Spring 捂 insists that the proportion of the three groups of people should be more Spring 捂

Spring 捂 insists that the proportion of the three groups of people should be more Spring 捂


“Spring 鎹? insists that the proportion of the three groups of people should be more “Spring 鎹?

In the early spring, the weather was hot and cold, and Xiaobian took off her winter clothes early, and she also showed her feet.

In recent days, I always feel painful from arthritis, numbness, numbness, acidity and swelling, and the skin color is blue-purple, so I came to the hospital for treatment.

Upon examination, he was diagnosed with arthritis.

Because the foot is full of weak parts of the human body, the aunt layer under the skin of the foot is thin and does not have heat preservation. If the foot replacement is not kept warm, the toes cannot be continuously contacted and cold, which is easy to cause arthritis.

“Spring, autumn and winter, no miscellaneous disease” is a well-known health and folk song.

Affirmation “Spring child face, day changes three times”, climate change is impermanent, especially the temperature difference between day and night, coupled with wind, the faster the wind speed, the faster the possibility of body loss, the more you feel cold, this timeIf the person’s clothing is out of date, it is easy to suffer from various diseases.

Therefore, ancient and modern health is very good at “Spring.”

Can be “鎹? can not be blind, to talk about ways and means, otherwise it is not only bad for health, but also may cause illness.

鈥淪pring 鎹?鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜孴herefore, at this stage, you can’t rush to take off your clothes at once, but you should take off one by one, and it will vary from person to person depending on your physique.

Studies have shown that for most elderly or frail patients, the critical temperature of 鎹?and 鎹?can be considered at 15 掳C.

That is to say, when the temperature continues to be above 15 掳 C and relatively stable, it can reduce the clothes on the body.

But does the reduction in clothes last for 7?
If there is no change in 14 days, it means that the temperature has risen and it has to be simmered for another 7 days. The infirm or the elderly can get better than 14 days.

If you reduce it too quickly, it is possible to freeze the disease.

“鎹? has a little heat, meaning that clothes should still be worn more appropriately.

But it is not the more clothes you wear, the better. If you wear a lot of clothes and even sweat, the cold wind will blow cold and “cold”.

“Spring Festival” has a focus on the ancients in the long-term life and labor practice to realize that the cold is from the bottom, so the ancient health home proposed the ownership of the spring dress should be “lower and thinner”, “old and old”There are also “the spring is not frozen, the lower body is too warm, the upper body can be slightly reduced”, which not only raises the yang and accepts the yin, and is consistent with the natural climate change, which can be described as “the corresponding person of heaven and man.”

This is also consistent with the view that modern medicine believes that the blood circulation in the lower part of the human body is worse and is vulnerable to cold invasion.

Therefore, it is better to follow the “lower and thinner” in spring.

At the same time, the focus of sputum is on the back, abdomen and sole.

Warmth at the front can prevent diseases and reduce the probability of colds; abdominal warmth is to protect the stomach, spleen, intestines, prevent indigestion and diarrhea.

“Cold from the foot”, the nerve endings under the feet are rich, sensitive, warm to make the body adapt to climate change.

It should be noted that the head should not be embarrassing.

“The Pulse Law” said: “The sage is warm and warm, and the cure for the sick is insufficient.”

The warmth of the cold head is not only the norm for the treatment of ancient Chinese medicine, but also an important method for health care.

The head is 鈥渢he meeting of Zhuyang鈥? which is the most prosperous place for human body yang. Appropriate cold can stimulate the blood vessels and nerves in the head, which helps to keep the brain awake, and can use health care to a certain extent.

Regularly wash your face with cold water or apply a cold towel for a few minutes, which can also improve your body’s immunity and prevent colds.

Of course, due to the difference in individual differences, the “cold” of the head should be maintained, and the child can gradually replace the cotton cap.

Three groups of people should be more “spring” children: if you take off your cotton clothes too early or wear too little, once the temperature drops, the child will be difficult to adapt, going out close to the cold wind, the open pores will immediately shrink and closeThe body temperature regulation failure, the body heat can not be emitted and caused to get angry, resulting in decreased body resistance, easy to suffer from colds, acute tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases.

Especially for infants and young children, it is more important to squat, but for children who like to be active everywhere, properly reduce some clothes, in case they are sweating and sweating, they will catch a cold.

Women: Many female friends have just arrived in the spring, and they feel that spring is coming, and they can’t wait to change into single clothes, single shoes, even in the most cold physiological period.

In the early Spring Festival, many women were sick because of the cold, and their roots were caused by the “cold” of the lower body, and the number of patients who caused gynecology, dysmenorrhea, and functional uterine bleeding increased significantly.

This is the result of “demeanor” and “temperature”.

Older people: The symptoms of heat production in the elderly, and the circulatory system is not as normal as the young people, so it is easy to be stimulated by the “cold spring”.

Therefore, after the beginning of the spring, the elderly still need to reduce the number of outings, wear a hat to reduce the stimulation of cold blood in the head blood vessels, high blood pressure patients should pay attention to continuous medication.

“Spring 鎹? to understand the weather medical experts found that the peak of many diseases is closely related to the cold air south and the duration of cooling.

For example, colds and indigestion are easy to reach before the arrival of cold air.

Glaucoma, myocardial infarction, stroke, etc. will suddenly increase when cold air arrives.
Therefore, it is necessary to follow the weather and add clothing before the arrival of the cold air of the weather station forecaster.
In the spring of “baby face”, you have to add and subtract clothes as the weather changes.

Don’t be too busy to reduce clothing when the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 8 掳C.