Mom + baby + dad game family

Mom + baby + dad game family

Mom + baby + dad game family

Mother + Baby + Dad — Playing a family is a happy, lively, naturally rich and creative activity, and a direct way for children to learn.

The game is fun, although sometimes it can be a little aimless or even a little simple, but it is one of the key ways to develop your child’s cognitive, emotional and social skills.

    1 + 1: After the baby is born, the mother will feed the baby, change diapers, take a bath, play with the baby, tell stories to the baby, make the baby happy, and teach the baby to understand the surroundings and common sense.

Therefore, it can be said that the mother is most associated with the baby.

However, in the process of interacting with the mother, the baby learns the most, such as sharing, moderation, cooperation, solidarity, friendship, caring for others, courtesy and other behavioral habits, as well as the initial emotional and social skills.

  Expert’s comment: The mother’s personality is relatively gentle and delicate, and can withstand temperament. According to this feature, mothers can use simple mini-games to promote the development of various intelligences of the baby, so as to play house, play ball, and play various sets.Stack of toys and so on.

The game between mother and baby is relatively quiet, focusing on cultivating direct emotional experience and basic intelligence.

  Mother and baby game design game 1: Penguin step (suitable for newborns) extend the step reflex and exercise the lower limb muscles.

Stand your baby on a table or a hard bed, and your baby will take the initiative to move forward, practicing 2-3 times a day, 8-10 steps each time, you can exercise your baby’s lower limb muscles, and can support the body weight earlier.

  Objective: Newborn stride is a congenital anti-activity. If you do not exercise, this instinct will disappear around 56 days after birth. Persistence in exercise can improve muscles and make the baby reverse the pace early.

  Game 2: Clap your hands (suitable for 2 months babies). The mother can clap her hands in the reverse direction of the baby, then slowly move to the other side, and then clap her hands, so as to rotate purposefully.

Let the baby move with the sound and mother’s hand.

  Purpose: To stimulate the baby’s visual and auditory development.

  Game 3: Crawling exercise (suitable for babies over 6 months). Let the child change from lameness to crawling, gradually move the abdomen off the bed surface, and use your arms to circle or back.

Toys or food can be placed in different places, so that children can crawl to get enough.

In the meantime, from the free rotation of the head to the head can maintain balance.

Lift your abdomen with a towel and practice the support of your hands and knees in preparation for the transition to hand-foot crawling.

  Game 4: Kicking a balloon (suitable for babies over 1 year old) Mother supports the baby’s body and helps the baby kick colored balloons.

You can kick against the wall.

  Purpose: To help your baby increase the balance of the body and the strength of the lower limbs.

  Game 5: Picking beads (suitable for babies over 2 years old) Prepare a box of colored beads and two plates. Let the baby pick out the red beads into one plate first, then turn it into black and put it in another plate.

See if the baby can pick out the red and black.

  Purpose: The baby’s ability to pick red beads is better than black, because understanding black is a recent thing.

On the one hand, the baby can recognize the colors more accurately, on the other hand, it can exercise the baby’s ability to select and classify purposefully.

  1 + 1: Baby + Dad has seen a picture like this: A rough and tasteful young father embraces a small child with a naked body, with a graceful style and a natural look.

Everyone likes this kind of father. He gives a contrast while conveying a message: the care of young children by mature men is one of the standards of his public image.

Just like the two wings of a bird taking off, mother’s love and father’s love are both the baby’s psychological needs and are indispensable.

  Experts comment: When dads and babies play, they often encourage their babies to try fresh games, encourage their daring to explore, overcome difficulties independently, and be aggressive.

Daddy’s personality traits and game spirit will make the baby develop a good personality tangible.

The baby can feel a safe backing from an absolute power during the game with his father.

  Daddy and baby game design game 1: Sound-producing game (suitable for babies over 6 months) Let your baby sit opposite your dad, cover your own face with paper, call your baby’s name, and if the baby responds with a voice, immediately kissHe played repeatedly for 2 minutes.

This is the best game where father and baby are in close contact.

  Game 2: Find toys (suitable for babies over 8 months) Daddy cover the baby’s favorite toy with a big blanket, and then let the baby find it by himself.

Then repeat this process, you can also gradually increase the number of hidden toys to increase the difficulty of the game.

This game can train your baby’s cognitive development.

In the process of playing, let the baby realize the concept of material eternity.

  Game 3: Playing stupid bears (suitable for babies over 1 year old) Dad helped the baby wrap the quilt into a “stupid bear” on his body. Dad also wrapped a quilt to fight the baby.

The clumsy movement is like a bear moving, and the baby will love it.  Game 4: Bounce (suitable for babies over one and a half years old) Step on the baby ‘s arm and let the baby learn to bounce on his knees, while jumping and saying “daddy hug, baby jump, hop by hop, haha, laugh”, the parents holdHanging tightly under the baby’s arm, he said, “Swing! Swing!

“Let our baby swing from side to side. The baby will adapt to the direction of the swing, cooperate with the swing of the father, and finally lift the baby up.

  Game 5: High jump shot (suitable for babies over 2 years old) can prepare a small basket at home, let the baby put the small ball into the basket, and practice jumping and throwing.

The baby is required to shoot the basket and practice jumping at the same time.

  1 + 1 + 1: Mom + baby + dad believe that when the babies are happiest every weekend, a family of three usually chooses to go to nearby parks, botanical gardens, zoos; or climb mountains, row boats, and get hungry after being tiredJust outside for lunch.

In fact, the important thing is not what to play, or let the baby realize the warmth of the home, let the baby know that father and mother love themselves.

  Experts comment: Medicine and health tell us: Family games can keep adults and children emotionally excited, it can stimulate the vitality of the cells in their bodies, and they are good for human health.

  Sociologists tell us: Family games can cultivate a child’s affinity with his parents and affect his understanding of the world and relationships.

  Psychologists tell us: Family games can improve a child’s personality and help develop an open personality.

  Education experts tell us: Family games can improve the effectiveness of future family education.

  The writers tell us: Family games are a great opportunity for a human body that is ideal for warming up childhood and nurturing baby love.

  A family of three game design game 1: Play “flying” blanket (suitable for babies over 8 months) find a blanket for the baby and let the baby sit on it.

Mom and Dad pulled a corner of the blanket and dragged around the room to keep the baby balanced.

This game is a good way for parents and babies to interact, it can increase the trust between each other; it also helps the baby’s upper body balance and strength.

  Game 2: “Frozen” dance (suitable for babies over 2 years old) play some music that babies love to listen to with sound, the rhythm can be a little happier.

Mom, dad and baby experience music dancing together, then suddenly pause the music, and let the baby “freeze” the movement at the moment when the music stops, and keep quiet and silent.

Listening to music and dancing play a very beneficial role in the development of your baby’s intelligence.

Adding “frozen” to your dancing can improve your baby’s hearing and response.

  Game 3: Choppy (suitable for babies over 2 years old) 1. Prepare a bed sheet and lay it flat on the bed. Mom and dad each hold one end of the bed sheet, and the baby either sits or lies on the middle.

Moms and dads started with high blood pressure sheets. At first, they can be smaller and slower. Let your baby be familiar with them and encourage them to be brave and not afraid.

Slowly, you can increase the radial amplitude and strength.

  2. The bed sheet leaves the bed or the ground for a distance, and the father and mother shake the four corners of the bed sheet, like a boat in the sea, and the baby can take a boat in the middle.

  3, Father and mother pull the sheets relatively opposite (place a certain distance from the baby’s head, you can put some bells on it), encourage the child to jump freely, and touch the sheets with your hands and head.

Or parents can dance up and down, let the baby drill in and out, or even crouch down to cover the baby.

  Tips for the world of mothers and babies: Because they are blocked by the sheets, the baby cannot see the surface of the bed, so you must pay attention to safety when playing this game.

For example, the bed sheet stretched by the parents should be in the center of the bed. If the parents do not catch the sheets, the baby can fall on the soft bed.

  Game 4: Decline climbing (suitable for babies over 2 years old) to bring the child to the grassland with a certain slope. It is said that the green area of the community or the nearby park let him land on his hands and feet, climbing up 10 steps in turn, and climbing down 9Step, then 8 steps up, 7 steps down . until 0.

When climbing, don’t forget to ask your child to count “1,2,3 .” every time you climb.

(The counts when climbing up and down are based on one step.

) Of course, parents should participate with their children and encourage them if necessary.

  Objective: To allow children to practice counting, develop language skills, and improve the skills of hand and foot coordination.

  Game 5: Swing (for babies over 2 years old) Father and mother walk on both sides of the child, and the three walk side by side.

Mom and Dad grabbed each child’s hand and walked, saying, “One, two, three, lift up!

“The child was raised by mom and dad.

Because the parents have an inertia when they walk, the child’s body will “swing”.

As long as the mom and dad have strength, they can “swing” back and forth. If the mom’s arms are not strong enough, she can also use both hands.