The three major benefits of practicing yoga in winter refuse to be ice beauty

The three major benefits of practicing yoga in winter refuse to be ice beauty


The three major benefits of practicing yoga in winter refuse to be “ice beauty”

The benefits of practicing yoga in winter one: prevent “winter fat beauty”.

The weather turned cold, and many people 鈥渁ppreciated their appetites鈥?and unconsciously absorbed too much conversion.

Studies have shown that the energy required in winter is not much different from other seasons. Yoga is squeezed by various forward bends, left and right twisting postures, stimulates our glands, adjusts endocrine, and increases human heat production capacity, helping us to improveControl your appetite well and prevent your body from getting fat.

Yoga Practice Benefits in Winter 2: Make your body healthier and taller.

Winter is a season with many diseases, and regular yoga exercises are carried out to enhance the body’s ability to adapt to the cold, improve resistance and reduce disease occurrence. Extraordinary flexibility and good balance make the body stronger and taller.

In the cold winter, it is still a healthy “temperament beauty.”

Yoga Practice Benefits in Winter 3: Make your mood more enjoyable.

In winter, due to the cold weather, all things are depressed, the lighting time is shortened, it is easy to cause negative pessimistic emotions. In addition, the winter is at the end of the year, the work is heavy, the pressure is increased, and people feel uncomfortable. At this time, yoga is more needed.

Quickly rejuvenate, reduce bad emotions, mobilize your body’s potential, improve your thinking ability, and easily respond to various challenges. Your mind is calm, your mind is agile, your work is handy, and you can be a smiling, optimistic and cheerful “vigorous beauty.”

Each of the 5 fingers has a “healing point”, so you can keep it anytime, anywhere.


Each of the 5 fingers has a 鈥渉ealing point鈥? so you can keep it anytime, anywhere.

Our hand is called a concentrated “treasure”.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are 6 meridians in the hand, which are closely related to the organs, tissues and organs of the whole body. Applying these meridians to the acupuncture points with 5 fingers upwards can strengthen the body and prevent diseases.

“Life Times” invites authoritative Chinese medicine experts to teach you a set of “five fingers according to the law” to open an expert in Heilongjiang Province, Chinese medicine director of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Yu Jingxian, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University1, the thumb of the thumb corresponds to the human lung, the lungs of the main gas, the Secretary breathes.

The Shaoshang point on the thumb can excrete the gas in the lungs of the body. It has the effect of clearing the heat, Tongli throat and Susie opening.

Exogenous wind heat causes coughing, which can be stimulated when the throat is swollen.

When there is cough and chest tightness, press the acupuncture points vertically, and the left and right hands take turns. It has a tingling sensation, each time 1?
3 minutes.

It is also possible to puncture blood at this acupoint, which is equivalent to taking the lungs through the hot blood and blood, and also cooling the lungs into a cool world.

When puncturing blood, first disinfect the needle and skin with alcohol, then pinch up a little bit of the skin of the business, use the needle to quickly puncture the skin twice, while squeezing 3?
5 drops of blood, then quickly use a cotton swab to gently fight, stop bleeding.

2, the index finger index finger corresponds to the human large intestine, the corresponding organ is the large intestine, stomach.

The Shangyang point on the index finger can vaporize the water in the large intestine. It can be stimulated by indigestion, diarrhea and constipation. This point is clinically called the 鈥渙pening dew鈥?that comes with the body.Constipation is very effective.

In daily life, often use the tip of the thumb to smash a Shangyang point, which can exuber the blood of the large intestine, regulate the function of the digestive tract, accelerate the metabolism of the human body, and have a strong and beneficial effect on the body.

3, the middle finger of the middle finger corresponds to the pericardium of the human body, and the high-heat gas of the pericardium is flushed out of the body surface by the Zhongchong point on the middle finger, and there is a role of Su Shi opening and clearing the heart.

The first aid for heart disease is often awakened by acupuncture points. Daily arrhythmia, heartbeat and heartbeat can stimulate this point.

When you have a heartbeat, you can use the thumb to insert the middle punch point, the intensity should be moderate, 5 minutes each time, 2 times a day.

In addition, Zhongchong is very sensitive to pain, kneading this point when you are sleepy, and can refresh your mind.

4, the ring finger ring finger corresponds to the human body three Jiao Jiao, refers to the Guanchong point is the first point of the three Jiao Jing, meaning that the three Jiao Jiao through the body’s meridian warm water gas to the external surface of the meridian.

Frequent scraping of the ring finger can treat headaches, red eyes, tinnitus, sore throat and sore throat.

In the hot summer, if there is dizziness, headache, dizziness, thirst, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of heatstroke, it can stimulate Guanchong.

Stimulating the Guan Chong points can use the sputum method, using the strength of the finger tip and the tip of the index finger, as well as the hardness of the nail, and pressing the rushing point.

You can also find a cotton swab or puncture the hole at the end of the pen to achieve the same effect as acupuncture.

5, the little finger little finger corresponds to the human small intestine, “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records that the small intestine through the “main fluid disease”, therefore, Chinese medicine clinical and “liquid” related diseases can be first from the small intestine through the solution.

The Shaoze point in the little finger has the effect of adjusting the local blood and blood to make the water in the meridian flow, and can warm the milk.

Stimulate the Shaoze point, you can use the massage method, press the fingertips or the fingertips down while massage, and do a ring massage.

Pay attention to the moderate force, with a local feeling of soreness and mild warmth, 2 times a day.

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Celebrity Health and Zhang Daqian: Healthy Eating, Healthy Talk, Jianbu and Painting


Celebrity Health and Zhang Daqian: “Healthy Eating”, “Healthy Talk”, “Jianbu” and “Painting”

Zhang Daqian is a famous modern revolutionary painter. He has a good reputation in the world of painting and calligraphy. He was praised by Xu Beihong as “a thousand years in five hundred years.”

Mr. Daqian always paints his skills and is very good at health.

In the 1930s, he was the medical student Chen Cunren’s “Psychological Health” handwritten book “Rakuten Longevity Resignation”: “Healthy, the right is in the heart; the anger is not in the chest, the honor and disgrace does not disturb the square inch;Worry, that is, the longevity holy medicine; often open smile.

It is a good disease.

“It is a simple and elegant calligraphy work, but also a good experience of health.”

His 84-year-old high life is inseparable from his habit of 鈥渉ealthy eating鈥? 鈥渉ealthy talk鈥? 鈥渏ianbu鈥?and 鈥減ainting鈥?

Mr. Daqian is a poor family, often using sweet potatoes as a meal. He also prefers light-flavored side dishes when he is an adult.

He has a poem: “The millet does not seek to be healthy, and the pears make the lungs clear.”

He knows that proper diet and nourishment will replenish the essence and correct the visceral yin and yang. He once said: “It is only affordable if you eat it in your stomach.”

Therefore, in addition to painting, he is interested in the basics of the diet, bringing together the family, taste, smell and other delicious dishes, and at the same time practice, for some materials, knife, cookingSystem, heat, seasoning, etc. have detailed requirements.

In terms of diet, Zhang Daqian used lightness as the way to “food.”

He has a poem: “The millet does not seek to be healthy, and the pears make the lungs clear.”
Two years before Mr. Daqian’s death, Zhang Xueliang’s inscription on the Daqian Collection: 鈥淛iguang and the United States.

“And poetry: “Luo Yusheng has a grandson, the old man has been quit for a long time, the dirty god sits in the Qing government, which sheep and pigs step on the vegetable garden.

“Poetry understands Xiaochang, humorous and funny, in line with scientific principles.

In addition, he does not like tobacco and alcohol for life, but does not play mahjong, but with tea as a companion.

Usually he mainly drinks tea, paying great attention to the “tea ceremony.”

Painting can make physical and mental well-coordinated, and is an important condition for people’s health and longevity. The real painting and calligraphy activities are to make people reach this realm. When writing, they must consider meditation, calm luck, and send all their hearts and strengths.At the end of the pen, the depth of writing is deep, and the color of the lines drawn is the sustenance of the people of calligraphy and painting. He goes deep into the painting and appreciates his beauty. He can both entertain and practice, lead to joints, ventilate blood, andEmotional, anti-aging and long-lasting role, so the book painter has a long life.

Therefore, Mr. Daqian believes that “the way of painting and calligraphy must first raise the heart”, “the heart is not dyed, but it is the way to enter the gods.”

“First silently thinking”, desperately condensed, after luck in the fingers, wrists, arms, waist, to adjust the power of the whole body in the pen.

“The next stroke of the painting is straight and straight, and all of them are sent out with the power of one body,” or like “the dragon and the sea”, or like “small water”, which makes the wonderful pen shine.

The above pen is like a stroke of Tai Chi, which promotes blood circulation and metabolism.

It helps to improve the function of the cerebral cortex, promotes the sharpness and calmness of brain thinking, and regulates people’s mental activities.

Talkatively means that Mr. Daqian is passionate and willing to chat with people, even if he is painting, patiently communicate with the guests.

For a long time, I developed a habit of painting while talking.

The creation of mind and body can not only delight your own mood, but also strengthen communication with friends.

Jianbu is also one of Mr. Daqian’s health magic.

When Mr. Daqian was weak, his health exerted a positive effect on his strong body.

When he was young, he was inconvenient in transportation. He often walked through the state to go through the province and consciously exercised.

In France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Brazil, the United States, Singapore, India and many other countries, he has his footprints, and climbing has made him enjoy fitness.

When he lived in the house of Moye in his later years, he still insisted on walking in the garden for half an hour every day.

I have been immersed in a thick green for a long time, and I heard the sound of the water.

He embodied “life is in motion” in “stepping”.

In addition, he used to write a couple of couplets, summarizing his own health experience, such as “the emperor and Qi Qin, the body is quiet to save the gods.

“The body is healthy, and the meal is added, and the wine is repeatedly prescribed; the person is old, and the joy is still yesterday, for the birthday of a hundred thousand spring.

“To give people the feeling of being old and strong, to be generous, and to be full of pride.”

Spring 捂 insists that the proportion of the three groups of people should be more Spring 捂


“Spring 鎹? insists that the proportion of the three groups of people should be more “Spring 鎹?

In the early spring, the weather was hot and cold, and Xiaobian took off her winter clothes early, and she also showed her feet.

In recent days, I always feel painful from arthritis, numbness, numbness, acidity and swelling, and the skin color is blue-purple, so I came to the hospital for treatment.

Upon examination, he was diagnosed with arthritis.

Because the foot is full of weak parts of the human body, the aunt layer under the skin of the foot is thin and does not have heat preservation. If the foot replacement is not kept warm, the toes cannot be continuously contacted and cold, which is easy to cause arthritis.

“Spring, autumn and winter, no miscellaneous disease” is a well-known health and folk song.

Affirmation “Spring child face, day changes three times”, climate change is impermanent, especially the temperature difference between day and night, coupled with wind, the faster the wind speed, the faster the possibility of body loss, the more you feel cold, this timeIf the person’s clothing is out of date, it is easy to suffer from various diseases.

Therefore, ancient and modern health is very good at “Spring.”

Can be “鎹? can not be blind, to talk about ways and means, otherwise it is not only bad for health, but also may cause illness.

鈥淪pring 鎹?鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 鎶婃彙 浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜孴herefore, at this stage, you can’t rush to take off your clothes at once, but you should take off one by one, and it will vary from person to person depending on your physique.

Studies have shown that for most elderly or frail patients, the critical temperature of 鎹?and 鎹?can be considered at 15 掳C.

That is to say, when the temperature continues to be above 15 掳 C and relatively stable, it can reduce the clothes on the body.

But does the reduction in clothes last for 7?
If there is no change in 14 days, it means that the temperature has risen and it has to be simmered for another 7 days. The infirm or the elderly can get better than 14 days.

If you reduce it too quickly, it is possible to freeze the disease.

“鎹? has a little heat, meaning that clothes should still be worn more appropriately.

But it is not the more clothes you wear, the better. If you wear a lot of clothes and even sweat, the cold wind will blow cold and “cold”.

“Spring Festival” has a focus on the ancients in the long-term life and labor practice to realize that the cold is from the bottom, so the ancient health home proposed the ownership of the spring dress should be “lower and thinner”, “old and old”There are also “the spring is not frozen, the lower body is too warm, the upper body can be slightly reduced”, which not only raises the yang and accepts the yin, and is consistent with the natural climate change, which can be described as “the corresponding person of heaven and man.”

This is also consistent with the view that modern medicine believes that the blood circulation in the lower part of the human body is worse and is vulnerable to cold invasion.

Therefore, it is better to follow the “lower and thinner” in spring.

At the same time, the focus of sputum is on the back, abdomen and sole.

Warmth at the front can prevent diseases and reduce the probability of colds; abdominal warmth is to protect the stomach, spleen, intestines, prevent indigestion and diarrhea.

“Cold from the foot”, the nerve endings under the feet are rich, sensitive, warm to make the body adapt to climate change.

It should be noted that the head should not be embarrassing.

“The Pulse Law” said: “The sage is warm and warm, and the cure for the sick is insufficient.”

The warmth of the cold head is not only the norm for the treatment of ancient Chinese medicine, but also an important method for health care.

The head is 鈥渢he meeting of Zhuyang鈥? which is the most prosperous place for human body yang. Appropriate cold can stimulate the blood vessels and nerves in the head, which helps to keep the brain awake, and can use health care to a certain extent.

Regularly wash your face with cold water or apply a cold towel for a few minutes, which can also improve your body’s immunity and prevent colds.

Of course, due to the difference in individual differences, the “cold” of the head should be maintained, and the child can gradually replace the cotton cap.

Three groups of people should be more “spring” children: if you take off your cotton clothes too early or wear too little, once the temperature drops, the child will be difficult to adapt, going out close to the cold wind, the open pores will immediately shrink and closeThe body temperature regulation failure, the body heat can not be emitted and caused to get angry, resulting in decreased body resistance, easy to suffer from colds, acute tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases.

Especially for infants and young children, it is more important to squat, but for children who like to be active everywhere, properly reduce some clothes, in case they are sweating and sweating, they will catch a cold.

Women: Many female friends have just arrived in the spring, and they feel that spring is coming, and they can’t wait to change into single clothes, single shoes, even in the most cold physiological period.

In the early Spring Festival, many women were sick because of the cold, and their roots were caused by the “cold” of the lower body, and the number of patients who caused gynecology, dysmenorrhea, and functional uterine bleeding increased significantly.

This is the result of “demeanor” and “temperature”.

Older people: The symptoms of heat production in the elderly, and the circulatory system is not as normal as the young people, so it is easy to be stimulated by the “cold spring”.

Therefore, after the beginning of the spring, the elderly still need to reduce the number of outings, wear a hat to reduce the stimulation of cold blood in the head blood vessels, high blood pressure patients should pay attention to continuous medication.

“Spring 鎹? to understand the weather medical experts found that the peak of many diseases is closely related to the cold air south and the duration of cooling.

For example, colds and indigestion are easy to reach before the arrival of cold air.

Glaucoma, myocardial infarction, stroke, etc. will suddenly increase when cold air arrives.
Therefore, it is necessary to follow the weather and add clothing before the arrival of the cold air of the weather station forecaster.
In the spring of “baby face”, you have to add and subtract clothes as the weather changes.

Don’t be too busy to reduce clothing when the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 8 掳C.

Seven major countermeasures for winter health problems


Seven major countermeasures for winter health problems

For those who are concerned about health, the arrival of the first winter snow is a romantic reminder in addition to surprises.

Entering the winter means that our planet is moving to another angle, and for our body, seasonal transitions often mean that other conditions may occur.

銆€銆€The hands and feet are cold and cold. In winter, there are many women with cold hands and feet. Even if they are indoors, they must be neatly dressed. Thick cotton trousers and gloves should not be less. Otherwise, they will have cold teeth.

This is because the nerve endings are farther away from the heart, and the vasoconstriction caused by insufficient blood supply after cold weather.

Coupled with the habit of not exercising regularly, shrinking hands and feet is a natural autumn and winter reaction.

If you are afraid that cold is still a normal reaction of the body, then if you are cold to your fingers or toes, and even feel numbness or tingling, then you should seek the help of a doctor.

銆€銆€Note: Do not smoke, do not eat too much caffeinated food, such as: coffee, strong tea, cola, etc., eat more warm and bloody food, wear warm clothes, do more stretching fingers, arms aroundThrough the circle, twisting the toe and other warm-up exercises, avoid long-term fixed posture and mental concentration, especially the continuous use of the computer for more than 7 hours.

Of course, if you create your own season in the autumn wind, it is a natural and effective way to get immediate results.

銆€銆€The dialysis of arthritis with arthritis is the same as that of the meteorological station. The weather becomes colder and the blockage is known first.

In general, when the temperature changes by more than 3 degrees on the day, the pressure change is greater than 10 hectopascals, and the relative humidity changes by more than 10%, the number of people who feel joint pain will increase significantly.

Near the joints are muscles, ligaments and other tissues with narrow blood vessels. Originally, the blood supply is relatively insufficient. In addition, the limbs are often exposed to the outside, so it is easier to lose the amplitude and make the joints stiff and painful.

銆€銆€Prevention: In addition to paying attention to the warmth of the limbs, you can also use knee pads, elbow pads and other supplies.

Regular rehabilitation exercises can strengthen the muscles of the legs and promote blood circulation.

Swimming in the heated pool is a good choice for swimming.

It can also be used to keep warm and dehumidify measures before the weather changes according to the weather forecast.

銆€銆€Dry skin is a very sensitive organ. In the days when winter comes, the blood vessels of the skin are often in a contracted state. The secretion of sweat glands and skin glands is significantly reduced. Some people may have itchy skin, redness and swelling, and serious will not appear.Regular cleft palate and peeling, the phenomenon of the lower extremities is most obvious.

Among them, this is related to the way you take a bath. Some people are afraid that they can’t be cleaned. They are used to washing them with bath soap and hot water like summer. The oil fingers on the skin surface are washed repeatedly, and the dry skin condition is getting worse.

There are also some skin diseases that occur frequently in the autumn and winter seasons, sometimes psoriasis (psoriasis), atopic dermatitis and ichthyosis, and the condition is exacerbated or aggravated by dry skin.

銆€銆€In this way: in the winter, you should pay attention to the rules and frequency of bathing, the frequency of bathing should not be too frequent, once a day is enough, and it is best not to bathe with soap (because soap is generally sturdy, easy to let the skin surfacehH value imbalance), the water temperature should not be too high, try to use or contain the moisturizing ingredients of the bath, after bathing should absorb the moisture moisturizing ingredients moisturizing cream, such as Vaseline.

銆€銆€Gouty gouty arthritis is a family-borne genetic metabolic disease that often occurs on cold nights. The cause is excessive uric acid in the body, where crystals deposit in the joints, and white blood cells in the blood remove the sediment.At the same time, attack the joint cells, making them inflamed and causing pain.

銆€銆€Preventive measures: pay attention to diet, prevent obesity, avoid eating animal heart, liver, kidney, brain and sputum, sardines and other foods, and should strictly prohibit alcohol, avoid predisposing factors, and drink plenty of water to promote metabolism.

For those with a family history of gout, it is best to check the urinary content of the blood until there is no symptom at present, so that you can have the necessary medical monitoring.

銆€銆€After the respiratory tract has become colder, the first thing we have tested is our respiratory system.

Some people experience chronic bronchitis and bronchial ulcers for a period of time each year.

The more common winter infectious diseases include: flu, rubella, measles, and more rare but more deadly epidemic meningitis, mumps, hemorrhagic fever, etc., as well as the SARS that impressed everyone this year.Both are related to the stimulation of the respiratory tract by dry and cold air.

The change of climate is the first test of the body’s immunity. If you do not pay attention to exercise, and the enclosed indoor air does not often circulate outside, the disease is likely to be frequent.

銆€銆€Reason: Don’t wear very thick clothes because you are afraid of cold, and don’t shrink in the air-conditioned room all day to enjoy the warmth of air-conditioning manufacturing.

The best way is to let yourself move, because exercise can promote the body’s blood circulation, enhance heart and lung function, and is also a very beneficial exercise for our respiratory system.

If you fall in love with sports, you will soon discover that you don’t have to wear a ball to go out.

Of course, in the season of high flu, flu shots are also necessary for health protection.

銆€銆€Thorough depression The winter is coming, and the chances of emotional problems are gradually increasing.

Experts believe that this is related to the expansion of sunshine time, as the study found that the incidence of depression in the tropics is generally rising.

Therefore, there is a saying that exacerbates depression.

As soon as winter arrives, a substance called serotonin in our brain is abnormally secreted, causing the onset of depression.

Permanent affective disorders usually experience an increase in age, a prolonged course of the disease, and a progressive increase in the symptoms of depression.

銆€銆€Measures: In addition to participating in psychological counseling, certain anti-depressant medications, phototherapy can be used as an effective adjuvant therapy.

In the bleak winter, it is necessary to let yourself have more sun.

Sunlight can dry the depression, but also absorb the vitamin D in the body of the sun, which is also a lot of benefits for calcium supplementation.銆€銆€The phenomenon of nasal bleeding in the nose strike is most likely to occur in the winter season, and there is a medical term called “snot.”

This is also because when the climate is dry and cold, the nasal mucosa also becomes dry and fragile, which is easily injured and causes small blood vessels to rupture.

If you are a person with high blood pressure and high blood pressure, the situation of nosebleeds is more urgent.

In particular, some antihypertensive drugs continue to expand the peripheral blood vessels, resulting in a considerable amount of bleeding.

銆€銆€Reason: slight bleeding can be taken in a semi-sitting or lateral position, slightly lower forward posture, use mouth breathing to keep the airway open, and use the finger to press the nose to stop bleeding. The blood volume is reduced about 10 minutes.Or stop.

A lot of or rapid bleeding, especially with high blood pressure or other complications, often requires urgent help from a doctor.

銆€銆€Usually, you need to drink more water, and keep indoor air circulation. If conditions permit, you can take a warm air method to create a humid environment and give your body some time to adapt to the cold air that turns cold during the season.

It takes only 4 minutes to easily get a weight loss breakfast.


It takes only 4 minutes to easily get a weight loss breakfast.

This breakfast is simple and the biggest advantage is that most of the materials are ready-made and don’t require a fire.

As long as you have time to go to the supermarket, you can prepare these breakfasts in advance, so that 4 minutes is almost all the “spitting” time spent in this shooting, the real time spent is basically zero.

銆€銆€Ingredients: black tea (pocket), milk (fresh milk or boxed milk), soda crackers, strawberries, orange, chocolate. Principle of weight loss: drink a cup of tea on an empty stomach every morning, first remove the stomach, and then start eating and detoxifying the body.
The staple food in the morning replaces the low-sugar soda crackers of peanut candy, and can also be served with different dipping sauces (salad dressings).

The chocolate contains traces of excitatory ingredients, refreshing and refreshing, making you happy all day.

I believe many MMs have to say that eating chocolate is easy to grow meat. How to lose weight?

In fact, eating dark chocolate will not gain weight, but will help the body burn.

However, if you like to eat white chocolate, it is recommended to stop quickly, the white chocolate spots are amazingly high.

銆€銆€The grain breakfast is almost as much as beans, cereals and dried fruits.

You don’t need to have a fire. Just take a few hours to prepare before going to sleep the night before. The next morning, with the help of Soymilk, you can enjoy it.

銆€銆€Ingredients: black beans, peanut kernels, corn slag, glutinous rice, red dates (nuclear), black sesame weight loss distance: grab a small black bean before going to bed the night before, even after getting up, even a few peanut kernels, and corn slag, 鏋告潪, non-nuclear red dates, a small amount of sesame, pour into the soya-bean milk machine, add water.

You can buy the soymilk machine that is automatically heated and boiled. After adding the raw materials, you can leave nothing to do. Just wash it carefully and clean it up. A cup of hot and fragrant, full of nutritious grain soy milk is ready.

Drinking a cup of such hot soy milk in the morning is full of plenty of time. Also, the bean crop contains phytoestrogens, high energy and low fat, which can satisfy the energy needs of the body one morning without getting fat!

After 90 new living methods | free health, find out


After 90 new living methods | “free health”, find out

“After 90 health”, find out?

The autumn is getting stronger, the health is four, and the medicine is nourishing. The nourishing food flies through the autumn wind after the 90s.

Autumn is no longer the season for them to hurt, but the golden season for tonic.

In the past, the term “health” was almost exclusively used by middle-aged and elderly people. Those who “get up early and get up early” and “three meals are light”. Some people call it a change of color, and the elders of the family will only cause internal contradictions.

But only, the lifestyle of health has long been a “Thomas full-rotation” tilt, 90 has been propped up half the health of the health.

Especially since last year, there have been frequent online “first batches of 90s are about to enter middle age”, “post-90s have begun to bald” and so on, with a strong conflicting title, and there are too many “post-90 health”On the topic of microblogging hot search, “health” has turned gorgeously, with the aura of the net red potential auspicious debut.

For daily work, young people in big cities, the speed of hair loss, and the degree of excess meat are directly proportional to the length of overtime work.

After the 90s and 95s of the past, they are now labeling “middle-aged”, “old-age”, “auntie” and so on.

The ordinary water cup at hand has quietly turned into a thermos cup. Sometimes, occasionally, the health pot can be seen before, and the chrysanthemum is added secretly inside.

The point is that this year’s health talents come forth in large numbers. They are uneasy with the old-fashioned model and create a new health frenzy on the road of tradition.

According to CBNData (CBN), the “Consumer Report” released by Tmall last year showed that after 90 and 95, more and more money was spent on health products and increased year by year. Among them, the replacement from the United States and Australia.Nutritional supplements are ranked in the top five positions.

The direction of snacks is also quite picky. The search keyword data shows that 鈥渘o added鈥? 鈥渓ow radiation鈥?and 鈥渉ealth鈥?are among the best.

In addition, the 2017 Health Consumption Report released by Ali Health shows that people under the age of 30 account for more than 50%.



After the 90s and 95s of the new generation of health care Dafa as the generation of unique personality, this year’s health care method is also unique. They are both afraid of death and death, which leads to colorful ways of keeping health. One of them is”Punk health.”

For them, “women who have not worn knee pads to go to Di Di also dare to say that they understand health.

“Pengyang Dafa beer is crowned, Codonopsis is equipped with cola; a cup of milk tea during the day, run two kilometers at night; buy a mask of expensive price, the most beautiful night; wear a warm baby, do not wear long pants in winter; eat sea drinkWithout fear, Jianweixiaoshi tablets are carried with you; . Recently, there has been a new concept of 鈥淗ealthy Cups, Tea, Flower Tea, Instant Bird’s Nest, Ejiao Ointment, etc.鈥滱 must-have item for people around the circle.

At a time when the health of young people is unusually high, it seems to have become the main theme of the health care community.



After 90, teach you to maintain health. 0 1 As a people’s teacher, in the eyes of outsiders, we are always cast a look of envy. Most people feel that work pressure is not big, things are not heavy, but, around me, there is noA teacher who is not called hard work.

The winter and summer vacations are simply redemption for life. If nothing is done, it will be finished.

Although this semester is not too busy, I have to work more than 10 hours a day before, and I stare at the thunder every day. What I can support is a holiday that I am looking forward to.

I didn’t know what was healthy before, until the teacher got a serious illness in the second year, and I was worried when I replaced my hair. I seemed to be awakened by the body.

Since then, I have bought a mug for myself and embarked on the road of “drinking hot water”.

My insistence is awesome and fearful, and my friends can think of me in the same mug.

After all, I have been drinking a cup of hot water for four years now, even on a hot summer.

Cold drinks in front of me, can only tremble, at most I am a sip, my true love is still my mug, but also can make 鏋告潪, fat sea and other rounds of training.

However, occasionally I will also sigh whether I have lived as an old man, but I saw my friend’s beer and oranges as a dark health operation. I silently held the mug in my hand.

Still with me, I have done this “right man’s favorite universal hot water”!

0 2 As a child born in an old Chinese medicine family, I have been forced to pay attention to the content of “health” in my mother’s womb.

(Speaking of this, my childhood is bleak, what is marinated, fried food has never been tasted, my first time to eat barbecue is junior high school, I entered the rebellious period, I finally dared to secretly enjoy the stalls delicious.

I hate the work of nine to five, so I turned my days into a day of “no day, no night, no night.”

My job is mainly to provide course counseling for American students. I have not expired in the middle of the period. Because of the jet lag, my days are basically 48 hours. One is a daily job, and the long-term and the night is a daily job.It’s dark and dark, and health becomes my lifeline.

The origin of consciousness should be the students who pursued the fit body during the study in Los Angeles. Many people are carrying yoga mats to go to class. The badminton courts are even more eager to break the head. I have never made an appointment.

But after a long time, I found that for the Americans who are addicted to sugar, they can open a strict sugar control mode for their body.

White bread is replaced with sprouted whole grain bread (germinated bread), Caesar salad is replaced with net red boge (poke), the focus is on the juice instead of 鈥渇ruit and vegetable water鈥?(ie vegetables or fruits cut into small cups directly into the cup soaked in water, sugarLow and full of fruit and vegetable aroma).This set of “hands-on health” approach has just become my best secret now being attacked by the “night magic.”

First of all, you have to have a good-looking cup (the Mt. Fuji Cup of the Edo whistle, the starry cup of the Eight Thousand Generations. you can have a simple transparent cup on the outside, you can throw it directly in the mineral water bottle), so as to avoid fatigue;In winter and summer, each set of soaking water gods, summer with fruits and vegetables, autumn and winter with stone sassafras, roses, dandelions and other herbal teas.

For me, “drinking water” is really a health skill that can be easily obtained. The key is still very simple.

Although I often read programs such as “Yangshengtang”, I have tried various kinds of “Lotus Leaf Weight Loss Method”, “Pure Barley Powder Slimming Method”, “Mine Wine Peach Blossom Detox Method” and so on.I just want to say that it is convenient and effective to reject all fancy health care.

“fruit and vegetable water” tips: clear new = cucumber + mint fruit sugar = pineapple + lemon college models = watermelon + strawberry + lemon supermarket hot sale = pomegranate + grapefruit + mint can be heavy mouth = Houttuynia + mint 0 3%20 did not pay attention to health before I always felt that my physical differences, sad, sad and worried, began to pay attention to health after my epiphany, the original healthy people really few.

When I was a sophomore, I often got angry and acne. The original smooth face turned into a meeting area of multiple seismic belts. It was covered with large and small craters, and every spout was intoxicating.

In a rage, I embarked on the road to health.

Crazy Internet search for a large amount of information, access to a variety of information, the public number is also concerned about a bunch, the desire to survive spread to the circle of friends, to help friends of related professions.

At the same time, I also gave up my last stubbornness on the ice lolly.

In the past summer, how can I have less popsicles to accompany me, so that I can live a healthy life.

Now, seeing the ice cube brain automatically turns on the early warning mode, just like being implanted with a “reverse radar”, it will ring when it is 1 meter away.

I have become more dedicated to the heart of three meals. Less oil, less salt, less meat, and lightness are my only dietary objects. Even if I face the heavy taste of love again, I will only say no!

For me, “punk health” does not exist at all, what cola Riga codonopsis, whisky in the blame, etc., are all swearing, never believe, but also ridiculous, after all, I am a serious health.

While I strictly control the diet, I will use the hand point health care method, tongue diagnosis and simple massage.

After all, accepting work on weekdays means that I have to enter the “Sage sit-in” time, usually sitting for one day, except for going to the bathroom, I really won’t leave the seat.

However, I feel that the way to maintain health varies from person to person. My approach may not be suitable for other people. Others may not be suitable for me. Anyway, as long as I can control myself, I will do it.

0 4 If I am still sitting at my work station after 10 pm every night, I know that I don’t have any sleep tonight.

My work is actually quite good. I can sleep until 10 o’clock every day. I believe that many people have been sitting in the company.

It sounds quite good, in fact, it was I exchanged with countless all-nights.

I work for an internet company. I have gradually understood the truth since I worked. The most special skill like me is “filling the pit” (I can post notes in my resume later).

I don’t remember when it started. I included a few more things that always existed: green tea, chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea and ready-to-eat bird’s nest.

This may be the opening of my “health mode”.

I am grateful to the company for exposing the internal friction of the table and teaching my health skills. While working overtime, I worked hard to make tea and drink bird’s nest.

It’s not that I’m afraid of death, but in the midnight, from time to time, these things are like giving me money. I’m inexplicably implanted in my brain, and I’m trying to pull the grass if I don’t listen.

Tea can save me from getting angry when I can’t rest day and night. Instant bird’s nest is counting on it to bring me a new look, and then I can’t do it in the office.

Sometimes when I see online activities, I will buy some of them. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand have all tasted.

I have been drinking for half a year, at least 3 bottles a week, and I will be able to cook at home.

As a beauty-loving person, I still believe in safe food supplements. The bird’s nest is no different. The key is to raise beauty and beauty. This small bottle of ready-to-eat bird’s nest saves me the time to make a mask. When I work overtime, I should drink it today.Mask

Daily health benefits of hair dryer


Daily health benefits of hair dryer

The little wisdom of health in life is revealed for you one by one.

Hair dryers have long been an indispensable tool for many sisters to stay at home and travel.

Everyone knows that after washing your hair, you can use a hair dryer to dry your hair.

The hot air of the hair dryer has the effect of local heating and drying, so in daily life, the “hair dryer” can also be used as a practical health care gadget!


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There are two ways to apply heat. One is to apply a wet towel on the sore or injured part, then turn on the hot heat of the hair dryer and blow the hot air against the wet towel. The other method is to directly point the hair dryer to the sore or injured part., control the blowing of hot air, local hot compress.

銆€銆€Fever: In the winter when the humidity is low, when changing the diaper or underwear for the children and the old and weak patients, you can use a hair dryer to warm the diaper or underwear, and wait for the warmth to replace, which can prevent the children and the old and weak patients from being caused by the cold.cold.

銆€銆€Hemostasis: Use a hair dryer to blow hot air against a bleeding wound. The wound can stop bleeding in a short time. This method is only suitable for small wound bleeding.

銆€銆€The daily health care method of “hair dryer” prevents and treats colds: it is mainly for the cold symptoms caused by the cold, usually accompanied by dizziness, heavy head, tightness of the head, slight chills, etc.Use a hair dryer to blow hot air against the “temple”, “Dazhui bone”, “wind pool”, or blow it up and down from the head until the body is slightly warm.

銆€銆€Treatment of headaches: Headaches or neuropathic headaches caused by colds, can be wrapped around your forehead with a hot towel, and then blown against a pair of temples with a hair dryer?
5 minutes, you can ease or ease at any time.

Hair Care: Use a hair dryer to gently blow the hot air to the head every day. At the same time, the other hand uses a comb to comb the scalp from front to back. It can improve the blood circulation under the scalp, promote hair growth and keep the hair black.

銆€銆€Treatment of the stiff neck: use the hair dryer to face the “wind pool hole”, “Dazhui point”, “shoujing point” and other hot air, and with local massage, the massage part is mainly for muscle tight and stiff parts, about 3 parts?
5 minutes.

銆€銆€Relieve stomach pain: mainly for “contractive stomach pain”, use a hair dryer to blow the “stomach sputum” for a while, that is, the effect of hot compress can relieve the pain in the stomach.

This method is only used for short-term pain relief, such as repeated attacks of stomach pain, still need further medical treatment!

銆€銆€Treatment of low back pain: mainly with sprained back pain and kidney deficiency and low back pain.

The patient is lying on the bed and exposing the waist. The assistant uses a hair dryer to target the “seinshu point”, “waist eye hole” to blow hot air, or insert the left and right lumbar muscles to blow hot air, about 3 per part?
5 minutes, 1 in the morning and evening, can reduce the pain of the waist.

銆€銆€Knee joint health: use a hair dryer to face the “knee-closed hole”, “knee-eye hole” blowing hot air, and with local massage, the massage part is mainly aimed at alignment, the outer ligament part, about 3 massages per approx.
5 minutes, 1 time each morning and evening.

銆€銆€Acupuncture point map for treating calf cramps.

Treatment of calf cramps: use a hair dryer to target “Venezuela”, “Chengshan Point”, and hot air with muscle cramps, about 3 per part?
5 minutes.

銆€銆€Prevention of ankles: Before wearing shoes, use a hair dryer to blow the shoes for a while, not only can make the shoes more comfortable to wear, but also kill mold and prevent the ankles.

銆€銆€Additional acupuncture points: Dazhui points: in the 7th cervical spine.

Modern is often used to treat colds, malaria, cervical spondylosis, hemorrhoids, pediatric chorea and so on.

Matching the pool, the column is missing, the wind door is treating the cold; the post-stream is used to treat malaria.

銆€銆€The main symptoms of the temple are: headache, migraine, eye fatigue, toothache and other diseases.

Fengchi acupoint: located in the body part, under the occipital bone, level with the Fengfu acupoint, the shoulder between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the upper end of the trapezius muscle: a hole in the Dazhui and the shoulder linePoint, the highest point of the shoulder.

Shenshu point: open next to the second lumbar spinous process.

5 inches.

Indications for low back pain, kidney disease, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, tinnitus, and decreased hypertension.

Waist hole: under the 4th lumbar spinous process, about 3 next to it.

5 inch hollow.

Modern is often used to treat lumbar muscle fibrosis, lumbar muscle strain, endometritis and so on.

Knee-knee points: located in the lower leg of the human body, when the lower part of the bone is inside the back, 1 inch behind the Yinlingquan point, above the head of the gastrocnemius.
Indications for knee swelling and pain, cold and wet walking, calendar wind pain, lower limb paralysis.

銆€銆€Knee hole: in the middle of the sacral ligament depression; the outline of the inner knee, the outer side of the outer knee.

銆€Indications for knee pain, crane knees, leg pain, athlete’s foot.

In the middle of the hole: the middle point of the transverse stripes, when the biceps tendon and the semitendinosus tendon.

Indications for low back pain, lower limb paralysis and lower limb discomfort.
Abdominal pain, acute vomiting.

Unfavorable urination, enuresis.

銆€銆€Chengshan Point: In the middle of the back of the calf, between the Weizhong and Kunlun points, when the straight leg and the heel are lifted, there is a depression in the belly of the gastrocnemius muscle.

The acupoint should be placed in a prone position. The Chengshan point is located in the middle of the back of the human leg. Between the middle and the Kunlun point, when the straight leg or heel is lifted, the sharp corner depression appearing under the gastrocnemius muscle is銆傘€€銆€Indications 1 waist and leg are in a hurry, pain.

2 dysentery, constipation.

銆€銆€Make good use of small items in your life, use small wisdom, and you can also gain great health!

Remember – the workplace is not too direct


Remember: the workplace is not too direct

If you ask, people who like to go straight or go around, you must like the former.

Yes, we all like straightforward friends in life, we look forward to going straight to each other, even the courage, but often we close the deep heart between each other – like each other without talking, and hate the other side without cover, so, straightforwardWhen it really broke out, look at the occasion.

銆€銆€From a psychological point of view, straightforwardness is the most essential part of human nature.

It is widely believed that children are simple, they have not been polluted by the world, and they show natural truth everywhere. This is probably the so-called “naive.”

Their straightforwardness is the true embodiment of nature. The direct feelings of external things can be expressed through language without processing, and this direct expression is acceptable. This is the so-called “children’s words.”

銆€銆€Unlike the child’s straightforward preference, the adult’s straightforwardness is often rarely accepted because adults are sophisticated, and adults’ expressions are considered to be processed or even disguised, and their minds are different.Often something.

We do not rule out the people who swear by the sword, but the good intentions are regarded as the liver and lungs. Good wishes often fail to receive good results, and it is also a lot of pain in the hearts of adults.

銆€銆€Straightforward and straightforward, you said it directly, you feel cool, but don’t forget, if you are too straightforward, others will be unhappy.

In the workplace, people often need to pay attention to the way of speaking. They must be good at not being annoying. If you are good at doing good things, you must have a good result. When you give suggestions and opinions, you should pay attention to the timing, methods and methods.

銆€銆€Most people are good-faced, especially those who have identity, who are aware of the atmosphere at the scene, whether the emotions of the other party are suitable for straightforward chests, some opinions point to the end, or temporarily put aside, even waiting for the other party to wake up and realize that they have not tastedNo, you don’t have to separate the high and low.

銆€銆€The ancients said that “sixty and smooth ears” contain not only the vain and the ruthlessness, but also the reluctance of the mind, but also the realm of containing the dew and moistening things.

It is clear that these are clear, and good results will be improved for good intentions.

The Ministry of Public Security broke the mega-health products fraud case: destroyed 38 illegal sales platforms and deposited more than 30 million


The Ministry of Public Security broke the mega-health products fraud case: destroyed 38 illegal sales platforms and deposited more than 30 million

Set up a 鈥渉ealth base鈥?in tourist attractions in many provinces and cities, and use the banner of false public welfare organizations to trick the elderly into dealing with 鈥渓ove and help the elderly welfare card鈥?and travel to the 鈥渉ealth base鈥? posing as 鈥渕edical experts鈥?for lectures and medical examinations, and trickingThe elderly buy health care products costing only a dozen yuan for 380 yuan per bottle.

After the unified command of the Ministry of Public Security, a corporate-run health product fraud criminal group was destroyed. The police destroyed 38 illegal sales platforms, arrested 638 criminal suspects, and seized more than 30 million yuan in redemption.

Health food In the first half of this year, many elderly people reported to the public security organs in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, saying that they were brought to a so-called 鈥済eneral鈥?in Xiangyang by a company called 鈥淟ove for the Elderly鈥?Health Care Base, participate in health talks, receive free medical examinations for cancer prevention and free clinics for experts.

After analyzing the results of the inspections by those who claimed to be 鈥渂ase medical experts,鈥?they were tricked into buying millions of health supplements.

After the case was reported, the public security organs of Jiangsu Province organized a special case to carry out investigations.

After more than three months of investigation, the case was found to involve a biotechnology company in Nanjing, and the company was suspected of committing such fraudulent fraud in several provinces and cities across the country.

After investigation by the police, the company set up a so-called 鈥渉ealth base鈥?in Jiangsu and tourist attractions in many provinces and cities across the country, and developed several dealers, and adopted the banner of 鈥渇alse love and old health engineering work committee鈥?and other false public welfare organizations.Release flyers, free gifts, etc., to trick the elderly into dealing with the 鈥渓ove and help welfare card鈥? and screen out the elderly people with potential for consumption from the illegally obtained citizen personal information, and then deceive them to the 鈥渉ealth base鈥?with free and other bait.”tourism.

In the meantime, the company’s staff pretending to be “medical experts” to hold health talks, arrange free medical examinations, and false medical examinations as the head, falsely publicizing the company’s health products to prevent cancer and cancer, treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, prevent gene mutations, etc.Efficacy, the health care products as a drug to promote, deceive the elderly to buy a health care product costing only a few yuan per bottle of 380 yuan, thus implementing fraud.

The police initially found out that the company’s headquarters consists of 8 departments including personnel, finance, procurement, and investment. There are more than 500 employees, mainly selling “Guotai Tongkang”, “Shouzhibao 5A Oral Immunoglobulin”, “Laminating365” three brands of so-called health products, of which “film 365” antibiotics exceeded the standard 4 times, is a substandard product.

In just three months, tens of thousands of old people were defrauded in Jiangsu Province alone, and the funds involved amounted to tens of millions of yuan.

After mastering a large number of criminal facts and evidences of the criminal group, the Ministry of Public Security organized and led the public security organs of Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Sichuan provinces to carry out centralized collection and arrest operations, and arrested 523 criminal suspects.

In order to completely destroy the criminal network, the police continued to dig deep into the case and now arrested 115 suspects.

After that, 38 illegal sales platforms established by the fraud criminal group were destroyed, more than 200 illegal dealers were investigated, and the police seized more than 30 million yuan.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security said that the crimes against health care products for the elderly were high, and the criminal gangs operated in a corporatized mode. Through exaggeration, the efficacy of fictional health products, high-tech products, charity welfare projects and other flags were used to deceive the elderly.People, criminal means are deceptive and harmful.

The public security organs will continue to attack with heavy blows, crack down on crimes of health products fraud and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly.

At the same time, the police reminded the general public to increase their awareness of anti-fraud, and do not believe in false health care products such as “free medical examination” or “special effects products” to avoid being deceived.

Beijing Evening News reporter Lin Jing