Five star role models show three points born seven points maintenance

Five star role models show three points born seven points maintenance

Five star role models show three points born seven points maintenance

To have perfect skin, I think that at 20 years old, heredity accounts for 70% and maintenance accounts for 30%; and at 40 years old, heredity accounts for 30% and maintenance accounts for 70%.

Therefore, as you age, please pay more and more attention to your own maintenance measures, fight against the traces of time, fight against the passage of time, and let the amazing beauty extend infinitely.

Now I’m going to take stock of celebrity skins of different ages, put aside makeup techniques, and only discuss the skin condition. 20-year-old skin need not say, after 20, 25, 30, 40 . Who is our real beauty?example?

  Age: 25+ Beauty Representative: Li Yuchun Beauty Editor’s Comment: In my impression, Spring and Spring, who has just turned 25, have spoken of toothpaste and shampoo. So far, there is no advertising contract for skin care brands, but her skin is definitely praised by beauty editorsZero flawless beauty skin: it is white and tender, without acne and spots, and even pores are not visible.

To trace her roots and find out the origin of her clear, delicate skin, and spring and spring that do not understand skin care, it can only be attributed to heredity + no makeup.

  Age: 30+ Beauty Representative: Big S Beauty Editor’s Comment: Big S endorsed a hair brand, Xiaobian had an exclusive interview with her. At that time, she opened her eyes and carefully observed Big S’s skin. To be honest, her skin was notThe stunning beauty I hope for is only 85 points.

Big S said that she was born with a black meat bottom, plus a light mature woman in her early 30s, if her natural skin is only 60 points, her current 85 points can also be regarded as a high score, which is still very remarkable.

  Age: 35+ Beauty representative: Li Zimei Editor’s comment: If you find a picture of Li Zi at the age of 20, you will definitely be amazed that she has not grown old, but she is more than ten times more beautiful.

Li Zi is recognized as the “Goddess of Beauty”. She has almost met stringent standards for skin care and maintenance. Many people are envious of her delicate and fair skin.

  Age: over 40 years old Beauty representative: Zhou Huimin Beauty editor comment: Zhou Huimin does not often appear in public, the editor has only one chance for one second, but that time was shocked: Many stars, although the facial makeup is meticulous,The neck was unbearable at the beginning, but in addition to the delicate and flawless facial skin, Zhou Huimin even perfected the body skin of the neck and arms.

Although she is beautiful at the age of 20, the beauty won by her 40 years of active maintenance is even more amazing.

  Age: 50+ Beauty Representative: Zhao Yazhi Beauty Editor Comment: It is difficult to imagine that the beautiful and elegant white lady in “New White Lady Legend” is now over 50, but Zhao Yazhi just has more elegance and calmness, but has not added years.Leave marks.

If you are over half a year old, you can still maintain such youthful beauty, and it is not too scary to want to “get old”.

  Finally, reiterate a famous saying that has been rotten: there are no ugly women, only lazy women.

Make long-term skin care for yourself without laziness!

Sleep well and have delicate skin is not a dream_1

Sleep well and have delicate skin is not a dream

There is a story that has been engraved in my mind, that is, the sleeping princess who has been sleeping for a hundred years and still beautiful-“Sleeping Beauty”.

  The story describes a 15-year-old princess who has been sleeping for 100 years because of a spell, but it is still beautiful. A prince discovered her beauty and couldn’t help but leaned down and kissed the princess. The princess woke up from her sleep and finally fell asleepForged a happy marriage.

  After reading the story, I asked the elders for a hundred-year-old beautiful secret of the princess. My mother told me: it was sleep that helped the princess!

I keep this answer in my heart.

  When I grow up, I understand that there is often a big gap between the same myth in real life, but in terms of sleep beauty, modern science has confirmed fairy tales-it is sleep that has beauty and beauty.

  Sleep is a state in which man adapts to nature and is in line with nature.

When night comes, those who are asleep are calm and happy.

Sleep is also vital to each of us.

In addition to sleeping well, it can eliminate fatigue and rejuvenate, and at the same time has a very critical impact on health and beauty.

  We will find that people who sleep well are always energetic, with firm skin and clear eyes.

That is because during sleep, the skin metabolism is particularly active, the secretion and cleansing processes of the skin surface are continuously strengthened, and the capillary circulation that provides skin nutrition continues to increase; good metabolism enables the skin to absorb sufficient nutrients and remove excess matter from the epidermisTo ensure skin regeneration.

  Sleep is such a simple beauty process.

But not everyone can do well.

In modern cities, women’s lives are hurried and tense, the daytime is complicated, and the pressure is often left to the night and lingering, all kinds of things linger in our brains, making us sleepless and sleepless.

One night’s projection will turn people off. If you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, you will find that you look uncomfortable and your mood is dimmed, which directly affects your work and life all day.

  For those who often suffer from poor sleep, the cause should be found and eliminated.

The causes of poor sleep are very complex, often intertwined and difficult to distinguish.

Recent studies have found that the effects of various factors on sleep are achieved through the body’s sleeping substance-MT.

  Sleeping substance is the sleeping substance which is secreted by the human body. MT is the most important one.

Decreased MT in the body leads to decreased sleep quality: difficulty falling asleep, awakening early, waking up early, not sleeping deep, dreaming, etc.

Of course, because MT also has the effect of removing free radicals from the body, and its antioxidant effect, its lack will inevitably accelerate the aging process.

  With age, the attenuation of MT is irreversible and can only be solved by exogenous supplementation.

Fortunately, the development of modern technology has solved this problem. The purity and chemical structure and function of exogenous MT are consistent with endogenous MT.

In foreign countries, supplementing MT has become a very common health behavior; every year, Beijing, Shanghai and other places also begin to appear.

It is reported that domestic manufacturers have launched MT preparations, such as Taiji Group’s “Sleep.”

The author believes that in the near future, this advanced health concept will be widely popularized.

Kidney-preserving regardless of gender

Kidney-preserving regardless of gender

We should choose the appropriate ingredients according to physical fitness and illness.

Only in this way can the effect of food therapy be exerted!

  Basics 1, What is the difference between “kidney” in Chinese medicine and “kidney” in western medicine?

  The “kidney” in modern medicine refers to the anatomical concept.

Kidney function is also completely limited based on the function of urine, endocrine and electrolyte balance caused by parenchyma.

The “kidney” referred to in traditional Chinese medicine is a functional concept. It originated from thousands of years. Traditional Chinese medicine has designated comprehensive functions such as reproductive development, growth and aging, and urinary.

  2. What is the relationship between kidney and andrology, gynecology?

  Dr. Jie Jundong of the Ma Guang Health Group pointed out that the “kidney” referred to by Chinese medicine is a comprehensive function of human embryonic development, growth and aging, and urinary integration. In the minds of Chinese medicine practitioners and people in the past, it seems to focus more on reproductive functionsExpression, so the kidney is inextricably linked to andrological and gynecological diseases.

This is totally out of touch with the “kidney” referred to by western medicine.

  3. Why can kidney-preserving ingredients and herbs treat male and female diseases?

  Because the “kidney” of traditional Chinese medicine refers to the comprehensive functions of human reproductive development, growth and aging, urinary and so on. Traditional Chinese medicine based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine also faithfully reflects the original meaning of “protecting the kidneys”.Treatment of common andrology.

  4. What is the kidney deficiency syndrome of Chinese medicine?

Why can kidney tonic not only treat nephritis nephropathy, but also men and gynecological diseases?

  Kidney Yang Deficiency: Decreased sexual and reproductive function, second incontinence.

  Kidney yin deficiency: sore waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, men’s nocturnal emission, women’s menstrual disorders, with the symptoms of deficiency and heat.

  Insufficient kidney qi: Second stool, menstruation, semen can not be fixed.

  Kidney essence deficiency: low reproductive function, premature aging, and no obvious cold or heat.

  In recent decades, Chinese medical practitioners have initially confirmed that the kidney deficiency syndrome has a modern pathophysiology basis by using modern techniques and methods.

The “kidney deficiency” reaction in traditional Chinese medicine is related to the dysfunction of the “hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal cortex axis” and the “hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis”.

According to this theory, the functions of various organs are no longer completely independent, and kidney disease and male gynecological diseases are quite related under the concept of traditional Chinese medicine kidney.

Therefore, the same kidney-reinforcing medicine acts on the previous axis to adjust renal function, and acts on the latter axis to treat male and gynecological diseases.

  5. How to use common kidney-protecting ingredients to self-regulate male and gynecological diseases and nephritis and nephropathy?

  Dr. Jie Jundong pointed out that “medical food is homologous”, and the kidney-protecting ingredients have the same sexual properties as medicinal materials.Gujing stop band category.

Should choose the appropriate ingredients according to physical fitness and illness.
  Practice has proved that the kidney-protecting ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine are not only beneficial for the rehabilitation of chronic kidney disease, but also beneficial for the health of male and gynecological diseases.

Here we choose both food and medicine, common ingredients in life, introduce the alternative cheap Baoshen diet therapy, and recommend it to people with chronic kidney disease or chronic male and female diseases.

  As the health of the ingredients has a wide and deep foundation in the Chinese society in Southeast Asia, many medicinal materials such as Codonopsis, Scutellaria baicalensis, Eucommia ulmoides, and Chinese wolfberry also frequently appear in various soup soup supplements, so these widely used medicines are also replaced here.

  Food therapy articles to protect the kidney number of ingredients Noble 1, warm kidney kidney qi type walnut kernel for kidney yang deficiency of waist and knee soreness, nocturnal emission urine, proteinuria.

Can also be used to treat urinary tract stones, there is a row of stones.

  Walnut honey drink: 10 walnut kernels, 30 grams of honey.

Add walnuts and boil for 15 minutes. Add honey.

  Wolfberry nourishes liver and kidney.

It is used for spermatorrhea, infertility of kidney deficiency, or chronic kidney disease.

  Goji chrysanthemum tea: brew in boiling water.

  Cordyceps sinensis is used for kidney backache, impotence and nocturnal emission.

Can significantly improve renal function in patients with renal failure, improve cellular immune function, reduce urinary protein and reduce tendon levels.

Improve renal anemia.

  Cordyceps stewed chicken: Cordyceps 10 grams, 1 black chicken, stew with water for 1 hour.  Leeks are used for impotence of nocturnal emission of kidney yang, frequent enuresis and excessive vaginal discharge.

  Leek (or leek) shredded pork soup: 50 grams of leek, 50 grams of lean pork, cooked with water, seasoned with oil and salt.

  Northern plasma enhances immunity, diuretic, antihypertensive, anti-aging, and eliminates urine protein.

It has a estrogen-like effect and can be used for physical infertility and postpartum weakness.

  Astragalus Chicken Soup: Cook soup for 1 hour, season with low salt.

  Ginseng can increase body immunity, increase gonad function, and have gonadotropin-like effects.

  Ginseng Guixiu cream: 50 grams of ginseng, 30 grams of angelica, 50 grams of Beisk, simmer for 2 hours with water and simmer for juice.

Collect juice with 100 grams of honey, two spoons daily.

  Eucommia is used for impotence, frequent urination, and habitual abortion.

Enhance adrenal function and enhance immunity.

Widely suffering from various chronic kidney diseases.

  Eucommia braised pork loin: 30 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, one pork loin, remove fascia, wash, and simmer for 2 hours.

  Yam is used for impotence of kidney deficiency, frequent urination, excessive leucorrhea, and also used for nephritis proteinuria.

  Huaiqi stewed chicken: 100g of Chinese yam, 30g of Chinese wolfberry, 1 black-bone chicken, stew for 2 hours.

  Ganoderma lucidum is used for infertility caused by physical weakness, recuperates the solid foundation, improves immunity, and treats uremia.

  Ganoderma lucidum soup: 15 grams of ganoderma, 20 grams of codonopsis, 20 red dates, stewed for 1 hour.

  2, Angelica nourishing yin and blood category Angelica due to blood deficiency and blood stasis caused by irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain.

The effect of Angelica sinensis on the uterus is bidirectionally regulated depending on the functional state of the uterus.

It is also used as renal anemia caused by chronic renal failure.

  Angelica Motherwort Egg: Angelica 30 grams, Motherwort 50 grams, add eggs and boil for 1 hour after boiling.

  Ejiao is used for bleeding deficiency, menstrual cramps and bleeding during pregnancy.

Contains a variety of amino acids, free iron agent for the treatment of anemia, improve the calcium balance in the body, can be used for uremic nephremia

  Ejiao stewed red dates: 30 jujubes are cooked and 10 grams of Ejiao are added for simmering.

  Longan stem is used for menopausal symptoms such as blood deficiency and insomnia caused by liver and kidney deficiency.

  Longan wolf egg: 30 grams of longan meat and 20 grams of wolfberry. After boiling, add peeled cooked eggs and cook for another half an hour.

  Black beans are used for kidney dysmenorrhea, and chronic kidney disease proteinuria.

  Stewed pork loin with black beans and walnuts: 50 grams of black beans, 30 grams of walnut kernels, 1 pork kidney, stewed for 2 hours, seasoned with low salt.

  Black sesame nourishes liver and kidney, nourishes blood, is used for menstrual diseases and andrological diseases with less blood loss.

  Black sesame stewed chicken: 50 grams of black sesame, stuffed into the chicken’s chest, and simmer for 2 hours.

  Polygonum multiflorum supplements liver and kidney, nourishes blood, is used for menopausal yin, deficiency, dysfunction, dizziness, insomnia, and temperament.

Can also be used as chronic renal failure.

  Shouwu Liver Slices: 50 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, thickly fry and juice, 100 grams of pork liver, slice and fry, add Shouwu juice.

  Sea cucumber nourish yin and moisturize, used in premenstrual tension syndrome and menopause syndrome.

  Sea cucumber rock candy: 100 grams of sea cucumber with water, boiled with water, add rock sugar.

  The tortoise shell is yin deficiency, blood and heat, and the menstruation is not stable.

Hypertension of chronic nephritis.

  Wolfberry turtle: 1 turtle, 30 grams of wolfberry, and simmer for 2 hours.

  Biejia Ruanjian Sanjie is used for breast hyperplasia and uterine fibroids.

  Jia prunella soup: Peel one beetle, 50 g prunella, and cook for 1 hour.

  Lily nourishes yin and soothe the nerves, treats menopausal syndrome.  American Ginseng and Lily Porridge: 30 grams of American ginseng, fry for 2 hours to get juice, 50 grams of fresh lily, 100 grams of rice, boil porridge.

  3, Shugan Jieyu Roses, liver and blood circulation, Jieyu Ningxin is used for irregular menstruation, premenstrual breast tenderness.

  Rose tea: 30 grams of roses, substitute tea.

  Chayote is used for irregular menstruation, liver depression and infertility.

  Chayote tea: Sliced tea.

  Coix seed for clearing heat and dampness is used for nephritis, unfavorable urination, edema, proteinuria.

Exciting effect on the uterus, can treat excessive vaginal discharge.

  Barley water: 100 grams of barley, boiled water to drink.

  Almond Xuanfei water, used for edema, leucorrhea.

  Kernel almond syrup: 50 grams of barley, 30 grams of almonds, boiled syrup.

  Winter melon skin is used for edema, unfavorable urination, and leucorrhea.

  Winter melon tincture: Remove the winter melon, add red beans, steam over water, and take the winter melon seed soup.

  Hawthorn is used for dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain, endless lochia and high blood lipids in chronic kidney disease.

  Hawthorn fruit tea: 500 grams of hawthorn, deseeded and boiled, add rock sugar.

  Chickens with kidney and kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission enuresis, drenching fossils, and treating kidney stones.

  Gold powder in chicken: chicken bursa bladder, roasted ground, 3 grams per day.

  4, Gujing stop band lotus seeds are used for kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission, enuresis, and astringent stop band.

Can also be used for nephritis proteinuria.

  Lotus seed longan soup: 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of longan meat, boiled in water.

  Kidney is used for kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission, leucorrhea.

  Solid porridge: 30 grams of glutinous rice and 50 grams of white rice.

  Ginkgo is used for leucorrhea, turbidity, frequency of urination, enuresis, and proteinuria.

  Ginkgo stone reed soup: 30 ginkgo and 30 g stone reed, cook for half an hour.

  5, Huoxue Huayu Tianqi Huoxue Hemostasis, used for menstruation, bleeding, uterine prolapse, and even for IGA nephropathy hematuria.

  Tianqi lean meat soup: Tianqi 30 grams, lean meat 50 grams, stewed for 2 hours, seasoned with oil and salt.

  Turmeric is used for amenorrhea or postpartum abdominal pain, dysfunction of uremic disorder, nausea, dizziness, and abdominal distension.

  Turmeric lean soup; 20 grams of fresh turmeric, 100 grams of lean meat, stew, seasoned with low salt.

Do you have five symptoms that are incorporated into mental subhealth

Do you have five symptoms that are incorporated into mental subhealth

Nausea, vomiting, nervousness for no reason, and long-term depression in the mood, either manic or listless, went to the hospital for examination, but the result was “a great body!”

At this time, you should think about whether you have fallen into a “psychological sub-health state”!

  Depression “Suddenly mentioned by the boss to a prominent position, psychologically too late to prepare, I was suddenly lost!

“Mr. Zheng was nearly 40 and was transferred to another department of the company as the person in charge.

After leaving the old subordinates, he has always felt uncomfortable, and always feel that the new subordinates are pointing and pointing behind him.

Because he was unfamiliar with the environment, Mr. Zheng could not adapt to his new job in the short term, and his mood became more and more irritable.

In the end, he became a depression patient, and refused to go out at home every day, having no interest in doing anything.

  The drug abuser is already in bed and his heart is still in the office, thinking about the customers to be contacted tomorrow to participate in the alternative outline.

The alarm clock clearly shows 3:00 am. If you don’t go to “Meet Zhougong” again, you must yawn to participate tomorrow afternoon!

In desperation, turned out the sleeping pills, swallowed a little grain tonight.

Once, twice, three times, you will need a sleeping pill every night, otherwise it will become difficult to spin!

  Knowledge anxiety people’s absorption of information has increased exponentially, and the thinking mode of the human brain has not been adjusted to adapt to such an absorption rate.

At this time, the “balance” of the brain is extremely imbalanced, and the brain is forced to absorb and absorb excessive information, and it will show a series of tension and forced responses.

Symptoms of “knowledge anxiety” are very likely to cause anxiety-sudden nausea, vomiting, anxiety, neurasthenia, mental fatigue, the interval between onsets is not necessarily, and the time of multiple episodes is not necessarily.

  Treatment is easy-sleep more, play less, watch only two media reports a day, receive less information, and “knowledge doubts” can be cured without medicine.

  Anorexia nervosa initially wanted to lose only 2 kg, but later changed the target to 5 kg.

Dieting, laxatives, excess exercise, all the methods that are available, try, and strive to practice a short time to become a model-like “ribs and ribs.”

When the weight quickly drops below 80% of the normal index, and then occasionally let go of a meal, there will be an inexplicable guilt. Therefore, when you double your laxatives, be wary of anorexia nervosa!

Don’t underestimate it, was the famous singer Karen back then?

Carpenter died because of it!

  Holiday Syndrome B wants to adjust his status while on vacation and come back to work harder.

As a result, people are getting more lazy as long vacation returns.

Obviously there is a lot of things to be dealt with on the desk. He just sat in the face of the screen saver for 8 hours and had no interest in going to work.

When you get sick, you want to rush into the boss’s office and hand in a resignation, “From now on, you don’t have to worry about it.” Be a full-time vacationer!

  Mr. B’s “Holiday Syndrome” is, according to the doctor, “the wrong way to find something wrong!”

To relieve stress, there are different methods for working people-some people like playing cards, some people like traveling.
Whichever method is used, the goal is “to loosen the tight strings in your head.”

If things go too far, the “string” will be completely loosened at once, and adjustment of two or three weeks will not work, and you will be treated by the hospital.

Such people should try to avoid taking long vacations in the future!

Seven weapons for beauty in the workplace!

Seven weapons for beauty in the workplace!

Weapon 1: There is an elder sister in the office of the Wuzi staff. The person is very enthusiastic, but his mouth is too broken, and he loves to talk among colleagues. His parents are often short of the West family, and the Li family speaks in a simple way.

Every time she said to her, she reported a warm smile, but she never talked, and after a long time, she felt that she found resonance and naturally stopped looking for him.

  In summary: such a person, every unit is redundant. For what they say, they should only cope with their ears and cope with it, not adhering to it, let alone pass it on, just when their ears are polluted once, and then washed.

  Weapon 2: When the silent sword was first transferred to this group, because there was a set of reports for the leaders, it was very reused. The leaders often traveled with the leaders. Lao Huang looked in his eyes, and his heart was probably terrible.

As a result, he relied on being the deputy director of the office, often deducting bonuses for excuses for being late or traveling without saying hello.

Therefore, every time I accompanied the leader, he emailed him and asked the leader to sign the time sheet.

At the end of the month, he was ready to deduct the bonus again. He put the printed mail and time sheet on his desk and walked away silently. Since then, he never dared to deduct the bonus.

  In summary: a sound protest based on sound evidence is far more provocative than a loud noise.

  Weapon 3: No Wind Hammer The two female secretaries in our group are young girls who have just graduated and love to chat online.

The candidate for the small meeting once went unheeded.

As soon as I went to see them, they quickly closed the window with the boss key, and made me tiger-eating.

I secretly checked the IP addresses of the two of them, and found the QQ number of them, and then added them as friends.

After chatting for a few days, I told them that I had a video, and they were anxious to watch. I turned the camera towards their seat and turned it on.

They were dumbfounded at first glance. Since then, they have never dared to chat on the Internet anymore.

  Summary: Correct work style does not necessarily mean face-to-face criticism, save face, maybe the sky is wide.

  Weapon four: Wuyingge Company evaluated advanced individuals at the end of the year, using the method of voting by all employees. Ten elected candidates each won one million yuan, and the bonus was attractive.

Before the award was awarded at the end of the year, Lao Lin found Mi, God’s mysterious secret, and asked Mi to vote for him, saying that others had agreed.

Seeing through his mind just now, he said vaguely: “Lao Huang just came to me and said so.

Lao Lin understood what was said, and walked away with interest.

  Summary: The vagueness or the insinuation at this time is better than a counterattack.

  Weapon five: Helpless Shield submitted a statement at the end of the year, but I made a mistake.

The other people in Corey who knew the report were all the masters who simply did not work. It was all done by one person, and they worked five nights without overtime.

So, facing the query of the leader, he made a brief and gradual report to the leader before and after the report was formed, and then said, “I admit that I was wrong.

The leader nodded, not only did not criticize, but also boasted that he was capable, saying that he would never be able to do so.

  Summary: To reflect the situation realistically, not to shirk responsibility, is the best protection for yourself, and leaders can accept it.

  Weapon No. 6: Wuxie Sword went to a certain office of the group to stamp, and the man uttered the official tone in a shameless manner: “Oh, I’m afraid it’s more difficult and not easy to handle.

“I know that I can actually do it, so I pretend to be a substitute:” Is it?

Just now I saw Zhao Moumou (his boss) in the corridor. He looked at the documents and said that it was absolutely fine.

“His eyes widened again, and dense beads of sweat were leaking from his forehead, and he said again and again:” I look carefully again, and the leader said that it was fine, it should be fine.

“After that, stamp it immediately.

In fact, I never met Zhao Moumou at all.

  In summary: False and true temptations can sometimes do more with less, letting leaders see your ability to do things well.

  Weapon No. 7: The young man in the office of Infinite Shovel organized a payment for the people, the amount was 40,000 yuan, but he mistakenly wrote it as 400,000 yuan, and his leader Lao Huang did not find it during the review.

Fortunately, the payee was a familiar friend and called and told me.

I found the copy of the payment slip, drew a big question mark at 400,000 yuan with a red pen, wrote the other person’s financial contact phone number, and patted the young man’s puppy, and put the slip to hisOn the table.

The boy ran out with a red face, and within two hours, he chased back the overpaid donations. Since then, he has never made a similar mistake.

  Summary: Treating others with kindness and letting others go (especially not under their own subordinates) is far more effective than the criticism of covering your face.

How to supplement high-quality protein during exercise

How to supplement high-quality protein during exercise

Although this understanding is one-sided, it shows that protein is one of the most important nutrients to ensure the health of the body. Without protein, there is no life.

However, no protein is 100% utilized.

Low-quality protein efficiency loss is 60%, and protein efficiency loss is estimated to be about 30%.

Therefore, for different quality proteins, it is definitely not equivalent.

  Then, a certain kind of protein is the true standard protein food protein evaluation standard index 1.

Protein Biovalence (BV): An indicator that reflects the degree of utilization of food protein by the body after its digestion and absorption, the biological value is reflected, indicating that its degree of utilization by the body has changed.


Net Protein Utilization (NPu): It reflects the degree of protein utilization in food from the two aspects of protein digestion and utilization.

Protein utilization rate = digestibility × biovalence 3.

Protein efficacy ratio (PER): The ratio of weight gain (g) and protein intake (g) of young animals during the growth stage to reflect the nutritional value of protein is widely used in the evaluation of protein in infant food.

Any PER up to 2.

5 proteins are all high-quality proteins.


Digestibility-Modified Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS): Obtained by comparing the amino acid composition of food with a reference protein.

PDCAAA generally acknowledges that the closer the amino acid composition is to the body’s needs.

This method makes it very easy to find the amino acids that are most lacking in food, called amino acids.

  Warm Tips When a variety of food proteins are mixed and eaten, the amino acids contained in them can complement each other and supplement each other, thereby improving the nutritional value of food proteins.

It is recommended that as many food types as possible in the same meal.

Because the amino acids needed by the body must arrive at the same time to fully play the complementary role of amino acids.

  Comparison of Whey Protein and Soy Protein Food is the main source of protein obtained by the human body, but for adolescents in growth and development, bodybuilding and muscle enthusiasts, and athletes, food protein is often used as a substitute and protein supplement is needed. The most common proteinThe supplement is protein powder.

There are two types of protein powder, whey protein extracted from milk and soy protein implanted in plants.

  Protein composition 1.

The content and ratio of amino acids in albumin are closer to the body’s needs, and are more easily used by the body.

Soy protein contains relatively high levels of methionic acid, which limits the use of protein.


Whey protein contains immunoglobulin and lactoferrin, which can help improve the body’s immunity, promote iron absorption, and improve the flora of the body.

  Warm Tips Soy protein is ideal for menopausal women.

Because soy protein contains “phytoestrogens” soy isoflavones, which can regulate estrogen levels in the body, beauty and beauty, and have a very good effect on preventing osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

  As far as whey protein is concerned, there are a lot of protein powders on the market that can dazzle consumers.

The same is carbonated milk, with different amino acid ratios, so the quality of whey protein is different.

So, what amino acid composition is more reasonable?

What are the evaluation criteria? Generally speaking, there are two main indicators for evaluating the amino acid composition in whey protein: essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids.

Protein powders containing high essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids are more beneficial to the human body, can better promote muscle synthesis, and maintain a healthy body.


Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body or in an amount that does not meet the needs of the body and must be provided by supplements.

They are isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.

Essential amino acids are the main indicator of the nutritional value of proteins. There are a large number of essential amino acids in high-quality whey protein.

  2.The branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine are collectively referred to as branched chain amino acids.

Oxidative energy supply of branched chain amino acids in the human body during exercise accounts for about 60% of the amino acid energy supply. Timely supplementation of branched chain amino acids can provide a material basis for the aerobic metabolism process of continuous high-intensity exercise and prevent the decomposition of muscle tissue.

  Let’s take the example of Cobbit Azoprotein to interpret the amino acid profile of the protein.

  A little calculation shows that 100 grams of azoprotein contains 52.

5 grams of essential amino acids and 25.

2 grams of branched chain amino acids.

By comparing the amino acid profiles of various protein powders, the gold content of various protein powders can be interpreted, and you can be sure when choosing protein powders.

  The abundance of protein has given us a lot of choice, but it often leaves us overwhelmed.

Understand protein evaluation criteria, choose the best protein, and be a clear consumer.

Bypassing the nurturing bones misunderstanding

Bypassing the “nurturing bones” misunderstanding

Health must first raise the bones, and the bones are well-recognized.
Many diseases are related to our bones. The strength and weakness of bones are caused by diseases.
Simply put: 31 pairs of nerves along the spine extend through the intervertebral foramen between the vertebrae and the vertebrae; all the spinal nerves transmit information between the brain and various parts of the body, so when the spine is abnormalIt will affect our organs; similarly, when the organs are unhealthy, abnormalities can be found from the vertebrae, and the roots can be removed directly by curing the spine.
  So how should the bones be raised, is it raised at the root and raised into practice?
  Everything must first follow the laws of nature, and “bone bones” are no exception.
Gravity is the natural force that has the greatest impact on bones. How to conform to gravity and maintain bone balance has become the primary task of “cultivating bones”.
“Lie Rusong, sitting like a bell, lying like a bow” is physically resistant to gravity and is the most effective in maintaining bone health.
  The whole body bone is a perfect structure that is related to each other. It takes a “bone” and moves the whole body. Therefore, “bone bones” must have a global concept. From head to toe, it should be carefully maintained on weekdays. When you are sick, you should follow the clues of the whole body.Look for the source of the disease.
You can’t “have a headache, your feet hurt your feet,” which is a health taboo, and it is a misunderstanding of “nurturing the bones.”
  Tips for “Bone Bones” 1.
After waking up, please do not get out of bed immediately, first close your eyes and calm for 3-5 minutes.
Lie to the left, raise your right hand and hold the empty fist. Use your thumb and forefinger to naturally tap the waist from the direction perpendicular to the back. Knock down straight, please assign the distance of each empty punch, knock 7 times, just right.Move to the atlas.
Then tap down from the waist and cycle through the 3 groups.

Reminder: not washing your teeth will damage tartar

Reminder: not washing your teeth will damage tartar

Some people think that if you brush your teeth carefully every day, you don’t need to wash your teeth. This is not right.

Because the teeth will form new plaques within half an hour after thorough brushing, which can reach the maximum amount in 30 hours, and become calculus over time, which can cause gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding, bad breath, and eventually cause teethLoose or even cancel.

Therefore, if adults have not washed their teeth, they should go to the hospital as soon as possible for cleaning, and it is best to do it once every six months.

  It is commonly known as “tooth washing”, and medical term is called “Jiezhi”.

The so-called “clean” is to remove bacteria, tartar, pigment and other tartar from the tooth surface; and “treatment” means that it is one of the basic methods of treating periodontal disease.

The deterioration of gingivitis and periodontitis can be alleviated by washing teeth, but periodontal disease cannot be cured by simply washing teeth.

To cure periodontal disease, further diagnosis and professional oral treatment should be performed after tooth washing.

The main purpose of washing teeth is to prevent oral diseases, not just for aesthetics.

  Teeth washing is a highly specialized technical task.

Practice has proved that washing your teeth at a distance is very harmful.

  First, only visible tartar is removed, leaving the deepest tartar with the strongest pathogenic effect, which does not achieve the purpose of syringe periodontal disease.

Second, damage to the gums, especially when the roots of the teeth are exposed after the tartar has been removed, can not be further treated in a timely manner, which leads to unbearable pain and aggravates the periodontal disease.

Third, cross-infection can easily occur if disinfection is incomplete.

Therefore, you should carefully choose the place to wash your teeth. You should go to the hospital to find medical staff with strict training to wash your teeth.

  Why do my teeth feel strange or allergic after washing?

After washing the teeth, the teeth are wide, will the teeth become loose?

  In fact, tartar is like a large cotton paddle. Once you take off your teeth and expose them to a “long absence” environment, you will have all kinds of strange feelings.

If it is a healthy tooth, the strange feeling will disappear in the future.

If the gap between the teeth is large, it means that there is periodontal disease itself and the gums have shrunk. After removing the tartar, the illusion of widening the gap between the teeth is the cause of periodontal disease itself.

If tartar is not removed in time, the gums will shrink further, which will cause the teeth to loosen.

  Some people say that washing your teeth will increase the gap between your teeth, cause tooth allergies, and damage your teeth. Washing your teeth is costly and time consuming, and it ‘s uncomfortable and unnecessary.

  Those who hold such a view, first of all, do not have a clear understanding of the principle and purpose of dental washing.

At present, the tooth washing performed by hospitals and distance dental clinics does not use abrasive particles to remove the attachments on the tooth surface, but uses ultrasonic induction conversion to remove the stones and calcified dirt on the tooth surface to avoid further irritation of the gums.Bleeding, acidity, sweetness, heat, cold and other symptoms are caused. Boots cause inflammation of the gums and periodontal inflammation.

  Basically, after washing your teeth, you are allergic, the gap between your teeth is enlarged, and you feel uncomfortable because you have not been used to washing your teeth. The calculus has been attached to the tooth for a long time.

Coupled with not washing the teeth for a long time, the gums atrophy, the roots of the teeth are exposed, and there is usually stone protection. Certain allergic symptoms will occur after washing.

Although stones can protect the gums and roots, this protection is unhealthy. There are a lot of bacteria in them, which will greatly increase the incidence of oral diseases. The interdental problem is inherent, but it is only a long time.There was no cleaning, and the stones were injected.

  Under normal circumstances, washing the teeth every six months or one year is enough. For smokers, it is best to wash the teeth about three months.

Regular teeth cleaning not only cleans the teeth, but also the doctor checks the teeth for the teether at the same time as the teeth are cleaned, and can also find the problem and treat it in time.

Five Taboos for Midsummer Exercise

Five Taboos for Midsummer Exercise

Avoid exercise under strong light: around noon, the sun is clear and the temperature is highest.

In addition to swimming, avoid exercise at this time, beware of heat stroke.

  Avoid exercise for too long: it should not be too long for one exercise, 20?
30 minutes is appropriate to avoid excessive sweating and excessive temperature rise that may cause heat stroke.

  Avoid drinking a lot of water after exercise: summer sweating a lot, if you drink a lot of water at this time, it will increase the burden on the blood circulation system, digestive system, especially the heart.

At the same time, drinking too much water and sweating more, and further loss of salt, which caused symptoms such as impact, cramps.

  Avoid taking a cold shower immediately after exercise: Because summer heat production increases rapidly, the skin’s capillaries also expand a lot to help the body dissipate heat.

Sudden undercooling stimulates the pores that have been opened on the body surface to close suddenly, causing internal organs to become disordered, the brain’s body temperature to be abnormal, and even sickness.

  Avoid eating a lot of cold drinks after exercise: Physical exercise will cause a lot of blood to flow to the muscles and body surface, while the digestive system is in a relatively anemia state.

A large number of cold drinks even lowered the temperature of the stomach, but also diluted the gastric juices, which could cause indigestion and mainly cause acute gastritis.

20 sleep habits that make you sleep older

20 sleep habits that make you sleep older

1. Drink tea before bedtime: Tea contains substances such as caffeine, which will stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited.

Drinking tea before bed, especially strong tea, makes it harder for people to fall asleep.

  2. First-level exercise before bedtime: venous activity, brain nerve cells show excitement, this excitement will not calm down in a short time, and people will not fall asleep quickly.

Therefore, you should try to keep your body calm before going to bed.

  3, the pillow is too high: from a physiological point of view, the pillow is 8?
12 cm is appropriate.

If the pillow is too low, it may easily cause “falling pillow”, or due to too much blood injected into the brain, causing the brain to swell the next day, and the eyelids swell; if the pillow is too high, it will affect the unobstructed airway, snoring easily, and long-term high pillows may cause complicationsDiscomfort or hump.

  4. Sleep with your hands on your pillows: When you sleep with your hands under your head, in addition to affecting blood circulation and causing numbness in your upper limbs, it will also increase intra-abdominal pressure. Over time, “reflux esophagitis” will occur.

  5. Fall asleep with accessories: Some women do not have the habit of removing and removing accessories while sleeping, which is very dangerous.

First, some ornaments are metallic, and they will cause chronic absorption and accumulation of poisoning (such as aluminum poisoning) unconsciously due to long-term wear and tear on the skin. Second, some ornaments that have noctilucent effects will produce radium radiation.However, long-term accumulation can lead to adverse consequences. Third, sleeping with accessories can hinder the circulation of the machine body, which is unfavorable to metabolism. This is also the reason that the local skin with accessories is easy to age.

  6, slightly drunk to fall asleep: through lifestyle changes, young women now have a rich nightlife, especially some professional women’s entertainment instead, often accompanied by slightly drunk to fall asleep.

According to medical research, suffocation is likely to occur after drinking and falling asleep before bedtime, usually about twice a night, about 10 minutes each time.

For a long time, people are susceptible to diseases such as hypertension and hypertension.

  7, sleep with makeup: some women, especially young women do not remove makeup before going to bed.

Cosmetic residues on the skin are injected into the pores, causing sweat gland secretion disorders, which not only easily cause acne, but also damage the skin for a long time, leading to faster aging.

  8. Go to bed with a bra: Bras are protective of breast cancer, but wearing a bra to fall asleep causes illness.

Especially stimulate breast tumors.

According to research by relevant experts, girls who wear bras for more than 17 hours a day are 20 times more likely to develop breast tumors than those who wear bras or do not wear bras for a short period of time.

This is because breast cancer is under pressure for a long time, lymphatic return is blocked, and harmful substances are retained in the breast.

  9, before going to bed full meals: eat too full before going to bed, transplant to accelerate digestion, the stomach full of food will continue to stimulate the brain.

There is an excitement in the brain, and people cannot sleep peacefully, implying that Chinese medicine says that “when the stomach is out of harmony, you are restless.”

  10, angry before bedtime: angry before bedtime, usually people’s heartbeat speeds up, shortness of breath, thoughts, so that it is difficult to fall asleep.

  11, sleeping with a covered head: Because of the cold, many people are afraid of getting cold on their heads. They like to use a quilt to cover their heads to sleep. They do n’t know how to cover their heads and sleep. Sleeping on a covered face can cause breathing difficulties and increase the carbon dioxide concentration in the quilt.The concentration of oxygen continues to drop, and continuous inhalation of outside air is extremely harmful to the brain.

Over time, it will lead to hypoxia, cause poor sleep, and make it easy to have nightmares.

After waking up, you may feel dizzy, fatigued, and depressed.

  12, open mouth breathing: closed mouth night lying is the best way to maintain vitality, and open mouth breathing will not only suck in dust, but also easily cause the trachea, lungs and ribs to be stimulated by cold air.

  13. Sleeping against the wind: The human body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes decreases during sleep. Sleeping against the wind is susceptible to cold and sick.

Therefore, the place to sleep should avoid opening the air vents, keeping the bed away from the window and the door a certain distance.

  14. Sitting and sleeping: Many women are nervous at work, feel very tired after returning home, sit on the sofa after eating enough, and doze off.

And sitting and sleeping will slow down the heart rate, make the blood vessels dilate, aggravate brain hypoxia, resulting in dizziness and tinnitus.

  15. Sleeping relative: Some family members, such as couples, mothers and children, often sleep relative to each other.

This will cause the gas inhaled by one party to be mainly the exhaust gas exhaled by the other party, the brain produces fresh oxygen or insufficient oxygen supply, and it is also easy to cause insomnia, dreaming, dizziness and fatigue after waking up, and apathy.

Because everyone’s sleeping habits are different, pulling the quilt, kicking, snoring, etc., can easily cause the quilt to slip off, catch a cold, and affect sleep.

  16. Sleeping off the shoulders: Some people have the habit of sleeping with their shoulders exposed outside the quilt. They do n’t know that the weather is cold in winter, and the cold can easily invade the shoulder joints of the human body, causing local meridian bones, blood, blood stasis, and difficulty in circulation, causing rheumatism and arthritis.Sore joints and pain.

It is also prone to colds and runny noses caused by wind and cold, causing poor breathing and dizziness and headache.

  17, do not turn off the electric blanket to sleep: Opening the electric blanket all night, not only makes people feel dry and dry after waking up, but also prone to colds.

When a person falls asleep, the ideal temperature in the quilt is 33-35 ° C, and the relative humidity is 55% -60%. In this “small environment”, a large number of blood vessels in the skin are in a contracted state, and blood flow is slowed, so that the body is fullyRest and adjustment.

If the electric blanket is heated for too long, and the temperature in the bed continues to be too high, the skin blood vessels will expand, blood circulation will accelerate, breathing will become deeper and faster, and the ability to resist germs will decline, which may lead to a cold.
Therefore, the correct way to use the electric blanket is to turn on the power 10 minutes before bedtime, and turn off the power when it is plugged into the preheater, as long as you do not feel the sudden cold when entering the bed.
  18. Stored sleep: The human body cannot store sleep. Sleeping for a few more hours in order to stay up late is not very helpful to the human body.

In fact, the human body only needs a certain quality of sleep. Not only can you sleep more if you sleep more, it is also not good for your health.

  19. Insufficient Sleep: The main way the brain eliminates fatigue is sleep.

Lack of long-term sleep or poor quality will only accelerate the decline of brain cells, and smart people will become confused.

  20, overdraft sleep: Some women like to stay up all night and even play all night long.

Although they regained their consciousness the next day, the adverse effects caused by the circadian clock disturbance are unavoidable. They may be sleepy during the day, may have difficulty concentrating, may have insomnia at night and cannot fall asleep.