10-minute spine exercises

10-minute spine exercises

10-minute spine exercises

Preliminary: The side-to-side rotation method lies horizontally, with the left leg straight, the right leg flexed, the right hand on the hips, and the upper body for front-to-back rotation activities.

After turning over, you can turn around 3-6 times on each side.

  Step 2: Sit on the back with the shoulders, lie on the bed, bend your elbows, put your hands on your chest, and push your right shoulder forward (with your right elbow not off the bed) when your head turns to the right.

Push your left shoulder in the same way, 3-6 times each.

(If you have morning stiffness or numbness in your hands, you can do more; those with periarthritis, shrug shoulders, shake your shoulders, and insert a few times into the pain points on the collarbone.

) Step 3: Squeeze or lie on your back with the back of your neck, hold your head with one hand, put the back of your neck with the palm of your other hand, and squeeze the back of your neck with the fingers of 2, 3, 4 and the palm.For vertebral joints, stop there and take one or two more.

Repeat the right and left ends from top to bottom, and repeat 2-3 times from bottom to top.

  Step 4: Lie on your back with your head upright. Take the right side as an example. Hold the back of the left and right heads, turn your head 30 degrees to the right, support the mandible with your right palm, point your right hand to your right ear, and push your right hand upward with a short force.For the lower jaw, make your head lift your head and correct it to the upper right, 2-3 times at a time.

Place your hands in the same way.

(If you have unilateral analgesia of the head and neck, do health complications first, then disease complications.

) Step 5: Sit down with the pull-in method to lie on your back, hold your hands on the lower part of the back of the neck pillow, and align your head with your hands. Your lower limbs are flexed, and your heels are slightly open and flat, so that you can approach them forward.

The hips are slightly lifted off the bed, and both lower limbs simultaneously forcefully step down on both knees and the feet, so that the body moves downwards due to traction.

(In case of severe illness and pain, one-leg traction can be done first, followed by 2-3 pulls on both the left and right sides, followed by 2-3 pulls on both lower limbs.

Step 6: Lie on your back with your chest on your back, align your hands with your hands folded, and your lower limbs naturally straighten. With your head and hips as the fulcrum, you will lift up and get up (while inhaling) and put your back on the bed (whileExhale), brisk movement, naturally better, 30-100 times.

(Beginners stop once every 10 times, and continue to practice after 30 breaths.

) Note: The above 6 methods should be practiced every morning before getting up, only 8-10 minutes to complete after proficiency.

In the initial period, once a day, if you feel effective after 3 months, you can replace it 2-3 times a week. Perseverance can maintain spine health.