After 90 new living methods | free health, find out

After 90 new living methods | free health, find out


After 90 new living methods | “free health”, find out

“After 90 health”, find out?

The autumn is getting stronger, the health is four, and the medicine is nourishing. The nourishing food flies through the autumn wind after the 90s.

Autumn is no longer the season for them to hurt, but the golden season for tonic.

In the past, the term “health” was almost exclusively used by middle-aged and elderly people. Those who “get up early and get up early” and “three meals are light”. Some people call it a change of color, and the elders of the family will only cause internal contradictions.

But only, the lifestyle of health has long been a “Thomas full-rotation” tilt, 90 has been propped up half the health of the health.

Especially since last year, there have been frequent online “first batches of 90s are about to enter middle age”, “post-90s have begun to bald” and so on, with a strong conflicting title, and there are too many “post-90 health”On the topic of microblogging hot search, “health” has turned gorgeously, with the aura of the net red potential auspicious debut.

For daily work, young people in big cities, the speed of hair loss, and the degree of excess meat are directly proportional to the length of overtime work.

After the 90s and 95s of the past, they are now labeling “middle-aged”, “old-age”, “auntie” and so on.

The ordinary water cup at hand has quietly turned into a thermos cup. Sometimes, occasionally, the health pot can be seen before, and the chrysanthemum is added secretly inside.

The point is that this year’s health talents come forth in large numbers. They are uneasy with the old-fashioned model and create a new health frenzy on the road of tradition.

According to CBNData (CBN), the “Consumer Report” released by Tmall last year showed that after 90 and 95, more and more money was spent on health products and increased year by year. Among them, the replacement from the United States and Australia.Nutritional supplements are ranked in the top five positions.

The direction of snacks is also quite picky. The search keyword data shows that 鈥渘o added鈥? 鈥渓ow radiation鈥?and 鈥渉ealth鈥?are among the best.

In addition, the 2017 Health Consumption Report released by Ali Health shows that people under the age of 30 account for more than 50%.



After the 90s and 95s of the new generation of health care Dafa as the generation of unique personality, this year’s health care method is also unique. They are both afraid of death and death, which leads to colorful ways of keeping health. One of them is”Punk health.”

For them, “women who have not worn knee pads to go to Di Di also dare to say that they understand health.

“Pengyang Dafa beer is crowned, Codonopsis is equipped with cola; a cup of milk tea during the day, run two kilometers at night; buy a mask of expensive price, the most beautiful night; wear a warm baby, do not wear long pants in winter; eat sea drinkWithout fear, Jianweixiaoshi tablets are carried with you; . Recently, there has been a new concept of 鈥淗ealthy Cups, Tea, Flower Tea, Instant Bird’s Nest, Ejiao Ointment, etc.鈥滱 must-have item for people around the circle.

At a time when the health of young people is unusually high, it seems to have become the main theme of the health care community.



After 90, teach you to maintain health. 0 1 As a people’s teacher, in the eyes of outsiders, we are always cast a look of envy. Most people feel that work pressure is not big, things are not heavy, but, around me, there is noA teacher who is not called hard work.

The winter and summer vacations are simply redemption for life. If nothing is done, it will be finished.

Although this semester is not too busy, I have to work more than 10 hours a day before, and I stare at the thunder every day. What I can support is a holiday that I am looking forward to.

I didn’t know what was healthy before, until the teacher got a serious illness in the second year, and I was worried when I replaced my hair. I seemed to be awakened by the body.

Since then, I have bought a mug for myself and embarked on the road of “drinking hot water”.

My insistence is awesome and fearful, and my friends can think of me in the same mug.

After all, I have been drinking a cup of hot water for four years now, even on a hot summer.

Cold drinks in front of me, can only tremble, at most I am a sip, my true love is still my mug, but also can make 鏋告潪, fat sea and other rounds of training.

However, occasionally I will also sigh whether I have lived as an old man, but I saw my friend’s beer and oranges as a dark health operation. I silently held the mug in my hand.

Still with me, I have done this “right man’s favorite universal hot water”!

0 2 As a child born in an old Chinese medicine family, I have been forced to pay attention to the content of “health” in my mother’s womb.

(Speaking of this, my childhood is bleak, what is marinated, fried food has never been tasted, my first time to eat barbecue is junior high school, I entered the rebellious period, I finally dared to secretly enjoy the stalls delicious.

I hate the work of nine to five, so I turned my days into a day of “no day, no night, no night.”

My job is mainly to provide course counseling for American students. I have not expired in the middle of the period. Because of the jet lag, my days are basically 48 hours. One is a daily job, and the long-term and the night is a daily job.It’s dark and dark, and health becomes my lifeline.

The origin of consciousness should be the students who pursued the fit body during the study in Los Angeles. Many people are carrying yoga mats to go to class. The badminton courts are even more eager to break the head. I have never made an appointment.

But after a long time, I found that for the Americans who are addicted to sugar, they can open a strict sugar control mode for their body.

White bread is replaced with sprouted whole grain bread (germinated bread), Caesar salad is replaced with net red boge (poke), the focus is on the juice instead of 鈥渇ruit and vegetable water鈥?(ie vegetables or fruits cut into small cups directly into the cup soaked in water, sugarLow and full of fruit and vegetable aroma).This set of “hands-on health” approach has just become my best secret now being attacked by the “night magic.”

First of all, you have to have a good-looking cup (the Mt. Fuji Cup of the Edo whistle, the starry cup of the Eight Thousand Generations. you can have a simple transparent cup on the outside, you can throw it directly in the mineral water bottle), so as to avoid fatigue;In winter and summer, each set of soaking water gods, summer with fruits and vegetables, autumn and winter with stone sassafras, roses, dandelions and other herbal teas.

For me, “drinking water” is really a health skill that can be easily obtained. The key is still very simple.

Although I often read programs such as “Yangshengtang”, I have tried various kinds of “Lotus Leaf Weight Loss Method”, “Pure Barley Powder Slimming Method”, “Mine Wine Peach Blossom Detox Method” and so on.I just want to say that it is convenient and effective to reject all fancy health care.

“fruit and vegetable water” tips: clear new = cucumber + mint fruit sugar = pineapple + lemon college models = watermelon + strawberry + lemon supermarket hot sale = pomegranate + grapefruit + mint can be heavy mouth = Houttuynia + mint 0 3%20 did not pay attention to health before I always felt that my physical differences, sad, sad and worried, began to pay attention to health after my epiphany, the original healthy people really few.

When I was a sophomore, I often got angry and acne. The original smooth face turned into a meeting area of multiple seismic belts. It was covered with large and small craters, and every spout was intoxicating.

In a rage, I embarked on the road to health.

Crazy Internet search for a large amount of information, access to a variety of information, the public number is also concerned about a bunch, the desire to survive spread to the circle of friends, to help friends of related professions.

At the same time, I also gave up my last stubbornness on the ice lolly.

In the past summer, how can I have less popsicles to accompany me, so that I can live a healthy life.

Now, seeing the ice cube brain automatically turns on the early warning mode, just like being implanted with a “reverse radar”, it will ring when it is 1 meter away.

I have become more dedicated to the heart of three meals. Less oil, less salt, less meat, and lightness are my only dietary objects. Even if I face the heavy taste of love again, I will only say no!

For me, “punk health” does not exist at all, what cola Riga codonopsis, whisky in the blame, etc., are all swearing, never believe, but also ridiculous, after all, I am a serious health.

While I strictly control the diet, I will use the hand point health care method, tongue diagnosis and simple massage.

After all, accepting work on weekdays means that I have to enter the “Sage sit-in” time, usually sitting for one day, except for going to the bathroom, I really won’t leave the seat.

However, I feel that the way to maintain health varies from person to person. My approach may not be suitable for other people. Others may not be suitable for me. Anyway, as long as I can control myself, I will do it.

0 4 If I am still sitting at my work station after 10 pm every night, I know that I don’t have any sleep tonight.

My work is actually quite good. I can sleep until 10 o’clock every day. I believe that many people have been sitting in the company.

It sounds quite good, in fact, it was I exchanged with countless all-nights.

I work for an internet company. I have gradually understood the truth since I worked. The most special skill like me is “filling the pit” (I can post notes in my resume later).

I don’t remember when it started. I included a few more things that always existed: green tea, chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea and ready-to-eat bird’s nest.

This may be the opening of my “health mode”.

I am grateful to the company for exposing the internal friction of the table and teaching my health skills. While working overtime, I worked hard to make tea and drink bird’s nest.

It’s not that I’m afraid of death, but in the midnight, from time to time, these things are like giving me money. I’m inexplicably implanted in my brain, and I’m trying to pull the grass if I don’t listen.

Tea can save me from getting angry when I can’t rest day and night. Instant bird’s nest is counting on it to bring me a new look, and then I can’t do it in the office.

Sometimes when I see online activities, I will buy some of them. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand have all tasted.

I have been drinking for half a year, at least 3 bottles a week, and I will be able to cook at home.

As a beauty-loving person, I still believe in safe food supplements. The bird’s nest is no different. The key is to raise beauty and beauty. This small bottle of ready-to-eat bird’s nest saves me the time to make a mask. When I work overtime, I should drink it today.Mask