Each of the 5 fingers has a “healing point”, so you can keep it anytime, anywhere.

Each of the 5 fingers has a “healing point”, so you can keep it anytime, anywhere.


Each of the 5 fingers has a 鈥渉ealing point鈥? so you can keep it anytime, anywhere.

Our hand is called a concentrated “treasure”.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are 6 meridians in the hand, which are closely related to the organs, tissues and organs of the whole body. Applying these meridians to the acupuncture points with 5 fingers upwards can strengthen the body and prevent diseases.

“Life Times” invites authoritative Chinese medicine experts to teach you a set of “five fingers according to the law” to open an expert in Heilongjiang Province, Chinese medicine director of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Yu Jingxian, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University1, the thumb of the thumb corresponds to the human lung, the lungs of the main gas, the Secretary breathes.

The Shaoshang point on the thumb can excrete the gas in the lungs of the body. It has the effect of clearing the heat, Tongli throat and Susie opening.

Exogenous wind heat causes coughing, which can be stimulated when the throat is swollen.

When there is cough and chest tightness, press the acupuncture points vertically, and the left and right hands take turns. It has a tingling sensation, each time 1?
3 minutes.

It is also possible to puncture blood at this acupoint, which is equivalent to taking the lungs through the hot blood and blood, and also cooling the lungs into a cool world.

When puncturing blood, first disinfect the needle and skin with alcohol, then pinch up a little bit of the skin of the business, use the needle to quickly puncture the skin twice, while squeezing 3?
5 drops of blood, then quickly use a cotton swab to gently fight, stop bleeding.

2, the index finger index finger corresponds to the human large intestine, the corresponding organ is the large intestine, stomach.

The Shangyang point on the index finger can vaporize the water in the large intestine. It can be stimulated by indigestion, diarrhea and constipation. This point is clinically called the 鈥渙pening dew鈥?that comes with the body.Constipation is very effective.

In daily life, often use the tip of the thumb to smash a Shangyang point, which can exuber the blood of the large intestine, regulate the function of the digestive tract, accelerate the metabolism of the human body, and have a strong and beneficial effect on the body.

3, the middle finger of the middle finger corresponds to the pericardium of the human body, and the high-heat gas of the pericardium is flushed out of the body surface by the Zhongchong point on the middle finger, and there is a role of Su Shi opening and clearing the heart.

The first aid for heart disease is often awakened by acupuncture points. Daily arrhythmia, heartbeat and heartbeat can stimulate this point.

When you have a heartbeat, you can use the thumb to insert the middle punch point, the intensity should be moderate, 5 minutes each time, 2 times a day.

In addition, Zhongchong is very sensitive to pain, kneading this point when you are sleepy, and can refresh your mind.

4, the ring finger ring finger corresponds to the human body three Jiao Jiao, refers to the Guanchong point is the first point of the three Jiao Jing, meaning that the three Jiao Jiao through the body’s meridian warm water gas to the external surface of the meridian.

Frequent scraping of the ring finger can treat headaches, red eyes, tinnitus, sore throat and sore throat.

In the hot summer, if there is dizziness, headache, dizziness, thirst, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of heatstroke, it can stimulate Guanchong.

Stimulating the Guan Chong points can use the sputum method, using the strength of the finger tip and the tip of the index finger, as well as the hardness of the nail, and pressing the rushing point.

You can also find a cotton swab or puncture the hole at the end of the pen to achieve the same effect as acupuncture.

5, the little finger little finger corresponds to the human small intestine, “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records that the small intestine through the “main fluid disease”, therefore, Chinese medicine clinical and “liquid” related diseases can be first from the small intestine through the solution.

The Shaoze point in the little finger has the effect of adjusting the local blood and blood to make the water in the meridian flow, and can warm the milk.

Stimulate the Shaoze point, you can use the massage method, press the fingertips or the fingertips down while massage, and do a ring massage.

Pay attention to the moderate force, with a local feeling of soreness and mild warmth, 2 times a day.

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