How badminton serve makes it difficult for others to catch

How badminton serve makes it difficult for others to catch

How badminton serve makes it difficult for others to catch

Core Tip: Pay attention to consistency in preparing postures and movements for serving various balls, which will cause difficulty for the opponent’s judgment and be in a state of passive waiting.

Immediately after serving, lift the racket to your chest, adjust your position according to the situation, stand with your feet up, center your body’s center of gravity, but be sure not to stand still.

  The serve is not interfered by the opponent, as long as the rule allows, the serve can be sent to the opponent’s receiving area in any way they want.

Adopting a variety of serving tactics can often be a pre-emptive and active role.

Therefore, serving plays an important position in the game.

  (1) High back ball in the backcourt This is a common serve in singles. It is required to serve the ball to the opponent’s end line, causing the opponent to retreat and penetrate, making it difficult for the opponent to attack.

Although the ball is high and the arc is high, the flight time is long, but because the distance from the net is long and the ball is vertical from high, it is difficult for opponents with poor offensive skills to press down.

Send the ball to the left and right corners of the opponent ‘s bottom line. You can move the opponent to the corner of the bottom line. You can slap the opponent in front of the opponent ‘s diagonal net.

Especially the bottom corner outside the left field area is the opponent’s backhand area, which is the main target of the attack.

But when sending out the bottom corner of the right field, beware of the opponent attacking his backcourt with a straight flat ball.

If the ball is sent to the inside corner of the left and right half of the bottom line of the opponent’s receiving area, it can prevent the opponent from attacking both sides with a fast straight line.

  (2) Leveling the ball. Leveling the ball, the flying arc of the ball is reduced, but the opponent must still retreat to the backcourt to fight back.

Because the ball is flying fast, the opponent does not have enough time to consider countermeasures, and the quality of the return ball will be affected to some extent.

For the control of the team’s flying arc, it should depend on the front and back of the opponent’s position, and the height and bouncing ability of the person. It is advisable not to give the opponent a chance to intercept halfway.

The choice of the landing point is basically the same as for a high and long shot.

  (3) Ping Ping Pong Ping Ping Pong (or flat high ball) cooperates with the front ball to create an active offensive opportunity for the third shot.

Serving a fast ball is an offensive serve, and the ball is fast.

Serving a fast ball is an offensive serve and the ball is fast. As a raid, it can often take the initiative if used properly.

However, when the receiver is ready, he can intercept halfway through it, and the receiver will be passive.

When hitting a fast ball, the ball’s landing point should generally be in the opponent’s backhand area, or directly aim at the receiving body, making the opponent caught off guard.

  (4) The ball before the serve The ball before the serve can reduce the chance of the opponent to push the ball down, and immediately enter the orange attacking each other after serving.

Send the ball to the inner corner of the front serve, the ball is flying in the correct direction, and it is easy to seal the angle at which the opponent attacks his own backcourt.

The effect from the serve to the outside corner of the front line can be adjusted in series from the center of the opponent.

In particular, the outside corner of the service line before the serve in the right field can make a large gap in the opponent’s backhand area.

However, the opponent can also straighten the ball to attack the backcourt of the serve.

If you take precautions, you can hit back with a header.

The ball before the net can also send the opponent’s pursuing ball, causing the opponent to be passive.

It is best to cooperate with the bottom line when serving the front ball to have a better effect.

  Editor’s Tip: When using the serve tactics, don’t just look at your own ball and racket. Use the light to watch the opponent’s situation and find weak spots.

Pay attention to consistency in preparing postures and movements for serving various balls, which will cause difficulty for the opponent’s judgment and be in a state of passive waiting.
Immediately after serving, lift the racket to your chest, adjust your position according to the situation, stand with your feet up, center your body’s center of gravity, but be sure not to stand still.
Keep an eye on the opponent, observe any changes in the opponent, and actively prepare to fight back.

Babies with eczema may be adjusted

Babies with eczema may be adjusted

Allergic factors are increasing the risk of infant eczema.

Infant eczema often occurs on the head and face, and the affected area is red and itchy. If it is not treated in time, it will not only worsen, even secondary infections.

Because infants’ disease is mostly related to internal infections and allergic reactions to substitute foods, in addition to reducing the washing of the affected area and applying topical drugs, the key is to eliminate allergenic foods in the diet and eliminate multiple factors that aggravate the disease.

  First of all, during the illness, milk, eggs, fish and shrimp foods are discontinued, and meat, tofu, etc. are used to rule out protein allergies.

  Secondly, the diet of the nursing mother should be restricted, replacing the “hair products” such as spicy, to avoid entering the baby’s body through breast milk, and aggravating the illness.

The mother’s diet can choose meat, soy products, vegetables, fruits, etc., it is appropriate to light.

  Third, during the period of illness, if the infant who replaces breast milk has vomiting and diarrhea at the same time, the breast milk should be suspended and the breast milk should be replaced after the symptoms are relieved.

  Fourth, if the milk intake is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, the milk can be boiled for a long time to reduce its antigenicity and reduce the milk’s allergic response to the baby.

  Attentive mothers should pay attention to observe certain foods during the period of eczema in infants, and increase the illness. Reasonably adjust the diet of mothers and infants, reduce the incidence and onset of eczema, and avoid adding pain to the baby.

Office aerobics relax tired body

Office aerobics relax tired body

The abs training head hangs down, holding the two of the chair with both hands and lifting up.

At this time, lower the abdomen with force, arch your body, keep this posture, and stop breathing 3?
After 5 seconds, exhale slowly and raise your head.

Do this 5 times.

  The tibial chair with a broken leg and thigh is fully seated, the back rest is close to the back of the chair, one foot rests on the chair, both hands are hugged and placed, inhale, step on the foot while exhaling, stop for about 5 seconds, put the foot downDo this 5 times each.

  Sit down on the sports chair, with your hands on hips, arching slightly, exerting force on your lower abdomen, dropping your head, and looking at the position of your belly button for about 10?
15 seconds, 5 times in a row, this can reduce the pain or fatigue of the lower limbs, and of course, it can also prevent lower back pain.

  Lumbar homing exercise Put your hands on the lower abdomen, apply force to the lower abdomen, arch your body, and stop breathing for about 3?
After 5 seconds, exhale slowly and raise your body.

Doing this exercise 5 times can correct the distortion of the lumbar spine and the tilt of the pelvis, and also strengthen the abdominal muscles.

  Saluting sitting on a chair, holding your hands on your chest, spreading your feet slightly wider, straightening and bending at 90 degrees, inhaling, slowly exhaling your upper body and leaning forward, stopping for 5 seconds, and then slowly lifting your upper body.

If you raise your head first, it will increase the burden on the endpoint, and then you will finally raise your head.

This action can contract the muscles of the back and hips.

Eat more celery to lower blood pressure

Eat more celery to lower blood pressure

Health Guide: People who have high blood pressure pay great attention to their diet. Therefore, there are many folk food recipes that can lower blood pressure, such as celery, onion, potatoes, bananas, kelp, etc.

Is there any truth in these claims, and is it feasible to take food to lower blood pressure?

  Hypertension is a chronic disease, and there are many reasons for this disease.

The results of many epidemiological investigations and clinical observations indicate that among the many factors that cause and affect blood pressure elevation, cause and nutrition are very important.

In other words, by improving hypertension and nutrition, it can indeed prevent the occurrence of hypertension and help hypertension patients to control their blood pressure.

  Celery, onions, potatoes, bananas, kelp and other foods can reduce blood pressure expression and have been circulating in the folk for a long time.

According to clinical experiments, celery can indeed achieve a relatively obvious antihypertensive effect.

Studies have shown that this may be related to apigenin, an important ingredient in celery, which can play a role in lowering blood pressure and affecting the central nervous system.

Amaranth vegetables have obvious antihypertensive effect clinically. Experiments show that choline and choline acetate contained in them have antihypertensive effect.

  There is also an obvious feature of the antihypertensive foods circulating in the folks, that they are all foods such as glucose, calcium and magnesium.

Modern medical research shows that expected potassium, calcium, and magnesium are inversely related to elevated blood pressure.

That is, the more potassium, calcium and magnesium we absorb from food, the less likely it is that blood pressure will rise.

  In fact, in addition to these familiar “hypertensive foods”, many foods in life also contain potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which can control blood pressure to some extent.

For example, all vegetables and fruits are rich in potassium.

Among them, yellow-green fruits have higher potassium content, some bananas, citrus, persimmons, apricots, coriander, etc .; vegetables with high potassium content include celery, onion, potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms.

Whole grains, soy products, nuts, green leafy vegetables, meat, seafood, etc. are important sources of magnesium in food.

Milk and dairy products are the main source of calcium and their absorption rate is high.

In addition, shrimp skin, fish, kelp, and sesame sauce are also rich in calcium.

  Food can control blood pressure to a certain extent, but they should not be overly superstitious, because for patients with hypertension, it is not feasible to use only methods to improve diet and nutrition. The treatment should be based on drugs and supplemented by food therapy.The combination of medicine and food exerts a remarkable and obvious effect.

In addition, it is not necessary to eat too much when choosing a hypotensive food.

Some people think that the more you eat, the better the antihypertensive effect.

Actually not necessarily.

Because excessive intake of a certain food will inevitably affect the replacement of other foods, and the human stomach capacity is relatively fixed, only a balanced balance can obtain reasonable nutrition, which is the most basic requirement to ensure health.

10-minute spine exercises

10-minute spine exercises

Preliminary: The side-to-side rotation method lies horizontally, with the left leg straight, the right leg flexed, the right hand on the hips, and the upper body for front-to-back rotation activities.

After turning over, you can turn around 3-6 times on each side.

  Step 2: Sit on the back with the shoulders, lie on the bed, bend your elbows, put your hands on your chest, and push your right shoulder forward (with your right elbow not off the bed) when your head turns to the right.

Push your left shoulder in the same way, 3-6 times each.

(If you have morning stiffness or numbness in your hands, you can do more; those with periarthritis, shrug shoulders, shake your shoulders, and insert a few times into the pain points on the collarbone.

) Step 3: Squeeze or lie on your back with the back of your neck, hold your head with one hand, put the back of your neck with the palm of your other hand, and squeeze the back of your neck with the fingers of 2, 3, 4 and the palm.For vertebral joints, stop there and take one or two more.

Repeat the right and left ends from top to bottom, and repeat 2-3 times from bottom to top.

  Step 4: Lie on your back with your head upright. Take the right side as an example. Hold the back of the left and right heads, turn your head 30 degrees to the right, support the mandible with your right palm, point your right hand to your right ear, and push your right hand upward with a short force.For the lower jaw, make your head lift your head and correct it to the upper right, 2-3 times at a time.

Place your hands in the same way.

(If you have unilateral analgesia of the head and neck, do health complications first, then disease complications.

) Step 5: Sit down with the pull-in method to lie on your back, hold your hands on the lower part of the back of the neck pillow, and align your head with your hands. Your lower limbs are flexed, and your heels are slightly open and flat, so that you can approach them forward.

The hips are slightly lifted off the bed, and both lower limbs simultaneously forcefully step down on both knees and the feet, so that the body moves downwards due to traction.

(In case of severe illness and pain, one-leg traction can be done first, followed by 2-3 pulls on both the left and right sides, followed by 2-3 pulls on both lower limbs.

Step 6: Lie on your back with your chest on your back, align your hands with your hands folded, and your lower limbs naturally straighten. With your head and hips as the fulcrum, you will lift up and get up (while inhaling) and put your back on the bed (whileExhale), brisk movement, naturally better, 30-100 times.

(Beginners stop once every 10 times, and continue to practice after 30 breaths.

) Note: The above 6 methods should be practiced every morning before getting up, only 8-10 minutes to complete after proficiency.

In the initial period, once a day, if you feel effective after 3 months, you can replace it 2-3 times a week. Perseverance can maintain spine health.

Knee Love in Different Age Groups

“Knee Love” in Different Age Groups

The knee joint is the most complex large joint of the human body. It consists of three groups of bones, four groups of ligaments, and two washers. Only joint cooperation can maintain the stability of the knee joint. Any error in any “part” will affect people’s normal actions.
  Because of the complex structure and heavy burden, knee joint injuries occur from time to time at all ages.
Professor Zhao Jinzhong, Department of Orthopaedics, the Sixth People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, suggests that loving knee joints should be based on the characteristics of different age groups.
  Adolescents: Warm up before exercise. Adolescent knee cartilage, ligaments, and meniscus are in a golden state. Improper exercise is the main cause of knee injury.
  Professor Zhao Jinzhong of the Department of Orthopaedics of the Sixth People’s Hospital told reporters that compared with professional athletes, ordinary sports-loving adolescents are more prone to knee injury, and the former cruciate ligament injury was the most common.
  In order to protect the knee joint, adolescents must not ignore the warm-up exercise before exercise.
The stability of the knee joint depends on the integrity of the ligaments and the coordination of the muscles.
Once the warm-up is not enough, when the muscles and ligaments are needed to protect the knee joint, the muscle response will not be in place, and the protection will not be provided in time. The anterior cruciate ligament will be vulnerable to excessive force and cause damage.
  In addition to insufficient warm-up awareness, lack of protection awareness and skills to protect knee joints are also the main causes of joint injuries.
Anterior cruciate ligament injury is most likely to occur when taking off and landing and turning sharply. The correct method is to keep the forefoot on the ground while flexing the knees and hips.
  Sport-loving is a teenager’s nature, but if you have congenital developmental abnormalities, it may not be suitable for a certain sport.
For example, patients with unstable kneecaps are not suitable for exercises that require squat squat force; patients with meniscus deformities are not suitable for long-term weight-bearing labor; patients with congenital ligament relaxation are not suitable for sports that require emergency stop and rapid turn movements.
Therefore, for adolescents who like sports, it is necessary to first understand their physical conditions and consult a doctor.
  Middle-aged stage: Exercise should not be tempted by whim to reach middle age, and often pay more attention to fitness.
Professor Zhao Jinzhong said that in the clinic, patients who often feel a pain in the knee due to a movement, most of them are caused by knee injuries caused by long-term exercise squats, crouches or one-time excessive exercise.
  The articular cartilage and meniscus of middle-aged people have degenerated to some extent.
Not only does the cruciate ligament degenerate, but it is also rubbed by osteophytes in the vicinity.
Inappropriate exercise, even leisure sports, may go against the wish and cause injury.
Therefore, middle-aged people should pay attention to the following points in sports: First, do not advocate bodybuilding training.
Bodybuilding training is for the training of certain muscle masses. It does not help the overall training of the limbs, but will cause damage to the ends of tendons and cartilage.
  Secondly, it is best not to do squat and climbing training.
Because the knee joint is half-squat, especially one-knee weight-bearing half-squat, the sacrum joint must bear three times the weight of the weight. The more you do the squat, the faster the sacrum joint will degenerate.
In addition, the sacral cartilage can also be subjected to excessive stress when going up and down stairs, up and down stairs, and climbing mountains.
Those who use mountain climbing or stairs as a sport often lose more than gain. In the long run, they will have difficulties climbing mountains and climbing stairs.
  Furthermore, the movement of middle-aged people must pay attention to step by step.
If you don’t exercise all year round, you suddenly have a whim and exercise for a few hours. As a result, people with joint pain for months or even years are present.
Middle-aged people are more suitable for low-load training of joints, such as sitting knee flexion, cycling, swimming, etc.
  Ageing stage: Bone spurs do not need to be “grinded” deliberately. Some older people have such a misunderstanding that they think that exercise will accelerate the aging of the knee joint.
In fact, with age, the knee joint will naturally degenerate, but moderate and reasonable exercise can effectively delay the rate of joint degeneration, especially the articular cartilage can only obtain nutrition from the joint fluid during exercise.
  Corresponding to “non-movementists” is “excessive movementists”.
Knee joint pain is a common disease of the elderly. Bone spurs are habitually considered to be the “culprit” causing pain. In order to “wear away” the bone spurs, some elderly people deliberately strengthen exercise.
Professor Zhao Jinzhong emphasized that bone spurs are not the main cause of aging and pain in knee joints, so there is no need to “grind.”
The pain caused by joint aging is mainly caused by the wear of articular cartilage. A large amount of exercise will not only “abrade” the bone spurs, but will also exacerbate the wear of residual cartilage.
  The state of articular cartilage in each elderly person is different, and the appropriate exercise method and intensity are also different.
Therefore, corresponding medical examinations and consultations are necessary.
In order to delay joint aging and alleviate the symptoms caused by joint aging, the elderly are suitable for some knee flexion, sitting, cycling, and swimming, but they are not suitable for long-term walking and running.
Elderly people are forbidden to do knee flexion (hip) flexion before and after shaking the knee joint. This exercise will exacerbate the wear of joint cartilage and cause sudden pain.
  ”Knee Love” Must Read 1.Avoid overwork, reduce weight bearing, avoid repeated flexing of knee joints such as going up and down, running, climbing, etc., and avoid sprains.


Do not wear high heels when walking long distances. Wear thick but flexible soft-soled shoes to reduce the impact of the knee joint.


Before physical exercise, you should prepare for the activity, slowly stretch your knee joint, and allow the knee joint to move fully before participating in the counter-attack.


When riding a bicycle, adjust the height of the seat. It is advisable to sit on the seat with your two feet on the pedals. Your legs can be straight or slightly bent.When you pedal hard, you have a bad effect on your knee joint.


The knee joints must be extra warm to avoid cold and slight irritation. Especially young women are best to avoid wearing short skirts in autumn and winter.


Those who are too obese should lose weight, otherwise it will increase the burden on the knee joint.

Carcinogen released from high temperature at home

Carcinogen released from high temperature at home

In the hot, sultry, and sloping summer months, many people can often smell the windows, floors, new furniture and other odors when they open the door, especially in new homes that have not been decorated for a long time.

Indeed, the constant onset of heat waves has brought home improvement pollution into a “high incidence period” and at the same time opened the “Pandora’s Box” of cancer risk.


hzh{display:none;}  近几年,白血病和癌症已成为装修行业中的常见病、多发病,入住新居后患癌的报道也不断出现。A bulletin issued by the World Health Organization states that formaldehyde can cause not only nasal cancer and sinus cancer, but also evidence that it is related to leukemia.

Beijing Children’s Hospital has investigated that nearly 90% of pediatric leukemia patients have recently been renovated. Formaldehyde in the decoration materials and styrene in the paint are likely to be the culprits.

“It is true that formaldehyde, benzene, etc. are highly carcinogenic, and their effects on the human body will not appear until more than one year.

“Professor Kong Zhiming, an expert in toxicology at the School of Environment, Fuzhou University, said.

  So, how many carcinogens does our new home have?

According to the data of Beijing Indoor Environment Monitoring Center, decoration materials and furniture are the first to cause odors in home decoration in summer. For example, newly-purchased leather sofas have a strong smell, and they are mainly added with colorants, tougheners, and adhesives in their later processingAdditives release toxic gases containing benzene and TVOC; wall paint, wallpaper, floor glue, etc. are also important sources of benzene series; formaldehyde in floors, doors, windows, and cabinets is a well-recognized fact; wall paint, wallpaper, tiles, Sanitary ware, etc. will also release carbon dioxide-induced radon.

  Zhu Jun, director of the Department of Lymphatic Hematology at Beijing Cancer Hospital, introduced that the highest amount of harmful gas was released at 30 o’clock.

In summer, most of the high temperature is above 30 ° C, the humidity is high, and the convection of the air caused by the often open air conditioner will reduce the indoor air pollution.

Regardless of whether you have just moved into your new home or have just replaced your new furniture, you must pay attention to the following points: The new house must be air-conditioned for a long time.

Newly renovated houses are best left vacant for half a year, with a minimum of more than 40 days.

Formaldehyde evaporates quickly in summer, so it is necessary to avoid staying in summer.

  Ventilate daily.

For ventilation in new homes, it is recommended to use the kitchen and bathroom windows to ventilate; put a few pots of cold water containing vinegar in the room to protect the indoor paint surface and absorb residual odors; and put several coarse fiber pineapples in the room.Speeds up the absorption of odors.

  Planting green plants to absorb odor.

Monstera will violently absorb carbon dioxide at night; chrysanthemums and growing vines have the ability to absorb benzene; spider plants, aloes, and tigertail orchids can absorb a large amount of indoor formaldehyde.

Coke and activated carbon can adsorb benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, styrene and other substances.

  Disinfect before moving in.

Decoration pollution gas can enter the human body through breathing. If the wall surface has been decorated, it can be sprayed with 3% Lysine solution or 3% peroxyacetic acid solution.

The spraying on the ground should be uniform, the spraying height in the air should be above 2 meters, and the doors and windows of the new home should be closed for more than 1 hour after spraying.

Alternatively, the room can be fumigated with vinegar.

Regular breast expansion can effectively relieve back pain

Regular breast expansion can effectively relieve back pain

Almost everyone has experienced backache and back pain, and some people’s pain has even evolved into chronic diseases that affect daily work.

According to British media reports recently, regular chest expansion can effectively relieve back pain.

  In many people’s eyes, chest expansion will have some effect on shoulder and back exercise, but Teddy from Cooper Clinic in Dallas?

Dr. Michel pointed out that the effect of chest expansion on the waist is also obvious.

When doing chest expansion, tighten the waist muscles at the same time as tightening back and forth to exert exercise.

He said that people who are sedentary and often have back pain do not prevent them from doing more chest expansion exercises.

  Dr. Michel also suggested that in order to make your lower back healthy, you should always pay attention to the sitting position, keep the pelvis and orientation in a straight line, try to sit on a chair with a back, so that the lumbar spine and head can be supported;In addition, it is also important to choose the right pair of shoes, which can provide favorable support to the body, be beneficial to the health of the spine, and reduce the burden on the waist.

How to make the most of lipstick eyelashes for eyebrow gel

How to make the most of lipstick eyelashes for eyebrow gel

Do female friends know?

A lipstick can not only protect your lips, but also have other wonderful uses. After reading this article, Ma Ma will never say that you are a loser!


1 I heard that eyelashes are full of breasts and apples. Have you heard of eyelashes?

Even now there are various methods of grafting eyelashes on the market, and editors still respect the natural way of eyelashes. You must know that the debts owed to eyelashes will be paid sooner or later. Dropping a few eyelashes is nothing, long-term eyelashes.”Surgery” will cause the essential eyelashes to be damaged from the root, and it will be too late to restore it.

Lipstick is a natural eyelash product. The oiliness contained in it can promote the growth of eyelashes and protect the eyelashes.

Before applying the eyelashes, you can also use a lipstick instead of a primer to form a protective layer on the eyelashes, and then brush the mascara without damaging the eyelashes and easy to shape.


2 Make eyebrow glue In order to make the eyebrows most comfortable, we usually apply eyebrow glue before the thrush, and if you do n’t master a good amount, the effect is very sour.

Our daily lipstick can replace the eyebrow glue to fix the shape of the eyebrows. Use a finger to dip a small amount of lipstick to absorb in the direction of eyebrow growth. Replace the viscosity of the lipstick to make the eyebrows tidy.Easy to follow and more natural.


3 Remove eye makeup For girls, the makeup of the eyes is the most difficult to remove. Sometimes, using a cotton pad to remove the makeup remover may inadvertently enter the eyes. If you use a lot of force, it will easily damage the skin of the eyes.Removes eye makeup very cleanly.

At this time, lipstick is a good helper. Before removing eye makeup, dip the lipstick and apply it on the eyes. Use your fingers to faint, and then use a cotton pad to dip the makeup remover to remove makeup.


4Removing Lip Makeup Lipstick can always be used to protect the lips and can also be used as a tool to clean the lips.

Before removing lip makeup, apply a layer of lipstick on your lips with your finger, and then apply a makeup remover with a cotton swab to clean up the remaining makeup. This removes the makeup and protects the lips from fine lines.


5 Highlights can be replaced with lipstick when you need makeup to go out, it is more convenient, and the gloss is more natural.

Asians’ faces will be relatively flat and have no three-dimensional effect. At this time, highlights are needed to highlight the features. A lipstick in the bag can help a lot. Apply on the cheekbones, nose bridge, under the brow bone, and chin.Put on lipstick and spread it with your fingers to highlight the outline of the entire face, and the gloss is full.


6Protect the skin around the face Girls always love to toss their own hair when taking the time, and when applying a lotion, it is easy to hurt the skin around the face and ears. At this time, you can apply lipstick on the hairline and in front of the ears to avoid contamination.The potion hurts the skin. If heating is needed, the function of the heating plate must also be isolated to prevent the skin from feeling red and swollen.


7 There is no invisible foot protector. A successful woman has no damage to the heel. Usually, people choose the method of sticking a band-aid, and some shoes are really not suitable for wearing a concave-shaped wound. At this time, you can put lipstick on the heel., Can protect the skin of the feet, can also hide the wound.

  Through the above sharing, female friends will know that lipstick can be fully utilized and hope to help everyone.

Anti-reduction work

Anti-reduction work


Men’s kimono kidney capsule: one hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand puts the kidney capsule up, can do sixty to ninety times, then change hands, also do sixty to ninety times.

  Grab the retina pill: one hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand grabs the retina pill, and once you grab it, you can do it 60 to 90 times in a row, then change hands and do it 60 to 90 times.

  Squeeze the mouse pill: squeeze the mouse pill with one hand or two hands at the same time.

  Pulling the rhinoceros pill: Pull the nasal pill at the same time with one hand or two hands, and pull it one by one to make 30 consecutive times.

  Pinch the penis: use both hands at the same time, the number of times is not limited.

  Pull the penis: one hand to support the lower abdomen, the other hand to pull the penis, one pull and put, can do 30 times in a row, then change hands, also do 30 times.

  搓 搓 :: one hand to support the lower abdomen, the other hand gently licking the perineum, can be smashed 30 times in a row, then change hands, also do 30 times.

  Shanwei 闾: One hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand licks the tail, can do 30 times in a row, then change hands and do 30 times.

  Shake the penis: one hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand shakes the penis, shaking the left and right and the front and back for fifteen times.

  Point the god: one hand holds the lower abdomen, and the other fingertip clicks on the god’s acupoint, silently counts sixty, then changes hands, and presses the middle finger of the other hand on the god’s acupoint.The number is sixty.

  揉 揉 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

  Breathing and breathing: After finishing the lower abdomen, when inhaling, the two hands are pressed down, the lower abdomen is raised, and when exhaling, the lower abdomen is rubbed, the hands are relaxed, and one breath is once, and can be done three times in succession.

Then accept the work, when you receive the work, you want to keep Dantian, the time can be long or short.


Women’s gongs and breasts: The two hands simultaneously licked the breasts in the direction of each other for 30 laps, and then pressed the left and right and the next squats thirty times.

  Grab the breast: two small arms crossed, the right hand to support the short chest, the left hand to support the right chest, and then grab the breast with your fingers, one grab and one for one, can be done 30 times in a row.

  Pinch the breast: pinch the nipple at the same time with both fingers, so as not to hurt the degree, one pinch and one for one time, can be done 30 times in a row.

  揉 揉 :: Use one hand or two hands to overlap the genitals, press your finger on the perineal point, press the direction 30 times in any direction.

  Shanwei 闾: One hand holds the lower abdomen, the other hand squats 30 times, then changes hands and then squats 30 times.

  Point the god: one hand to support the lower abdomen, the other finger point on the god’s acupoint, silently count sixty, then change hands, and then count sixty.

  揉 lower abdomen: the two hands overlap, the internal and external labor palaces are opposite, the woman’s right hand is at the bottom, and the direction is pressed nine times in anyway.

  Pressing and breathing: Connected to the upper type. When inhaling, the lower abdomen is raised, and the two hands are pressed down slightly. When exhaling, the lower abdomen is rubbed, the hands are relaxed, and one breath is once, and can be done three times in succession.

Then accept the work, when you receive the work, you can follow the dantian, the time can be long or short.

  This type can replenish kidneys, regulate body functions, prevent disease and cure diseases, strengthen the body, enhance disease resistance, improve immune function, long-term exercise can delay aging, prolong life, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.