Five star role models show three points born seven points maintenance

Five star role models show three points born seven points maintenance

Five star role models show three points born seven points maintenance

To have perfect skin, I think that at 20 years old, heredity accounts for 70% and maintenance accounts for 30%; and at 40 years old, heredity accounts for 30% and maintenance accounts for 70%.

Therefore, as you age, please pay more and more attention to your own maintenance measures, fight against the traces of time, fight against the passage of time, and let the amazing beauty extend infinitely.

Now I’m going to take stock of celebrity skins of different ages, put aside makeup techniques, and only discuss the skin condition. 20-year-old skin need not say, after 20, 25, 30, 40 . Who is our real beauty?example?

  Age: 25+ Beauty Representative: Li Yuchun Beauty Editor’s Comment: In my impression, Spring and Spring, who has just turned 25, have spoken of toothpaste and shampoo. So far, there is no advertising contract for skin care brands, but her skin is definitely praised by beauty editorsZero flawless beauty skin: it is white and tender, without acne and spots, and even pores are not visible.

To trace her roots and find out the origin of her clear, delicate skin, and spring and spring that do not understand skin care, it can only be attributed to heredity + no makeup.

  Age: 30+ Beauty Representative: Big S Beauty Editor’s Comment: Big S endorsed a hair brand, Xiaobian had an exclusive interview with her. At that time, she opened her eyes and carefully observed Big S’s skin. To be honest, her skin was notThe stunning beauty I hope for is only 85 points.

Big S said that she was born with a black meat bottom, plus a light mature woman in her early 30s, if her natural skin is only 60 points, her current 85 points can also be regarded as a high score, which is still very remarkable.

  Age: 35+ Beauty representative: Li Zimei Editor’s comment: If you find a picture of Li Zi at the age of 20, you will definitely be amazed that she has not grown old, but she is more than ten times more beautiful.

Li Zi is recognized as the “Goddess of Beauty”. She has almost met stringent standards for skin care and maintenance. Many people are envious of her delicate and fair skin.

  Age: over 40 years old Beauty representative: Zhou Huimin Beauty editor comment: Zhou Huimin does not often appear in public, the editor has only one chance for one second, but that time was shocked: Many stars, although the facial makeup is meticulous,The neck was unbearable at the beginning, but in addition to the delicate and flawless facial skin, Zhou Huimin even perfected the body skin of the neck and arms.

Although she is beautiful at the age of 20, the beauty won by her 40 years of active maintenance is even more amazing.

  Age: 50+ Beauty Representative: Zhao Yazhi Beauty Editor Comment: It is difficult to imagine that the beautiful and elegant white lady in “New White Lady Legend” is now over 50, but Zhao Yazhi just has more elegance and calmness, but has not added years.Leave marks.

If you are over half a year old, you can still maintain such youthful beauty, and it is not too scary to want to “get old”.

  Finally, reiterate a famous saying that has been rotten: there are no ugly women, only lazy women.

Make long-term skin care for yourself without laziness!