It takes only 4 minutes to easily get a weight loss breakfast.

It takes only 4 minutes to easily get a weight loss breakfast.


It takes only 4 minutes to easily get a weight loss breakfast.

This breakfast is simple and the biggest advantage is that most of the materials are ready-made and don’t require a fire.

As long as you have time to go to the supermarket, you can prepare these breakfasts in advance, so that 4 minutes is almost all the “spitting” time spent in this shooting, the real time spent is basically zero.

銆€銆€Ingredients: black tea (pocket), milk (fresh milk or boxed milk), soda crackers, strawberries, orange, chocolate. Principle of weight loss: drink a cup of tea on an empty stomach every morning, first remove the stomach, and then start eating and detoxifying the body.
The staple food in the morning replaces the low-sugar soda crackers of peanut candy, and can also be served with different dipping sauces (salad dressings).

The chocolate contains traces of excitatory ingredients, refreshing and refreshing, making you happy all day.

I believe many MMs have to say that eating chocolate is easy to grow meat. How to lose weight?

In fact, eating dark chocolate will not gain weight, but will help the body burn.

However, if you like to eat white chocolate, it is recommended to stop quickly, the white chocolate spots are amazingly high.

銆€銆€The grain breakfast is almost as much as beans, cereals and dried fruits.

You don’t need to have a fire. Just take a few hours to prepare before going to sleep the night before. The next morning, with the help of Soymilk, you can enjoy it.

銆€銆€Ingredients: black beans, peanut kernels, corn slag, glutinous rice, red dates (nuclear), black sesame weight loss distance: grab a small black bean before going to bed the night before, even after getting up, even a few peanut kernels, and corn slag, 鏋告潪, non-nuclear red dates, a small amount of sesame, pour into the soya-bean milk machine, add water.

You can buy the soymilk machine that is automatically heated and boiled. After adding the raw materials, you can leave nothing to do. Just wash it carefully and clean it up. A cup of hot and fragrant, full of nutritious grain soy milk is ready.

Drinking a cup of such hot soy milk in the morning is full of plenty of time. Also, the bean crop contains phytoestrogens, high energy and low fat, which can satisfy the energy needs of the body one morning without getting fat!