Recommend two recipes to ease the cold of the palace, so that you can easily do the mother

Recommend two recipes to ease the cold of the palace, so that you can easily do the mother

Recommend two recipes to ease the cold of the palace, so that you can easily do the mother

[Nursing cold syndrome from three aspects]1, eating the best to change their habits.

Avoid eating cold foods, eating less cabbage, white radish, green tea and other debilitating foods.

Even in the hot summer, cold drinks, iced tea, melons and other cold things can not be greedy, spring and autumn, winter should not take cold drinks.

These cold and cold foods will consume yang into the body, causing endangered cold and invading the uterus.

Eat more qi and warm food, such as walnuts, dates, peanuts and so on.

Abalone nourish and heat, can nourish yin and nourish the skin, clear the liver and improve eyesight, is the best tonic for women.

If you have the conditions, you can make some abalone food for yourself.

2, wear first to pay attention to keep warm, in the winter many women pursue the “beautiful frozen people” must be unacceptable.

Even in the summer, there is a problem of cold and warmth.

In the air-conditioned room, beautiful girls can always show beautiful legs, jade arms, shoulders, and even backs.

The air-conditioning air-conditioning refuses to be sun-thousands away from the human body, but it is close to the human body.

When you feel the ambiguity caused by the air-conditioning cold wind, you don’t know that the uterus is twisting the cold torment. When the cold gas invades the body, it is not far from the “gong Han”.

Therefore, in the office spare parts clothes, protect the top, part and other parts.

Stockings are also necessary for women who are afraid of cold, which can prevent cold from being born from the feet.

In addition, remind you not to sit on the “cold”, do not sit on the cold surface in the summer, such as the ground, stone surface or iron chair, because these places are cold and cold, the cold evil will quickly repel the body’s yang directly attack the uterus.
3, exercise often walks quickly, in general, the people of Gong Han are quiet and calm, and they tend to feel tired when exercising too much.

In fact, “moving is yang”, people with cold constitutions need to improve their physical fitness through exercise.

Walking fast is the most thorough way.

Walking, especially on the pebble road, can stimulate the meridians and acupoints of the soles of the feet, can clear the meridians, regulate blood and blood, improve blood circulation, and warm the whole body.

[Two therapeutic treatments take away]1. Amaranth ginger milk 羹 Ingredients: 500 grams of leeks, 30 grams of ginger, 250 ml of milk.

Method: Wash the leek, cut it, wash it with ginger, then add the leek and ginger together to the juice in the juicer.

Put the amaranth ginger juice into the pot and add the milk. Cook it on low heat and serve.

Efficacy: warm and cold, spleen and stomach, water belly belly, abdomen back pain.

2, leek fried walnut shrimp main ingredients: 500 grams of leek, 100 grams of walnut meat, 20 grams of shrimp, sesame oil, salt, MSG, the right amount.

Method: Wash the leek and cut into 3 cm long sections for use.

Shrimp are soaked in warm water for 30 minutes before being washed.

Walnuts are shelled and the meat is washed and ready for use.

First, the pot is heated with high heat, plant oil, burned to 80% heat, then into the walnut meat, shrimp, then use the medium fire to fry until cooked, then into the leek to stir fry for a while, add salt, MSG seasoning and eat.

Efficacy: treatment of kidney yang deficiency, waist and knees, women’s irregular menstruation, palace cold infertility, vaginal discharge.

The symptoms of palace cold in female friends are not formed overnight. The coldness of the diet, the coldness of wearing a single coat, and the habit of showing the navel are all factors that cause the symptoms of the palace to be cold. On the basis of diet, pay attention to the daily body.Maintenance, improvement will be better!