Seven major countermeasures for winter health problems

Seven major countermeasures for winter health problems


Seven major countermeasures for winter health problems

For those who are concerned about health, the arrival of the first winter snow is a romantic reminder in addition to surprises.

Entering the winter means that our planet is moving to another angle, and for our body, seasonal transitions often mean that other conditions may occur.

銆€銆€The hands and feet are cold and cold. In winter, there are many women with cold hands and feet. Even if they are indoors, they must be neatly dressed. Thick cotton trousers and gloves should not be less. Otherwise, they will have cold teeth.

This is because the nerve endings are farther away from the heart, and the vasoconstriction caused by insufficient blood supply after cold weather.

Coupled with the habit of not exercising regularly, shrinking hands and feet is a natural autumn and winter reaction.

If you are afraid that cold is still a normal reaction of the body, then if you are cold to your fingers or toes, and even feel numbness or tingling, then you should seek the help of a doctor.

銆€銆€Note: Do not smoke, do not eat too much caffeinated food, such as: coffee, strong tea, cola, etc., eat more warm and bloody food, wear warm clothes, do more stretching fingers, arms aroundThrough the circle, twisting the toe and other warm-up exercises, avoid long-term fixed posture and mental concentration, especially the continuous use of the computer for more than 7 hours.

Of course, if you create your own season in the autumn wind, it is a natural and effective way to get immediate results.

銆€銆€The dialysis of arthritis with arthritis is the same as that of the meteorological station. The weather becomes colder and the blockage is known first.

In general, when the temperature changes by more than 3 degrees on the day, the pressure change is greater than 10 hectopascals, and the relative humidity changes by more than 10%, the number of people who feel joint pain will increase significantly.

Near the joints are muscles, ligaments and other tissues with narrow blood vessels. Originally, the blood supply is relatively insufficient. In addition, the limbs are often exposed to the outside, so it is easier to lose the amplitude and make the joints stiff and painful.

銆€銆€Prevention: In addition to paying attention to the warmth of the limbs, you can also use knee pads, elbow pads and other supplies.

Regular rehabilitation exercises can strengthen the muscles of the legs and promote blood circulation.

Swimming in the heated pool is a good choice for swimming.

It can also be used to keep warm and dehumidify measures before the weather changes according to the weather forecast.

銆€銆€Dry skin is a very sensitive organ. In the days when winter comes, the blood vessels of the skin are often in a contracted state. The secretion of sweat glands and skin glands is significantly reduced. Some people may have itchy skin, redness and swelling, and serious will not appear.Regular cleft palate and peeling, the phenomenon of the lower extremities is most obvious.

Among them, this is related to the way you take a bath. Some people are afraid that they can’t be cleaned. They are used to washing them with bath soap and hot water like summer. The oil fingers on the skin surface are washed repeatedly, and the dry skin condition is getting worse.

There are also some skin diseases that occur frequently in the autumn and winter seasons, sometimes psoriasis (psoriasis), atopic dermatitis and ichthyosis, and the condition is exacerbated or aggravated by dry skin.

銆€銆€In this way: in the winter, you should pay attention to the rules and frequency of bathing, the frequency of bathing should not be too frequent, once a day is enough, and it is best not to bathe with soap (because soap is generally sturdy, easy to let the skin surfacehH value imbalance), the water temperature should not be too high, try to use or contain the moisturizing ingredients of the bath, after bathing should absorb the moisture moisturizing ingredients moisturizing cream, such as Vaseline.

銆€銆€Gouty gouty arthritis is a family-borne genetic metabolic disease that often occurs on cold nights. The cause is excessive uric acid in the body, where crystals deposit in the joints, and white blood cells in the blood remove the sediment.At the same time, attack the joint cells, making them inflamed and causing pain.

銆€銆€Preventive measures: pay attention to diet, prevent obesity, avoid eating animal heart, liver, kidney, brain and sputum, sardines and other foods, and should strictly prohibit alcohol, avoid predisposing factors, and drink plenty of water to promote metabolism.

For those with a family history of gout, it is best to check the urinary content of the blood until there is no symptom at present, so that you can have the necessary medical monitoring.

銆€銆€After the respiratory tract has become colder, the first thing we have tested is our respiratory system.

Some people experience chronic bronchitis and bronchial ulcers for a period of time each year.

The more common winter infectious diseases include: flu, rubella, measles, and more rare but more deadly epidemic meningitis, mumps, hemorrhagic fever, etc., as well as the SARS that impressed everyone this year.Both are related to the stimulation of the respiratory tract by dry and cold air.

The change of climate is the first test of the body’s immunity. If you do not pay attention to exercise, and the enclosed indoor air does not often circulate outside, the disease is likely to be frequent.

銆€銆€Reason: Don’t wear very thick clothes because you are afraid of cold, and don’t shrink in the air-conditioned room all day to enjoy the warmth of air-conditioning manufacturing.

The best way is to let yourself move, because exercise can promote the body’s blood circulation, enhance heart and lung function, and is also a very beneficial exercise for our respiratory system.

If you fall in love with sports, you will soon discover that you don’t have to wear a ball to go out.

Of course, in the season of high flu, flu shots are also necessary for health protection.

銆€銆€Thorough depression The winter is coming, and the chances of emotional problems are gradually increasing.

Experts believe that this is related to the expansion of sunshine time, as the study found that the incidence of depression in the tropics is generally rising.

Therefore, there is a saying that exacerbates depression.

As soon as winter arrives, a substance called serotonin in our brain is abnormally secreted, causing the onset of depression.

Permanent affective disorders usually experience an increase in age, a prolonged course of the disease, and a progressive increase in the symptoms of depression.

銆€銆€Measures: In addition to participating in psychological counseling, certain anti-depressant medications, phototherapy can be used as an effective adjuvant therapy.

In the bleak winter, it is necessary to let yourself have more sun.

Sunlight can dry the depression, but also absorb the vitamin D in the body of the sun, which is also a lot of benefits for calcium supplementation.銆€銆€The phenomenon of nasal bleeding in the nose strike is most likely to occur in the winter season, and there is a medical term called “snot.”

This is also because when the climate is dry and cold, the nasal mucosa also becomes dry and fragile, which is easily injured and causes small blood vessels to rupture.

If you are a person with high blood pressure and high blood pressure, the situation of nosebleeds is more urgent.

In particular, some antihypertensive drugs continue to expand the peripheral blood vessels, resulting in a considerable amount of bleeding.

銆€銆€Reason: slight bleeding can be taken in a semi-sitting or lateral position, slightly lower forward posture, use mouth breathing to keep the airway open, and use the finger to press the nose to stop bleeding. The blood volume is reduced about 10 minutes.Or stop.

A lot of or rapid bleeding, especially with high blood pressure or other complications, often requires urgent help from a doctor.

銆€銆€Usually, you need to drink more water, and keep indoor air circulation. If conditions permit, you can take a warm air method to create a humid environment and give your body some time to adapt to the cold air that turns cold during the season.