Fitness tips for men of different body types

Fitness tips for men of different body types

Fitness tips for men of different body types

People like the banana type tend to be thin and slightly weak, have weak muscle strength, poor physical strength, and unhealthy internal organs.

When exercising, you should slowly exercise basic physical strength, gradually increase muscle strength, endurance and body softness, and then perform weight training, participate in aerobic exercise, rope skipping, swimming and other dynamic sports.

People who are lean should pay special attention to their diet.

Should take more protein-rich foods to improve visceral function, strengthen muscle strength, but also take more vitamin foods.

  The puffiness type looks thin, but there are many aunts, the muscle strength and the functions of internal organs are often not strong, and the physical strength is not good.

Suitable sports for this type of person are walking, climbing stairs, skipping rope, swimming, etc., which can cause slight burning.

The diet should avoid overeating, eat less sweets, eat less high-volume foods, but eat high-protein foods.

  Apple-type body weight is within the standard weight range, but the upper arm, hips and tibia and the rest of the bucket-type body to the thigh are too thick, overweight, almost no muscle, weak bone support ability, often medium,Climbing a few steps will make you “puffing.”

Such people should do more aerobic exercise and swimming, which can consume aunt.

Often do static contraction exercises to strengthen the musculoskeletal.