l came to be around to take care of her goodness Lotte, she flies have been contented, never not satisfied place, only distress, probably his lack of good results, not a particularly good test for fear of the future University.

  It can all, in Pei Fairview High School that year, has undergone tremendous change.
  Spring outing organized by the school, the class went to a local lake koi play, during a picnic, Pei Fairview accident fell into the water, is a former founding into a fine, crossing the robbery failed about to collapse koi possessed, the other side had hoped Pei flesh occupy Fairview, Fairview, although nature may Pei simple, but there are pieces carved strong heart, she was actually 北京桑拿in the battle Zhefan better than the other, koi fine dissipated, only to the one remaining Pei Fairview good luck, this Koi fine, the广州桑拿网 biggest talent is to bring good luck to the people around, the more beautiful and Pei close to him, will be able to get greater benefits.
  Because Fairview Pei was in a semi-comatose state, she knew all this would also stumbled, little knowledge, but there is a faint impression that there is just fine for her to leave the koi good luck, she did not seriously , but it may in the next time, slowly found that this is not actually a dream.
  The first to be affected by the natural father is, original body and original Pei beautiful old home of the old district, suddenly encountered a local government planning changes were included in the demolition zone, made huge compensation, and that the site of the original body of original work the boss looked like a suddenly awakened and found him so many years of hard, hard hard, determined to lift it as a partner with management company.
  Then affected, and that is beautiful girlfriends Wuyun Yi Pei, the other results would have been okay, but old may have a psycho上海夜网logical pressure, before the examination sick of bad habits, illnesses without medication, getting better and better, originally appeared as a small

ig fat pounds per person, originally said Nguyen rain has shaken mind, but then again because the king of clubs to put up.

  This is not the contradiction between the child, which is the home of the old Ruan and Laojiangdi.
  ”Just like you Laojiangdi home that scrubby, gave us old Ruan we have not.”Zhou Xiuying naturally have to patrol their own colts, Old Jiang family’s condition is indeed worse than the old Ruan much, she quenching a mouthful,” Wang Yi plum a bad wife, then you killed late Arab village inside the things we what people do not know??Over the years, you may have to give a saliva too late Ah, food to eat??A late now watching the capability of goi南宁桑拿ng labeled?But no, contribute to raising children when you do not want, how?Now the child is well developed, we must bite bite, the United States die you!”
  ”I’m Comin Zhou Xiuying put words on here, this river is wild boar later than the child’s own play, and he Laojiangdi home as early as three years ago, the 杭州桑拿洗浴relationship is gone, how do you regard the book to sever that relationship forgotten???Do you want me this old woman was the child got old secretary, had severed that relationship but a book two copies, one in the Old Jiang home, where an old secretary!”
  Zhou Xiuying curse of some thirsty, she pinched waist, pointing around the mouth of the old soft-yard Jiang family “, these leech on you, how come face A late paste something, if I you, I can not wait to find a toilet ran straight down, not up.”
  Zhou Xiuying pungent, the entire seventh Pass village people know, every year the river late hid old Ruan, when the king of clubs is the most unhappy time.
  Wang plum sound a little weak, “This is our internal matter Laojiangdi home, and nothing to do with the old Ruan!”
  Jiang has not mute late stood out, he had rage and hostility in Ng杭州桑拿洗浴uyen rain and Zhou Xiuying They have come out to help when he spoke, he scattered clean.
  Darkly that a pair of eyes staring at you as the king of clubs, from the beginning, he

vily and slightly slumped squat, grab chaos mixed with silver hair own hair: “If I want to tell you, I do not know what happened, would you believe it?”

  Pei Naochun see each other’s struggles, with some appease nodded: “You speak slowly enough.”He could see some of the other statements difficult, but has done enough to prepare, I tried to get a listen to the other side of the story said.
  This time, Pei Naochun want to enter, is a well-known modern world, gathering a lot of critical points of the current theme, koi care of the household, Su Shuang life, glamorous, president and other high-handed, according to a lot of people say , is this classic beat the invincible face flow, Su cool in the end, of course, some people will think this is too YY, care of the household life hanging open, a win in the end, no waves, this name is called “Koi sent care of the household good luck”.
  Is about the care of the household Pei beautiful, small is not very good luck, when she was born, his mo深圳桑拿网ther died in childbirth, and later his father though hard work, but just barely pay the daily needs of father and daughter, but even so, father and daughter still feeling well, become each other’s support each other, encourage each other a good life, growing larger Pei in this beautiful environment, not only did not grow crooked, but with the deputy naive optimistic personality.
  - Of course, this is because she has a hard the hard, even if he will shelter for her father, the original body know that her daughter has no mother, but it will not take care of the children clumsy, not good economic conditions is also provided, so baby daughter was always regarded as jade beads, the idea of his daughter’s education has been very simple, no matter how the world, regardless of whether we have the wealth, must maintain a good heart.
  Cou北京体验网pled with Pei Fairview grew up in the small town, the surrounding environment is relatively simple, although her family in general terms, teachers and students al

Chris, how do you not earlier, and I said ah!Brother, you are right people?brothers.”

  Pei Yang Qing Wu, he learned about what happened, give up on themselves to put the anti-cell phone down, lie flat on the bed, he did not want a man, he was desperate.
  Sure, most tangled thing happened!He concealed the.
  as well as.So many years, he did not win the father, not his burst of red, still his father :), this is his own father rub a heat wave ah.
  Probably, this is life, right.

Chapter 154 koi care of the household to send good luck (a)?(three)
  [Twenty-first qualified assessment of the world.]
  Along with the familiar tone, Pei Naochun after open南宁夜网ed his eyes, still seeing no stranger to the dark space, he habitually quiet meditation, with a strong emotional memories have been temporarily sealed to recall him everything from the world can also be calm, mouth can not help but evoke a smile, in the world, he did not interfere too much over the direction of his son’s life, and how can I estimate that the last child in accordance with his personal really the idea to become a scientist, became the male class people of God on the official television news often appears the whole point of.
  Of course, the idea of this review did not last long, he has also been sent to the 009 system task in front of people.
  Pei Naochun habitually looked at from a man standing in front of soul, this young man about fifty years old, dressed in casual clothing looks very comfortable, look and d南宁桑拿ress up clothes, the other family will feel good, sleeves under those hands exposed, but obviously joints between the fingers, occasionally cocoon, looks like a man accustomed to labor, this contradiction exist in the other body, to Pei Naochun can not help but curiously looked two eye.
  The man had just been promised a trance, renowned Pei Naochun that instantly want to make meaning of mouth, but quickly shut his mouth, his brow furrowed, what wants to express but can not tell, for a long time he sighed hea

lly quite simple, that is by the organizers randomly drawn topic in the exam in order to take turns to answer, answer, mutual were set way points accumulated problems, the last winner t北京养生会所akes all, loser eliminated, this season is called the challenge college season, the team invited to various colleges and universities to persuade domestic little-known schools are out of the people, but also for this reason , attracted the attention of many viewers, the ratings hit record highs.

  And this is where the group Pei Yang Qing, comes prestigious aura, plus three color values quite high, with a magical fate of a junior high school, high school, so that they filled the subject of only a few times on the field, three micro-Bo fans, they also skyrocketed, Pei Naochun see, this is the pinnacle of program recording finals night, the day of play against two top universities in the country, to determine the winner, Lin Fei-fan’s advantage is that he is biased Learn the door of knowledge, it is very confident to Wan Wan in the libera广州桑拿l arts subject, the details of the title, Pei Yang Qing science, and equally difficult to find a comprehensive knowledge rival.
  The same day, the two sides you come to me and not shrink back, all the way to the final grab answer, Lin Fei-Fan perennial movement, amazing hand speed, grabbed directly to Wan Wan ruled out an answer, but Lin Fei-Fan in the remaining three options locked the only solution, they represent the school made the championship, get a bonus, but also gained the reputation of.
  End of the program, but also to the season “entertainment playoff” program group invited the “slag school group,” It’s not ironic, but people learn residue group, better at things other than general knowledge, such as what mouth red No, TV shows, movies, networks, program group is intended to let everyone see the shortcomings of the school bully, no one thought, Pei Yang Qing three drastic, complete clean sweep.
  Among them, know all the red numbers mouth, well

he college entrance examination, as Pei Yang Qing said the Wan Wan, successfully won the provincial science college entrance exam, of course, also accounted for a somewhat cheaper papers, and then the math exam is extremely difficult to get out, to Wan Wan weaknesses are mathematics, otherwise the outcome is not yet estimate winner, won the Pei Yang Qing college entrance exam, the same is a large city in the invitation to open a back to school to share the experience of the General Assembly, but this time, he speaks of things, all out of their own to explore the real deal , does not sound like progress had shared, like patchwork.

  He and the Wan Wan, together with a high sco杭州夜网论坛re was admitted to the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Q City, Lin Fei-Fan result of some two somewhat less, but not many, is to adjust the electrical engineering, three-year Queen City is the only three to go Q city to the university students, the school, the idea really became very good friend苏州夜网s.
  In that summer may appear good and bad things together, Pei Yang green on the outside when traveling, received a home phone, know this, and my father work on the road, the accident was a collision runaway truck had an accident, the coma is ten days, when out of the ICU, people have been very weak, but fortunately the key parts are protected to live, and not life-threatening, just need to rest, but it also allows Pei Yang Qing quickly grow up, although people at school, may often remote for my father to share the work of some of the company.
  ”How will it wearies?”Pei Naochun watching her eyes full of mercy and full, his body recovered well, just came to a point after-effects, than the common people more tired, weak and easier, but also to continue to shelter for his son.
  ”I also saw a lot of that very distasteful.”Pei Yang 南宁夜网Qing said muttering.
  Six months ago, he, to Wan Wan, Lin Fei-Fan trio invited to participate in the “never back down” of the recording, this program is actua

good reading.”Dad’s face the more unhappy, more tinkling Joseph his heart, so that if the former father repented of his greatest power, now, just to see D南宁桑拿ad not happy, it was enough to give him a refueling charge.

  Who told you Dad “harm” was like I started to learn it?
  ”In short, I believe you can do it!”Wan Wan smiled and punched encouragement,” Let’s chances to university, or at the same table, when I put you and FeiFan match match, do the Three Musketeers together.”She and many others, are very nostalgic, the biggest desire is not to have a man around to leave, do not change, although it requires a little high, but over the years, it has been well realized.
  ”As you also refuel at the same table brother.”Pei Yang Qing smiled and replied the same.
  April and May of the day, the heat has started surprisingly, teenagers find their future direction, then began to sprint.
  ”.Hello everyone, here is the best, most exciting, most thrilling puzzle quiz variety “never back深圳桑拿 down”, it is to welcome you to this, today is located directly in front of me, is the country’s top two teams from universities, B from a large, comes from a large Q.”On TV, the male host of the Speed quickly, but can not appear a mistakes, he is above the square ring, left and right sides of each station three people.
  Pei Yang Qing came back from school, dragging suitcases just the door, I heard a familiar voice, to which he could not help but rolled his eyes, touching and funny: “I said, Dad, you have not seen it ten times?I feel you have to be able to back down.”
  Half lying on the couch Pei Naochun, his baggy dark blue tracksuit, a bit tired facial features, a few thin physique than before, regardless of the state looks very good: “Not ten times, is the tenth six times, and my father to see you, happy.”
  ”You do not w苏州夜网earies.”Pei Yang Qing mouth muttering, people have been squatting on the sofa ahead, dragging a small bench came to hand, helped her father played a leg press.
  Three years ago t


  While watching Tucao him, getting red in the face – this is too sick of it?delete!This hypocritical good, but probably true feelings, turn themselves visible!No way out, this is what beautiful words, are not fluent!Deleted deleted!He did not watch, but may have to look at, and then gradually lost in thought.
  So think about it, I was really was a silly fork bar?Otherwise, how could I be so addicted to this stupid thing fork.
  Also, these Martian in the end how to read?Do not say that high school is a human life the most literate stage it?Why is my third year, and actually can not read my own first day direct words written on paper, there is such a mess of symbols, what crossed, what four points, in the end is how to break out of ah?
  He felt that all eyes gradually become fantasy, and finally to h深圳桑拿网is own dignity, he stubbornly these unsightly past completely blocked, and then quit the communications tool, the computer can be shut down, he subconsciously do, and that is from the side of bag, out of the textbook, start smoothing on the table.
  Yes, say twenty-eight days a habit, he spent more than four years, have developed another new habit, he became accustomed to reading every day, became accustomed to be a good student, but rather had his most fond memories the cool youth, become familiar distant.
  Pei Yang Qing did not want to sit there long, they start to re-start the title, in fact, after years later, he did find, good reading does not depend Not that reading is the only way of life, but this great probability, will he is coming to realize the dream of self springboard.
  No one will read, my father knocked on the door they杭州桑拿洗浴 came in, his face looked a little frustrated: “Yang Qing, your dad I have now been completely out of the network, former friends not in, knock them useless.”
  Pei Yang Qing looked at Dad, did not hold back beckoned: “Well, Dad, think about seven to eight, you are not also think when you test a graduate stude杭州桑拿nt?Come on, let’s together make

w of?”

  If Wang plum blossom into the prison inside, Old Jiang home in the county high school kids have to peasants and soldiers and university places missed.
  Now the workers, university places, can not just look at the results, but also depends on family composition.
  Nguyen words a drop of rain, river family who followed the king plum, suddenly looked at each other, but they have a baby at home with good results, intend to go, peasants and soldiers need more university places for college.
  This may not be a scourge for the king of clubs, the hopes of an entire family to ooh ooh Laojiangdi the.
  Wang Mei Li color change of position stubble, “How dare you?I am a river late his mother, how can there be when the child’s mother sued the go, this is the lack of filial piety, which is not big f广州桑拿网ilial piety!”
  Nguyen looked at the river late rain, she smiled, “Nothing, Jiang late Pazang hand, I am not afraid, I have just telephone the county police station here, the last special keep, or else I’m going to the police station commune make a phone call, let them come to cross-examine cross-examination?”Village people inside for leadership of the above, or that have a natural fear of the police station.
  Needless to say, a king plum illiterate rural woman.
  Wang Plum is a white face scared, importune them, “Well!No wonder you and Ruan old captain back home pro, was originally spotted pups river late this child, no wonder so help him!”
  ”There was a wild boar, Old Jiang is our home, since the old Ruan are willing to sell her daughter, her daughter did not sell our house, nature is not the head of a wild boar!”She cried day wiping, the” old family, you see ah!This would have been our first wild boar Laojiangdi things at home, and now this child pups enchanted old Ruan silly girl, even such expensive stuff are sent out, I think, ah!It later ah!Pups make sure our son home Laojiangdi things that give Ruan a silly girl!”
  Old family they’ve come广州桑拿, promised to be the king of clubs, b

something less and less on the network – which is about the development of the times and, as we grow older, non-mainstream is no longer among the students most sought, before manpower necessary space, now playing less people getting up, emerging social tools Weibo, replaced the space, for those friends ever met my father, they are mostly accompanied into the community, work, and gradually the center of life transferred from the network to the reality, even though the father I really do not re深圳桑拿网ad books, go online, it will not repeat the same mistakes again, I again become legendary non-mainstream.

  May be the most sad thing is, Pei Pei Yang Qing heard complaining Naochun slightly more talking, control is tight son blame, and now he can not keep up the trend of network development, former friends, fans are gone how how time, first give birth to a pleasant surprise, felt liberated, you can be yourself again, and then he was dismayed to find that he had become the object of pursuit, it seems, actually silly.
  Rarely put to paternity leave Pei Yang Qing sitting in front of a computer, directed at their own space, and that thousands of the talk, the first thing to do is to start locking space, delete some – not to mention really, it seems almost is an open sentence, he did not remember, it then in the end is what kind of mood, wrote a bunch of this stuff.
  ”My left hand is your right hand is sand, sand and, like you, loosen gone.”Single dog-Pei Yang Qing in meditation, then who is to say this.
  ”You took my heart, I can only put in a clay squeeze, and now I have lost because of you Gray.”As Pei Yang Qing science students, and began to que杭州夜网论坛stion played this hand wins the heart of man, or what is Hannibal dig heart spree, immediately turn it into a horror film.
  ”I imagine a bird flying, from the eighth floor to the first floor, slamming dropped to the ground, into darkness.”.Ah, that he had also had this suicidal thoughts do?How he had no recollection?And, not called fly fal

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