How to become a fashionable psychological disease?

How to become a fashionable psychological disease?

How to become a fashionable psychological disease?

You are a front-end person who closely follows the pace of the times. Every day you go to office buildings, commercial buildings, etc. Your family and friends are envious of your livelihood.

But you often feel that you are not the real self in your eyes, irritated, worried that you interfere with you from time to time, and sometimes even want to find a place where no one is crying.

銆€銆€Information Anxiety[Case]Ms. Li, who works in a foreign company, spends a lot of time surfing the Internet every day to read information, read newspapers and magazines, but she is still not practical. She always feels that she missed the information, so she often suffers from insomnia and her appetite is declining.

Miss Li’s phenomenon is not unique. If such a person has a network substitution at home or in a unit, and the electronic reading cannot be opened, it will feel extremely uncomfortable, become worried, uneasy, and always worry about missing important information and news.Fear of the impact of work, and lead to mental, physiological reactions, insomnia, headache, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

銆€銆€[Cause]Due to the fast pace of work and the increased access to information, these people are accustomed to obtaining information from the Internet, television, and electronic books.

If the Internet is over-reliant on electronic reading, the transformation will become a pathological psychology, which may turn into obsessive-compulsive disorder when it is serious.

銆€銆€[Prescription]No matter how comprehensive the individual’s mastery of information, omissions are always inevitable.

Moreover, many times, information is not the only factor that determines success or failure.

Therefore, people who are usually tired should slow down their pace of life and don’t have to think about information all day long.

銆€銆€Post-successful depression[case]career success is an enviable good thing, but more and more successful people have been successfully involved, suffering from depression, suffering from self-extraction, and even want to die free.

Ms. Chen, who works in a foreign company, excels in all aspects and has won the leadership appreciation.

Not long ago, Ms. Chen was promoted to be the general manager of the branch, and her colleagues were envious.

But for Ms. Chen, this turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare.

Ms. Chen, who is sitting on a high position, is under great pressure. What she is most worried about every day is that her work is not finished well, her leadership is not satisfied, and she is afraid that if she makes a mistake in her work, her subordinates will laugh at it.

These mortality rates have caused her work efficiency to drop drastically, the quality of sleep has gradually deteriorated, and attention has not been concentrated. I feel dizzy, tired, and consumes a lot of energy all the time. I can’t relieve the pain by taking drugs. I must go home and rest.

Ms. Chen suspected that she had an incurable disease and wanted to be relieved by suicide. Fortunately, she was discovered by her family in time to avoid the tragedy.

銆€銆€[Cause]The pressure for promotion is too large and there is insufficient confidence in yourself.

White-collar workers are struggling like robots because of the intensified social competition, fast work pace, and high expectations.

If the psychological quality is poor or not good at self-dissolution, it is more likely to suffer from mental illness.

銆€銆€[Prescription]Be busy sneaking, temporarily throwing away all work and damage, completely relax your body and let energy recover.

In addition, to maintain a normal emotional life.

The facts show that mutual care and love between family members and friends is very important for people’s mental health.

In the face of conflicts, setbacks and excessive mental stress, we must be good at self-resolving, such as participation in stylistic, social, and tourism activities, to eliminate emotions and maintain psychological balance.

銆€銆€Crazy shopping disorder[case]A 30-year-old woman told a psychiatrist that she went to the clothing street and wanted to enter the store. When she entered the store and saw the clothes, she felt that the clothes were waving to her.

At that time she did not hesitate, only the excitement and happiness of shopping.

When she comes out of the store, she often spends thousands of dollars.

She knew that she didn’t need so much clothes, and she was determined to control the number of clothes she bought, but she was not tired when she arrived at the clothing store.

She is troubled by the desire to control her own purchases.

This woman is suffering from a craving, commonly known as crazy shopping.

People who are suffering from cravings have a pathological possessive desire for goods. In the face of a dazzling array of goods, they often pay for their pockets without worrying about their purchases. At the same time, they will have the satisfaction and pleasure of possession.

If the control is not to buy, there will be fear of anxiety, discomfort, and control will only make the next shopping more crazy.

But when reason takes the upper hand, regrets and distress will inevitably come.

Such a cycle of recurrence naturally affects mood and work.

銆€銆€[Cause]Some people think that work is to make money, and to make money is to enjoy.

So after having the conditions, it is often difficult to control the desire.

Indulgence of desire, or because of all kinds of pressures to escape into the desire, is the psychological cause of the formation of cravings.

銆€銆€[Prescription]Don’t bring too much money when you go out. Think about what you need before you go to the store. You don’t need anything. If you need to go shopping with your partner, you need to help the reminder.

The most important thing is to find out what psychological problems are behind the desire to shop, whether there is dissatisfaction with reality and dissatisfaction with oneself.When a person dares to face problems and solve problems, the mind will be balanced.

銆€銆€Marriage empty nest syndrome[case]Jun Heli both are well-informed, graceful, and have an enviable career, friends believe that their marriage life must be harmonious and happy.

However, in the eight-year marriage life, they only enjoyed the sexual life described by Li as 鈥渃an be said to be normal鈥? Most of the rest of the time was 鈥渆xempted from exemption鈥?

They really value this family very much, and they are particularly concerned about each other, but they have not been able to ignite sexual desire.

The disease has become the most common of all sexual problems, and such patients rarely have spontaneous sexual requirements.

銆€銆€[Cause]Depression, mental stress, local expansion, fast-paced life, work hardships and even sexual hormone secretion and other physiological diseases can cause libido suppression.

But usually it is rooted in the ability to marry in time, long-term accumulation of sexual desire and less knowledge of sexual science, as well as fear of intimacy and potential inferiority.

銆€銆€[Prescription]can improve the situation through direct marriage counseling.

But if sexual inhibition is already ingrained, patients need a psychological treatment that discusses behavior to improve.

The former can find out where sex problems are, and help them re-recognize sexual desire and understand sexual knowledge.

Many experts encourage patients to cultivate romantic sentiments before making love, and to alleviate anxiety and inferiority and suppress sexual desire.