the development of your baby’s intelligence.

Adding “frozen” to your dancing can improve your baby’s hearing and response.

  Game 3: Choppy (suitable for babies over 2 years old) 1. Prepare a bed sheet and lay it flat on the bed. Mom and dad each hold one end of the bed sheet, and the baby either sits or lies on the middle.

Moms and dads started with high blood pressure sheets. At first, they can be smaller and slower. Let your baby be familiar with them and encourage them to be brave and not afraid.

Slowly, you can increase the radial amplitude and strength.

  2. The bed sheet leaves the bed or the ground for a distance, and the father and mother shake the four corners of the bed sheet, like a boat in the sea, and the baby can take a boat in the middle.

  3, Father and mother pull the sheets relatively opposite (place a certain distance from the baby’s head, you can put some bells on it), encourage the child to jump freely, and touch the sheets with your hands and head.

Or parents can dance up and down, let the baby drill in and out, or even crouch down to cover the baby.

  Tips for the world of mothers and babies: Because they are blocked by the sheets, the baby cannot see the surface of the bed, so you must pay attention to safety when playing this game.

For example, the bed sheet stretched by the parents should be in the center of the bed. If the parents do not catch the sheets, the baby can fall on the soft bed.

  Game 4: Decline climbing (suitable for babies over 2 years old) to bring the child to the grassland with a certain slope. It is said that the green area of the community or the nearby park let him land on his hands and feet, climbing up 10 steps in turn, and climbing down 9Step, then 8 steps up, 7 steps down . until 0.

When climbing, don’t forget to ask your child to count “1,2,3 .” every time you climb.

(The counts when climbing up and down are based on one step.

) Of course, parents should participate with their children and encourage them if necessary.

  Objective: To allow children to practice counting, develop language skills, and improve the skills of hand and foot coordination.

  Game 5: Swing (for babies over 2 years old) Father and mother walk on both sides of the child, and the three walk side by side.

Mom and Dad grabbed each child’s hand and walked, saying, “One, two, three, lift up!

“The child was raised by mom and dad.

Because the parents have an inertia when they walk, the child’s body will “swing”.

As long as the mom and dad have strength, they can “swing” back and forth. If the mom’s arms are not strong enough, she can also use both hands.

Enhance the disease resistance diet therapy honey double flower porridge

Enhance the disease resistance diet therapy honey double flower porridge

Today, I recommend a food therapy that can replenish physical strength, enhance disease resistance, and protect the human liver.

Now, let ‘s take a look together.

  Honey double flower porridge process: cooking flavor: sweetness added: home cooking effect: protein supplement Ingredients: glutinous rice honey honey accessories: rose flower seasoning: common water types: staple food period: early pregnancy making time: several hours a, this recipeNutrition 321321 card protein 0.

4 grams aunt 1.

9 grams of cobalt 75.

6 g calcium 4 mg phosphorus 3 mg potassium 28 mg sodium 0.

3 mg magnesium 2 mg iron 1 mg zinc 0.

37 mg selenium 0.

15 micrograms of copper.

03 mg manganese 0.

07 mg two, making method 1.

Sticky glutinous rice for 2 hours 2.

Rose tea bag 3.

Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot and boil the roses for 5 minutes 4.

Add soaked glutinous rice and cook until it is sticky. Stir from time to time in the middle to avoid sticking to the pan. Put honey in the pan before serving. 3

  Fourth, the recommended time for breakfast is five, nutrition analysis of honey has a regulating effect on aseptic function, can make gastric acid secretion normal.

Animal experiments have confirmed that honey has the effect of enhancing intestinal peristalsis, which can significantly change the time of displacement and defecation.

Consuming honey can quickly replenish physical strength, eliminate fatigue, and increase resistance to disease.

Honey has a protective effect on the liver, can promote liver cell regeneration, and has a certain inhibitory effect on the formation of unfortunate liver.

  6. Food phase grams of honey + diarrhea: cause diarrhea honey + dried tofu: damage to hearing, diarrhea honey + tofu: easy to cause diarrhea honey + lettuce: unfavorable gastrointestinal, easy to cause diarrhea honey + onion: eating together will hurt eyes and cause eye discomfortSeriously blind, I hope this honey double flower porridge diet can bring health to everyone.

Sleeping Home Care

Sleeping Home Care

Falling pillow, also known as lost pillow.

  There are two reasons for falling pillows. One is that the pillow is too high or too low during sleep, which makes the spasm muscles tense and fatigue; if you sleep too well, when you turn around, your body turns but the neck turns with it, making the neck into aPoor location, causing irritation and causing pain.

  The second is that the patient was cold due to the wind and blows when the doors and windows were opened during sleep at night, and caused pain.

Most pillow pain usually lasts 2-3 days and heals itself without treatment. However, if you want to relieve the pain as soon as possible and recover early, you can do the following.

  First, cold compresses: Generally, falling pillows are acute injuries, and local pain and stiffness are common.

In this way, only cold compresses can be used within 48 hours.

You can use a towel to wrap the affected area with small ice particles, 15-20 minutes each time, twice a day. For severe cases, apply it every hour.

  Second, hot compress: When the pain is reduced, consider hot compress.

You can use a hot towel to compress, or use an infrared heater to irradiate. You can also use a saline bottle to apply heat and dry.

  Third, massage: After the above methods, those who still feel pain in the neck and shoulders, can use the massage method of muscles, and the family to do the work.

The patient takes a seated position, exposing the neck and shoulders. The doctor stands behind the patient, applies safflower oil or soothing oil to the affected shoulder, holds the left hand above the patient’s head, and massages with the right thumb on the affected shoulder.Push gently outside the shoulder to isolate the venous pain point.

Push 3-6 times a day, generally after neck muscle massage, neck and shoulder pain can be alleviated.

Man looking for shoes

Man looking for shoes

Which of the following is the inertia of your other half or favorite object?

  Men who repeatedly buy fixed shoe style Men who wear shoes frugally Men who wear casual shoes Men who wear formal black shoes Men who wear casual shoes Men who buy fixed shoes repeatedly Repeat this type of men are very old men,There is always a deep attachment to the person, things, and things that he is used to. Even if his lover is unreasonable and willful and childish, he will treat her with an inclusive heart and love her until she gradually matures.

And he has a lot of old friends, he is very kind to his friends, makes old friends feel that he is a trustworthy patron, and he will help his friends and replace the helping hand in a timely manner.

Therefore, if you fall in love with him and become the other half of him, do not prevent him from listening to his troubles and being considerate about the details of his life. Each other ‘s emotions must be developed in a stable manner, and do n’t forget to share with him.Old friends can also become one and share common life topics.

  When a man who wears shoes frugally buys a pair of shoes, he cherishes them very much, hoping that the shoes can be worn for a long time, which can save a budget, and the shoes in his shoe cabinet are very old, which will impress you.

Personally, he is a conservative man who is cautious and can’t let go.

Insufficient in dealing with people, often offending people without knowing it; the structure of interpersonal relationships is small; in the professional field, he will have a chance of success due to silent efforts.

Therefore, if you are in love with him, be careful!

He is a man of passion.

When I first dated, I was full of infinite reveries in my heart, hoping to become a lover with you as soon as possible.

His restrained, conservative personality, but also suppresses the turbulent waves in his heart, not too afraid to confess to you, so that you can’t figure out his true thoughts.

Therefore, you do not hinder the initiative, create more opportunities for him to confess, you can accelerate each other’s love temperature, and move to another stage of life.

  Men who wear shoes casually This type of man is a man who doesn’t care what shoes he wears.

Sometimes the shoes don’t match the clothes at all, even if the shoes are worn out and outdated, he doesn’t matter. He doesn’t even wear socks. The socks are damaged and worn incorrectly. He can bear it.

Personally, he is an informal man, often with high eyes and low hands.

Private life is unorganized, and I like daydreaming. I believe that one day I can step up to the sky and easily lead a self-deceiving life.

When he first dated him, he would deliberately arrange the date, pay attention to the atmosphere and atmosphere, but just let it go.

His outstanding thing is the cheap and expensive consumption. Unless he wants to have a big meal himself, he will never take the initiative to invite.

If you fall in love with him, you will find that his emotional world is chaotic and complicated. Often, he cannot forget the old love and cannot refuse the new love.

The love triangle and the love triangle are entangled, and when all the disputes explode, he will choose to escape and avoid the reality to make the person who loves him miserable.

Therefore, be careful not to fall in love with such a man too soon!

  Men who love to wear formal black leather shoes This type of man is a big man who is used to wearing formal black leather shoes and polishing the shoes with a bright light. He can’t stand the big man who wears dirty shoes or old shoes to go out.

If this type of man is used to wearing his formal black leather shoes even on vacation or dating, you need to be mentally prepared.

He is an outrageous masculinity and traditional man. He values his mother’s opinions very much. If you want to win the love of a future mother-in-law, it is possible to change from his girlfriend to his wife.

If you fall in love with him, don’t think about how he thinks. He has his own set of principles for dealing with people and he will never modify it because of you.

Instead, he will ask you to agree with him, and even tolerate everything.

  Men who like to wear casual shoes This type of man is a man who focuses on casual life and lifestyle. He has high requirements for shoes, not only to be comfortable, but also to pay attention to the style of shoes, and must be matched with clothing.

Personally, he likes to take the initiative, has strong subjective consciousness, has strict requirements on himself, and is even more discerning about the opposite sex.

In life, I am a regular planner, but I occasionally revel on Christmas Eve or birthday dance.

When dating him, you can feel that he is a very considerate and good lover, with a gentle and courteous attitude, a funny and humorous conversation, and it is easy to make the dating atmosphere harmonious.

He is also a person who knows what kind of girl he likes.

So when you date him, he will kindly take you home even if you do n’t agree with him, but do n’t think he has a good impression on you, he is just a gentleman.

When dancing with your favorite man on a romantic and joyful Christmas Eve, you can inadvertently ask him about his shoes, and learn more about his inner attitude towards love and life.

Delicious recipes for Chinese New Year family dinner

Delicious recipes for Chinese New Year family dinner

Quanfu Tofu Ingredients: 2 pieces of tofu, 50g of fresh mushrooms, 10 green cabbage hearts, 30g of shiitake mushrooms, 50g of plain oil, 20g of soy sauce, 3g of white sugar, 1g of refined salt, 10g of wet starch.

System of law: 1.

Soak the mushrooms in boiling water and remove.

Green cabbage leaves the heart, repair the leaf roots, blanch to green, cold water shower; 2.

Heat the frying pan, heat, at least slide the pan with oil, heat the plain oil, cut 5 slices of each tofu with a knife, fry until golden on both sides, add soy sauce, white sugar, refined salt, a bowl of water, and add shiitake mushrooms, Fresh mushrooms, cabbage heart, braised until the soup is thick, away from the fire; 3.

Take a large disc, place chopsticks in the dish and spread the base (the root is extended), place the tofu on the dish, place the mushrooms on the tofu, and finally put the fresh mushrooms into green, yellow, and black.Yellow four layers.

Continue to heat the wok, hook the soup with wet starch and pour it on Quanfu Tofu.

Osmanthus stewed duck raw materials: 1 light duck (about 1000 grams or more in weight), osmanthus sugar 50 grams, cooking wine, refined salt each amount.

  System of law: 1.

1. Smooth the duck inside and outside with salt; 2.

Add cooking wine and sweet-scented osmanthus sugar into a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Put the bowl into a casserole. Fill the bowl with half of the water. Place a square-shaped bamboo stand on the top. Cover the broken belly of the duck on the wellhead to prevent overturning the sauce in the bowl.

4. Cook on casserole over high heat for 1 hour, switch to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes, and steam until fragrant;

Open the pan, remove the large bowl, place the duck in the pan (there is little water in the pan), and pour the remaining juice from the bowl on the surface of the duck.

  Putian Tongqing ingredients: 200 grams of sea cucumber, 100 grams of rice crackers, 30 grams of green onions, 20 grams of ginger, 200 grams of plain oil, 20 grams of rice wine, 1 gram of MSG, 1 gram of pepper, and 15 grams of wet starch.

System of law: 1.

Cut the sea cucumber into slices, simmer the rice crackers into small pieces, and pat the ginger with a knife; 2.

2. Add water to the wok, add plain oil, add green onion, ginger and fragrant, add sea cucumber, deep-fry rice wine, mix slightly, infuse 1000 grams of clear water, and boil sea cucumber to drain; 3.

4. Remove the water from the original pot, wash it, put it into a large bowl of fresh soup, add the salt, MSG after boiling, thinly moisten with wet starch, put into a large soup bowl, and sprinkle with pepper;

While cooking sea cucumber soup, take another pot, add plain oil, and cook to 90% oil temperature. Put the rice paddle and fry the drained oil when it is golden. Instead of another soup bowl, quickly take a seat and pour the sea cucumber soup into the rice paddle.Serve in the bowl.

Raw chicken fillet: two large tenderloins, shredded shiitake, green onion, ham shreds 1, 2 bowls, 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of white powder, 1/2 kg of small bean spice seasoning: soy sauce, black vinegar each2 tablespoons, 3/2 tablespoons of sugar, 1/2 bowl of water, 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce

Cut the tenderloin into thin slices, pat loose on both sides with a meat hammer, and marinate for 20 minutes.


Wrap the marinated sliced meat with spring onion, shiitake mushroom shreds, shredded ham, and then dip in protein paste (1 protein, 1 tbsp of too white powder, and 2 tbsp of water), and fry in a wok.


After all the seasonings are boiled, remove the fried meat rolls, simmer until the juice dries, and remove the cut pieces.


Put another oil pan, stir-fry the bean sprouts with 4 tablespoons of oil at high temperature, add salt, and MSG to season, then place them in a pan and spread the meat rolls on top.

  Ingredients for fried crab meatballs: 300 grams of crab meat, 1 egg, 50 grams of flour, onion, 25 grams of ginger, 100 grams of fatty meat, 1 grams of salt, 1 gram of MSG, 5 grams of cooking wine, 5 grams of sesame oil, 1000 grams of peanut oil,(Approximately 120 grams of oil) Concentration of pepper and salt.

  System of law: 1.

The fat is chopped into thick mud, and the crab meat is changed into a bowl. Add the onion ginger, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, sesame oil, beaten the eggs, pour the flour and mix well, then squeeze into a 1 cm diameter ball; 2.

Add 1000 grams of peanut oil to the pot and cook to 5?
When it is 60% hot, put it on the plate.

Take flowers with salt and pepper.

  Cold dishes: Huanju Mantang (Su Fengshan, dried tofu and other 10 flavors, can be served with wine) Hot dishes (three quince and three vegetarian): Fresh and young (mushroom roasted winter melon balls) Seasons flowers (crab powder broccoli) Golden Mantang (Soy bean sprouts and fried chives) The whole family is healthy (boiled egg dumplings, mushrooms and other pots are cooked in one pot) and later come up (steamed boy chicken) more than a year (onion ginger and mandarin fish) Dim Sum: Everyone is sweet (longan and eight treasure rice).: 30 grams of fish balls, 150 grams of white mullet, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of garlic.

  Excipients: 20 grams of peanut oil, 5 grams of salt, 6 grams of MSG, pepper powder, 10 grams of wine, 2 grams of sesame oil, and 2 grams of sugar.

  Practice: 1 Wash the white mullet clean, peel the ginger and shred, and cut the garlic into sections.

  2 After the oil is hot, add white catfish, fry over low heat until golden on both sides, add ginger, pour in wine, clear soup, and cook over medium heat.

  3 After cooking until the soup turns white, add fish balls, garlic fry, add salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and pepper, pour in sesame oil, and serve.
  Tip: If you accidentally cut the bitterness of the fish, put vinegar on the fish meat, it will not be so bitter, and the fish balls should be dropped last, so as to maintain the freshness of the fish.

Simple beauty gymnastics fast cellulite

Simple beauty gymnastics fast cellulite

It is best to practice yoga in a clean, comfortable room with enough space to cut the body and avoid getting close to any furniture.

The air in the room is fresh, circulated, and free to inhale oxygen.

It’s best to put green plants or flowers, or play soft music to help relax nerves.


Prepare the action Mountain POSE (forest type) 2.

The toes are forest-like feet standing sideways, with the straight arms facing up and the arms tilted up, as if to hit the sky, slowly, the heels are off the ground, and the center of gravity is on the two toes, keeping balance.


Stump-type view some points in front to balance the body, slowly lift the right foot and place it on the left leg, so the better.

As your confidence increases, try to raise your arms too high.


In the half-dog style, look for a table with the same height as the waist. Face the table. Bend the curved armor and spread the palms on the table with the palms facing down.


The dog’s cat’s slanted feet are shoulder-width apart, narrowing and relaxing, and the two hands are placed flat on the alignment. Imagine the feeling that the navel is stretched up to the ceiling and then dropped.

The two actions of bending the adjacent bow (dog oblique) and the rear bending into a circle (cat oblique) alternate.

Inhale when the dog is inclined, and exhale when the cat is inclined.


The warrior-style thoroughly cleans the skin and expands on both feet.

Extend the fracture as far as possible, and turn your legs and head to the right.

Slightly bend the right leg.

Prepare to change direction and practice the other side.


Triangle Warrior Next, straighten your legs so that your feet are facing to the right.

The body is tilted to the right.

Straighten your left arm up.

The right arm extends down the right leg.


Prepare in a deep breathing position, stretch your legs in front of your body, relax your fracture, and bend slightly.

If this is more comfortable.

The upper limb shaft is bent dry, and the extended arm grasps the two feet.

If you can’t touch your feet with both hands, grab the two calves.

This gesture is uncomfortable if you do it.

Change it, just lie down on your back, hold the syringe with your arms and try to lean up and down, and keep a deep breath for a long time.


The chest-extending body stands upright, the hands are held in the back, the shoulders are clamped and drooped, the arms are lifted upwards, and the sides are raised upwards.


Slightly tilt the forest-style upright position, gently tilt the tip to the right, so that the right ear fits comfortably over the right shoulder.

Prepare to change direction and practice the other side.

How to care for your hair in four easy steps

How to care for your hair in four easy steps

The hair is not supple, easy to frizz, split ends, and it is very troublesome when combing your hair. How to care for the hair?

Especially with regard to perming and dyeing, what misunderstandings should be avoided in terms of care?

  There are four steps to care for your hair. After washing your hair with cold water, you must pay attention to choosing shampoo after perming. You must choose a shampoo with repairing and nourishing effects.

In addition, the temperature of the water used for washing the hair is intolerable. It is not that the water temperature exceeds the better. Washing the hair with low temperature water is more conducive to the closure of the hair scales.

When you start washing your hair, the water temperature can be slightly higher than the body temperature, but the temperature of the water at the last pass is slightly lower than the body temperature.

Therefore, the traditional method of shampooing is not suitable after perming.

  2. Strengthen nourishing hair. Female friends must pay attention to the fact that the permed hair is damaged, even dry and dull, and the moisture is nourished, so it is necessary to strengthen the nourishment.

Always use conditioner every time you wash your hair.

And once a week deep nourishing hair is also a good way to enhance hair shine.

After washing the hair, apply the essence from the root to the end of the hair. It is recommended to repeat the application three times until the essence is completely absorbed.

Consistent use for a month can make damaged hair much better, which can reduce the dryness of hair and improve gloss.

  3, eat more seaweed hair gloss depends largely on the role of thyroid hormone in the body.

However, after a woman is 30 years old, her ability to produce thyroxine decreases.

And seaweed food is extremely rich in iodine, this element is the main raw material for thyroid hormone synthesis in the body.

Therefore, often eating seaweed foods has special effects on hair growth, moisturization and Wuliang.

  4, to ensure the absorption of green vegetables and yellow fruits lack of vitamins also easily lead to dull hair.

For example, vitamin b has the effect of promoting hair growth and making the hair appear natural luster, while vitamin c can activate the microvascular wall, so that the hair can smoothly absorb the nutrients in the blood.

Therefore, usually eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, leeks, celery, mango, bananas, etc., not only can beautify the skin, but it also has less effect on restoring healthy and shiny hair.

  Pay attention to hair care misunderstandings. Myth 1: Hair dyeing and dyeing are performed simultaneously rather than after dyeing. Many hair salons are not far from the hairdresser. In order to improve their performance, they will erroneously guide customers to perform dyeing and dyeing at the same time.

Because even the best hot dyeing products contain more or less chemical ingredients, which will hurt the hair. If you dye it again, it will hurt the hair. It is serious and serious and will affect the elastic color of the hair. The gloss of the hair should be treated after perming.Do it again in about a week and do deep repair after dyeing.

  Misunderstanding 2: The temperature of the hair dryer is too high, and the heat resistance of the hair is not absorbed by the heat-resistant oil. The temperature of the hair is about 80’C. If the temperature is too high, the internal nutrients in the hair will be blown away.Will be dry and hairy.

  Misunderstanding 3: Combing your hair vigorously Some people think that scratching your head to remove dandruff is wrong.

Because if you apply too much force, the bacteria on your nails will hurt the keratin on your scalp, and the cells will shift, which will cause scalp injuries.

  Misunderstanding 4: After washing the hair, take a towel and rub it vigorously, because the hair has hair scales like fish scales.

If you rub hard, the nutritional content of the hair scales will also be lost, resulting in dry hair.

The correct way is to let the hair absorb and rehydrate.

  Misunderstanding 5: For the purpose of not choosing targeted cleaning products, a family uses a cleaning product that has dandruff but uses an anti-dropping cleaning product.

This approach is certainly not scientific.

Should be targeted to choose hair loss prevention and care products, dandruff and anti-dandruff wash products, dry and split naturally use moisturizing repair products.

  Myth # 6: Applying too many styling products is now popular for natural beauty. A good hairstyle is of course natural and elegant, and elegant.

Applying too much styling products to make the hairstyle too stiff, too rigid and boring, and the styling products contain alcohol.

Naturally it also causes certain damage to hair.

Acupuncture Easily Treats Melasma

Acupuncture Easily Treats Melasma

One reason many women don’t want to have children is that women develop chloasma after childbirth.

Melasma appears on women’s bodies, around the nose and mouth, and can affect women’s beauty and confidence.

Acupuncture in Chinese medicine has a very good effect on the treatment of chloasma, and we will introduce it in detail as follows: In Chinese medicine, this phenomenon is called “face dust”., Complexion like dirt, long black coal, withered shape, or dark spots from the size and level with the skin.

Caused by worries and depression, blood is weak. ”

The pathogenesis is insufficient kidney yin, kidney water can not be carried on, or liver qi depression, liver loss, stagnation and heat, burns yin and blood, resulting in facial qi and blood loss and the disease.

  Acupuncture treats melasma easily: 1. Liver stasis and qi stagnation: Renmai meridian must be taken.

  Between the lines, Taichong, Qihai, Sanyinjiao, acupuncture dredge qi and blood glory and freckle.

Chest bulge full Zhangjiamen, waist and knees plus Shenshu.

  2. Spleen Deficiency and Wet Resistance: Pishu, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli.

  Abdominal distension in accordance with the conditions: diarrhea, qi and sea; stool: Tianshu.

  3. Deficiency of kidney and fire (wang liver and yin deficiency take Ganshu, Shenshu, Zusanli, Guan Yuan, Mingmen.

(Yijingxue, liver and kidney) The above points nourish liver and kidney to regulate qi and blood, nourish yin and spot.

  Daily care for melasma: 1, pay attention to diet conditioning, eat more foods containing vitamin C; 2, keep the mood in daily Chinese medicine comfortable and avoid worry, irritability; 3, regular work and rest, work and rest, to ensure extra sleep;  4. Avoid sunlight.

  5, avoid abuse of cosmetics.

  6. Avoid excessive mental stress.

  7, adhere to exercise and improve physical fitness.