Man looking for shoes

Man looking for shoes

Man looking for shoes

Which of the following is the inertia of your other half or favorite object?

  Men who repeatedly buy fixed shoe style Men who wear shoes frugally Men who wear casual shoes Men who wear formal black shoes Men who wear casual shoes Men who buy fixed shoes repeatedly Repeat this type of men are very old men,There is always a deep attachment to the person, things, and things that he is used to. Even if his lover is unreasonable and willful and childish, he will treat her with an inclusive heart and love her until she gradually matures.

And he has a lot of old friends, he is very kind to his friends, makes old friends feel that he is a trustworthy patron, and he will help his friends and replace the helping hand in a timely manner.

Therefore, if you fall in love with him and become the other half of him, do not prevent him from listening to his troubles and being considerate about the details of his life. Each other ‘s emotions must be developed in a stable manner, and do n’t forget to share with him.Old friends can also become one and share common life topics.

  When a man who wears shoes frugally buys a pair of shoes, he cherishes them very much, hoping that the shoes can be worn for a long time, which can save a budget, and the shoes in his shoe cabinet are very old, which will impress you.

Personally, he is a conservative man who is cautious and can’t let go.

Insufficient in dealing with people, often offending people without knowing it; the structure of interpersonal relationships is small; in the professional field, he will have a chance of success due to silent efforts.

Therefore, if you are in love with him, be careful!

He is a man of passion.

When I first dated, I was full of infinite reveries in my heart, hoping to become a lover with you as soon as possible.

His restrained, conservative personality, but also suppresses the turbulent waves in his heart, not too afraid to confess to you, so that you can’t figure out his true thoughts.

Therefore, you do not hinder the initiative, create more opportunities for him to confess, you can accelerate each other’s love temperature, and move to another stage of life.

  Men who wear shoes casually This type of man is a man who doesn’t care what shoes he wears.

Sometimes the shoes don’t match the clothes at all, even if the shoes are worn out and outdated, he doesn’t matter. He doesn’t even wear socks. The socks are damaged and worn incorrectly. He can bear it.

Personally, he is an informal man, often with high eyes and low hands.

Private life is unorganized, and I like daydreaming. I believe that one day I can step up to the sky and easily lead a self-deceiving life.

When he first dated him, he would deliberately arrange the date, pay attention to the atmosphere and atmosphere, but just let it go.

His outstanding thing is the cheap and expensive consumption. Unless he wants to have a big meal himself, he will never take the initiative to invite.

If you fall in love with him, you will find that his emotional world is chaotic and complicated. Often, he cannot forget the old love and cannot refuse the new love.

The love triangle and the love triangle are entangled, and when all the disputes explode, he will choose to escape and avoid the reality to make the person who loves him miserable.

Therefore, be careful not to fall in love with such a man too soon!

  Men who love to wear formal black leather shoes This type of man is a big man who is used to wearing formal black leather shoes and polishing the shoes with a bright light. He can’t stand the big man who wears dirty shoes or old shoes to go out.

If this type of man is used to wearing his formal black leather shoes even on vacation or dating, you need to be mentally prepared.

He is an outrageous masculinity and traditional man. He values his mother’s opinions very much. If you want to win the love of a future mother-in-law, it is possible to change from his girlfriend to his wife.

If you fall in love with him, don’t think about how he thinks. He has his own set of principles for dealing with people and he will never modify it because of you.

Instead, he will ask you to agree with him, and even tolerate everything.

  Men who like to wear casual shoes This type of man is a man who focuses on casual life and lifestyle. He has high requirements for shoes, not only to be comfortable, but also to pay attention to the style of shoes, and must be matched with clothing.

Personally, he likes to take the initiative, has strong subjective consciousness, has strict requirements on himself, and is even more discerning about the opposite sex.

In life, I am a regular planner, but I occasionally revel on Christmas Eve or birthday dance.

When dating him, you can feel that he is a very considerate and good lover, with a gentle and courteous attitude, a funny and humorous conversation, and it is easy to make the dating atmosphere harmonious.

He is also a person who knows what kind of girl he likes.

So when you date him, he will kindly take you home even if you do n’t agree with him, but do n’t think he has a good impression on you, he is just a gentleman.

When dancing with your favorite man on a romantic and joyful Christmas Eve, you can inadvertently ask him about his shoes, and learn more about his inner attitude towards love and life.