Celebrity Health and Zhang Daqian: Healthy Eating, Healthy Talk, Jianbu and Painting

Celebrity Health and Zhang Daqian: Healthy Eating, Healthy Talk, Jianbu and Painting


Celebrity Health and Zhang Daqian: “Healthy Eating”, “Healthy Talk”, “Jianbu” and “Painting”

Zhang Daqian is a famous modern revolutionary painter. He has a good reputation in the world of painting and calligraphy. He was praised by Xu Beihong as “a thousand years in five hundred years.”

Mr. Daqian always paints his skills and is very good at health.

In the 1930s, he was the medical student Chen Cunren’s “Psychological Health” handwritten book “Rakuten Longevity Resignation”: “Healthy, the right is in the heart; the anger is not in the chest, the honor and disgrace does not disturb the square inch;Worry, that is, the longevity holy medicine; often open smile.

It is a good disease.

“It is a simple and elegant calligraphy work, but also a good experience of health.”

His 84-year-old high life is inseparable from his habit of 鈥渉ealthy eating鈥? 鈥渉ealthy talk鈥? 鈥渏ianbu鈥?and 鈥減ainting鈥?

Mr. Daqian is a poor family, often using sweet potatoes as a meal. He also prefers light-flavored side dishes when he is an adult.

He has a poem: “The millet does not seek to be healthy, and the pears make the lungs clear.”

He knows that proper diet and nourishment will replenish the essence and correct the visceral yin and yang. He once said: “It is only affordable if you eat it in your stomach.”

Therefore, in addition to painting, he is interested in the basics of the diet, bringing together the family, taste, smell and other delicious dishes, and at the same time practice, for some materials, knife, cookingSystem, heat, seasoning, etc. have detailed requirements.

In terms of diet, Zhang Daqian used lightness as the way to “food.”

He has a poem: “The millet does not seek to be healthy, and the pears make the lungs clear.”
Two years before Mr. Daqian’s death, Zhang Xueliang’s inscription on the Daqian Collection: 鈥淛iguang and the United States.

“And poetry: “Luo Yusheng has a grandson, the old man has been quit for a long time, the dirty god sits in the Qing government, which sheep and pigs step on the vegetable garden.

“Poetry understands Xiaochang, humorous and funny, in line with scientific principles.

In addition, he does not like tobacco and alcohol for life, but does not play mahjong, but with tea as a companion.

Usually he mainly drinks tea, paying great attention to the “tea ceremony.”

Painting can make physical and mental well-coordinated, and is an important condition for people’s health and longevity. The real painting and calligraphy activities are to make people reach this realm. When writing, they must consider meditation, calm luck, and send all their hearts and strengths.At the end of the pen, the depth of writing is deep, and the color of the lines drawn is the sustenance of the people of calligraphy and painting. He goes deep into the painting and appreciates his beauty. He can both entertain and practice, lead to joints, ventilate blood, andEmotional, anti-aging and long-lasting role, so the book painter has a long life.

Therefore, Mr. Daqian believes that “the way of painting and calligraphy must first raise the heart”, “the heart is not dyed, but it is the way to enter the gods.”

“First silently thinking”, desperately condensed, after luck in the fingers, wrists, arms, waist, to adjust the power of the whole body in the pen.

“The next stroke of the painting is straight and straight, and all of them are sent out with the power of one body,” or like “the dragon and the sea”, or like “small water”, which makes the wonderful pen shine.

The above pen is like a stroke of Tai Chi, which promotes blood circulation and metabolism.

It helps to improve the function of the cerebral cortex, promotes the sharpness and calmness of brain thinking, and regulates people’s mental activities.

Talkatively means that Mr. Daqian is passionate and willing to chat with people, even if he is painting, patiently communicate with the guests.

For a long time, I developed a habit of painting while talking.

The creation of mind and body can not only delight your own mood, but also strengthen communication with friends.

Jianbu is also one of Mr. Daqian’s health magic.

When Mr. Daqian was weak, his health exerted a positive effect on his strong body.

When he was young, he was inconvenient in transportation. He often walked through the state to go through the province and consciously exercised.

In France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Brazil, the United States, Singapore, India and many other countries, he has his footprints, and climbing has made him enjoy fitness.

When he lived in the house of Moye in his later years, he still insisted on walking in the garden for half an hour every day.

I have been immersed in a thick green for a long time, and I heard the sound of the water.

He embodied “life is in motion” in “stepping”.

In addition, he used to write a couple of couplets, summarizing his own health experience, such as “the emperor and Qi Qin, the body is quiet to save the gods.

“The body is healthy, and the meal is added, and the wine is repeatedly prescribed; the person is old, and the joy is still yesterday, for the birthday of a hundred thousand spring.

“To give people the feeling of being old and strong, to be generous, and to be full of pride.”